Star Cursed

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Chapter 22

Continuation of Sapphire’s memory

“This is revealing,” Ladonna says, “Does she have to wear something so inappropriate?” I stand back as Sabir and Ladonna face off against each other. I’m in the middle of Sabir’s amazing bedroom, so lavish and over the top with luxury. Mountains of pillows on a four poster bed. Intricate old furniture. Beautiful windows and a cute little balcony. Sabir rolls his eyes and points Ladonna to the door, “If you do not understand she is a princess and is to be dressed as such for Traegr’s desire, then you are stupid andstubborn, go make yourself useful somewhere else. I want some of the girls educated on self discipline, so they stop finding ways to break rules. Go on,” Sabir snaps this at Ladonna. I try not to smile as she leaves, furious but forced to do as he says. I thought it was funny seeing my headmistress get scolded. I look to Sabir to see him going through a set of inappropriately exposing female attire laid out on his bed. “Why do you seek to control women so much?” I ask, curious. He replies with a smirk, “You obviously haven’t been around Royal female Gems, little one. They are very... out of control, you could say –” “How?” I ask. “...their magic consumes them, sweetheart, even when they are drained nice and well it always floods back. Luckily for Traegr you shouldn’t be a problem to handle,” Sabir motions me over, “I’ve picked out your outfit, come over here...”


Once dressed in a brown leather outfit – a skirt and bra, embroidered with gold – I’m on my way to Traegr’s room, which is a short walk from Sabir’s bedchamber. Sabir is oddly silent while transferring me to the King. I got a vibe off him that he wasn’t entirely happy with something. I wasn’t sure of what at the time. Later I would realise it was an ingrained jealousy Dark Gems felt when they desired a female. I was innocent so I had no idea what that even meant. All I knew was that Sabir had been teaching me for the last twenty-four hours, how to be a slave in the Golden Palace. I was tired after being forced to sleep on the floor at the end of his bed – because he wanted to keep an eye on me and had no spare beds. Now he was handing me over to Traegr, who was going to initiate me into being his partner. Sabir said partner but I knew he meant personal slave. I just picked up that he didn’t like to frighten me too much, at least not at the start. “Chin up, little one,” Sabir says as his final words, not looking me in the eye as he opens the door and ushers me inside, closing it a bit too hard. I stand still by the door, eyes wide as I see a girl with white blonde hair kneeling at the end of the bed, eyes downcast, dressed in skimpy silver beads. I mean literally just lines of beads threaded together. I almost thought she was a sculpture until she raised her head daringly to look at me with wide silvereyes consumed with anger. I narrow my eyes at her, feeling threatened by her hostility. Then I glance up to the King himself, completely naked, reclining on his enormous bed, hands behind his head. So much blood rushes to my head at once I know I must look like a fool. “About time, princess,” Traegr snaps. I stand stock still, trying so hard not to look at... everything. I can’t help but be terrified by his naked physique. So perfect and intimidating. I feel my magic reside within me. “I didn’t realise initiation, w-would be this,” I blurt out, “I thought you were going to crown me or... something –” The King bursts out laughing, I even see the blonde girl smile like what I said was somehow funny. “No, that’s not quite what I had in mind,” Traegr sits up, my eyes widening as I see those abdominal muscles clench. Holy – I distract myself by looking at the girl pleadingly. Not sure what I was pleading for, but hoping something would save me from my embarrassment. “Someone’s shy, Celeste,” Traegr sits on the edge of the bed, running a hand through Celeste’s hair gently, lovingly. I see some sort of confusion enter her eyes as she stares back at me, her head tilting to the side. She seemed less angry and more empathetic. “I don’t know what you want from me but I’m not sure I’m princess material anymore,” I mutter, refusing to look at Traegr, I continue to watch Celeste because it somehow made me less nervous than bolding confronting Traegr’s power hungry gaze. “You fit the description of what I need, perfectly,” Traegr mutters back, lust making him growl, “Don’t just stand there, the only way you’ll learn is to approach me. I’ll show you want to do, Sapphire. You can give yourself to me, don’t fight the outcome of this. It will only make it more difficult for you to swallow... and you can take that statement literally,” he laughs and I just stare back with wide, unbelieving eyes. I don’t believe Traegr won’t hurt me, I feel threatened to my very core. I stand still, honestly preparing to run for it. Traegr continues, “If you refuse me, girl, I’ll have to punish you. Perhaps Celeste can show you how to please a King,” Traegr threatens me so naturally, he must threaten people all the time. I glance up curiously as I see his hand grab a bunch full of Celeste’s hair and turn her around towards his suddenly enlarged manhood. Wanting to disappear, I watch with sudden fascination as she opens her mouth and eagerly drops her head down, her lips covering the tip, suckling gently. Why would anyone want to do such a thing –? “I don’t want any part of this!” I yell, my confidence breaking, before turning and grabbing the doorknob. I leap out and slam the door shut, shivering from fear and adrenaline. I think I’m free. Right before I glance up and yelp out as I notice Sabir, leaning against the wall in the shadows of the hallway with his arms crossed over his chest. A part of him looks relieved at my sudden appearance. “I knew you’d run,” he drawls, leaning off the wall and turning to me with clear intent, “I have a feeling, sweetheart, you’ll be more easy to please with me,” I’ll never forget those words, growled out, it did something to me. My insides warmed and my resolve to get away crumbled so suddenly. I will, also, never forget what happened next. Traegr calls out to Sabir, who opens the door and they exchange ideas. “Perhaps we’ll discipline them together,” Sabir suggests, while Traegr joyfully replies, “Oh yes, both of them need to be punished. Come in, there’s room for two more.” My clothes tighten and drag me to Sabir as he uses his power. Before he opens the door he grabs my chin and presses a light kiss to my lips, making my eyelids flutter, “Y-yes?” I ask breathlessly, knowing he is going to tell me something important, “Traegr and I might not be so gentle, but you might find some comfort in Celeste’s soft hands. We’ll help you build confidence in your ability to please, little one,” without waiting for my response, before I even remember to breathe, he opens the door, and drags me inside.

Celeste’s POV - back to the present

When the fog lifts off my senses, my magic also floods my system. Traegr forced me to take a tasteless liquid, which helped clear my body of the poisonous smoke emitted from the trap Sapphire and I had set off.

As my vision comes back to normal, I find myself lying in a familiar bed. I am completely at Traegr’s mercy as he leans over me, resting on his elbow near my head as he inspects my slow waking eyes.

“So many things I could choose to do to you right now,” Traegr growls low, making me shiver underneath him. It was my weakness that I was so attracted to him. That my magic literally called for his touch, I revelled in him taking it, desire to give him want he wanted was ingrained in my memories.

Now I had so many other thoughts.

Earth taught me how to be strong and independent of a man. On Kiyr my whole life had been dedicated to pleasing Traegr since I was taken from my school after being found through Scouting, just like all the other girls.

Now even though Earth had given me knowledge of what it was like to be free and have rights as a woman, now this god forsaken planet called to my most basic instincts. It confused me.

Before on Kiyr I had desired Traegr, his forced submission of me and the sex... oh god the sex was terrific. It was like going to heaven and back again and again and again. I only rebelled against him because like the other girls, sometimes we did feel too repressed.

Earth had opened up new thoughts. I didn’t just desire more freedom now, I desired respect.

Not equality, because that was impossible in this world. Sometimes I would be more powerful, sometimes Traegr would be. Now, I desired respect from him, for my Earthen magic.

After 1000 years, with no Dark Gem draining me... my magic was boiling with potency.

I wonder if Traegr realised how much he was actually in danger of a real revolt. Not just words and threats. With my power, I was sure I could make him submit to me. Make him acknowledge my power. Make him change –

“Do you remember what I use to do to you...” he interrupts my thoughts, like he just read my mind, “...when you defied me? You hardly did, but when you tried, do you remember how that ended?” He asks it in a low drawl, with a hidden threat. With my memories back, I knew just how much he desired complete authority. It was the known quirk in all Ametrine males; the desire for extreme control.

“I’m not that girl you remember,” I answer, staring up at him unblinkingly, “I’m Star Cursed,” I add, knowing Sapphire would run with the same lie, “Reborn as the girl you think I am. But none of us are the same girls you remember. Now, we are just shells of what they use to be. New, ready to be filled with new lives, new memories, new thoughts, new feelings –”

“Why do I feel like you are challenging me?” Traegr warns, his eyes stilling as they fill with a dangerous fury.

“With all due respect, how am I challenging you? I’m telling you want I think happened to us, how we look like them,” I refer to ‘them’ as our past selves, and he catches on. However, he just smirks, like he doesn’t believe me.

“Perhaps I shall ask what Sabir has found out from Sapphire. Perhaps we’ll come to the bottom of these lies quicker by interrogating both of you... at the same time?”

I can’t help but smile at his words as memories flood me of the times Traegr and Sabir had their fun with both Sapphire and I. They were intense memories, perhaps Traegr wanted to return to those times. Who was I kidding? Of course he wanted to.

“I expected to be interrogated if caught, but I’m curious why you act like Sapphire and I, us two humans, are actually threats? Perhaps in the past, we use to have more power than you?” I can’t help slip out a little threat of my own.

“Sapphire controlled water and attacked me. You and I both know none of the girls are human. The Celeste I knew, never played games with me, sweetheart,” Traegr brings his hand up and runs a thumb along my cheek bone, his eyes searching mine for answers, “She knew better than to start any games with me. You knew, that at the end, there would only be one winner.”

“Games? What games?” I ask, as innocently as possible.

"Little vixen... why are you so intent on lying to me?” he snaps, his forced calm breaking, “You both lie, you both know more than you are letting on. She speaks our language, uses magic, now when I touch you, magic runs underneath the surface of your skin...” he trails off and I look up at him nervously.

That was the thing I found odd, he hadn’t drained me yet and I didn’t know why. My magic was brimming, full force inside me, he could feel it but he wasn’t taking it. Not yet.

“Star Cursed,” I whisper back, scared about the intent in his eyes. He looks about ready to snap with frustration.

“Shut up,” he rolls away from me abruptly. I let out a shaky breath and he jumps to his feet. He grabs my arm in an iron grip, bringing me to my feet, “You’re going to follow me now, little maid,” he lowers his voice and I stare at my feet, too scared to look up and meet his eyes because I knew he’d see my recognition of his favourite term.

That’s what I use to be. His maid.

“Where are we going?” I ask as he pulls me from the room, out into the hall, and towards the stairs.

“You all run, and come back looking for a fight. You’ve been caught,” he turns to look at me and this time I dare to catch his gaze, but instantly regret it and I gulp down my nerves, “Now one thing remains.”

“Which is?” I whisper.


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