Star Cursed

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Chapter 29

Sabir’s POV

“There is trouble brewing,” Hraken growls to me as we stand by the pool, everyone else was swimming. However, he had held me back to talk to me and he seemed on edge. It was very unlike him, Hraken never lost his cool over anything or anyone.

“Trouble is always brewing, it’s nothing new. We just have to handle it. With this ‘new’ Seraphine allowed free reign as a slave, we’ll soon find out if she is also a liar,” I reply with a calm tone, my thoughts were simply on Sapphire.

I wanted to know what Hraken had been up to with her last night. I wanted to know if he would have taken advantage of her at his mercy. I certainly gave him permission to do as he pleased.

“You might all think Sapphire is a little cheeky sneak, but your real problem now is the return of Seraphine,” Hraken continues to discuss the renown leader of the Rebellion Squadron to me but I only have interest in the present facts. The past was irrelevant now.

The girls were back. They were under our control. That’s all we ever aimed for; them at our mercy.

The Seraphine Rebellion Squadron were being held securely in the Volcan Laboratories. Awaiting transfer to the Scouting Stadium which was being rebuilt. Once we were done testing their limits, all of them would come to heel in time.

“At the moment, all we can do is watch and listen,” I was confident we had everything in the palm of our hand. They were in our territory, in our power, hence I point out the obvious, “Let them do as they please for the moment and by the time we walk out of this temple, we’ll have our answers. If Seraphine is lying to us, there is no way she will remain submissive. Her goal for years has been to destroy our reign –”

“Incorrect, Sabir,” Hraken smirks, but his response is dry, “She was taught the way I was. The old teachings. She believes in disciplined attacks, controlling instinct, balancing power as well as desire and learning to respect the laws of nature. None of you follow that law and it is our downfall. What Traegr preaches –”

"Instincts rule. They will and always have, Hraken, that is the modern way of thinking! Even you cannot deny your needs. How was my little whore last night? Did she succumb to your charms first, or did she seduce you instead?” I ask it with menace, daring him to tell me all the details.

I had literally shoved Sapphire at him and now I wanted to know what had happened.

“Her sweetness was corrupted since the day you and Traegr brought her here,” Hraken chooses to answer me indirectly which was typical of him, “She belonged with the regular population. Instead you made her a princess. A genius – but stupid plan. Her magic is pitiful,” Hraken snaps, “I drained it with one finger tip, in an instant,” he raises his hand towards the pool and in a flurry of water droplets he makes a stream of water do a little dance around his form, “She’s endearing. But she’s not my type. The way you handle her worries me, however,” Hraken turns from me while smiling arrogantly to himself, “She is in love with a man she hates – and you are in love with a woman that can never satisfy you. You need a Royal breed, Sapphire will only drive you crazy.”

I try not to laugh as he strips and slips into the pool, confident in his own assessment.

In love with Sapphire? To me, she was my entertainment, she did bring light into my life. I did love her. Even if her magic never satisfied my endless dark pit of want as a Dark Gem, my job as a punisher made sure I had access to all females in this palace.

I knew Sapphire didn’t like to share but that was her own issue.

I had access to Celeste too, which helped satisfy my dark side, but I still longed for Sapphire’s cheeky smile and pure, light weight magic. It was simple but addictive. I couldn’t get enough of the sublime flavour of her power which was sweet, subtle, like warm air through the blood when I drained her.

Just the thought makes me grin as I strip off and dive into the pool.

The warm liquid embraces me and I revel in its presence. Water magic was different to any other. Earth magic made my hearing, taste, smell and eyesight better. Fire tended to bring out passion and anger. Air often consumed one with energy and enhanced a lightweight feel to the bones.

Water, however, was welcoming. It cleared the mind.

I come up for air and see Traegr by the edge of the pool, looking serious and foreboding. He beckons me over and I wade closer with a cocked eyebrow.

“What’s on your mind? You look like you’re expecting trouble just like Hraken,” I am curious of Traegr’s focused eyes. He was in deep thought as he looks up at the mural on the ceiling of the temple. He zones in on the image of Celeste.

“Submissive, I love submissive,” he mutters to himself before smiling wickedly out of the blue, “It’s time to see what they’re up to. I made sure we left them so they thought they were safe from our suspicions. I’m not stupid. Enough time has passed for them to have given into temptation to plot against us. However, I refuse to send the palace of oblivious girls into a panic. The three brats will be sticking together, they need to be checked on. You and Hraken can go, right now, I want to know what they are up to.”

“I’ll go right now,” I chuckle to myself as I think of the consequences. If they all misbehaved they’d end up in my hands to punish. It would be my pleasure.

“If you need back up to get them down on their knees, don’t worry, my friend. We’re right around the corner. I’ll tell Hraken to trail you and keep a close eye on things,” Traegr glances back up at the mural and I also look up.

Celeste and Sapphire looked submissive within it, but they were both tricky to read. Behind their eyes was a world of desire to rebel. My job was to keep that desire strictly concentrated to being fucked.

Their desire to rebel against their true place and their masters, was their only fault.

It was in their nature to rebel.

But it was in mine to teach them their place.

Completely at our mercy. In any position we wanted. Whenever and wherever we pleased.

They didn’t get a say and they never would.

Unfortunately, those very thoughts that passionately consumed me while I made my way to search for them would be the very thoughts that get me struck down.

By the time I’ve found them in Traegr’s bedroom, Sapphire and Celeste are naked while pretending to clean.

A simple distractive technique. A good one too.

Because the next moment, as I realise I don’t see Seraphine anywhere with them...

...there is a massive impact to the back of my head by something unknown but sharp and hard as all hell.

They had already been plotting and it was less than half an hour since Seraphine had been returned to us.

Liar, liar, always with fire.

A famous but irritatingly true quote about fire users on Kiyr.

It’s the last thing I remember as I’m swiftly knocked unconsciousness, blacking out before I hit the floor.

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