Star Cursed

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Chapter 4

He takes me down the narrow white, slightly curved corridor, into an elevator of some sort, which takes us up a number of levels. The movement makes me feel nauseous because I’m also extremely nervous. I was still on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around my thighs. I had a nice view of his ass. I was wearing my pyjamas from the night I was doing homework; pink short-shorts and a baby blue tank top, no bra.

There was something about him that was nagging at my insides, making me feel sick to my stomach. I didn’t know if it was my instincts telling me that he was dangerous, or if I was just simply scared, confused and overwhelmed.

I couldn’t stop shaking. However, my trembling on his shoulder doesn’t faze him.

As we are rising up with the elevator, there is a moment of tense silence where all I can hear is my breathing and I can feel the rise and fall of his chest.

“You know my name, Sapphire,” he murmurs, quietly, “Why don’t you say it?” I feel like he is hinting at something else, but I don’t know what.

“I don’t know your name,” I hiss, “Put me down! I can walk.”

He is silent as the elevator doors suddenly slide up and open. He starts to walk down a new corridor that looks very different from the other dull, white section of the spaceship.

He doesn’t reply, and I hate his silence. It’s incredibly annoying and intimidating at the same time.

So, instead I look around at the blue walls and white lines zigzagging across them in the middle, like a pattern. But I can see energy, electricity, pulsing through them. It must be the power source of the spaceship.

I couldn’t believe I was in a freaking spaceship in the first place.

He suddenly stops before a silver door, but before he puts his hand on a small space at the side for him to open the door, I see him pause.

“You can play this game, Sapphire,” he warns as his arms tighten around my thighs, “But it’s a dangerous game, you know that, am I right?”

I huff out an annoyed breath.

“I don’t –” I stop talking as the silver door slides up and my ears instantly pick up on more male voices.

Shit, he was taking me to see other aliens? Was this when I was going to get experimented on and taken apart piece by piece?

I struggle widely in his grasp, desperate to get down onto my own two feet... but he abruptly releases me and I plummet straight to the ground, losing my balance. I land on my ass and elbows, and without another look in my direction, he walks straight past me. Leaving me as I am.


Scared, I look over my shoulder and take in the chuckling alien males who are all standing together in a circle at the end of the room, watching me intently.

“Sabir!” They welcome their friend, my dark and dangerous idiot captor who joins their group. So he was Commander Sabir, huh? They motion towards me and speak in a different language, which this time I don’t understand.

They aren’t the only ones here though. To the right up against the wall are a group of about five girls and one boy, all on their knees in a group. They aren’t speaking to each other, they are just looking at the metallic ground in fear. The walls in this room are a deep red, and holograms dance around the walls of landscapes from another world. Like paintings.

I’d admire their beauty if I wasn’t so freaked out about the whole situation.

I stand up, getting to my feet.

“Get over there,” I quickly glance up to see Sabir has just ordered me in a clear and commanding tone to join the girls and one boy. It was the first time he speaks to me with such a tone and it grates on my nerves.

I stick up my chin and run a hand through my messy dark brown hair while trying to steady my trembling hand as I look over the group of enslaved humans. One of the girls raises her head and locks eyes with me, but only for a moment. She had startling silver eyes and blonde hair.

Since she was the only one brave enough to look upon my new arrival, I decide to go and sit next to her. As I’m about to fall to my knees beside her, Sabir warns once more, “Don’t talk to her.”

“Go to hell...” I mutter under my breath, and suddenly all the males go quiet and they all turn to face me. They must have seriously badass hearing if they all heard me whisper that. Sabir looks majorly pissed off, and his eyes turn cold as he stares me down. However, I just stare back.

I don’t know what the hell I’m truly doing but I know I’m going to get myself deep into one big pile of shit if I don’t shut up and appear inconspicuous soon. Sabir moves to take a step forward towards me, like he is going to have words. He wouldn’t physically hurt me, would he? I gulp down some new fear. These were alien humans, who knew what their culture was like?

“She doesn’t know,” the one that put his hand on Sabir is taller than Sabir, with long curly messed up brown hair. He was almost the opposite to Sabir. Sabir was perfect, but this other guy was ruggedly handsome, with a crooked nose. If it wasn’t for that, he would be just as perfect.

All of the males looked too handsome to be real, to be honest. Like gods.

Just that fact was extremely irritating and intriguing at the same time.

“You were always soft on her, Hraken,” Sabir mutters back.

I do a double take, and I look to the ground suddenly. Did he just refer to me... in the past tense?

What the fuc–?

I don’t dwell on that thought long as the silver entry door suddenly slides open to reveal a new figure.

“Finally, we’re all here!” the deep, low and grumbly voice echoes through the room and we all turn to face the new guy.

“Traegr,” Hraken welcomes him.

Traegr was the tallest, most frightening of them all.

He isn’t perfect.

My heart beat kicks up a notch.

He has blonde hair and black eyes, and half his face, neck and shoulder are covered in scars from burns.

“I never thought this day would come, where I’d see all you girls again,” he rumbles, scanning over all of us and the boy, however, his eyes come to a resting focus on me... cold, pitiless and full of passion at the same time. But they only focus on me for a moment because they quickly travel to the girl beside me with the blonde hair and silver eyes, “After 1000 years,” he continues, now looking up to his fellow males of his race, “We are all reunited.”


I think my ears are playing tricks on me. Either I’m crazy or they all are.

Had I met these aliens, these ultra handsome, and ultra dicky, I decide to settle with calling them – Others, before?

...what if I had? What would that mean?

Traegr walks forward to his friends and then takes a seat on a chair he pulls out from a simple table which they were all standing in front of. He sits down to face me and the other captives.

Well, damn.

Whatever was about to happen. Whatever was about to be said. It was going to be huge.

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