Star Cursed

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Chapter 40

I didn’t expect today to end this way. Traps within the forest were meant to give the Dark Gems a hell of a hard time. Seraphine was meant to return with the documents safely to our hidden temple.

Instead, Seraphine was passed out in the middle of a transport bus. Celeste was crying into my shoulder next to me and the Dark Gems sat opposite us, looking solemn in their own right.

The death of a Royal female Gem wasn’t something to celebrate.

“Jared will pay,” Traegr growls, the first words spoken after an intense half hour of silence.

“The gene professor should have been sentenced to death, not Kaelyn,” I snap, “He made her crazy.”

“We’ll hand out the rightful punishments, you don’t have to trouble yourself,” Sabir drawls at me and I just glare him down.

“Chin up, Celeste,” Hraken speaks towards the crying girl on my shoulder, “Life is only bound to improve under our rule.”

An intense silence fills the transport vehicle. There seemed to be a double meaning behind what he was saying and Traegr eyes off Hraken with a cold glare.

Thankfully, the awkward silence is broken by an audible groan coming from the floor and Seraphine. Wrapped up in light restraints on her side, she now flips onto her back.

“Oh, man,” she tries to pry open her eyes and takes in the company.

“Good sleep, beautiful?” Hraken can’t help but grin at Seraphine’s consciousness.

“How the hell did I end up here?” Seraphine growls to herself and then looks towards Celeste and I, “You alright, girls?”

“We’re fine,” Celeste chokes on her tears and points accusingly at Traegr, “Kaelyn’s not. She’s gone.”

“...fuck,” Seraphine closes her eyes, her voice still husky as she suddenly just lies there and tries to steady her breathing.

“All will be well soon enough,” Traegr grins, “Especially once you see your new bed-cages and costumes in the first Training Trials we’ve had in 1000 years.”

Training Trials?

I’m speechless.

As is Celeste as we gaze at Traegr.

Surely this was a joke.

The games they use to play were filmed and recorded for entertainment. Hraken was the star warrior. Seraphine was also on this show.

She has her eyes focused on Traegr with shock.

“You can’t be serious,” she snaps, “This is why I hate you, King shit. You kill my niece and now you want to throw me back in your degrading TV show?” she rolls to her knees and spits at his feet, “I hope you challenge me – I’ll soon be Queen anyway. You can count on it.”

“You’ll be holed up in that game... or in the Golden Palace... or in a rotten stinking dungeon. Wherever I want you to be, sweetheart,” Traegr blinks slowly while smirking.

“I’ll go easy on you, sweet stuff,” Sabir ‘reassures’ me. I just smile tightly back.

“You know I don’t like it easy,” I joke.

“Don’t worry, princess,” Celeste joins in, ”He’s easy. I know from experience.”

“Cheeky little whores,” Sabir growls.

“Cheeky little rebels, who are about to kick your asses on a planet wide televised show!” Seraphine sticks up for us.

The rest of the ride consists of insults being thrown, every which way.

As Seraphine taught, it was a good way to distract them from the important questions. Such as why she was in Quartz Zone.

When the bus finally comes to a stop, the Dark Gems are the first to stand. Celeste tries to follow but Traegr tut-tuts her back down.

“No, no, sweetheart,” the King commands, “You girls sit, rest yourselves. You leave this transport bus when we say you can.”

We all watch the Dark Gems chuckle to themselves and exit into a bright green field, where the door abruptly shuts and leaves Celeste, Seraphine and I inside. The Dark Gems have taken the weapons out so we are still left defenseless.

Once we are alone, Seraphine quickly springs to her feet and comes in close to me, whispering.

“You still got that document?” she asks me, “Cause we’re going to need it. Be careful with it, it’s electronic; a seriously advanced contract form.”

“I scrunched it up,” I hiss quietly, rummaging it out of my bra. Celeste looks on, confused.

“Great,” Seraphine growls sarcastically, snatching it off me she flattens it out and sighs a breath of relief, “Thank goodness, it’s still working.”

“What is it?” I ask.

“Read it and find out,” Seraphine passes it to me, “I always suspected this, but never told the girls because I didn’t want to worry them needlessly. However, it’s all true. We need to find equal power immediately or our future is condemned to a life of servitude under a much higher regulator.”

I just shake my head and narrow my eyes, confused.

I read the title of the document.

CU (Central Universe) Official Cultural Document. Final and Liable amongst the Intergalactic Alliance.

“What the hell is this?” I whisper, meeting Seraphine’s eyes, “I don’t have time to read this –”

“Make time later,” Seraphine orders, “This is important, you’ll need to know if I die and you’re still a princess. You have the power to make changes on this document. You understand me?”

“No. I don’t. Intergalactic Alliance?” I ask, just as I hear Dark Gem voices getting closer to the door of our transport bus.

“This life is about to get a lot bigger than just our humble little planet Kiyr, Sapphire,” Celeste mutters, already working it out.

"Put it away,” Seraphine orders, “They’re coming.”

I quickly, and carefully this time – fold it up and put it in my bra.

I couldn’t wait to read this document.

My mind was already catching up with Celeste and Seraphine, as much as I didn’t want to admit it... it sounded as if there was something greater out there. Intergalactic Alliance would mean other planets. A different governing body.

And hmmm....

A cultural document?

About Kiyr?

No wonder Seraphine was eager to find equality amongst our genders as soon as possible.

If we didn’t, something told me this document held the power to make females intergalacticly known and accepted legally, as inferior on Kiyr.

The consequences of this little document were infinite.

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