Star Cursed

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Chapter 42

In the middle of a vast green field, was the looming structure of the infamous Scouting Stadium for the Training Trials. The whole purpose was to trial Royal Female Gem magic and to find the one being who could match you.

Think of it as a way where-by people find their true love, not by an online dating app, but through gladiator rounds of fighting.

Comical? Heh... it was famous because of how violent it could be.

This is where Royal Gem animal base instincts truly ruled. Females and Males alike could let lose. Besides the main grassy field where the fighting with magic took place, there were the usual stands for people to watch. Beyond that, inside the complex it was full of entertainment. Gift stores, merchandise and the famous Magic Zoned Bar. The best music performers played there and only elite Gems could mix in this bar.

It was the perfect way to work out whether or not you wanted to sign up and fight the imprisoned females.

The main attraction were the rooms that housed ridiculously luxurious beds inside cages. These were for the winners – the ones who find their match. They could have hot, kinky sex all night long.

Those who simply won you in a fight but weren’t your true match? Were still eligible to fuck you.

Yeah... morals were high in our race.

It wasn’t so bad – because if you were a Royal Female Gem and you won the fight... you could be as brutal as you wanted. Seraphine hadn’t killed any men, but she had tried too. At that stage, other Dark Gems interfered to stop her succeeding.

While Diamonds were a girl’s best friend on this planet, Draining whips were a Dark Gem’s best companion.

I’m thinking all this while water floats around me. After being shown my bedroom, the caged bed, the dresser, the thick red curtains, the barred window, the lit fire place and fur rug – I had disappeared into the bathroom.

Here, was a mini-pool full of steaming water from inside Kiyr rocks. They had managed to open up channels from underground and stream the water into the huge stadium. I had been separated from Celeste and Seraphine, confined here in isolation.

I had read the document thoroughly and had since been sitting in contemplation.

Central Universe sounded amazing. I could only imagine what it was like. However, I was plagued with responsibility since Seraphine had dumped it on my shoulders. To take responsibility of the most important document on the planet right now... no pressure.

At the moment it was hiding in the small bookcase in the room, between two books.

I sigh and fall deeper back into the steamy water. I didn’t want to leave this pool. If only for a moment all my worries could be lifted... I’d be happy.

My left hand grips the Obsidian orb Hraken had lent to me. I didn’t let it go because it was so ridiculously smooth. It generally was also just pretty cool and it confused me.

I felt like he was trying to send me a message.

No one really knew much about Hraken’s past. All anyone knew was that he was ridiculously good at fighting and he was bonded to Seraphine.

It is at that point I hear a chink of a door unlocking and a whine from it swinging open.

I quickly wade to the other end of the pool so my back is not to the door. I already felt vulnerable enough being naked, I didn’t need Sabir –


Not Sabir. Hraken!

But – oh my. N-not just Hraken. Hraken the Warrior, comes stalking his way into my bathing room.

My eyes are wide and nervous as I take in his tall, ruggedly handsome warrior outfit and messed up brown locks of hair – almost like dreadlocks with the blood sticking through it.

He see’s me and smirks to himself, while finding a marble bench opposite the pool and plopping down on it.

“You have something of mine,” he growls.

“I was just thinking about you, you must read minds! Oh gosh... you’ve already been shredding into people? You’re covered in blood,” I point out, with a nervous laugh while I clutch the orb behind my back.

“Don’t worry, Sapphire, this is Dark Gem blood – not female,” he leans forward, a hand on each knee as he suddenly zones in his focus onto my tiny naked form hiding in the corner of the pool.

“You were trying to tell me something, weren’t you?” I ask, as Hraken suddenly stands and without any regard for the clean water – he walks down the steps into the small pool. Emerging himself in my element.

I try to control the molecules to hold him back as he sloshes towards me, but he just pushes forth even harder and my magic can’t restrict his movement.

“Do you know the history of the Dark Gems, Sapphire?” he asks me as he stops just before me with a hand gripping the edge of the pool by my shoulder, his fingers tapping on the tiles.

This close he smelt like leather, metal and blood. Besides that and the fact he is towering above me making me feel like a fly he could squish at any moment, I try to focus.

“History? Dark Gems? Ametrine and... O-Obsidian, always clashing,” I mutter, gripping the orb closely, still behind my back. The question I then wanted to ask... I can’t look at his intelligent eyes as I think it, because I don’t want to appear stupid. So I look at his chest instead as I ask, “Were you trying to tell me you’re from the Obsidian line?”

There is not much of a pause.

“Hmmm...” Hraken growls under his breath, impatient.

I quickly look up and suddenly realise he doesn’t care about my questions. He just wants the orb back and he knows I’m holding it behind my back.

But still, he doesn’t deny what I suggest so –

I look up to meet his eyes again, shaking my head.

“You can’t be, it doesn’t make sense. Traegr would never let you near the throne –”

Now I have Hraken laughing in a rumble as he swipes a hand behind my back and pulls me in until my breasts are pressed up against his own chest. He leans in to whisper into my ear.

“Have you never heard of the term, keep your friends close...?” Hraken suddenly pulls back – the orb now in his grasp while I was completely intimidated by him in his outfit and his cool manner – always cool, “...and your enemies closer?”

I just watch as Hraken turns and trudges his way out of the water. I almost stop him and suggest that since he’s ruined my bathing water he may as well dunk his head under and I could clean his hair for him.

But I stop myself, because Hraken would just laugh and leave anyway.

He knew how females reacted around him – apparently, I wasn’t any different.

So, I watch him exit the bathroom, stalking his way out while water drips all over my room.

Arrogant man. Argh! But there was truly nothing bad to say about him. He never gave me petty nicknames like the other Dark Gems constantly did.

I see filters on the side of the small pool and I use my control of the water to help it filter through quicker.

So, he wanted to use the corny line of keep your friends close but enemies closer huh?

I dwell on it for a bit, but the answer I come to is hard to acknowledge.

Could he...?

Would he...?


He held me close when he said ‘keep your friends close’. He pushed me back when he said ‘keep your enemies closer’.

For some reason I’m smiling. Hraken... was Obsidian, clearly.

Traegr was his enemy.

Me? Well, I was an enemy of Traegr. Huh.

But I was Hraken’s friend.

He should have said, an enemy of an enemy is my friend too, before he left – just so I was certain he meant I was his friend.

Unless I was just consumed by his smell and aura and wanted to believe he desired me as a friend?

I happily sink into the water. Wow. Did Seraphine realise Hraken was possibly on her side?

And then it all falls into place in my mind.

Seraphine wanted to be Queen – which meant Hraken wanted to be King.


I wonder if Hraken even had any idea this Central Universe document existed? Well, of course he wouldn’t. Why would Traegr tell him? Maybe I should tell him! The idea burns into the back of my brain.

Official signatures were needed, why not get Hraken in on it?

I don’t know why I’m so compelled to ask him.

“Hraken!” I call out, because believe it or not those thoughts had all but passed through my brain in a couple of pondering seconds. Perhaps he wasn’t out my door yet.

I still as I hear my door loudly shut and I’m momentarily disappointed because I believe he’s left, ignoring my call.

A few seconds later, however, he appears back in the arched entrance to my pool.

I glance up at him, nervously.

Perhaps I should try to please him first? Who knows? It could work in my favour?

I was still determined to ask the big question though – about Central Universe. I just wasn’t sure how just yet.

This could be the smartest move the Royal Female Gems make yet... but I had to be careful.

It could also be the biggest mistake of my life.

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