Star Cursed

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Chapter 48

A Punisher. Suddenly I understood the term perfectly. I guess it was an appropriate label for Dark Gems who were born twin boys, born to be punished for a life time if both lived. Where both were constantly deprived of magic, which meant they were consumed with other desires. I guess to compensate for their lack of fulfilment.

Seducing a female Gem was a good way of fulfilling lust and a void of magic.

However, I had two magic-bonded partners. One partner who completely avoided me to control himself and one who was consumed with bringing me towards torturous pleasure.

I think about this as Sabir leads me down the stairs from the luxurious prisons, to the hall outside and down towards the direction where Val was taken. Eventually I register our final destination.

A lab.



A lab, a dungeon, a prison, a counsellor’s room; all places Sabir would thrive with his skills of manipulation.

Sabir doesn’t even say a word as we reach the door signed with hazards and magic symbols. I simply follow, knowing if I do not follow, he’ll just drag me along anyway; and that would involve touching me. I didn’t want him to touch me.

Not yet.

Being drained of magic made female Gems instinctively crave sex. It wasn’t just emotional, it was logical, sex involved a lot of touching and skin to skin contact. A perfect way for two magic-bonded partners to be together in the ultimate sense. However, I knew that one wanting touch from him – a touch that could drain me on his command – would start the insanity to set it. And if I wasn’t feeling mentally strong enough, I would give into my instincts to let him control me.

And, oh boy, did he know how to control me.

“I suppose you want to chat to me again about the Gem soldier I killed on Earth?” I start as he opens the lab door and stands back to let me enter first.

He simply raises a brow at me.

I continue, “You never did finish ‘rehabilitating me’, or punishing me… for an act of self-defence,” I continue as I slip past him.

“It is the self-defence I don’t believe you need, sweetheart,” he says easily, shutting the door and waiting for me to take in my surroundings.

All I see is a hall way with different unlit lab rooms, at the end is a bigger white room, with a few beeps and pings echoing down the hall way.

“To self-defend is natural, it cannot be beaten out of someone,” I mutter, narrowing my eyes as a doctor walks by the hall in the lit room at the end.

Unfortunately, with my memories back, I knew how quickly he could make me into his eager lap dog. An eager whore. He could make me believe whatever he wanted; but I was more amenable back then. I had changed, I had grown. Now it was time to test my new found strength.

“In general, defence isn’t a term you should worry about,” Sabir speaks dryly as he puts a hand on my back and leads me down the hall, “Especially when you don’t know how to even use a radio.”

My skin tingles as I feel him play with the magic, about to take it, then letting it slip back under my skin.

It distracts me for a moment, but I quickly remember to stop and react, choosing shock as my primary emotion.

“What?” I ask, gasping.

“Stealing a radio? A good idea. Something of course you’d sneak away with,” he speaks mockingly, falling right into my trap, “…too bad it backfired on you.”

“I don’t understand,” I whisper, playing along.

“You don’t have to,” Sabir’s eyes aren’t focused on me as he finally leads me out into the main room, where computers are set up around a small table. My eyes focus in on where Val is stretched out.

Two actual gem stones of Madeira Citrine, are held in both of her palms.

A woman writes down notes as a man sits on a stool next to Val, as he injects an orange liquid into her arm.

“How’s it coming along?” Sabir asks as he steps forward, leaving me standing awkwardly by the entrance.

The woman continues to write notes and the man is the one who chooses to look up. Considerably attractive, he looks young and charismatic… keen to impress.

At least I’d guess so.

“Absolutely fascinating, as I knew she’d be,” the doctor speaks, but as his odd voice leaves his mouth, I do not like his voice. Nor do I like the over intense look in his gaze as he glances over Val’s naked body, “Everything is working according to the King’s plans.”

“What are you doing to her?” I ask as I walk up to the lab table. I finally catch the doctor’s eye and I see a badge on his grey coat with a name and profession. I have to read the Kiyr letters twice, but each time they do not yield differently.

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes.

Magic & Gene Professor, Jared Richards Lapis Lazuli.

“We are opening all her channels of magic,” he was no doctor, he was a scientist. Jared. The same man who experimented on Kaelyn and made her go insane.

“Sabir. Why is he alive?” I ask, with no emotion, barely comprehending that Sabir or the King, were allowing this man to live. I can’t even look at Sabir right now. I just focus on Val, her eyes closed, completely unconscious.

“On tight restrictions he is more valuable alive,” Sabir explains and I can feel his gaze on me, “This man was born flawed but also a genius.”

“Flawed?” I ask, barely keeping in my temper, “You killed an innocent Royal female Gem of the Obsidian blood line.”

Jared shrugs as if he isn’t the slightest bit affected by my words. No guilt or remorse present in his cold gaze.

“I didn’t kill her, Sapphire,” he explains, “She killed herself; all she had to do was control her magic but she was not strong enough.”

“Careful with your words,” Sabir growls, warning the scientist not to speak out of line, “You pushed Kaelyn too far – you cannot deny that. It was a grave mistake on your part.”

“I succeeded in mastering her ability to its greatest potential, I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again. If you had kept her alive and under controlled conditions, instead of releasing her back into the forest, she would have been a perfect candidate for opening a portal.”

“A portal?” I instantly ask, “…tell me more. This sounds like something I’d like to know about.”

“Enough,” Sabir pulls me in front of him and slaps a hand over my mouth, “Let’s focus on something more relevant to you, sweetheart. Do you see the look on this girl’s face? Bliss, totally consumed with her magic.”

“Not for long, soon it will override her system which is what you asked for,” Jared explains, “To answer your question about me, princess, my flaw was an inability to drain magic since I was born. But I still harbour the void.”

“Jared has more control than me,” Sabir growls, happily, “And his genius is going to help me today.”

I want to ask why but his hand remains clamped over my mouth, so I cannot speak.

“Do you have the solution I asked for?” Sabir asks the scientist, who nods and points towards a bench with a syringe full of a sparkling blue liquid.

Sabir finally releases me to grab the syringe and I take quick steps back from him when he approaches.

“Don’t stick that in me,” I snap, “What is it?”

No one answers me as Sabir, instead of approaching me directly all the way, stops instead, by the exit.

“Hurry up,” Sabir holds the door open for me and welcomes me through. I stand where I am and glare at him, instead, “Come on… cheeky whore… I don’t have much patience today.”

“You never do,” I give one quick glance to Jared and his creepy smile has my feet making the decision for me.

I walk out the door, past Sabir’s looming figure and he shuts the door this time, leaving us in a completely unlit hall way. I can barely see a thing. I instinctively reach out a hand for his chest, just so I know where he is.

However, my hand meets empty air and instead I hear his footfalls echo down the hall.

“Trying to scare me?” I ask, a bit timidly.

I wasn’t sure what to do just yet, so I wait where I am.

Eventually at the end of the hall I hear a door open, but not to the proper exit. Rather, to one of the rooms.

“If you stand there much longer, Jared will get his hands on you next,” Sabir calls down from the hall, teasing me.

I find it morbid, considering Jared was a murderer.

“I’m not walking down this hall while you’re holding a syringe of god knows what,” I reply, confidently. Well, as confidently as I could being in this situation right now.

“Walk here willingly and you’ll get a choice… I suppose you’d like a choice, wouldn’t you, leader of the rebellion?”

“So you did over hear what I said,” I smile to myself in the darkness while I put on my fake irritated tone.

“We need to talk,” Sabir adds, fairly reasonably from down the dark hall. My eyes have adjusted slightly and I can make out his dark figure at the end.

I slowly walk towards him, my heart racing now as I think of what the hell he wants with me in this darkness.

What was the aim?

I had to get closer to find out.

“What do you want from me?” I ask as I get closer, “Besides the obvious.”

“I’m going to make you scream, little princess,” Sabir states as I stand not three metres from him now.

“By drugging me?” I ask, thoroughly confused.

“By opening your channel to magic and changing you into a true Royal,” Sabir says quietly, “Would you like to hear your choices?”

“Sure,” I shrug in the darkness, increasingly more terrified on the inside but trying to appear like I totally wasn’t affected right now. Somehow, I was managing it.

“I’ll only give you this solution if you want it,” he says, “It could make you more powerful… so when I fuck you, I’ll also be able to drain a healthy amount. However, you can deny it. And I will still fuck you… either way, I will master you,” at this point he has closed the gap and he grabs my arm, pulling me forward and shoving me into the room he has opened.

It looks like a doctor’s room in the shadows, a mini version of the large lab down the hall.

It has a metal table in the corner, a curtain drawn aside.

“Why are you offering me it, then? If I can say no?” I ask as I take slow steps towards the bed and the desk, running my hands over everything as I wander around.

“Let’s just say it’s a test,” Sabir stays leaning against the shut door which he’s locked.

There was no escape.

“A test?” I prod him further. I hated it when he was vague.

“Once you choose, I will give you your answer… and you’ll learn an important lesson,” he comes to a halt, before adding, “I lie. Your choice will either turn into a lesson or a lifetime of punishment.”

“I could make you laugh and smile for a whole week and you’d still find a reason to punish me,” I point out, easily.

“I didn’t hear you make a choice, cheeky whore,” he is becoming impatient so I sigh, pretending that my nerves weren’t totally strung out right now.

“I don’t want that liquid inside me, so I’ll opt out, thank you very much,” I respond as calmly as possible and I watch as he finally flicks on the light.

Sabir drops the syringe on the ground, carelessly, as he stalks his way towards me. At least he kept his promise.

Good, princess,” he smirks, intercepting me against the metal table. I grip the edges of it behind me in tight fists so they don’t tremble as he comes up, chest to chest with me now.

My eyes focus on his collar bone, not wanting to meet his eyes.

“So…” I speak, breathless because I’ve been holding it in, “…um… what choice did I make?”

“A lesson, for today, princess,” he tilts his head to the side and now I choose to lock gazes with him.

“Oh?” I ask, “A lesson? About… what?”

Why you made your choice,” he reaches up and grabs my chin in his hold, so I can’t look away, “Saying no to potential power… now you know and I know, what you really want.”

“I don’t know what I want,” I say, quickly, “Enlighten me.”

“You don’t want power,” he shakes his head, “You want me. Would you like another choice? I’m feeling generous today.”

“Yes,” I answer straight away. I cringe when I realise I’m already subconsciously letting him control me, affected way too easily by his authority. Just when I thought I was stronger.

Everything suddenly felt the same as it used to be between us.

Sabir recognizes it too and his black eyes run towards my lips as his hand slides down towards my throat, clenching it a bit and then releasing the pressure, just to see me squirm.

“The choice?” I remind him, wanting him to stop this impending silence.

A silence that was far too loud.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll tell you,” he speaks arrogantly. But he pauses again and I try to kick him with my leg but he just has to nudge his one forward and it instantly traps mine against the table so I can’t struggle.

“Shhh… princess… relax. Think carefully… because your next choice is a hard one. Do you want me to fuck you hard?” he lists the options, “Or do you want me to fuck you harder?”

“You’re f-funny, Sabir,” I laugh nervously as his hand tightens again on my throat, this time starting to drain what little magic I possessed. It slides out of my skin, effortlessly, right into his. A perfect match. In consequence, the all too familiar rush of bodily functions that failed when this happened, happen. Instead of blood pumping higher, blood floods lower to other levels. My heart skips a few beats and my breath gets stuck in my throat.

What little breath I have flutters out as my eyes roam over his own, unblinking, assessing me for my worth as a partner.

“No, cheeky whore. I’m your master,” he reminds me, quietly, “And you’ll address me as such unless I give you permission to speak otherwise.”


“Ye…yes,” I stutter, in a whisper, my cheeks blushing a deep red.

He was using that tone on me…

…and now I was a goner.

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