Star Cursed

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Chapter 49

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“Wait,” I gasp, as Sabir runs his hands over both my arms, from my wrists, up to my shoulders.

“What is it?” Sabir asks, suspiciously as one hand then travels up my neck and into the back of my hair, twirling it around into a tight fist as his other hand cups my cheek, a thumb pressed to my bottom lip, “Princess?”

“You’re going to fuck me on a metal table?” I ask, breathless, “Nothing more romantic? It’s been... a thousand years.”

“It’s been a thousand years,” he repeats, in a monotone, “Very critical observation, whore of mine. I have a question, sweety, how many men did you sleep with on that other planet?”


“None!” I hiss, raising a hand, I attempt to slap him for even daring to ask such a question. However, he grabs my wrist and chuckles as he pressures me with his body back onto the table. He slowly leans in, his nose millimetres from mine as my back is pressed up and cooled by the metal slab.

Eventually he has to lift my thighs, helping me further back onto the table.

Just like an experiment.

Just like he used to do.

He wouldn’t just fuck with my body, but my mind as well.

“If I decided to have you here and I had more time, I wouldn’t just ravish you on this metal slab. I’d strap you down to it, can you guess why?” he whispers as his hands grab the bottom of my dress and start to pull it up, over my hips, breasts, shoulders and head which is when I help by raising my arms.

There was no point resisting and a huge part of me didn’t want to anyway.

I wanted this.

“Restricting me to a metal bed? That doesn’t sound like you,” my sarcasm is easy considering how he hadn’t changed at all in such a long time, “You’re more a romantic type.”

“I’ve fucked you into multiple four poster beds, on rugs by the fireplace, on the edge of the balcony... in the swimming pool you so love and the swimming holes in the forest that I caught you many times just floating around in... you are always in water more than you actually use your magic... did you notice that?” he drops my dress carelessly to the ground and his eyes run over my naked body. I had worn nothing underneath the dress.

“I never used my magic because there was no reason to,” I mutter, “Besides dancing for you and Traegr, of course...”

“No, that’s not the only reason, sweetheart. You knew, subconsciously and in your soul, who your magic belonged to,” Sabir slowly reaches down to his leather pants and the small latch holding them together along the waist band.

“,” I lose my trail of thoughts, “You, Sabir.”

"Master, Sapphire... you know the rules,” he slides out the latch at the top to undo the rest, “Don’t you dare play coy.”

“Well, fine then. I chose my answer to the two choices you gave me, about how you want to fuck me,” I lift my head to watch him slide his pants down. He lets them drop to his feet just before he kicks them aside.

“Oh, sweet princess, how is that?” he asks, a hand still behind his back. I narrow my eyes at him for a moment, knowing he holds something that I have not seen after he had taken off the pants.

I answer carefully, but first, I sit back up slowly.

“Gently,” I clutch my knees tightly together as I rest my chin on top of them, cheekily smiling, “You said hard or harder. I choose slowly, gently and with patience...” I let a moment linger as I watch his eyes, in a turmoil of disapproval. After I’ve let his irritation sink in, I add in a sultry whisper, “... that way your cock is lodged inside me for as long as possible, which is agreeable to me. I have also been waiting and wanting. Please... master... I beg you to treat me sweetly.”

“Gentle, though?” he asks rhetorically as he brings forth into view what he was holding behind his back, “I’m not sure you deserve gentle.”

My eyes widen and I don’t have to ask to know what it is.

I had never seen one before in reality; but the way it appeared was in conjunction with it’s obvious use.

It was a thin electrical leather collar with a remote.

“When did you sneak that in?” I ask, in a monotone, “I hate shocks. Not my... thing.”

“I don’t care, sweetheart,” he murmurs back, “I care about your total surrender and your caution around me. It fits snugly in my back pocket, convenient for my use at any chosen time. I invented this one. The force of the shock is my choosing, depending on how irritating you are,” he tilts his head as his ethereal midnight blue eyes watch me, “Shuffle closer, so I may put it on your pretty little neck.”

And now? The monster was coming out. The inhumane, superior animal instincts of a Dark Gem. Any means necessary to control their power source, to fill their void, would be taken.

After 1000 years?

I can only guess that a shock collar was a nice option.

But still, it was a freaking shock collar!

“I don’t –”

"Now,” he is brutal with his tone, a tone I knew not to provoke further. Unless I wanted that shock on my nether regions, which I’m sure he’d delight in seeing me squeal even sooner.

Sucking in my pride I slide forward and then reach up to lift my hair away from my neck.

“Electricity and water don’t mix very well, you could say they’re a lethal mix,” I remind him, “A little like arrogance... and... underestimation,” I can’t help but be a smart-ass. Seeing him pause gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

“I have a right to arrogance,” Sabir begins to move again and pulls the collar around my neck and fastens it at the front with two clicks, “Do you think I’m underestimating you because now you’re the leader of a ‘rebellion’?” he couldn’t sound anymore mocking.

“Rebellions in the past have won,” I remind him, “It’s too bad we’re weak and powerless for the moment.”

“Yet you were planning to humiliate Traegr tonight in the first Scouting Stadium show we’ve had in a thousand years?” he asks me and for a moment my eye-brows furrow.

Until I quickly remember about my lie through the radio. Ah, yes. To grab his attention, to distract Traegr and Sabir from the real issue. Royal female Gems would hopefully be making their way here, hopefully with the encouragement of a message from Ladonna.

The only issue was... Sabir was the only one to show up to punish me.

“Traegr should be the one teaching me a lesson,” I state, “Not you.”

I watch with morbid fascination as his hand moves over the tiny remote and I get a little shiver around my neck. A deep vibration. What’s weird is it doesn’t hurt... it actually feels kinda good.

“I’m your Punisher for the rest of eternity, darling,” Sabir tilts his head to the side as he assesses my bewilderment at the light feel of the shock he just gave me, “Of course I made settings that feel good too.”

“I thought I didn’t deserve gentle?” I ask.

“Traegr and I would both happily fuck you senseless, but he is preoccupied determining the future of our whole race... which is a little bit more important than teaching a disobedient princess a lesson on how to behave,” Sabir slowly puts his remote down and my eyes run over his body, from his feet to the top of his head.

Even I, cannot deny the feelings making my stomach turn and clench.

My heart throbbed with remembering my place by his side.

The fucked up thing about it all was how many girls Sabir use to punish, but he always treated me like his own. In a special, fucked up sort of way.

And the really strange part, was how much I liked the special attention.

If it wasn’t for the Dark Gem’s authority getting out of hand and a lack of love being shown and if it wasn’t for the fact we thought they killed Seraphine, our beloved leader; the Royal female Gems wouldn’t have left Kiyr.

But now, I had something invaluable I may never have learnt if I never left.

I had a new light of understanding from living on Earth. Where humans weren’t completely dominated by their instincts, there was one thing that shone through. Love, passion and kindness were all the highest qualities they strived to achieve.

Lingering in the darkness – which was preached by Traegr to be a source of power – was truly not a sign of strength at all. The hardest part about being a good human, was learning to master your urges to do bad things and instead try your best to give the world the best part of you.

It is now, I could also see where I went wrong with Sabir.

I had drowned in his dark teachings for a long time. Long enough to realise it was doing far too much damage to our relationship as a whole.

I, in my own right, should have been kinder.

I should have been stronger, for both of us.

He wasn’t just plagued with the void of empty magic all Dark Gems dealt with, he was consumed by it.

All because of Hraken’s existence.

But that didn’t mean that he deserved to be treated like a monster.

I had to stop thinking of him as such.

“Why do you look sad?” Sabir asks, suspiciously, “Why are – are you crying?”

I shake my head, wiping a tear from my face, I move off the table and I stand back up on my two feet.

Us both being naked, opposite each other, made me want to just... hold him.

The pain of his magic void had always been shocking. And I had then left him for 1000 years.

“I’m sorry,” I try to hold back my tears as I lunge forward and clutch onto him, holding him close in a tight hug, “What’s done is done but... I should never have just abandoned you. It wasn’t the right decision.”

I feel one of his hands in my hair, I can feel his shock at my admission.

Perhaps he thought I’d never take any responsibility for what happened.

But no one was to blame. We all fucked up.

His shock doesn’t last for long, though.

“That is terribly sweet of you, Sapphire,” he murmurs, pressing a kiss onto the top of my messy brown hair, “... very sweet...” I look up to meet his eyes and he shakes his head as he thinks.

“I don’t care how you take me. I just want you, Sabir –” I admit, stating my obvious desire.

“I can oblige... but shut those pretty little lips, now, sweety. There’s no need for you to talk any further,” he smirks and reaches down, grasping my thighs he lifts me up effortlessly, spreading my legs and ankles over his shoulders as he leans me back down onto the table.

I feel whole and complete as our naked bodies finally touch. He leans into me, his warmth encasing and his skin draining me in little bites. Nothing too strong, yet.

Sabir’s eyes finally lighten a tad and I reach up my hands around his neck to pull him in slowly for a deep kiss. When his plush lips move against mine, I relax.

However, it’s not the only deep kiss I feel.

I have to gasp and try not to cry out at the unexpected feeling of the head of his cock, enlarged and already penetrating the outside of my lower lips.

Nothing could feel more amazing in this moment but before he shoves it in any deeper I move my hips forward so he has the perfect angle.

I expect him to shove it in fast and hard, but I’m surprised as he leans down to kiss my neck, around the shock collar, as he slowly edges his way inside me.

I’m trying not to grin with delight for such a stupid reason, I guess. He was taking me from the front! And that was never a common occurrence. Not just because he thought that I was more degraded on my hands and knees. But it was less touch, from the front he often drained me too quickly.

Now, he was being extra careful just so he could be more romantic. I lean back as his cock slowly stretches me open, deep inside, after an eternity of separation.

His lips have now pressed their way down to my breasts, placing kisses all along my skin and lightly sucking on each nipple. I happily hold him there as he slowly slides his cock back out, my hands running through his thick, black hair.

However, this time as he thrusts forward, he slams it back in with quite a bit of force.

He looks up and me then, pushing past my hands which were trying to hold him down against me.

“Sweet enough for you, princess?” he asks, a menacing look in his eye.

Ah, oh.

I let out a shaky breath as he pulls out and grabs my thighs. He shuffles my body off the edge of the table and he flips me around so my cold stomach is against the cool metal slab. I try to get away, to no avail. It was a good test of his strength.

He traps me against the table with his muscular thighs, his hot throbbing length pushed up against my pussy but not inside. He runs a single finger down my spine, lightly, making me shiver. I reach a hand back to slap his hand away, because it tickles.

I manage to make contact but it’s the last thing I manage to have control over.

He quickly clasps that wrist in his hand and leaning forward he finds my other wrist and pulls that back behind onto my lower back as well. With one hand, he holds both my wrists down, tightly, while he moves his hips back and the head of his cock once again finds the heated entrance.

"Always wet and slippery for your master’s cock... am I wrong, cheeky whore?” he slams his cock inside me and drains me in one big burst. I can’t help but scream out. It’s to my own embarrassment as no doubt the doctor and his nurse could hear me.

“Cruel,” I whisper in a gasp, loving the feeling but also being flooded with fatigue and exhaustion as my magic seeps out of me.

“What was that, sweetheart?” he asks me, setting up a shallow rhythm with intermediate deep plunges. Each time he does a deep thrust, I gasp even harder, feeling light headed while trying hard not to scream again, “I didn’t hear you, Sapphire.”

“I c-can’t remember... w-what I said,” I admit, with a bit of a whine.

Now, just as I’m getting use to it... he suddenly picks up the pace, slamming into me. Over and over, he fills me, stretching me to my limits.

All the while my wrists are in his vice-like hold behind my back. Just as I’m trying to get use to the new excruciating pleasure, he leans forward with his free hand and wraps my hair around his fist.

In a tight grip, he pulls my head back; and I wish I could say I didn’t like it.

But it felt ten-times more amazing and without even consciously trying, my pussy clenches hard down on his cock. It quivers and hardens inside me as I cum all over him. I’ve reached my climax far too quickly and I’ve clenched so damn hard there is no way he couldn’t have also been pushed to the end of his pleasure.

However, to my great disappointment and enlightenment; he is simply harder and fucking me even faster.

“I...h-hate... y-you...” I literally cry out the words, tears of pleasure running down my cheeks, wetting my lips with saltiness. I lick them dry and the salty flavour of my tears just reminds me of the taste of his cock. How I use to have it shoved nice and tight in my mouth. Pleasing him on my knees whenever he demanded.

Oh, how I wouldn’t mind to clean him of my juices mixed with his own when he was finished with me...

“I hate you too, princess,” he leans down to growl it and I simply tremble against his ruthless hips, further and further, pushing me to a second climax.

This time I do squeal; because even afterwards with my hips gyrating back against him; he doesn’t cum for another full minute even after my muscles clench down even harder.

Those 60 seconds are the longest, most torturous wait of my life.

I forget how to breathe as the second wave of muscle spasms consume me, pushed further by his endless thrusts.

When he does cum, I try my best not to pass out.

I can feel hot liquid dripping down my thighs. A combination of him and me.

"Fuck, I’ve always loved your whimpers, princess,” he gives my ass a good slap as he pulls out and I stay on the metal table, immovable as he grabs my hips and flips me around onto my back.

The one thing I would always despise and be jealous of about Dark Gems, was how damn quickly they recovered after sex while I was in a trembling, withering mess of cum.

Not that it didn’t feel great, but I felt so destroyed in those moments. In a good way, it was just embarrassing to admit.

“Now,” he grabs my wrists and forces me to stand, “Usually I’d make you clean yourself up... but not this time... cheeky princess.”

I watch him find my dress on the floor as I tremble from my position, his cum leaking down my thighs. He picks up my dress and asks me to lift my arms, to help me back into my ironically respectable dress.

“An Earth saying I learnt, Sabir,” I mutter, “A lady in the streets... a freak in the sheets.”

“Cute,” he tugs the dress down and leans up, to look down on me with satisfaction and mocking, laughing eyes, “But I did all the work that time, sweety. Next time, however, you can show me the meaning of that phrase.”

“Next time, I’ll be Queen,” I smile, and the greatest part is he believes I’m joking as he grabs his leather pants and pulls them back on.

Too bad he had no idea.

“Time to go,” he nods towards the exit, “I’ll allow you back with our sweet Celeste, perhaps she’ll want to clean you up for me... she knows how to submissively comply at all times. You’d think you would learn from her, Sapphire.”

“Traegr would disapprove that his cum wasn’t also present for her to clean up, master,” I point out, finally feeling a bit better.

I was completely drained of magic and my limbs were languid but my mental capacity was still there.

As long as he didn’t decide to keep fucking me for the rest of the afternoon, that is.

Otherwise, I’d be a goner.

“How were you planning to humiliate Traegr? I’m curious,” Sabir holds the door open for me to let me out.

I stop my approach and before I exit, I grin.

“Find a Diamond and stick it up his ass, of course,” I shrug, thinking of the ‘plan’ on the spot.

“He’d make me whip you if you even tried, Sapphire,” Sabir is dead serious and I can’t help but reach up onto my tippy-toes to give him a peck on the lips.

“And you’d enjoy every moment,” I whisper, kissing him quickly two more times before slipping past him.

When I glance over my shoulder, his eyes are roaming over me like he still wants to eat me up for dessert.

I turn back around and walk with renewed vigour in my step.

I had successfully distracted him, while also enjoying myself immensely. I hoped it was long enough to give Ladonna enough time to get the message of support out to the rebellion.

I hoped Celeste and Seraphine were also keeping things cool, with the plan under close guard.

All the while, I admit, my breath is still a bit short.

I think of the metal table.

I wish I could say every time he fucked me on a metal slab, I had a bad experience.

Unfortunately, it seemed to be his speciality.

And I truly loved every moment, every single damn time.

“Can I have my collar off... master?” I ask, glancing over my shoulder at Sabir as he follows close behind. I halt and my hand reaches for the handle to the second door, which would let us out into the hustle and bustle of the refurbished Scouting Stadium, “Please, Sabir?”

“Hmmm...” Sabir eyes my collar, thinking about it carefully, “It can stay where it is for now, sweety.”

I frown, annoyed but not wishing to get back in his bad books too quickly.

“Why?” I can’t help but ask.

“Did I say you could question me, princess?” he asks, taking a step forward, he leans in to press his lips to my ear, “...or do I need to teach you another lesson in obedience?”

He’d never let me go if we continued.

“No,” I whisper, nodding my head, casting my eyes down, “I understand.”

“Good girl,” he puts his hand over my own, to help me turn the handle, “Let’s go, princess, you need to get ready. A huge night awaits... you have no idea.”

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