Star Cursed

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Chapter 55: Pleasures of Kiyr [1] [Claiming a Princess] [past&present]


We were back again. In the sun drenched Golden Palace only cooled by the surrounding forest. The place is fairly quiet, half the Royal Gems had moved to Central Universe to claim their stake in an Intergalactic Alliance of government bodies and differing life-holding planets.

But we weren’t just another species, we were equivalent to gods on that Neutral Ground. I had requested to come back home to Kiyr, watching the courtyard that had been grown and maintained by my dead best-friend, Celeste.

I’m holding her favourite white flower, a daisy, while I recline on the bay seat over looking the over-grown garden. I lean back on the pillow wearing nothing but a blue pair of panties. Yes, I was half-naked, but no, I didn’t care. I was lying here, with my eyes closed, the daisy pressed to my nose so I could inhale the old scent of Celeste.

It smelled just like her.

I lean back on the pillow, close my eyes, feeling a tear escape the corner of my vision as I remember how she used to warn me of Hraken the Warrior... who was now my King.

A memory from 1001 years ago

Celeste and I are curled up against the same bay-window, this time kneeling, facing one another. I’m in my blue panties, she’s in her white.

“Did you know, you can eat roses?” she asks, smiling as she grows a single rose petal in her hand with her bountiful magic, “I asked Traegr to try one... he tossed it aside and told me to spread my legs so he could taste his favourite flower,” she rolls her eyes and breaks off half the petal, giving me one half, “Try it.”

I take it and put it on my tongue, closing my lips, intrigued by its flavour as I cringe my eyebrows together and roll my tongue around to taste it further.

“Weird,” I swallow it and try not to laugh, almost choking as it goes down with not enough saliva.

“Don’t die on me, princess,” Celeste scolds me, “I don’t want the King thinking I killed his favourite slave by making her choke on a flower –”

“I’m not his favourite and you know it. Oh, shush, look, they’re coming back,” I whisper, looking out over the courtyard, I see Hraken, Traegr and Sabir covered in dirt and sweat, leading back more Dark Gems. They has been scouting the perimeters of our forest, on some sort of training regime, “Kiss me, quickly, while they watch.”

She smiles and we both know the Royal Dark Gems will be watching us, appearing completely naked in a see-through window, making out. So she runs a lithe, graceful hand through my hair as I do the same to her white soft, strands, and our lips lock together, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths as the Dark Gems get closer.

We don’t stop until we hear a door squeak open close by from the courtyard. We pull apart and quickly lean in on each other, my head on her shoulder, her head on mine as we wait for the Dark Gems to pass, to see us sprawled out, naked, relaxing... unfazed.

“I saw you two sluts,” Traegr growls as he stalks by, not bothering to watch us as he hurries along, limping a little. Celeste instantly moves to get up, to follow and heal him, but I grab her wrist and hold her back.

“Stay,” I whisper, knowing Traegr was in a bad mood – he had probably gotten into a fight with Seraphine. Sabir strolls by next, but instead of even glancing in my direction, he heads for the nearby flight of stairs.

“My chamber. In half an hour, princess,” Sabir calls out shortly, without having to look at me, “No later.”

“What the... he’s in a bad mood too?” I murmur, looking up at Celeste who grabs my hand and fiddles with my fingers as she nervously also thinks too much.

“I thought we made them happy this morning,” she murmurs, “It must have been the rebel girls –” she squeaks her mouth shut as Hraken abruptly walks past with some other Dark Gems.

It was never a good idea to get caught speaking of rebelling against the Royal male Gems. They all halt, as does Hraken, and both Celeste and I just watch, irritated by the eyes we didn’t want on us... except Hraken... any girl was okay with our greatest warrior lying eyes on them.

“Move along,” Hraken looks over his shoulder to growl at the other Dark Gems.

“They’re sprawled out, asking for some attention,” one of them mutters and Hraken grabs that Dark Gem’s hair, rough, shoving him along.

“They’re not yours,” Hraken snarls, reminding the inferior Dark Gem of his place, “Move.”

All of them move on as Celeste and I simply silently watch Hraken stay and watch over us.

“You’re asking for trouble,” Hraken growls, “Traegr is not happy.”

“Seraphine?” I ask.

“What concern do you have with that woman, princess?” Hraken asks me, with a raised brow, “I assume none.”

“You are correct,” I slowly sit up and tilt my head at his piercing golden-brown gaze, “You’re welcome to join us.”

“Would you like some earthen magic?” Celeste asks, politely but also anxiously.

“That won’t be necessary,” Hraken looks at me even as he had addressed Celeste, and now his next words are for me, “Sapphire, perhaps you’d like to help me stitch a few holes in my leather fighting gear. Let’s go... don’t be shy, princess,” he smirks when I blush.

He turns and walks towards the stairs that Sabir had just ascended.

I quickly jump up and look back at Celeste, but she just waves me off, accepting that I have to go.

“Now?” I ask Hraken as I follow him up the stairs, “Sabir requested me in less than thirty minutes.”

“Than I’ll be done with you in twenty,” Hraken doesn’t have to glance back at me and I purse my lips. I knew what he wanted. He rarely asked for my... assistance... but when he did, he was always so charming about it.

I look back at Celeste and she shakes her head, rolling her eyes and then getting comfortable, watching me leave with clear concern. It may not be voiced, but it was written all over her face.

She knew if Sabir ever found out, he’d be furious.


I gasp as I sit up, wiping away a flood of tears down both my cheeks as I start to sob into my knees. I put the daisy aside and shake as I clutch onto my legs with as much force as possible, wishing my best friend was still alive. I wanted to talk to her all the time... but she was no longer in this world.

She was burnt to a million tiny fragments of ash so small, nothing seemed to remain on that field when she helped open Jared’s fucking portal.

Eventually, after I’ve cried for a few more minutes, I raise my head out of my knees and wipe away my tears, to see Hraken standing, watching me from the stair case. He is wearing his fighting gear, as the new King, he is simply watching me with both controlled emotions but also empathy.

“A King needs some help from his Queen,” he raises a brow at me, and without consoling my tears the normal way, he starts to go up the stairs and calls out over his shoulder, “Do you go to your female council meetings half naked?” he laughs the rest of the way up the stairs and I stand up, frustrated.

Of course, I didn’t go to the meeting half naked, I went fully dressed, but I wanted to think and reminisce. I wanted to speak with Sabir, while Hraken was busy counselling Dark Gems of the way things were going to change. The ideas Ladonna had passed on, no doubt, about better education, rights and respect for the Royal females.

Now, I was keen to have someone to hold me.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted Hraken to hold me.

He was so tough, brought up in the forest by Gem monks to be so in control of any pain. He was trying to teach me tough love to get over Celeste’s death. But she had always been my rock when Sabir was never around to be with me.

And Hraken was always busy.

Sabir was in Central Universe, helping organise the building of the Gem Palace.

So I often felt quite alone.

I stand and wipe away my remaining tears, heading up the stair case after Hraken, who has already made it to the top.

“The best way to alleviate pain,” Hraken growls, from the top, watching down on me as I skip up the steps, watching him through misty eyes, “Is distraction. I have a surprise for you.”

He turns and I quickly follow him to his bedchamber. I watch him halt by the door and swing it open, standing back to allow me access.

“Inside, sweety,” he nods and I apprehensively approach, sticking my head into the room to see a familiar face sitting on the bed, chin resting on his curled fist as he waits for me to enter.

“Sabir,” I gasp and run forward, feeling my heart torn between both non-identical twin brothers. They only found out about their brotherly connection a week ago. Sabir leans back, his eyes delighted by my freed breasts, which are about to squish right up into his face as I practically pounce on his lap. I wrap arms around his neck and my knees either side of his hips as I hold him close. I hadn’t seen him for a week, but it felt like an eternity, almost longer than a thousand years.

“She is still mourning her loss,” Hraken explains, kicking the door shut, “I suggest we give her a reason not to cry.”

“But,” I lean back, gazing into Sabir’s eyes, I wonder of Hraken’s intentions, “I thought you two would be funny about sharing me, even though I am bonded magically to both of you equally.”

“That is precisely why, I am happy to take you, as you were made to be,” Sabir explains, “Stand up, and kneel by the fireplace for us.”

“Why?” I ask, getting to my feet, “Are you going to –” Hraken has stalked up behind me and slaps his warrior’s hand over my lips, pulling me back against him, he leans down to growl into my ear.

“From this point on, you need to do nothing... but obey,” Hraken slips one hand around my bare breast, grabbing a nipple, he tweaks it to his heart’s content as he lightly drains tendrils of my water-magic from my body.

Sabir stands up now, watching me as I watch him, just waiting for him to take it back and decide he didn’t want to share me with Hraken. Hraken moves his other hand from my lips, to under my chin, holding up my head as I continue to watch Sabir.

“I will gladly... please both of you beasts,” I admit eventually, grinning as Sabir smirks and takes a step forward, leaning in to press a kiss to my lips.

“I honestly didn’t expect to hear otherwise from your cheeky lips,” Sabir growls, kissing the tip of my nose as Hraken pulls me back and then I feel pressure on my shoulders.

Already, I know Hraken wants me to drop to my knees.

"Sapphire,” Hraken warns me not to take my time with his dropped tone and I gladly drop down. Then, I lean down on my hands. I crawl towards the fire place and then kneel in front of it, watching the flames lick their way over the Kiyr hard-wood of the forest.

“Got a preference?” Sabir asks.

“That scrap of material that remains, has to come off, that is my only preference,” Hraken suggests and I lean up to do as I hear. I pull down my panties, move them over my knees, down my calves, over my ankles and feet. I throw them into the fire, next, to watch them burn.

“Would you like to know my preference?” I ask, watching the fire lick it’s way over the blue material, “My ass is trained well enough. I want Hraken to take my pussy. I want Sabir to take my ass,” I hear them both chuckle behind me and I look over my shoulder, defiantly, “I’ve taken Traegr up my ass, you don’t think I can handle it?” I smirk as Hraken slowly shakes his head at me.

“Just for that one comment, sweety... for reminding me of how you used to fuck another King that wasn’t yours... I will have to oblige and fill you with my cum. You’ve tempted me to take your ass,” Hraken walks towards me, to stand in front. He doesn’t have to ask as I start to help undo all the straps and pieces holding his armour together.

Sabir is simply wearing his black leather pants and I glance over to see him undress. I lean forward to kiss the head of Hraken’s huge cock, which has just bounced out in front of me, to further test Sabir’s reactions.

As I’ve paused, Hraken takes off each remaining part of his armour.

“Turn around,” Sabir commands of me.

“Lie down, first, then, so I have something to turn around towards,” I wait for him to approach further and as he does, I also turn, but not before Hraken snaps a hand through my hair and abruptly forces me back to face him again... literally shoving my face into his exposed cock and balls.

“Not before you help lube me up, sweety,” Hraken grips my hair a bit harder and I eagerly open my mouth, taking his cock, which was quickly hardening, into my mouth. It’s large and long but I make sure my saliva coats it thoroughly, while my hand reaches up for his balls. Every touch I give him, makes me further lose my touch with reality.

I just wanted them both inside me, now, my instincts, hormones and magic called for it.

That’s the only thing that made sense to me right now.

Two cocks, inside me.

Just as Hraken has become fully hard in my mouth, his hand helping my lips move up and down his shaft, over and over, I feel a second hand in my hair.


"So greedy, cheeky princess,” Sabir growls, “You’ve always preferred two cocks from the very beginning when we initiated you into this palace, haven’t you?” Hraken allows Sabir to turn me to face him, my spit drooling down my chin. I see his own enlarged cock, staring at me in the face and he happily comes forward to tap the head against my cheek, “My turn. It’ll just need a kiss, it’ll soon be covered in your generous pussy juices anyway.”

I smile and kiss the head of his cock, pulling back as his hand leaves my hair and Hraken instead controls my head by holding me still, as Sabir lies down in front of the fire place, his cock sticking upright.

Hraken shoves my head forward, and it’s not rude... I appreciate it. It helps my lips flutter over Sabir’s cock as I fall down to my hands, while my ass is now exposed to Hraken.

“You’re going to ride him,” Hraken growls, encouraging me forward as I’m clearly delaying both their ends. I crawl forward and hold myself over Sabir’s cock, happily sitting down on top, very slowly... feeling it stretch me as I edge down.

I had years to practice how to do it at a torturous pace, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I yelp as Hraken grabs my shoulder’s and slams me down instead, so I am sitting on Sabir, filled all the way to the hilt. Hraken then pushes my neck forward so I have to lean down, onto Sabir’s chest.

I feel heat at my back as my new King get’s into place. Hraken spreads my ass cheeks and I stare into Sabir’s eyes, completely ridden with lust as I lean down and kiss him, deeply, while I feel my pussy is stretched all the way. As I kiss Sabir, I feel my ass also slowly being filled.

I had been trained a long time ago to take it like this and I did happen to love the double penetration.

It was a type of heaven you didn’t know existed until two cocks pounded you, one in, one out, over and over.

“Move,” Hraken growls, slapping my ass, I slowly ride forward, my pussy aching and squeezing as it comes off Sabir’s cock, and I feel Hraken push in further, suddenly squeezing his way through the rest of my ass, filling me up completely, “Let me help you ride him,” Hraken chuckles as he puts one warrior’s arm around my waist. This helps him shove forward and move back. Over and over, so I am consistently being filled by both of them.

“The question is...” Sabir growls as my face moves forward above his, repeatedly every few seconds, as gasps of breath are pushed out of my lungs each time Hraken thrusts into my ass, “... who will cum first? The King? The Queen... or the Punisher?” Sabir reaches up at that moment, grabbing my nipples with his fingers, he pinches them so hard that I cry out as Hraken catches on.

Hraken grabs a fist full of my hair and jerks my head back.

“The Queen,” Hraken and Sabir answer in unison as they both start to pound into me even harder, Sabir’s hips rising to help pick up the rhythm.

They continue to torture me until I feel my insides twist, convulse and squeeze, over and over... and then Hraken swears under his breath, also, filling me abruptly all the way. Hot liquid pours out of my ass, over his still buried cock.

“Fucking too tight,” Hraken growls.

“I win,” Sabir winks at me as he continues to rise into me, over and over.

Hraken pulls out, leaving me on top of Sabir as I’m rocked, over and over, forward, back, forward and back.

“You know who’s cleaning the mess, don’t you?” Sabir asks me, in a growl, “You’re going to use nothing but your tongue, lips... hands behind your back... we can’t have you leaving our bedchamber’s a mess, can we, sweet whore?”

Of course, he picks up the rhythm and I don’t expect to feel Hraken’s hand suddenly slide over my hip, going for my clit as he leans in.

“If there is to be a mess... it’s going to be a worthwhile mess to clean, sweetheart,” Hraken happily rubs his thumb over my clit, rough and hard, until I can feel myself climaxing a second time.

I feel my elbows and knees quiver with weakness as my womb clenches, my pussy full of cock and double the juice as Sabir spills and empties his balls inside me.

“Very good, Sapphire,” Hraken approves of my second climax, clasping my chin, he pulls my head back to kiss me, full on the lips, deeply and passionately, “I don’t mind you being a queen and my whore.”

“Bad, King,” I gasp into him as he pulls back, “You’re better than that.”

“In this moment... no... I’m not. Fucking you to your hearts content... in this case your ass′ content... is my only goal...” Hraken proudly gives into his darkest desires as I collapse on top of Sabir, after Hraken releases me from his warrior’s hand. Shaking and trembling against Sabir’s chest, Sabir also grips my chin, pulling me in for another kiss.

Some moments pass before he eventually helps me off his chest, sliding out from under me. Sabir gets to his feet, a hand in my hair.

“We’re done, but you’re not, cheeky whore... look at all that... that’s all your fault,” Sabir teases, forcing me to see the puddle of cum below where I had ridden both of them.

“Clean it up, sweetheart,” Hraken approves and I watch as both brothers face each other and clasp forearms, “Well done, brother... I believe we satisfied our bonded Queen, very well.”

“Perhaps we’ll have to fuck her the same way, tonight, again... and switch places?” Sabir asks, completely at ease, “I need to shower off the sweat she poured all over me,” Sabir adds, knowing I hated it when he suggested I liked to sweat all over him.

They made one tiny mistake though; they didn’t drain my magic completely and I had a habit of hiding Sapphire Gems in their bedchambers, to occasionally draw on some extra magic.

I sit back and instead of cleaning the mess on the floor, I place my palm out, water slowly forming from thin air, running in circles around my palm as it grows.

I then shoot it out, at both of them, so they both equivalently are drenched by a few buckets worth of water.

Cold water.

“You were saying?” I growl, watching them both, dripping wet, as I stay satisfied on my knees.

“She always does this... cheeky whore... you’ll make the room rot with mould one day,” Sabir growls back at me, “Clean up that mess, or I’m going to fuck your throat until it’s raw.”

“I’d hate that,” I respond, sarcastically as I lean down and flick my tongue across the first clear part of the mess.

“Cheeky, cheeky Queen,” Hraken murmurs, staring at his bedchamber now partially covered in my water, “Now I know why they always called you as such. Not to worry, my sweet...” Hraken squats to my eye level as I sit back on my ankles to catch his hot glare.

“Hmmm?” I ask, my own response husky.

“Now you have a bigger mess to clean,” Hraken raises a brow.

“Don’t you have a new Kingdom to be ruling?” I ask, “Scouts to find more Royals? I could run this world better than you could,” I challenge Hraken’s authority and he smirks, huffing out a breath... he slowly laughs, deep and low.

“Fuck the mess,” he snaps, strolling over to my side, he grabs my hair, helping me to my feet. He drags me over to the bed, where shackles adorn the head board. He throws me on the covers and puts a knee either side of my chest as he clamps my wrists into each shackles, “You’re not moving from here until I see fit,” Hraken then leaves the bed... and leaving me... wanting again.

“...bye,” I watch as Hraken retreats and I pout at Sabir.

“At least the cheeky whore is where she belongs,” Sabir murmurs, blinking slowly at my naked, spread form, “Let’s drink, brother... to our Obsidian line now dominating Kiyr,” he turns to Hraken and they laugh together as they head out of the room.

And I’m left on the bed.

Gosh, damn it.

Well, wasn’t that typical.

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