Star Cursed

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Chapter 56: Pleasures of Kiyr [2][All Together][past]


“Are you ready to face everyone, cheeky whore?” Sabir asks me after keeping me locked in his dungeon of pleasures for the past twelve hours. I was relatively sore... and by relatively... I mean very. I could waddle, which was a surprise. I thought I’d be crawling by the time he was done with me.

I stumble out of the dungeon with Sabir’s hand on the nape of my neck, holding me close and reminding me of his complete dominion over my body. Everything I did, went through him. Not always twenty-four seven, but only when Traegr decided I needed punishing and handed me over to our generous Punisher.

Sabir knew how to bring Royal female Gems to the best or the worst, extreme sexual pleasures. Which bordered upon torture. Which helped keep us in line.

It didn’t help that physical contact allowed the Royal male Gems to drain our elemental magic, whether we controlled water, fire, earth or air. If they touched us and took our magic, we were susceptible to sex.

They needed us to fill their voids of darkness. We needed them to take out excess pooling of magic. Unfortunately for me, my control over water was minimal. I was a fake princess – purposefully chosen by Sabir and Traegr to be the representation of the females of my race.

A perfect way to keep the females in line so they didn’t succeed in a rebellion.

I was certainly no leader.

I grew up in a small town with no knowledge other than how to sneak my way around to grab the things I wanted. Like excess desert which I’d share with Celeste from the kitchens.

Sabir is dragging me to the Dining Den now. The Dark Gems Dining Den was dark themed and medieval. Love couches, multiple fire places and huge beautiful paintings on the walls, representing the beauty of Kiyr nature.

“I can b-barely walk,” I push back on Sabir’s hand and force myself to halt. He stops for me but only so he can grab my chin and force my head up.

“If you can barely walk, sweet princess, you can still walk,” Sabir growls this with menace in my ear and then grabs the back of my neck again, shoving me forward.

I shouldn’t love Sabir being so rough on me, but for some reason I was accustomed to it. Perhaps I was used to it. However, our connection through the magic-bond made me have feelings for him and I wished I could be his personally.

Except, I was the King’s plaything too. Traegr was ruthless. If he wasn’t fucking Celeste, he was fucking me. If he wasn’t fucking either of his two favourite fuck-toys, then he was being a ruthless leader circulating through the nearby cities.

If he wasn’t in the Gem Palace, Sabir took over rule while Hraken helped maintain peace.

Royal Gems weren’t normal creatures like the regular Gems of Kiyr. Royal Gems, females and males alike, were almost viewed as gods in this world. We had extraordinary power, extraordinary desires and needs – and historic battles for power over Kiyr.

Whether it be Obsidian, Ametrine or Madeira Citrine lineages competing for the throne – or the females trying to regain primary control over the Golden Palace.

To put it simply, we were always at war. And if we weren’t at war – we were fucking.

It was an exchange of magic just as much as it was about fulfilling needs of the body.

Just because some of us were degraded more than others, didn’t mean we didn’t know how to have a good time.

Sabir helps drag me into the Dining Den, where the Royal Gems all clink jugs of Kiyr spirits, Royal female Gems on their laps. There is a black headed, younger new girl chained to the wall, not being touched but simply forced to watch how we all interacted.

Her name was Kaelyn Obsidian – niece to Seraphine Obsidian... the rebel leader of the Royal females.

I frown as I see Kaelyn sitting with her knees to her chest and her eyes frightfully scanning the crowd. A collar is wrapped around her neck, shackles on her ankles and wrists.

They were going to break her in. She was too young to face Hraken in the Scouting Stadium. She’d do fine just watching from her position by the wall.

“Welcome the princess!” Sabir calls out, grabbing everyone’s attention and the Royal male Gems cheer and hoorah at my entry. I pretend to be flattered just to irk Sabir while Kaelyn’s eyes meet mine and she looks angry – with me.

But I give her a timid smile just to help sooth her nerves.

“Is she more compliant yet?” Traegr growls, rolling his eyes as he leans back in his immaculate black-wood throne, Celeste kneeling by his legs with her elbow over his knees.

There is no throne for me. But there is for the King’s best friend – my Punisher.

Sabir heads over to sit on that very seat, smirking and already laughing with Traegr about something. I head to Celeste and kneel beside her, happy to sit.

She leans her head on Traegr’s knee and smiles widely at me.

“If you’re sore, I can heal you, Sapphire,” Celeste speaks gently, reminding me of her ability to not just control the earth, but heal and sometimes cast spells. She looks up as Traegr slinks his fingers through her striking blonde hair and holds the strands tight.

“Heal her?” Traegr growls down, “You’ll be fucking each other – not healing anything, you hear me?”

“Don’t be so rude,” Celeste snaps back at him, which she rarely did... but mostly due to the fact the King was a real douche-bag in front of everyone else.

But Celeste and I and Sabir? He could be kinder... well... sometimes. Not really. Yeah – scrap that. He condescendingly pats her on the top of her head and she spontaneously sighs and passes me a sly look.

“At least you offered to heal me,” I speak.

“And at least you are kind to me, sweet princess,” she leans off of Traegr on purpose, reaching out a hand for my cheek. I know what she wants and I’m happy to give it.

I lean in until our noses are brushing, while the King and Sabir quickly go quiet.

If you knew how to use your sexual whims, it was easy to grab a Dark Gem’s attention.

I give Celeste a small peck, before sliding my cheek across hers to glance over her shoulder, glaring up at the King and Sabir.

“Always cheeky, always so slutty,” Traegr laughs and grabs his cock, “Why don’t you both sit on my lap and continue up here.”

Celeste pulls away from me and stands up, grabbing my hand, she helps me to my feet and pulls me forward. We are about to walk away when the King growls, putting up a hand to stop us.

I feel my slave clothes tug against me.

The Royal Dark Gems could control inanimate objects at will, some were more skilled than others. In turn, Celeste’s white, silky dress is also tight against her skin and we both give each other knowing looks.

“Um, girls... where are you going?” Traegr asks, pretending to sound mannered, “Did I give you permission to walk away? You know where your place is.”

“We’re going to your chamber, my King,” Celeste looks over her shoulder, giving him her best big-sad silver eyes, “We just want to get comfortable for a big night ahead.”

“Clever, but our new recruit needs a demonstration of what it is you girls do, for us,” Traegr lets the magic drop and my brown, plain slave skirt and bra loosen against my skin. Celeste and I both turn, “Kaelyn graduated her schooling, believing she could join Seraphine – that bitch – in the forests of Kiyr, to irritate me, damage my property, threaten my rule, blah, blah, blah... except she was caught by our scouts... now she needs a demonstration of subservient behaviour. Celeste, suck his cock, suck it well, sweetheart,” Traegr motions for her to go to Sabir, while his two fingers then point to me, “Princess... you know who you’re serving tonight.”

I raise a brow and come forward, glancing at Sabir to see his amused gaze focused upon me as I drop to my knees in front of the King and place my hands on his thighs. I watch Celeste also drop down as Sabir pulls out his weapon and grabs a fistful of her hair.

I let out a shaky breath as I look up to Traegr, a perfectly untarnished face with pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair as light as Celeste’s.

“You make the rules,” I murmur up at him as I reach for his pants and undo the buttons keeping his own weapon hidden from view. As I take out the already hard and needy length, I run my tongue over the head and suck the tip before pulling back and adding, sarcastically, “My, how salty you taste of someone’s ass... did you finally fuck Sabir?”

“What was that, princess?” Traegr grabs the back of my head and pulls me right down the length of his cock, filling my mouth and my throat, “My god, you never shut up with your cheeky insults, do you, princess? Just because you play with Celeste doesn’t mean I’m going to play with Sabir’s cock... I have two perfectly pretty slaves to do that for me.”

He raises my head for me with his hand and shoves it back down, helping me keep a steady rhythm. I suck on the length while my nails dig into his thighs – which I know he likes. It’ll help speed him up.

The thing with Traegr was that he might be a major asshole – but when he got his end of the deal – we got ours. He helped us climax too, and he enjoyed watching us writhe and squirm under his hand.

So at least we got something back, in the midst of being slaves.

The Golden Palace was both a hell and a heaven.

Celeste and I were both in a competition now anyway. If we sucked them off – we tried to see who could win the race. I can already hear Sabir growling with pleasure, because he was nearing his own climax. I reach over my hand and grab Celeste’s arm, trying to jerk her off Sabir while I try not to smile over Traegr’s cock.

Sabir slaps my arm down.

“What the fuck?” Sabir snarls, “Don’t piss me off, princess.”

I feel Traegr’s hands slide past both my cheeks gently, helping me speed up to suck on him more steadily.

“Good girl,” Traegr growls down happily at my hard work, and I’m starting to think I can win this – until I feel something slithering around my ankle.

A sharp prick takes me by surprise and I almost choke on Traegr’s cock as it’s deep down my throat, while Celeste grows a freaking thorny vine around my ankle with her earthen magic.

Sabir gasps as he cums and I hear Celeste laugh as she pulls off him.

“I win,” I hear her mock and I know she goes quiet to clean up any extra mess she didn’t swallow.

Trager pats my cheek, twice, letting me know he is also about to unload in me. I feel the hot rush and his satisfied groan as I swallow the salty mess. I can still feel the thorn poking in my ankle. I quickly bring my lips off him and turn around to rip off the rose, not a vine, that she grew around me.

Celeste sits back, smiling at me with love and adoration even though I lost.

Unfortunately, she was always better than me in love-making. Celeste was like the queen of sexual experience. She taught me most of what I knew. We always had competitions because I was getting better.

I was still unable to win, but one day, perhaps I would.

“You... beautiful... earthen fairy, thank you,” Sabir leans down and grabs her chin, giving her a deep kiss as I watch on, only slightly irritated.

“I never get thanked,” I growl, under my breath.

“Thank you, cheeky whore,” Traegr pats my cheek again and sits back in his throne chair, satisfied.

“May we retire?” Celeste asks, getting to her feet.

“She has not eaten,” Sabir answers about me, clearly more relaxed after he drained some of Celeste’s magic.

“I will feed her,” Celeste shrugs and she looks at Traegr with hopefully eyes, “Pretty please, my King?”

“As long as you’re naked, and you feed her every piece,” Traegr raises a brow and as I stand, I see him already get hard again at the visual image he is no doubt portraying in his mind.

“Let’s go,” I turn to Celeste, wanting to head off before Traegr decided to fuck me on the floor in front of everyone.

Ah... it had happened before. But I personally preferred to be fucked in a chamber, away from a crowd. A crowd made me nervous... especially if Hraken was watching. Like he is now, sitting back on a large couch, completely relaxed with no woman on his knee.

He simply regards me with his usual look of apparent disdain but I know it’s quiet respect.

Hence, if I was getting fucked by the King or my Punisher... I’d rather just have Traegr, Sabir and Celeste and no on lookers.

Celeste grasps my hand now, taking me with her.

“I’m sorry he makes you do all the work,” I apologise to Celeste as she threads her fingers further through mine, giving my palm a squeeze, “You have to feed me now, too.”

“I don’t mind,” Celeste smiles, “Feeding you is easy... I am his maid, after all, I need to look after him and his commands.”

“It could be different, you know,” I add in a whisper as we exit out into the hall, “We could join Seraphine one day and change the rules of complete degradation–”

“Princess, please,” Celeste looks at me with worry, “I don’t want to be chained to his bed for a whole week again. If he hears us even talking casually about rebellion –”

“Regardless, perhaps one day you’ll be his queen and he’ll be the one shackled up to bed posts –”

“I’ve done that before,” Celeste whispers to me, looking up to me with a cheeky smile, “Just like I grew that rose around your ankle... before you were initiated into the Golden Palace, I tried it with Traegr... it didn’t last long, I got spanked to no end that week.”

“Perhaps we should try it when they come up to the room,” I add, slyly. Celeste grins but doesn’t reply. I take that as a yes.

So, we head to the kitchen and grab a plate of fruit. I honestly wasn’t in the mood for a big meal. Being fucked hard after eating a lot made my stomach ache.

The platter we ask for is sweet and sour combinations of purple berries, red peels and blooming grapes. The purple berries were small, sweet and round. The red peels were long, thin sour lined fruits with a sweet pulp inside. Blooming grapes were ten small grapes growing from and encased in the line of four flavoursome edible leaves, fluffy in texture.

We head into Traegr’s chamber and we both leave our clothes by the fire place, quickly hurrying onto the bed to eat. I’m about to dig in, but Celeste smacks my hand down as she sits opposite me.

“That’s my job,” Celeste reminds me, “Lie back and I’ll feed you, princess.”

I smile and pile up the pillows, resting back with my hands resting on my stomach as Celeste sits between the platter and I. She picks up the purple berries first, sliding three past my eager awaiting lips.

“You’re favourite,” she smirks, “Remember the day you said you could swim in a pool of purple pulp? And I tried to do it but... the other girls ended up eating it before I could show you. Then they all got punished for it and we got away scott-free.”

“Yeah... that was hilarious...” I smile thinking about it and this time she feeds me some blooming grapes.

“Do you reckon I could fit three of these packaged grapes in your small mouth...?” Celeste asks, curiously while raising a brow.

“Um, excuse me? Of course I can, try me,” I open my mouth wide and Celeste eagerly stuffs them inside my mouth.

I crunch down on the grapes and they all pop between my teeth. I lean back and put a hand over my mouth, trying to chew it all without spitting it out.

Celeste tries not to laugh – but quickly stops as the door swings open.

I try to chew really fast as she spins to face our ultimate lovers.

Traegr and Sabir waltz in, arms crossed over Sabir’s chest while Traegr comes up to his four poster bed and grabs the top rail, tilting his head down at me as I try my best to swallow all the fruit.

I successfully do so but choke on the last amount. I sit up, blushing as Sabir watches me from the end of the bed, rolling his eyes.

“Curiously astounding,” Traegr murmurs, “The things you girls get up to. What the hell was that?”

“Testing limits, sire,” Celeste answers, crawling over to him she leans back on her ankles and presses a hand to his abdominal muscles, “We like to have fun.”

“That was harder than – argh,” I cough into my hand and pat my stomach, “Harder than expected.”

“You’ve already nearly eaten all that fruit,” Sabir adds, disapprovingly, “Lean back, open your legs, Sapphire. Wide as you can – now.”

I purse my lips and try not to think of the pain after being punished all day already. I lean back, opening my legs for him as he advised. Traegr grabs the back of Celeste’s hair to make her watch as Sabir leans down, grabs the last remaining berries and crushes them in his hand. Once it’s mushed pulp, he opens his dripping, sticky palm and leans down to run it over my pussy.

I flinch, only because it’s cold and Sabir even slips a sneaky finger into my sensitive pussy, smirking as he does so.

“Don’t worry, cheeky whore,” Sabir raises his hand after smearing my pussy with smashed berries and taking a lick off his thumb to taste the mess. He smiles in approval and I hear Traegr chuckle as he shoves Celeste forward onto her hands and knees.

“Clean her up, maid,” Traegr orders, without being too polite, “She needs your help.”

Celeste purses her lips and meets my gaze – I already know she is turned on as she reaches between my legs and pushes my knees further apart. She moves down to her elbows and moves forward, pressing her tongue onto me and running it from the bottom, through my pussy lips and straight up to my sensitive bud.

Sabir steps closer to me and sits down on the edge of the bed, pressing his sticky hand over my mouth, he holds my gaze possessively.

“Clean me off now, princess,” Sabir orders and I open my mouth to suck his fingers clean and lick off any remaining juice from his hand. Cleaning off his fingers has my own gaze heating up as I gaze up into Sabir’s unblinking, possessive eyes.

“This is what’s going to happen,” Traegr murmurs from the side of the bed. I look up to the King, blonde, giant and in control as he sorts through his fantasy, “I’m going to fuck Celeste from behind... she’s not going to stop ravaging your pussy... while... your dear Punisher... throat fucks you again. Does that sound amenable... Sabir?” Traegr pretends like he is going to ask my opinion but quickly directs it to his best friend.

“On one condition,” Sabir winks at me, “Sapphire must cum twice... to Celeste’ tongue... or I’m holding off until she does,” Sabir glances to Celeste, who stops to lean up and raises a brow, “You can do it, sweetheart, don’t give me that look.”

“It’s not that I don’t think I can,” Celeste answers, wiping her lips with her hand as she blinks slowly and seductively, “I just can’t believe you’d allow me to have the honour of tasting all her juices... you know how much I love them.”

“My god, you are an angel,” Sabir glances at me after complementing Celeste, “You, Princess... why don’t you learn to be more obedient like her?”

“We can’t all be perfect –” I gasp as she leans down to stick her tongue inside me and I rest my head back on the pillow, “...she is...p-perfect.”

“I can’t wait to fill you again, sweety,” Sabir leans down and kisses my cheek, just before he sweeps off his leather pants and hops onto the bed. He then places a knee either side of my head.

I’ve closed my eyes at this stage. I feel a hot rod press against my cheek, tapping against my forehead as his hot balls swipe across my chin.

I hear Celeste squeak as she momentarily rises from between my legs as the bed moves further down. Traegr has obviously taken her from behind. Pussy or ass, I wouldn’t know – he loved both of Celeste’s holes equally without discrimination.

All I know is I feel her tongue move more roughly across my pussy once again, as Traegr starts to pound into her ruthlessly as he always did.

Sabir leans back and taps his cock against my lips, so I open them automatically. He shoves his cock into my mouth and the sensation of him in my mouth and Celeste’s tongue against my pussy, warming me and helping climb me further... has me slipping over my first peak too quickly.

Out of the blue and very suddenly. I gasp and pant around Sabir as he slowly pushes in deeper, despite the fact that he knows I’ve just come as I thrust my hips back into Celeste. She digs deeper with her tongue while I try not to wiggle too much to make it difficult for her.

Sabir starts to thrust down into me, a hand running through my hair and pulling it tightly.

“Open your eyes,” he warns me with a dark tone, making sure I obey instantly. I blink them open and look up at him.

As Sabir thrusts into me and his blue-black eyes devour mine... after only a couple of minutes of his constant thrusting and his cock becoming impossibly is the third thing that helps set me off a second time. His gaze of possession is enough, with my throat being fucked and my pussy and clit being stroked over with a perfectly skilled tongue.

Celeste was a little whore when it came to pussy juice, it was one of her favourite things – so she doesn’t delay me. She speeds up my second orgasm while everyone gets what they want.

“Sabir, don’t cum inside her throat,” Traegr snarls from the end of the bed, “Celeste wants her fill, she’ll get it. Pull out and cum on Celeste’s pretty little face, I’ll probably do so at the same time. Make sure the princess watches and doesn’t pass out on you.”

I try not to roll my eyes. I occasionally passed out from extremely lengthy periods of fucking- but I could hold my own most of the time.

“Good idea,” Sabir growls and thrusts harder into me, making sure I get more of a punishment anyway.

This goes on for a good while as my legs tremble and shake, Celeste unmoving from between my legs, and Traegr and Sabir keeping up a brutal pace.

I’m starting to feel numb when Trager pulls up Celeste from me very suddenly. I hear her whimper in pleasure.

“On your knees,” he growls.

“Perfect timing,” Sabir pulls out of my throat, slapping my cheek with his cock before moving off me to stand on the bed, above Celeste. Traegr joins him and Celeste keeps her head up, eyes closed, well trained as they stroke their cocks before her.

I’m inhaling trembled breaths as I see Celeste soon completely covered in their cum as they cover her face all over.

When they finish unloading, Traegr chuckles and grabs her hair, giving her a little shove so she falls to her side, next to me.

“Now you repay her the favour and clean her up this time, princess,” Sabir orders me while I see Celeste trying hard not to open her eyes, lest some cum leaks into them.

I feel sorry for her so I lean over and put a hand to her clean jaw, running my tongue over her face gently, cleaning her of their filthy mess.

Traegr and Sabir jump off the bed to retrieve their pants.

“Night Scouting, sire? That’s my favourite,” Sabir pulls on his leather pants as does the King.

“You girls stay here,” Traegr growls, “Rest – we will return in a couple of hours and you both better be curled up together and deep asleep – you got that?”

“Yes, my King,” Celeste and I both agree in unison as Sabir gives me a curled smile as they leave.

As soon as they’re gone, Celeste and I pull back the covers and jump in, holding hands underneath the covers as we both rest back on a pillow each.

“Fuck, they’re a handful,” I murmur, “So fucking sexy, but so fucking –”

“Arrogant,” Celeste murmurs, finishing the sentence for me, “At least I have you,” which she often loved to bring up.

“And I have you,” I smile and she sighs, content, “We’ll always have each other. I got your back, Celeste.”

“And I’ll always have yours, princess... no matter what,” Celeste turns to me now, “No matter what, I mean it. Even if we do go to Seraphine one day.”

I’m surprised by Celeste’s admission.

This was her first willing response to mention Seraphine herself with an actual, hopeful tone.

I don’t respond, I simply lean back into the pillow with a content smile of my own.

Perhaps one day we would.

Perhaps, one day, we’d win back some power of our own.

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