Star Cursed

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Chapter 57: Pleasures of Kiyr [3][CU, Gem Palace][present]


The Gem Palace was nothing like the Golden Palace back on Kiyr. Our new palace in a prime location of Central Universe’s City, is beautiful, U-shaped, black with some purple-gold Ametrine stones mixed with Obsidian and corridors upon corridors covered in gem-stones of all colours and powers.

The gardens are still in the process of being manicured to perfection and the whole structure has a new-home smell that was intoxicatingly powerful. Especially in this moment. I’m standing in the throne room – magnificent, large and emitting a powerful aura.

I’m standing in the entrance with Traegr, who looks on in awe. After succumbing to Hraken’s rule after Celeste’s death – he was always sombre. Always quiet but no longer arrogant and dangerous.

“You have your throne, sweety,” Traegr growls, quietly, “A female council. A fresh start. New rules. New game-changers. Perhaps you’ll prefer Obsidian rule.”

“Hraken still fucks me senseless,” I murmur, “ in, just as hard if not harder and as ruthless as you ever did together with Sabir. All Royal male Gems seem to have a knack at treating pleasure like a kind of torture.”

“Whether he is Obsidian with monk-upbringing and utter control over his void – do not forget his roots. He is a warrior and a beast at heart, just as any of us are, were or ever will be. I wasn’t always so ruthless as a King, but you just wait until the power really gets to his head,” Traegr warns me and the threat makes my spine crawl, it certainly wasn’t a thought I’d like to dwell on. He ends it with a statement that actually does make me question Hraken’s intent, but only for a moment, “Obsidians are no better than Ametrines, sweety.”

“...and what is your take on the old Madeira Citrine female leaders of our history?” I ask, trying to change the topic.

"Anger issues. Usually, typically insane,” Traegr smirks and manages to make me smile a little.

“Are you really leaving?” I ask, confused. Not that I wasn’t sad about Traegr’s departure but I was still curious about his intentions, “...where will you go?”

“Anywhere but back here,” Traegr growls, “I will not return to this palace or Kiyr. Until I die, I will not return.”

“How depressing,” I murmur, “Are you... um...okay... Traegr?” I turn to him, quizzically, “Are you still depressed?”

He turns to me with slightly red eyes and I guess it was a stupid question.

Traegr has to compose himself as he speaks the next words.

“Princess – ahem, Queen Sapphire... please... search for the Star Cursed child she will become, find her, when or if you do find her – find a way to tell me... promise?” Traegr reaches out a hand for my cheek and I reach up to grab his wrist in return to stop him.

In this moment, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to promise him such a thing. With the way he fucked her over time and time again. He didn’t deserve a promise as important as that.

“Farewell, Tra –” I don’t get to finish speaking my goodbyes when we are swiftly interrupted by the crowding of the short corridor behind us, that led to the throne room. This circular, arched entrance was full of the most variety of Gem stones, lavish and powerful in a rainbow of colours.

Traegr smiles as he sees Sabir at the front with Hraken. They had mended ties, at least somewhat. Sabir nods and Hraken leads the Dark Gems and Royal female Gems behind him.

I catch Hraken’s gaze, his wild untamed brunette hair a mess around his shoulders.

They were leading the procession to show them the throne room.

“This is the centre of the Palace,” Hraken informs everyone with his easy carried tone as they reach us, “...Sapphire, do you like it?” as Hraken passes by he slips a hand through mine, bringing the back of my hand up to his lips for a soft and warm kiss.

The Royal Gems chatter in excitement and laughter filters through, the girls and men nodding at me respectfully as they pass by.

I blush as I’m left with Hraken, Sabir and Traegr. Traegr is one of the only Dark Gems, along with Sabir, who can almost match Hraken in height as he raises his brows.

Sabir and Hraken knew Traegr was going to leave.

“Safe travels,” Sabir growls, half happy and half relieved.

“Long live the Obsidian brothers,” Traegr growls back, but in full acceptance of their rule.

“Not so fast,” Hraken puts a hand on Traegr’s shoulder and holds him back, a tilt to my King’s head and a cruel smile spreading across his lips. Ah oh... that was never a good thing, “You haven’t seen the Royal Chambers?” Hraken asks, knowingly.

“What’s the fucking point -?” Traegr asks, but Hraken quickly brings up my hand and holds out my palm for Traegr... to take. I glare at Hraken and even Sabir raises a brow, confused.

“The main Royal chamber still needs it’s christening,” Hraken suggests, “Put our differences aside and let’s have three Kings fuck the Queen... it is only suiting that you get a little taste... and it’s suiting our sweetheart gets her fill of Dark Gem cocks, as I’ll be busy this week and I certainly don’t want her unsatisfied.”

“Interesting proporsition,” Traegr slants his head at me, as does a smirking Sabir and a very... very happy and satisfied King. Yep. Hraken was more than happy with suggesting they all fuck me together.

“ bye,” I wave and quickly slip my hand from Hraken’s fingers, before Traegr can grab it. I lithely step back, pursing my lips when I see the spark of wanting the chase, shared between all their eyes, “You’ll need my consent... and you’ll have to catch me first,” I don’t wait for them to respond.

I turn and sprint down the corridor while they give me a generous head start, all chuckling behind me.

So much for a relaxed exploration of the Gem Palace. It was straight to getting fucked again, of course... it always led that way, one time or another.

I’m somewhat nervous and excited, however, as I quickly make my way to a black set of stairs. I hurry up the lavish marble and when I reach the top and look over my shoulder... I see them casually walking after me... all laughing and chatting along like they were best friends.

I mean, great, but... why now?

I curse Celeste under my breath and turn around to keep running. Of course, now, with her gone, I had to take the full brunt of all their depraved desires and greedy hands.

And I didn’t even have the magic to spare! It wasn’t fair!

It meant my sex didn’t calm them, it often made them more maddened by the lack of magic my body provided. I must admit, it worried me daily, how I was watching Hraken change. He was a good warrior and I believed him to be a good King.

But... now that he was free to touch me when he pleased, I saw it as the few moments that he lost control.

That side of him wasn’t too different to Traegr.

Don’t get me wrong, Hraken didn’t fuck me every day. Maybe once a week, to keep his desires under control. But that once a week, was once every three weeks, then two... and there you have a downward pattern.

I’m not saying Hraken couldn’t handle the power of being a King, but even if he didn’t, at least Ladonna and I had a female council to counter any ridiculous laws the Dark Gems would no doubt propose eventually.

Or perhaps we’d barely maintain balance and live precariously on the edge, always, just waiting, for a wrong move to be made... and a war to begin again amongst us.

Our famous female quote from the Madeira Citrine line, runs through my mind at that moment.

If you fall into the cup of defeat, drown in pleasure.

History, unfortunately, often had a bad habit of repeating itself. I just hoped I was able to maintain the Royal female’s equality and council as best as I could... after all, the only way for the Dark Gems to disband the council was... well... if I died. Then, no Royal female Gem would have the power to uphold it. Not even Ladonna. It would be in the King’s soul command.

Anyway, for now, I head down a lavish corridor, three times the size of the Golden Palace back home.

I head to the door at the end, which has a bold and black Obsidian K on the door.

King’s Quarters, no doubt. I open the heavy wood and halt, forgetting all my thoughts as I see the high ceilings, the chandelier of glass pendants, a huge white and black marble floor encasing the oval shape of the room.

The room was simple.

But the bed was also, three times bigger than the one at home.

Four poster bed, an iron woven frame with red curtains on the corners.

I grin at the sight and strip from my blue dress, already heading over to explore. I forget about the Dark Gems trailing me, about a minute behind as I softly place my knees and elbows on the new covers. Red, gold, white, perfectly silky smooth. I crawl to the middle and turn around, only to see the most beautiful mosaic of tiles placed on the ceiling.

It was an image of a girl, twirling, long blonde hair spread out and the garden growing in around her. Her silver eyes look on at the nature with love, her arms spread, her dress swirling in the magic of her Earthen power.


Tears prick my eyes as I hear the door open and the Dark Gems enter.

“I had something special made for our Queen,” Hraken is the first to come forward, standing at the end of the bed, while Sabir comes around to my right and Traegr to my left.

They all look up to follow my gaze, and Traegr manages to let out a broken chuckle as he sees his girl on the ceiling, watching over us.

“She’s here after all,” Traegr growls, now looking down at me as I continue to lie spread eagled, “I just heard Celeste’s sweet voice in my ear, cheeky whore... she asked me to fuck you... without guilt. How odd,” Traegr manages to smirk and I grin in response.

“Oh yes, that’s definitely something she’d say,” I laugh back, crying out in surprise as Hraken grabs my ankles and slides me down the bed towards him.

My King spreads my legs wide and boldly looks on between my legs, where... there may not have been much before... but with his very greedy gaze on my pussy, wetness starts to leak out, no doubt glistening for him to see.

“As expected,” Hraken raises a brow, releases my ankles and then starts to take off his suit, blazer and shirt first. I lick my lips, not sure which way to look as Sabir and Traegr both start to undress at the same pace.

“Oh,” I sit up and curl my knees into my chest, a little nervous about taking all three of them. No doubt they would compete and I’d end up getting fucked ruthlessly.

It was hard work being a Queen.

“A thousand years and I’ve hardly seen you nervous to get fucked,” Sabir points out, narrowing his eyes, “What’s got you timid, sweety?”

“You were all enemies not long ago... and... so... who shall I show more affection for?” I ask, sticking out my hands in wonder, “You’ll all get jealous of each other and start brawling over me.”

“Who said you’ll have to do anything other than open up for our cocks, my dear Queen?” Hraken laughs deeply and reaches forward for my ankles. He pulls out my legs and twists me so I have to turn around onto my stomach, “It’s a christening, so we’ll have to do this the old fashioned way.”

“And... how’s that?” I ask, trying to crawl forward, but he just jerks me back in place towards the end of the bed, holding me up on my knees so my butt is sticking out towards him.

I gasp as he trails a finger along the small of my back, draining a tiny slither of magic. I end up automatically resting onto my crossed arms, sticking my ass up further for him to grab.

But he doesn’t do that immediately.

I feel Hraken stick two fingers straight into my pussy, fingering me first slowly while increasing the pace.

“One at a time, while your face is down low and your sweet ass is up nice and high,” Hraken explains, like it’s obvious, “Except, I want you dripping and dribbling for me first... so... you will cum before I let you have my cock. Understood, young one?”

“You’re not older than... well...” I was about to say he wasn’t much older than me, but Sabir was freaking fully matured when he practically abducted me from my school, “Whatever – oh, my...” I let out a broken exhale as Hraken fucks me long and hard with his skilled fingers, while his free hand tickles me with a light touch around my hip, as he feathers it across my hip and down, between my legs so he eventually finds my clit with his thumb.

I hold my breath now, fully aware of what he’ll do next. Hraken’s thumb slips between my folds, toys with my clit and starts to rub, firm, hard and slow circles over the sensitive bud. My King knew how to drive me crazy. He’d start very slow and eventually become rapidly more intense. He’d flick over my bud until I screamed, but this time I lean forward and bite down on the covers between my teeth while my thighs squeeze together, while his fingers squidge in and out of my pussy, in and out, in and out, over and over.

The bed tastes funny, it was probably just the new covers but that’s the least of my concerns.

I moan and close my eyes as I hear Sabir growl in approval of my slowly guided release. It doesn’t hit me fast, this one lingers and makes my whole pussy shake and release upon Hraken’s steady, fast thrusts.

He certainly doesn’t stop but prolongs the euphoria, and just as my hips start to slightly relax and my brain is all fogged up... it’s not long before I feel something much larger, longer and thicker prodding at my entrance.

I don’t have time to prepare as my King slides his length inside me, his black slacks rubbing against my tingling sensitive skin, clearly just here for a quick cum and dump... inside me.

My eyes roll up and I glance at Sabir, who is watching me intently and stroking his own cock, smirking when I cringe thinking of him next, pounding me, just when I’d be no doubt ready to stop.

But that would never happen with any of these three. It was go hard, or nothing, it was never short or rushed. They always took their sweet time as they believed they deserved such a luxury.

To Dark Gems, the world was at their fingertips and a breath away from their desires being met, with a simple utter, or a show of force and intimidation. They were built to receive whatever they desired.

And I was built to serve them with magic... or to challenge them.

But right now, it was clear what my primary use was.

I don’t have to do a thing as Hraken pounds into me from behind, using me hard, fast and without relent. I simply wonder how my knees can remain strong when so many waves of recurring pleasure rock through me over and over from my stretched and recklessly used sheath.

Just as I feel I can’t handle Hraken’s cock any more, I feel my second wave of pleasure hit... but... but the torture simply continues.

“I’m not done with you yet, sweety,” Hraken holds himself inside me, feeling me spasm around him a second time, before he pulls out and slams back in... then pulls out a little bit and starts fucking me deep but with smaller thrusts. These literally have me moaning uncontrollably and I almost feel I might pass out – just as Hraken speeds up and hits home hard, his balls slapping against me as he empties his seed inside a good long ten minutes later, “Fucking perfect...” his hand slides over my ass as he pulls out, slapping the red skin, “Don’t fall over and hurt yourself, sweety, you’re not done... Sabir,” all I hear is the command while I try my best to will my self to keep my ass high in the air.

I listen to Sabir take Hraken’s place and I wait for Sabir to grab my hips, but clearly he is interested in watching me struggle. I have to stop biting the sheets just to glare past a very pleased Traegr, who enjoys my clear struggles as I turn to look back at Sabir.

“Hurry up,” I snarl, “What are you!” I squeak as I see and feel Sabir stick three fingers into the back of me, straight into my sensitive pussy.

“Just for that tone, sweety,” Sabir grabs my hips and pulls me back onto his fingers, “You’ll also be finding release over my fingers... before I allow you the pleasure of your favourite cock... only then will I fuck you.”

"Favourite?” I whisper, “...more like...most...h-hated,” I gasp and have to close my eyes as I grab the covers back between my teeth, my body trembling uncontrollably as his fingers torture me.

The shaking soon becomes wild struggles to get away when I relies this release will hit me so hard I just might scream. I try my best to crawl forward, but Traegr pounces on me and holds my arms down, his legs spread above me head as he keeps me in place. I pant and make all sorts of whining noises of release as my pussy releases more lubrication... Sabir’s hand most likely covered with juice.

“Perfect,” Sabir states, calmly and matter of fact... which makes me want to punch him... until I feel his cock sliding inside me next.

“No, no, no.... no, no, no.... no,” I repeat the word, only because the pleasure was too much it was bordering on pain, “Please, no, please, p-please,” I gasp as he just continues to push inside me until he hits my hilt. I let a couple of tears fall into the covers, “I can’t... I can’t...”

“You can. You will. And you have before. So... stop complaining, cheeky shore,” Sabir’s only repercussion is pure arrogance and his merciless retort before he starts to pound into me again.

And I don’t mean slow to fast.

I mean very fast and very hard, straight away, which causes my body to rock violently forward so my cheek is pushed into the covers.

“Oh, she’s loving it,” Traegr mocks me with a chuckle and I feel his fingers tap against my arms, “Just wait till I get my hands on you... cheeky whore... you’re nowhere near done.”

I can only cry into the sheets, drowning in pleasure at the defeat and the mercilessness of their hands, their touch and their cocks.

“O-oh, oh-o-o-oh...” I barely get the words out as Sabir finds release more quickly with his merciless pounding... after about, thirty minutes or so, of straight and pure, hard fucking.

I am now, officially a drooling mess as I Sabir exits me and holds me up as he waits for Traegr to have his final shot.

I try one last time, to crawl away, but all I get is warm, new hands caressing my hips and pulling me back to the end of the bed.

“Just my cock this time... darling... how about it?” Traegr asks, politely enough, “While you look on up at our lost beautiful maid,” I don’t know what he could possibly mean until I feel a fist wrap around into my hair and pull my head and neck back so I can’t bite the sheets.

This time I have to look up to the mosaic of Celeste in the garden while Traegr finds my entrance and fills my throbbing pussy with his throbbing cock.

This shit should be illegal. Three cocks was too much to handle.

The pleasure was truly bordering on the best kind of pain as he slips in until his balls warm my upper thighs and pussy. Traegr holds me there in a long pause as he feels the intense wet, sticky surrounds of my used sheath.

And then the pounding starts again.

With nothing to bite onto, this time I feel Sabir’s gaze on me and Hraken as well as he stands by his brother, clearly amused by my predicament.

“The sounds you make, my dear Queen, are all like music to my ears,” Hraken thanks me for my submission while I simply fear for my final and last impending climax.

The one that would surely destroy me.

I whimper as Traegr tightens his hand through my hair, his cock slamming in and out of me until I feel numb.

Until I feel my walls clenching so hard that I rob Traegr any chance of holding off any longer.

I cry out as Traegr cums deep inside me.

When he pulls out I manage to crawl forward and then collapse in a heap.

I pant until my heart calms and I eventually groan.

“Let’s... not... do... that... again...” I whisper, tears in my eyes as there is a pain in my gut. One I haven’t felt before and it seems to spread like warm fire from my middle to the rest of me. Perhaps they had pushed me to my real limit. I eventually roll over to my back, trying to get comfortable as I glare on at the confused males, “I mean ever. I think I died and came back... but... b-but... I... c-ca....” I feel my voice fade, my lids flick shut and my eyes roll back into my head as a sudden and deep, all consuming sleep destroys any chance of me reawakening.

I relax back into the unconsciousness of my mind.

And I know, even in my dreams, the rest of my life would be as merciless as the christening of this Royal Chamber.

I’m sure, in my own way, I probably cursed the damn place for whatever females in the future found their way to be the Queen in this palace. With my luck. To be the Queen of the Gems wasn’t all easy.

But... to drown in pleasure, should be fun.

To drown in some forms of domination was fun too.

But... those thoughts are no longer relevant... simple dreams turn dark... and they fade... and they are prolonged.

Never ending.

All I know deep down when I realise with the all consuming blanket over my mind... that I had drowned in something greater and more lethal than I could ever predict.

I would never know it until or when or if I found out.

Perhaps it was the sour taste in the bed covers.

But, by spell, or potion, I had been poisoned.

I wouldn’t know who.

Why, or truly how.

Because I don’t wake up.

And I know in my fading dreams, only one girl can save me.

But she wasn’t here and might not be.

For another thousand years.

My connection to magic is the next thing to fade including the bond with my Dark Gems.

I feel a state of distant panic.

Their panic.

And then nothing.


I just sleep.

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