Star Cursed

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Chapter 58: Pleasures of Kiyr [4][Dark Gem Tournament][past]


I had escaped my sanctioned area. I was lucky that I was light and swift on my feet or I might not have achieved such distance from the Royal crowd. The hype for the Scouting Stadium’s annual Dark Gem Tournament had gathered together one of the largest crowds in a long time. The Scouting Stadium was usually for the most rebellious Royal female Gems to fight against the top Dark Gems; to break them in and silence their cries for change. Not that that was what the Dark Gems commercialised. No, they promoted that the Scouting Stadium was for Royal Gems, both male and female, to fight in order to help them.

To help them find their Magicbond with their true bonded partner.

Today would be different; a tournament to help rank Dark Gem against Dark Gem. No females would be fighting today.

I’ve escaped the Royal box of Royals and highly esteemed regular Gems, which usually overlooked the entire oval stadium. Now, I’m within the wide circular hall, my light blue bikini dangling with tiny shells, as I make my way for the Magic Zoned Bar. It was a place to get lost in. Everyone dressed up as Royal females or Royal males for the day. So, it would be easy to merge into the crowd at the most popular bar, crowed for the half-way intermission between fights.

I had about an hour to myself, to freely do as I pleased, before the intermission was over and the Royal Gems would notice my disappearance. Plus, I was bored, as Celeste was forced to be a part of the hosting for the Tournament by looking pretty on the side and doing nothing but calling out the names of the warriors for each battle.

So, now I was seeking out independence and adventure... even if it was just for a little bit.

As I slip my way into the crowd, I receive a few longing gazes, but I keep my eyes downcast, hoping no one recognises me as the Royal Gem Princess.

To my surprise, I manage to slip up to the bar before anyone tries to intercept me.

I take a spare stool and clasp my hands on the bar, eagerly awaiting to be served a drink.

I was not educated in the lower class range of spirits for Gems, so when a bar tender does serve me I just say, “Two of that,” as I point to the person next to me and the drinks they just received.

“The Blue Voids?” my bartender wants to reconfirm and I nod with a smile. What a cool name for a drink!

“Yes, please -” my thankfulness is interrupted by a loud, robust and all encompassing cheer behind me. When I glance over my shoulder I see a giant covered in sweat and blood, being slapped on the back by the crowd of regular Gems.

My heart beats a little faster, as through the messy brown hair of ringlets, I see Hraken’s green and piercing eyes; always so bright after a battle.

I quickly spin back around, but I can’t ignore the fact that Hraken’s eyes skimmed the crowd and most definitely saw me. He always saw everything.

I try to think of an excuse for being here, as the bartender passes me two Blue Voids.

I happily grab them and down them, one by one, while the bartender holds out a hand for gold.

“I’m sorry...” I whisper an apology, “I don’t have any money.”

“But -” the bartender instantly looks angry until a few gold coins rattle across the bar and roll down to the bartenders clenched hands.

“Keep it,” I hear the easy drawl just behind me and I suck in a breath; damn, he moved quick. Well, he had to. He was renown as the greatest warrior alive.

I slowly spin to face Hraken but his hand already grips my elbow and hauls me off the chair before I can even say a guilty hello.

And then, before I can look up to meet his gaze, he controls both my wrists, holding them in one hand behind me while he pushes me through the crowd.

“Wait,” I beg him not to keep pushing me through, to take me away from my moment of freedom... but he keeps hauling me out of there.

“Don’t speak, princess, it’s useless,” Hraken leans down to growl this into my ear, while the crowd all watch... suddenly understanding what was happening.

A runaway princess, being returned to her place. The crowd whoops and laughs while I bite my bottom lip, holding off tears.

I didn’t want to be soo humiliated.

But then it gets worse, once we are out of the dense crowd he spins me roughly, hauls me up and throws me over his shoulder like I weigh nothing but a twig.

I look up and quickly decide I can’t face the gazes of the taunting crowd, both female and male. So now I look down at Hraken’s back, dirt smeared and blood smeared... but it’s not his blood.

I expect him to take me back to the Royal box.

To my horror, we continue down the Stadium’s hall and very abruptly start ascending stairs.

The stairs.

The way up to the bed chambers, prettied up with beds wrapped in metal to form cages... for the Royal female Gems that found their bonded partner in the fighting.

Clearly, today all rooms would be empty.

So now, it was just Hraken and I. I admit, it had my stomach fluttering with warmth and I can only imagine Celeste’s disapproval if she knew what was happening right now.

Except, this might not be so fun... especially since I was most likely about to get punished.

Hraken smacks open a door, barges in and then keeps walking.

“Let me down,” I beg of him, as my eyes scan the most luxurious bedroom, always done up for the cameras. Red carpet, golden walls, golden wardrobes, love couches, a golden cage for the bed and a... a seperate room? “What are you-?” I try to look behind me, to see where he is taking me... until I am abruptly dropped.

I slip off his armour and I’m pushed forward... to fall into water.

It’s an adjoining indoor pool!

I close my eyes as the Kiyr water surrounds me and fills my senses. I swim back to the surface and open my eyes again, to see Hraken taking off the leather and minimally metal plated armour he wore into battle. Before my skittish eyes can take in his muscled and hugely formidable body; trained to perfection... he has already slipped into the water.

A wave of the pool splashes across me while I quickly swim backwards, to gain some distance. However, he swims faster than me.

And he is no longer in front of me.

I feel Hraken’s warmth slip up behind me, his hands encircling my wrists once more as he pulls be back against him while his chin easily rests upon my head.

“What were you doing at the bar, princess?” Hraken drawls quietly.

“I...” I try to think of the best response, but for some reason with him, the truth was always more likely to come out, “I escaped. To explore for the intermission. Why were you at the bar?”

Hraken’s rough hands turn me in the water, to swiftly face him, chest to chest, while I am still dwarfed, even while floating. The water is coming up to my collarbone but it only reaches him mid torso. He is still holding my wrists even as I place my hands over his abs and look up into his eyes, hoping to convey my honesty and vulnerability through my gaze.

“I can go wherever I like,” Hraken answers in an irritated growl, because that was obvious and I shouldn’t have asked such a stupid question, “...but you can’t.”

“But I did,” I speak before I think and I am passionately vehement about it.

Luckily for me, he seems more amused by my response than angry.

“Maybe if you beat me in a fight... you could do whatever you wanted,” Hraken teases me and his hands slide to my waist instead of my wrists. He grips me, his thumbs literally able to touch across my waist as his hands encompass my middle. He lifts me and I automatically wrap my legs around his waist while my arms wrap around his neck and I am finally... well, almost... nose to nose with him, “But you can’t beat me...” he adds, simply, “ you can’t do whatever you want.”

“Are you angry at me?” I ask in a whisper, confused if he was trying to convey a slight irritation by my temporary escape attempt.

“Does it matter now?” Hraken asks, “...princess...” he allows himself to smirk a bit as he holds me flush against him before letting me slip again, “I have just as long as you do before I need to go back out and fight. Every second passing diminishes that time... but I’d like to be clean before the next round,” one of Hraken’s hands slips up to my neck and then my cheek as my own hands slides across his back, wiping off a little bit of the mess of battle.

“Dunk under the water and I’ll use the pressure of it to take the grime off,” I suggest and he tilts his head in acceptance of my idea. So, I jump up and push down on his shoulders, just to test his strength.

He humours me by dipping under.

He’s sneaky though, because his nose dips past my bra and his teeth slash through the front, breaking the silk apart. Even through the water, his nose slides across my stomach and his teeth then grab the edge of the bikini bottom.

Luckily for me, his teeth don’t break the bottom, but they do pull them down my thighs, over my knees and off my legs. I help by bending my knees up.

I shrug off the ruined bra and join Hraken under the water.

I can see well, as I am consumed in the element partnered with my body. Even if I had limited power, I had enough to clean him because he didn’t drain me through our touch just before.

As I swim past him, my hands slide over his body, from his feet, up his legs, across his torso and neck, and then lightly across his face.

Within five seconds, I’ve massaged the water around him to force the grime off his body, so that he is sparkling clean but the water around him is consumed in dirt and blood.

I swim away from the mess and reach the edge of the pool.

I pull myself out, hoping I am quicker than him.

However, the moment my hands reach the edge and I’m half way out, both my ankles are locked down in two hands.

I gasp as Hraken spreads my naked legs as far as they can go and he jerks me backwards. I land on my elbows and it hurts, but he simply holds my legs apart while I feel a nose bury between my ass cheeks... and with the knowledge only an experienced warrior can know... he slides his tongue across my pussy, over my entrance and even over the entrance to my ass.

I squeak and feel like moaning, just as he releases my legs to get them back into the water until my ass hangs over the side of the pool.

I watch over my shoulder as he towers over me from behind... and my pussy sings with corresponding wetness.

Hraken leans forward and with one easy hand, he presses my head down until my cheek lies against the smooth marble floor.

“You couldn’t evade me in the bar... and you even knew I was coming for you once I saw you,” Hraken’s hips warm my butt and I feel something far hotter, spreading my ass cheeks, “Do you know what happens to the girls that can’t fight... nor run from me?” I open my mouth to reply but it turns out I don’t have to. His cock lines up with my pussy and he starts pushing into the gushing wetness I already feel present, “I fuck them until they scream... and I haven’t met one who doesn’t like it.”

“M-m...” I try to speak but he uses his power to drain my last slither of magic out of my body. I feel an instant and total loss of control as he then slides his cock the rest of the way into me, before pulling back out and very slowly sliding back in.

“But we already know what would happen if you were forced to fight me in the stadium,” Hraken keeps my head pinned down, refusing to let me move as his other hand rests on the small of my back, effectively controlling my hips, “... so we may as well skip to the end... an ‘end’ for me... as I’m not getting another ending today... there’s no damn females around for me to choose from... this is the only release I’m getting between the bones I’m breaking.”

“But I -” I cry out as he pulls out and slams back in, beginning to thrust into me with full force. And it’s not shallow or short, but deep and long.

The whole time, Hraken doesn’t change it... if anything he seems to just fuck me harder.

His cock slides out and then pushes back in, again and again, to the brim; to the full capacity I can manage. In it’s own way it hurts. It hurts soo bad, in the best way possible.

I feel my climax rising quickly and as my pussy is slowly tightening and tightening, he is holding my head down more firmly... because now I try and squirm.

I attempt to squirm as hard as I can, but he holds me absolutely still as he pounds me through a roaring climax.

I scream and feel my pussy trying to drain him; to satisfy him.

However, it’s not good enough and he isn’t done.

Hraken is no where near done.

I am breathing short and feeling light headed as the pounding continues and my expectations are exceeded.

I had assumed he’s make it quick to get back to battle.

Apparently, he wanted to draw it out until he only had a few minutes left.

“I c-can’t -” I try to complain through the pleasurable torture of his relentless pounding, almost as bad as what Sabir was capable of while playing with my body.

“Don’t worry, princess,” Hraken sounds like he isn’t breaking a sweat as he answers me, “I was about to change it up, anyway.”

He pulls out of my pussy and I feel his fingers reach into me. My lower body trembles as he then takes my pussy’s wetness, built up and abundant... to spread it across my ass. He also sticks two fingers into my ass hole, lubricating my second entrance.

“No, nooo-” I beg for him not to take the option, but he knows I’ll love it just as much... but the loving it, itself, was it’s own kind of unbearable.

I scream again as his fingers are quickly replaced by a wet, lathered up cock, drenched from my pussy... to have easy access into my ass.

Hraken growls, content, as his cock slips inside slowly.

Again, I’m stretched out.

The rest is heaven and hell combined. The stretching of my ass seems to cause another climax. But it isn’t quick, but slow to form. I feel it rising 1 percent at a time, getting closer, closer, hotter and more insane.

I feel I almost won’t be able to take the pounding of my ass... until my climax arrives and Hraken’s does too.

I clench so hard, he slams as deep as possible to cum inside me.

I feel so full... and then empty.

Our time was up... still, I remain heaped in a muddle of hormones, released magic and messy, leaking cum.

I eventually force myself to slip back into the heated pool, where I turn and find Hraken standing with my bikini bottom in hand.

“Thanks?” I ask in a husky, wrecked voice as I take them from him and he pauses... almost like he wants to reach in and kiss me.

But he stops himself, wading back a step before averting his eyes.

“Get back to where you should be,” Hraken then wades around me, towards the steps leading out of the pool.

He walks out while I hold my bikini bottoms to me. He doesn’t farewell me, neither does he look back... he just leaves.

I watch him go with a longing in my heart.

I always felt like something was missing... with Hraken and I.

But, even then, I still craved to go back to Sabir, where I knew I would be wanted again.

Hopefully Celeste wouldn’t judge me for what happened later... because, despite it, I couldn’t wait to tell her what had happened.

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