Star Cursed

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Chapter 59: Pleasures of Kiyr [5][Escape Attempt][past]


Hraken’s POV

King Traegr had lost his cool for the thousandth time this week. The Royal female Gems had acted up for days when Seraphine had been introduced. Then, once the rebellions worsened... a quarter of the Royal female Gems managed to permanently distance themselves. They escaped and were out of our hold and we had no idea where they were.

But now, King Traegr lost his temper for a different reason. His favourite fucks, Celeste and Sapphire, were in on the next escape attempt and they weren’t in the palace.

So, we were all out in the humid forest, a cloudy sky threatening rain.

Traegr has run ahead with a faster party while I hang back with Sabir.

He can probably feel what I do.

Sapphire’s fear.

I look back to my twin, who had no idea he was my twin... and I wonder if he’ll ever know. But, I can never tell him. Or we’d both be dead.

“She’s close,” Sabir drawls next to me, his black eyes searching the forest as we slowly walk forward.

“Can you hear it?” I murmur and narrow my eyes towards a large boulder that has skid marks by it.

And a whimper coming out from behind it.

The poor princess wasn’t as fast because her power was awfully limited compared to the full bloodied Royal female Gems. Sapphire had fallen behind.

“It’s okay sweety,” Sabir calls out, “We’re here now...” I watch Sabir as he strives ahead, while he directs me to go around the other side of the boulder in case she runs.

I do so silently, and as I pop up around the right as Sabir goes around the left, she spots Sabir first. Blood is gushing from a cut ankle as she turns and tries to run... but just slams into my chest instead.

I wrap my arms around her while she struggles wildly.

“No,” Sapphire tries to escape but my tightening arms eventually force her to calm down and Sabir slides up next to me and grabs her chin.

“You are truly terrified...” Sabir almost sounds hurt, “Why?”

“Traegr sent those new girls to the S-Scouting Stadium... 12 year old girls,” Sapphire gasps, “I barely... b-barely survived being taken at 16. But they’re only children. I can’t stand for that.”

“It is just tradition,” I growl down at her, “They will not be touched until they are willing.”

“We are all willing when we’re drained... by force or not... get off me,” Sapphire struggles again and Sabir let’s her chin go to stand back while I hold her. Occasionally, he trusted me... occasionally... not often. But now, he nods to me and I nod back.

“I’ve got her,” I reassure him and Sabir starts off back towards the palace.

“We’ll fuck her better... you can fuck her first,” Sabir starts to walk back while I haul Sapphire over my shoulder, even as I feel her nails claw into my back. I just slap her ass, hard, and she eventually quietens.

We aren’t far, and sooner rather than later we make it to the courtyard in the centre of the limestone palace, overgrown with flowers and trees and moss. Sapphire’s favourite fountain is in the middle, and that is where Sabir waits.

“You will be punished for attempting to run,” Sabir murmurs to Sapphire as I set her on her feet, next to him.

“Am I worthy of a bed?” Sapphire asks, “Or shall I just bend over here?”

“If you don’t shut that smart mouth I can take you to my Punishing quarters if you like,” Sabir growls this at her ruthlessly and I see a spark of lust in her eye... I can’t help but smirk... but when she sees my smirk she is furious.

“Of course you find that amusing,” she snarls at me, “So, how will I be punished?”

“It’s midday and you will not be fed,” Sabir answers for her, “If you want food... you can suck as many shafts as you like,” Sabir narrows his eyes, satisfied with this, “But cum is all you’ll be getting.”

Sapphire stays deceivingly quiet and I turn to Sabir as he turns to me.

“You don’t have to stay, Hraken,” Sabir murmurs quietly, “I have her sorted.”

“I’m more than happy to take a piece, on the contrary,” I growl back and Sabir understands but at the same time he is a little weary.

“Take her to your room and fuck her to your heart’s content, then. On the contrary, I like fucking her when she’s a slobbering mess... she makes the most adorable noises then,” Sabir smirks and I can’t help but chuckle.

But as we turn to face Sapphire, she has slipped away and run inside.

“That sly little -” Sabir runs off after her and I laugh loudly.

She is still trying to run; very cute.

As Sabir enters one door, I enter another.

We both cut her off in the hall, close her in until she can’t side step either of us, and then I grab her arm while she is flustered.

“You’re mine first,” I reassure her as we go up the stair case next. Once above on our level of Royal bedchambers, Sabir slips into his bedchamber and waves at Sapphire with evil intent.

I take her, while she is trying to rebel through her silence. We enter my black and grey themed bed room and I release her to see what she will try.

I lock the door and walk around her to sit on the edge of my bed over the white rug.

“Two ways,” I growl to her, “You ride me or I ride you. Believe me, Sapphire, this offer is once in a life time... but I feel for you, because you and I both know you’re getting two cocks pounding into you soon when Traegr returns with Celeste.”

“True,” Sapphire shrugs and slips off her slave outfit, a white cloth for a mid-rift bra and a white skirt. In seconds she is naked and I raise a brow as she rushes to me and straddles me without a second thought. She holds my shoulders and looks up into my eyes as I watch her, amused, “For once, I will fuck you. Instead of everyone fucking me,” her eyes are bright as she gives into her lust, even as her ankle still bleeds.

The blood seeping even while her hands undo my leather pants... has me as hard as a hot iron rod. Her movements were so passionate, I can’t help but respond in kind. As soon as my shaft is out and ready for taking, she bobs down to give it a kiss and I growl automatically.

She was such a good girl when it came to sex.

I then grab under her arm pits and lift her up high, to help her get the best positioning over my cock. I slide her down and I feel strings of warm wet pussy juice already sliding down my cock. I watch her and wait for her to start.

All the while she is biting her lip, closing her eyes as she takes my length... and then her blue eyes open and before we can even lock gazes she leans into lock her lips with mine.

She kisses me full on the mouth and starts to pull up and drop down onto my cock. I simply get harder while inside her and she gasps into me as she rises again and drops once more, moaning when I start to stretch her to her limits.

With a few more movements from her hips, my desire becomes unquenchable. I grab her hips, even though she believes she has the control. My lips leave hers, just so I can start pounding into her, even while she sits on top.

As my hips rise into hers, her head falls back in pleasure and she moans as I force her to fuck me hard and fast.

Her pussy clenches down quickly, cumming already, and I wish to hold off but I know she has a long journey ahead. I make myself cum quicker, for her sake, which isn’t hard to do when she was so tight around me, squeezing in spasms.

I pull her in for another kiss as I shove in deep and she slobbers over my lips as I finish the kiss with a smile, before kissing the tip of her nose.

“Little sex fiend,” I growl into her lips, “You love it more than you know.”

“You love me more than you know,” she growls back at me in a retort and I pull her off my cock and sit her back down on my lap.

I gaze down into her eyes and I still see the lingering worry from before.

“I promise you, princess,” I murmur, “I will go to the Scouting Stadium and make sure no one touches the girls prematurely. I know as well as you do, what happens when the wrong people are introduced to the innocent... I will kill any who try to take that innocence too young. It is not practiced but it happens. I will protect them. I always do.”

“Except me,” she murmurs, her eyes watching me deeply, trying to read my own gaze.

“Don’t tempt me to fuck you again,” I growl, because my balls only feel half emptied and they were quickly filling again. I could fuck the little vixen for hours on end if I could, “Get up,” I force her to stand and turn and I slap her ass, “You’re needed elsewhere. Go do your duty.”

“Do yours,” Sapphire speaks so quietly I barley hear her as she leaves.

But I don’t miss the anxiety in her tone.

When the males ruled, the girls never had a representative unless it was with a leading Royal female Gem like Seraphine... my secret sister.

But as much as I loved fucking the girls, I hated power that wasn’t earned.

And I would protect them from that sort of corruption.


Sapphire’s POV

I walk, feeling stretched and happy inside from Hraken as I cross the hall to Sabir’s residence. I was feeling lighter in my heart with Hraken’s reassurance. I knew he meant his words and that I could count on his promise to protect the young girls sent to the Scouting Stadium by Traegr’s decree.

I enter Sabir’s room smiling... and I pause when I see Sabir leaning on the bed post, Traegr sitting on the bed and Celeste standing naked before them. Her hands are wringing behind her back with nerves. When she sees me enter, however, she pounces on me and I clasp her back in a tight hug, glaring over her shoulder at Traegr.

“Defiance meets the hand of reason,” Traegr raises his hand and winks at me... he is far more relaxed now than before we tried to escape, “I’m going to spank you both pink... you’re already leaking cum...” Traegr notices the trail on my thigh and I shrug, “Good. I’m glad Hraken had his way with you.”

“So am I,” I agree as I pull away from Celeste and her mouth forms an ‘o’ next to me.

“Really?” she whispers and I reach over and take a few leaves out of her ruffled hair, “Traegr already fucked me on the forest floor...” Celeste turns to Traegr with a blush.

“My maid is always welcome to a punishing cock,” Traegr laughs robustly and pats his lap.

“No time for hesitation, little sweeties,” Sabir smirks when we don’t move and he waltzes forward to slip behind us, wrapping a hand each in both of our heads of hair, he leads us forward roughly. He passes Celeste to Traegr and the King bends her over his knee and spanks her once, hard.

While Sabir sits down next to him and also bends me over his thighs, spanking me too.

“Are you sorry?” Traegr asks me and I roll my eyes.

“What do you think - ow!” I try to growl but Sabir just spanks me hard a second time, while Traegr sucks on his finger and abruptly pushes it into Celeste’s ass. She squeaks and wriggles while he thrusts in and out with his finger.

“I’m sorry,” Celeste gives in, “I promise I’m sorry,” she moans back into him and I roll my eyes again.

“Stop the attitude, princess,” Sabir hates it when I roll my eyes and now he grips my hair and turns my head so I have to look up at him, ”Are you done?"

“What’s the punishment now?” I ask, raising a brow, “Chained down for a week?”

“You know if I could chain you to my cock permanently, I would,” Sabir grabs my chin next, letting my hair go, “Don’t tempt me, princess.”

“Up you get, whore,” Traegr growls to Celeste and hauls her up onto the bed, his large hands maneuvering her lithe body easily, “You can’t leave... Celeste... princess... both of you have cocks that need tender love and care,” Traegr is smug and I watch him rid himself of his leather pants, haul Celeste’s hips closer and then shove his cock straight into her ass after simply spitting on it. Cruel, as always, and Celeste always loved it like that.

She screams in delight while Sabir pushes me off his lap roughly and spreads his legs, forcing me down between his thighs as my knees hit the carpet.

“When was the last time your cheeky whore mouth was filled, darling?” Sabir asks me while his hand slides across my cheek, and his other hand shoves two fingers into my mouth. He waits for me to suck on them and as I do, my insides twist with want. He takes out his fingers to undo his leather pants, to release his cock.

All the while, I glance between his manhood and his cruel lips and eyes, glaring at my Punisher that I loved and hated so dearly.

“You don’t deserve it,” I growl and Sabir pauses to look down at me, in awe of my continued defiance.

“Neither do you,” Sabir wraps his fist into my hair and moves me slowly over the head of his enlarged cock. I lick the tip and bring the head into my mouth, suckling... he tastes like heaven... but as I bob my head down further, he keeps pushing until his cock fills my mouth... and then my throat, “That’s more like it,” Sabir growls in approval of my new position.

I take his cock greedily, even though he is forcing my movements with his hand.

As his cock fills my mouth and enters my throat, then leaves and penetrates again, over and over, I can also hear Celeste getting fucked into oblivion by my King.

Sabir eventually releases my hair when he knows I’m keeping up the movements on my own.

But the more Celeste moans, the more I slow down on sucking the cock warming my mouth.

“Jealous?” Sabir lifts me off his cock, “...answer me, Sapphire.”

I nod, slightly and that’s all I need.

Sabir lifts me up as Hraken had done, but he throws me onto the bed so I am next to Celeste on my hands and knees.

I see her hair is in a mess as she is pounded back and forth... and it just turns me on even more. Sabir dips a finger into my pussy, and then pushes the same finger into my ass, spreading my juices.

“You both know bad whores get fucked in the ass, this shouldn’t be a surprise to either of you,” Sabir warns me as he slides his cock over my pussy next, collecting my juices.

“Every time,” Traegr picks up his pounding, and Celeste starts to whimper.

I move my ass back, closing my eyes in pleasure as Sabir prods my asshole with his cock. He moves it inside, stretching me at his slowest pace.

I groan in annoyance.

Sabir slow was worst than Sabir fast.

Every time. Every damn time, it’d make me lose control.

“...please?" I beg him in a whimper, and my one word sends Celeste over the edge until she is crying out in pleasure. Her own cries then makes me moan.

We always affected each other like that.

Sabir and Traegr both laugh together and I feel Sabir slap my ass.

“Once a whore,” Sabir murmurs.

“Always a whore,” Traegr finishes.

Sabir finally slides inside until the base of his cock fills me whole.

Celeste lies in a heaped mess and slowly turns to watch me as Sabir starts pounding me next. It is both humiliating while warming my core at the same time.

She has tears of pleasure running down her face.

And as Sabir speeds up, I soon have tears running down my cheeks too.

“Please, please, please,” I beg when Sabir slows down, drawing out my begging... and then he speeds up again, pounding so hard my arms collapse and I lie in the covers, just letting it happen.

I cum the same time as Sabir, my insides warming and clenching as he releases.

Sabir pulls out and I lie in a heap on the bed.

However, as I open my watery eyes, I am not alone.

Celeste is next to me and we are both used and abused like always.

“How adorable,” Traegr murmurs, “They think they get a break.”

“Swap?” Sabir asks in a low growl.

“Mmmhmm,” Traegr grabs my ankles and Sabir picks up Celeste.

I’m slid over the blankets and flipped over so my breasts are exposed to my King, who leans down and kneads them greedily.

I watch Celeste, who is sat up and brought in for a kiss, a hand around her nape as Sabir locks his lips with hers.

“How would you like to get a King’s cock down your throat?” Traegr asks, “I need cleaning, princess.”

“Funny,” Sabir pushes Celeste forward so she falls next to me, “So do I.”

We hold each other’s hands as both men decide to clean off their cocks with our mouths.

“Dirty fucks,” I growls.

“Always,” Celeste moans in complaint, but we’re both quickly shut up as cocks, hard as ever, descend upon our mouths.

“Ah-” I almost choke as Traegr’s cockhead prods past my lips and then shoves in all the way and starts thrusting. Celeste goes through the same torture with Sabir.

“Deep in their throats or on their faces?” Traegr murmurs while looking down into my wide eyes as he thrusts in and pulls out... only to go deeper each time.

"Deep,” Sabir growls and they both start face fucking us to the point I feel I might pass out.

They don’t stop until they unload in the back of our throats, filling us a second time with their cum.

We are held up on their cock’s length until we swallow every last drop.

And then they pull out.

And Celeste and I lie breathless and used.

Our King and Punisher could be ruthless sometimes.

Well, that’s a lie...

...most of the time.

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