Star Cursed

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Part 2 Chapter 1: Jasmine

Author’s Note: It’s recommended to read Star Crossed first before you continue with Star Cursed Part 2 as the characters from both worlds collide from this point onwards. Star Crossed is complete on Inkitt for free.

Part 2 Chapter 1: Jasmine

“Nope, nope, nope,” I scan through the Gem’s Book of Law, completely at a loss and bored to tears, “I can’t find anything about Royal squabbles!” I had to face a Royal Gem in a battle to the death in two days time and I was trying to help my friend find an alternate resolution in case I... you know...died. Heh, as if I’d lose to that jack ass! “I told you, Genevieve, Jaxon won’t kill me. I’ll kill him. I promise.”

“I’m just so sorry,” Gen sighs, “When I read into detail that it would only be accepted as a battle to the death and no less, I thought I was pretty darn stupid for suggesting it as a way to settle the feud between the Ametrine and Obsidian families. Sebastian laughed all last night over dinner. He’s been one real arrogant bastard since we returned to Kiyr, not that he wasn’t one already. Do you like the library at least?”

“Pfft... it’s okay, I mean, the ancient-limestone-sex-palace-look is a bit weird considering it’s now a library... wasn’t it once called the Golden Palace?” I smirk as I lean back against a wall in a tiny tower room, on a couple of pillows that were ‘quote on quote’ thousands of years old. This place, this planet, was weird, to say the least. Everything was enhanced like a fairy tale - the colours were more bright, the lives were more simple - it felt like being in a darn dream, “Hmmm,” I flick through some more pages, “Nothing, nothing again... If I don’t find something soon, I’m burning this useless book to ash!”

“Don’t you dare!” Gen yells at me and lunges across her pillow to grab my book while Emalee groans from the other side of the small ancient book room. She was very drunk, very grumpy and very moody. For good reason.

“I’m trying to forget I’m alive, please be quiet,” Emalee reaches up for her star shaped sunglasses, flicks them back over her eyes and collapses to the ground again, “Why. Am. I. Still. Breathing?”

Gen and I both look at Emalee for a brief moment before glancing back at one another.

“Give me the book, Jasmine,” Gen uses her wind to fling it out of my hand into her grasp, but that is the defining moment when I see a page flip over to catch my eye.

“Wait, for goodness sake, give it back!” I lunge to Gen and then I grab the edges of the book as she grabs the bottom.

“It’s the original copy I can’t risk you burning it up!” Gen yells in my face in a panic.

“Shut. Up!” Emalee swings back up, sitting across the pillow, she lunges for the book also, to be the neutral party, but instead she wobbles to the side and lands on the pillow below me, giggling, while Gen stands up.

“Emalee, go back to sleep!” Gen commands, “That’s an order! Jasmine... if you burn this book, I’ll hand you the death penalty.”

“Sure, whatever,” I breathe out an exasperated breath and lean back dramatically, holdding out my hand calmly while Emalee groans and tries to pick herself up.

“I need more of that spirit stuff they make down at the bar,” Emalee hiccups, real cute, while jumping to her feet, “I need a lot more of the blue stuff actually. Then I’m going to see that corpse. The alive corpse. The dead alive thing... girl... whatever... I’m out of here!” she skips into the door, bangs into it, slips a few feet back, uses her wind to slam it open and then she skips out.

“She’s a crazy drunk,” I whisper.

“Let her indulge, her mother’s dead because of an almost boyfriend, let’s give her some slack... I’ll only allow one more day of drinking though, no more tomorrow, I’ll make it a command,” Gen suggests, as she is the temporary neutral leader of the Gems - due to a feud between the ruling blood lines of our race.

She was trusted to find a solution before things got bloody, she wore an Ametrine bracelet on her left arm and an Obsidian bracelet on her right. As soon as I faced Jaxon Ametrine to the death with my team pitted against his in a fight to go down in history... Gen would no longer be the neutral leader. It would be decided if the Ametrines or Obsidians ruled. I was fighting for the Obsidians, although, to be honest, I just wanted to kick Jaxon’s ass more than anything. We were long time rivals from many battles in our past - it’s a long story.

“Alright, just let me read the book,” as I speak with a forced smile, Gen hands it back to me and sits back down adjacent to me, sighing.

“You won’t find anything,” Gen proclaims.

“Shut your gob, Genevieve... I thought I saw something... right... here...” I flick to the page and start reading.

GEM’S BOOK OF LAW. Section 50: ANCIENT TERMS. Clause 1: ‘STAR CURSED’ DEFINED: On Kiyr, Love in our species of the Gems is a curse bound with magic. The elementals that flow between each Gem, Royal or otherwise, have been known to contribute to eternal power struggles in politics and royalty. It often creates lust that is without reason. Emotions and instincts rule above all else. To be Star Cursed is to be gifted with power and cursed with never ending lust, which is bound with the nature of our magic sharing. For each individual, you will have another half bound through this curse. If you’re female, your elemental magic is your greatest weapon but also your greatest weakness. If you’re male, your sanity is based upon acquiring that magic through touch to fill the Void in your soul. For whatever reason you exist, you can never truely die, but only be reborn from the stars - always and forever in search of your other half. We are Star Cursed. To find your love is to find your balance; Magic to Void. To find that balance you must survive the battles between other Royals or otherwise.

“” I whisper, “I don’t know, it seems pretty useless. Something about being ‘Star Cursed’?” I look up to Gen as she drags her fingers through her brown bob, looking exhausted with frustration... until she straightens her back and her eyes widen with my words.

“What did you say?” Gen reaches over and grabs the book, snatching it quickly this time. I watch her read over what caught my eye, “Star Cursed... not just an anicent term - a belief system,” Gen looks up, “It doesn’t have anything to do with you battling with Jaxon... but... the alive corpse...”

“Sleeping beauty?” I ask, “It’s probably just a stunt for money.”

“No, she’s real,” Gen proclaims, “She breathes, her heart beats... she just lies there as if in a coma. She has for thousands of years. No one knows why. Some whispers say she is Star Cursed.”

“Well, I want to see this corpse,” I jump to my feet, “Before I train with my team. I may as well see what’s so damn special about this girl.”

“We should probably stop Emalee from passing out over the body,” Genevieve mentions.

“True?” I nod and head out with Gen, and she and I head down a flight of winding steps to the halls beyond, filled with more books.

The whole Golden Palace was filled from top to bottom with never ending scrolls, novels, tales, poems, supposed magic curses and the like.

Gen and I head to the bar on the bottom level, where we find Emalee being held up by Alex as he escorts her out into the hall.

“Genevieve!” Emalee calls out to us when she sees us approaching, “Oh, help me! I’m being kidnapped by a handsome prince!”

I purse my lips as my gaze meets Alex’s blue and never ending depths that were his gorgeous eyes. They reflected well with his black hair.

“She’s trying to steal drinks,” Alex explains as we come up further and he stops in an awkward pause before glancing between Emalee and us, “She also... ah... mentioned... something about a dead - sorry - an alive corpse?”

“I want to see her!” Emalee tries to pull away from Alex, my bonded partner and prince of the Gems, but he’s obviously too strong as he keeps an arm around her waist. Eventually she does the opposite. She leans into him and snuggles into his big chest, “Oh, handsome prince, carry me!”

Alex glances at me and I just shrug.

“Go ahead, I don’t care!” I smile and laugh as he raises a brow, questioning my supposed confidence in him carrying another girl.

But, I truly trusted him, even though he could be an ass sometimes.

“Come on,” Gen motions for us to follow her while Alex scoops up Emily and she slyly smiles at me.

“You look more cute than evil right now,” I tease Emalee as her blonde hair drapes romantically towards the floor while Alex strides ahead first, Emalee tight in his arms. I follow beside him, wearing my jeans and a red tank top. Emalee was wearing a slutty golden dress to match her star shaped sun glasses while Gen wore her suit. She preferred to match the Royal male Gems. I preferred to stay casual.

Alex though... damn... as I let him strive ahead I just drool a little seeing how well that black suit fits his shoudlers. Even the pants are tailored perfectly for the length of his legs.

Was it just me, or did he grow even taller since we officially arrived on Kiyr?

Here was the thing, Alex and I, including his cousin, but really they grew up as brothers - John - had grown up outside Kiyr. On another planet. We didn’t even know we were Gems until recently.

I was a hated powerful source of deadly Madeira Citrine fire and Alex was my bonded partner. He drained my magic through touch. In return, I drained his natural arrogance through perfectly timed insults and never ending defiance to his orders.

We had a great relationship.

Potentially, ahem... we were ‘husband and wife’... friends had given us a certificate they forged as a joke. So, who knows what Alex and I formally were, but I guess we’d soon find out after being reunited with yet more famous and influential Gems on Kiyr.

All I knew was that we argued often, but we were strong and we’d work things out.

Alex and I had never been better.

Now, it’d be interesting to see this ‘alive’ corpse... the sleeping beauty.

Gen takes us to the back of the library, where a stair way leading to a dungeon of some kind, is lit up by traditional torches.

“Ooo, so romantic,” Emalee exclaims in a drunken drawl while Alex halts at the entrance to the dungeon stair way. He looks stunned.

“You suddenly scared to see a dead but alive corpse?” I ask from his side, watching his eyes glaze over, “...Alex?” I ask, confused why he doesn’t respond right away.

After considering his situation, he keeps walking down the steps without a word.

“Alex?” I call out again and he halts half way down the stairs to look over his shoulder.

“Yeah, Jazz?” he is completely oblivious to whatever I said before.

“You didn’t hear what I said?” I ask.

“What did you say?”

“Never mind, just... nothing,” I shake off the weird vibes coming from him over our bond, as we near the bottom.

“Here she is,” Genevieve calls out from some dark dungeon room that is barely lit. Instead, it is filled with a couple of candles and blue sapphires... everywhere.

Literally, the gemstones are in piles.

Across one of the stone tables at the back, which looks like it used to be used for torture or something... is a girl.

A beautiful girl.

I move around Alex as my eyes focus on her, dressed in a cream dress, her chest barely moving... but moving. Her brown hair is like mine, laid out in curls and waves... neatly presented.

Her red lips are like snow white’s red lips.

Her skin is pale, her body hasn’t wasted away.

It still looks healthy.

“Pretty,” Emalee exclaims, clawing out of Alex’s arms to stand and look over the alive corpse.

Gen looks down solemnly while I look down in awe.

“What’s her name?” I ask Genevieve.

“Um...” she tries to think.

“Her name... her name... is... Sapphire,” it’s barely a whisper... but it comes from Alex’s barely moving lips.

As I spin to look up at him, he looks completely distraught and confused.

“How do you know?” I ask.

“I, uh... the plaque,” Alex quickly points to a tiny silver plaque, that indeed, says ‘Princess Sapphire’, “It must have been the plaque.”

“Talk about weeeeird,” Emalee exclaims, laughing robustly about it.

“Shut up for a second,” I whisper, looking at Alex as he reaches for Sapphire’s hand, “Alex, don’t! What the heck? Hey! Don’t touch a corpse, don’t, d-” my words have no affect.

He’s reached out and touched a finger to Sapphire’s skin on the back her hand.

We all watch in silence as he closes his eyes... and eventually he slips his hand into hers... and then after a few moments of silence... he pulls out and stumbles back dramatically, his eyes snapping open.

An endless bright blue, flickers, returns and stays and leaves and flickers.... his eyes... they’re swirling.

I watch as his back has straightened abruptly, he’s looking at all of us... he glances at Sapphire... he glances at me, and then with seemingly incredible and unexplainable anger, he turns and walks off.

Gen, Emalee and I watch him retreat like something seriously pissed him off big time.

“What. The. Fuck. Was. That?” I ask, raising my hands in slow motion.

“Jasmine?” Gen whispers, sounding as if she’s seen a ghost.

Emalee sees what Gen does and she squeals, skipping back a few steps while shaking her hands in fright, “No, way!” Emalee exclaims, “I can’t do this! Nope! I need more alcohol, girls, bye! Nope, nope, nope!” Emalee turns and runs out in a wobble and a half while Gen and I stare at the corpse.

There were no words to describe the feeling I had rushing through me.

What I saw was what I saw... it wasn’t a trick.

Her eyes were open.

Sapphire was awake.

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