Star Cursed

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Part 2 Chapter 2: Sapphire

Part 2 Chapter 2: Sapphire

After I casually sit up off a stone slab in Sabir’s dungeon after a nap, I’m faced with two white faced girls and piles of Sapphire gem stones. I slip my feet off the stone slab and look straight at the girl closest to me, with the brown bob. She is looking at me with utter terror. I sit for awhile, my memories hazy while my whole predisposition is off. I wait a few moments, silently, hoping for something to jog my memory.

Where was I last?

How long had I napped for down here?

As I turn from this pale girl to the second girl with long wavy brunette hair and wide blue eyes, similar to mine, at least one of my memories finally reignites.

And I gasp in delight.

“Val?” I ask, in a whisper, but when there is no recognition, I yell out, ”Valenica?" I ask again, “You died, how are you alive?”

There is a dramatic pause as my question sinks in.

"Excuse me? Did you just ask me, how am I still alive?” Val yells back at me, while pointing at her chest, before pointing at me with shock and confusion, ”You died! Not me!” she looks past me to her friend, “Genevieve,” Val sounds like she’s looking for an answer, “... look at her eyes swirling, is she crazy? Cursed? Are we going to die, Gen?”

“No?! I don’t know!” Genevieve yells out to Val and eventually I stand up off the slab, straightening a cream dress I don’t remember wearing. I raise my chin, aiming to face them with a smile so they both calm down, but the moment I’ve stood they both jerk back like I’m threatening them.

Now, I’m a little offended, even though I’m ecstatic that Val is somehow breathing let alone standing.

I was sure she had died opening a portal to CU after she bled to death.

“Who are you?” I ask Genevieve, “I’ve never seen you before, I don’t recognise your face.”

“Um, Sapphire, the thing is...” Genevieve clears her throat and I notice that she’s wearing men’s clothes - which is odd to me. However, she opens her mouth, aiming to continue... but she looks at Val, “Jasmine,” she suggets, “You explain, your prince woke her up, this is on you. I think I’m going to join... uh... Emalee, at the bar,” Gen hurries around the dungeon cell and pats this ‘Jasmine’ on the shoulder, however Jasmine grabs her arm and forces her to stay.

“No you won’t, Gen,” Jasmine growls, “You’re not leaving me to deal with a corpse that is thousands of years old!”

As I stand, listening to this last hushed statement - which is hissed... but clear enough... my complacency ends.

Corpse. Thousands of years old. Me?

I close my eyes and all at once, every single memory that was mine comes rushing back to me.

My most recent memories are as clear as day. As I close my eyes now, I see those images flash before me. Celeste, my best friend, was dead. Hraken was King. We had just entered into the brand new Gem Palace in Central Universe. Hraken... he... well, I blush at the memory because he convinced Traegr and Sabir to join him - to initiate the royal chamber with me. The bed sheets had tasted sour while they all took their turns with my body.

But... the bed sheets, they stick in my mind.

That was where the poison had been carefully placed.

And now I was awake - thousands of years later, which meant all my friends and lovers as I knew them, and life as I knew it... was all gone.

“,” my eyes water and I open them as another image flashes through my head, ”Sabir,” I choke on his name... I thought I had seen him above me when I first opened my eyes. I thought it was a vision.

“Oh my god, Gen! Sapphire’s crying, does that mean she’s losing it?” Jasmine yells to her friend, “What do we do?”

“Calm her down, um, I don’t know, uh... I think her memories are coming back. Sapphire listen, we’re friends, I think, are you... are you o-okay?” Genevieve tries to ask me with caution, but when I look them both over, they are no longer my immediate concern.

Finding something to centre myself is.

“Was Sa-” I raise my hand and pretend to clear my throat, “Was there a man in this room... just as I woke up?”

“Uh, yeah,” Jasmine shrugs, “What does it matter? Are you horny already? Wow,” my eyes widen at her attitude, which I can hear through the ferocious tone and angry eyes she passes my way.

"Jasmine,” Genevieve hisses at her quietly, “She’s a princess, show respect.”

"I’m a princess too, technically,” Jasmine replies, raising her eyebrows. While they squabble, my mind turns to Sabir - I had to go see him, ”Wait,” Jasmine catches me trying to leave and she grabs my arm too, “Hold up, why do you want to see this man?”

“Because he is my Star Cursed lover, that is why,” at least my answer has her hand loosening on my elbow. She looks completely shocked, but I use that moment to stroll past her.

Once I’m up the dungeon stairs, I’m surrounded by the Golden Palace... curiously filled with books.

I turn to the gardens and I head that way, hoping to find Sabir there.

When I pass some fellow Gems, some are dismissive... others stop to gawk... why would they recognise me? Unless people had watched me sleep?

Weird. But also overwhelming.

As I head outside quickly with bare feet, I walk through the empty courtyard, overgrown with different species of flowers and vines that I do not recognise. I round the building, following my heart, which leads me towards the forest... which still looks the same.

And just by the grass, by the Golden Palace, on a stone bench... is the man I know and love.

I approach with caution because I am weary that if he is indeed Star Cursed - the memories of me will be gone. But it will be good to see his face. The moment my presence is known as my feet pad through the soft grass, Sabir turns to me, elbows on knees, his chin in his hand... he used to do that exact pose while thinking... which makes my heart skip a beat. In fact, he looks exactly the same - he is the splitting image of my lover.

He looks at me for a moment, before his lips curl up in a smirk.

“...cheeky whore...” he growls low - quietly - and I grin as tears spark to my eyes.

“Oh, my! It’s really you?" I exclaim as I rush forward to close the distance towards him. I jump into his arms. I straddle his lap, but in this moment, his eyes seem to shift from light to dark blue.

“It’s me, but...” he pauses and grabs my waist, holding me at arms length, “I’m more than you knew... Sapphire.”

“What do you mean?” I ask, my eyes running from his lips to his eyes.

I wanted to kiss him.

I wanted to find comfort.

When I see him glance to the side... I also look to see Jasmine and Genevieve watching on. That had both eventually run after me. Now, they are both gawking from the corner of the Golden Palace, at least thirty feet away.

“You better stand, princess,” Sabir murmurs quietly, “She’s fiery, that one,” as he moves me off his lap, I stand and turn to Jasmine and Genevieve.

“I don’t understand,” I say, as Jasmine and Genevieve come forward now.

“You don’t understand? That’s freaking hilarious,” Jasmine snarls out, “I was thinking exactly the same thing, princess.”

“Jasmine, please,” Sabir stands and Jasmine looks at him with betrayal and distrust.

“What’s gotten into you, Alex?” she asks, “Your eyes... your posture... everything - it’s different.”

“I’m exactly the same Dark Gem,” Sabir explains, “It’s simply me.”

“Uh, What? What the hell is a ‘Dark’ Gem?” Jasmine asks, confused.

“Traditional term,” Genevieve murmurs, “...for a Royal male Gem... not that Alex would know such a historical term, unless someone told him.”

“You call yourself Alex?” I ask, I can’t help myself, “As in, Alexander, the name you were given at birth?” I ask Sabir with a smile, “Have you changed your name back to it, Sabir?”

“Who’s Sabir? You’re nuts, girl,” Jasmine yells at me, her eyes raging, “He’s not whoever you think he is and he’s not your lover! He’s my lover! Yes, I thought I’d never yell that out at the top of my lungs, but I am... and I hope I’m making my point very clear! He is my lover!”

“I am,” when Sabir speaks, I take a step back, confused.

“What -?” I ask, but not before Jasmine also yells.

“What the hell is going on?!” she holds her hands out in exasperation, while Genevieve tugs at her shirt collar nervously, speechless.

“Shut it, Jazz,” Sabir snaps at Jasmine, glaring down at her, before turning to me and looking a little more gentle, “You too, don’t talk. Everyone, listen... I’m not just Alex. I am - but I’ve found more of myself. I identify as Sabir as much as Alex - they are the same person. Although...” Sabir turns his gaze to Jasmine, his tone dropping to a menacing drawl, ”Now I see I should have punished you far more generously,” Sabir has an evil eye focused on Jasmine, “You’re a little brat, you know that? Your recklessness wouldn’t have survived long with a couple of my best taught lessons, little Jazzy... you’d be a drooling mess rather than a spoilt teen. As for you, Sapphire - it is lovely to see you again after I feared you dead. I died, long ago,” Sabir at first confuses me with his words, but as he explains further it all starts to make sense. All the while, Jasmine is looking ready to kill and Genevieve looks like she’d rather be anywhere than here right now, “I am Star Cursed and when I touched Sapphire’s skin, the rest of my soul somehow came back to me. It’s as if her presence, ignited our bond and brought me back to life... but the curious thing is,” Sabir goes from glancing at me, to Jasmine... who is speechless with rage... even as he suddenly closes the distance towards her and boldly reaches out to caress her neck. He does not grab her throat, he simple feels her skin with the back of his hand, “’s still there, as it is with her,” Sabir nods down to Jasmine and then back to me, “The Magicbond.”

I watch as Jasmine slaps his hand away from her neck and Sabir grabs her hand mid air, with the ultra fast reflexes I remember.

"Alex,” Genevieve suddenly growls, “Remember who you are -”

“Don’t delight to pretend your knowledge is somehow greater than my own, young Ametrine,” Sabir mocks Genevieve, “If you’d like to pretend Sabir and Alex are seperate beings, understand this. ‘Sabir’ lived a thousand years longer than most get to live in their lives... even as humble Gems... ‘Alex’, though young, merged with me. We are the same soul, we always were. The Sabir you think is seperate is Alex - my memories are back. Now, I just have extra memories and a Magicbond with her,” Sabir reaches up and taps Jasmine on the nose, while she stumbles back in surprise.

She was finding this hard to deal with, I could tell.

“This is so strange,” Genevieve speaks for Jasmine, before glancing at me.

I am the odd one out, it seems... but I am ready and willing to compromise.

This wasn’t the Kiyr I remembered but we would work this out.

“Jasmine,” I speak up and raise my chin, “Please don’t hate me, I think we can be friends. If your lover is really Sabir - Alex... I am willing to share, I have no issue with this. I see your anger, but you have a good heart, I see that in your eyes. It’s just your blood, Jasmine, you are a Star Cursed warrior - Valencia Madeira Citrine. You are a famous leader of our people, a Queen. You have the blood to rule, as do I. You should be happy of this change in your life... Sabir will not be able to handle two strong females -” even as Jasmine glares at me, peculiarly... and trust me, I have no idea why she would be hesitant to share... but Sabir also glares at me after I’ve mocked his inability to handle two females... while my mind reels with a new possibility, “Oh my... Celeste!”

"Who and what now?” Jasmine yells, again - clearly, she can only yell... I was yet to see her speak calmly, “First you say you’ll share my prince, who is mine and mine only... and now, you say... Celeste? What is that? Who is that? This is nuts... this whole situation is nuts!”

“My best friend -” I turn to Sabir.

“I have not witnessed Celeste in my recent memories,” Sabir answers, solemnly, “But that doesn’t mean she isn’t on Kiyr... right this very moment.”

“Who is Celeste? Oh wait. She’s another lover of my lover, I suppose?” Jasmine asks, with sarcasm that could make anyone bleed.

When I don’t answer straight away... because she probably won’t like the answer - even if Celeste was only an indirect lover of Sabir - I turn past a still very shocked Gen... towards Sabir.

Or Alex - whatever was more appropriate... I had no idea anymore.

I just decide to refer to him as Sabir.

As I knew him.

“...Celeste? Another lover, you ask, little Jazz?” Sabir asks with a smirk and a very fake innocence. He pauses dramatically before he winks down at Jasmine, to confirm her ridiculous question with a mocking smile.

It turns out to be an answer that she does not expect and clearly does not want to hear.

Even though he says nothing... the wink and smile tells it all... in the most nonchalant way possible, with a hint of provocation. As was Sabir’s way.

And that just about does it.

She blows up.

Quite. Literally.

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