Star Cursed

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Part 2 Chapter 5: Jasmine

Part 2 Chapter 5: Jasmine

I don’t know when I’ve passed out from the extreme drain on my magic and energy, but I do know when I wake up that I’m one hell of a confused Royal female Gem.

“What the hell is going on?” I whisper to myself as I peer through sore eyes into a white box. I rub my eyes to clear my foggy vision and I soon make out that, indeed, a white rectangular prison is holding me captive, behind a glass like screen.

I’m in the middle of the stadium I landed on not long ago - I assume. Yet neither am I alone.

On the floor are two sleeping girls.

Sapphire is in a pile, her cream dress as dusty as ever as she snoozes next to a very naked lithe fairy person. I’m not kidding. The second girl seriously looks like a fucking fairy with almost translucent skin, white to silver hair and perfect bone structure.

“Hey,” I speak at a normal level as I stand up and glare at the two girls, ”Hey! Wake the hell up!” I eventually yell at them but neither of them budge.

I scoff and turn to the glass, shaking out my limbs. I scrunch up my nose before I decide to kick the glass as hard as I can. As my bare foot collides with ‘glass’, my ankle jerks and my knee is strained. I hop back on one leg as I swear under my breath.

My magic was non-existent inside this white space.

I honestly felt like a zoo exhibit.

Not cool.

“Hey!” I bang my fist on the glass, trying to grab someone’s attention, ”Who the hell put me in here?"

It better not have been Traegr the freaking Tragic.

Speaking of the devil...

I watch as a suited man, very familiar with his giant height and smug handsome face, slides around the side of my prison and stands directly in front of the glass to look down at me. Clearly he likes to rub in my degrading position within this white box.

“You’re awfully strong if you woke up that quickly,” Axel speaks down to me with a new tone. High handed. Douchey.

“Axel -” I start to reply but he cuts me off swiftly with an open palm in the air, as if scolding a child. Pretentious prick!

"Traegr Ametrine is who I identify as now,” Okay, Traegr cuts me off while seemingly gazing at me as if I’m an extremely interesting specimen as I glare up into his black orbed and icy gaze. So icy. Heartless.

“So now you’re now the actual Tragedy, nice to meet you,” I reply, raising a brow, “I don’t know what the hell is going on since all these old ‘Star Cursed’ souls started to fly back into present day bodies but, believe it or not, I don’t care about that as much as I care about my current situation in regards to freedom, food and my rights. I don’t even know you, and you put me in a fucking prison. We could have been friends - instead, you lock me and my fri-” I turn to the two unconscious girls and I bite my tongue... I didn’t know if they were truly friends yet. Since meeting Sapphire, everything solid within my life was now a broken mess again, “You locked me up like an animal. I’m quite capable of speaking to you outside this box. Come on. Are you scared of a little fire, face to face? Man up, Traegr. I’m waiting.”

“Clearly you’re a talker. That’s going to be annoying,” Traegr smirks, “So, you’re close... to Sabir - your precious Alex?”

“Oh, get that smug look off your face. I know who Alex really is. He’s my boyfriend and I’m going to remind him of his real identity the moment I see him again. I’ve thought long and hard about this Star Cursed business and I think he’s just possessed temporarily,” I say this just to piss off Traegr and to evoke a reaction.

I’m hoping he gives me more details by way of my aggression and feigned ignorance.

It works like a charm.

"Temporarily? You stupid little whore,” Traegr calls me the one word that guarantees that I’m going to burn him to a crisp the moment I find a way out of this thing. I’m pretty sure my cheeks are as flaming red as my Shadow Fire right in this moment, ”Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine,” Traegr dares to continue, “You’re in this prison with those two sluts because you’re being traded for power, sweet thing,” Traegr nods at me, “As for your pathetic fantasy that our Star Cursed souls are ghosts - the facts are such that you couldn’t be far more further from the truth. You, my sweet thing, are in for a rude awakening.”

“I dare you to call me a whore and a sweet thing to my face, no glass, come on - how fucking tragic are you? Talking shit to a prisoner who’s magical abilities are suppressed. I suppose you value your life. Perhaps you are aware of how insignificant your power is compared to mine. Before you could drain me, I’d bake you alive within your own fire prison, does that sound appealing at all?” I ask, raising a brow.

“I’m trading you for my own means,” Traegr answers, dismissing my threats, “You’ll be with your precious Alex soon enough.”

“You’re dead meat when my friends arrive,” I answer back, “Why is your magic bonded partner in here with me? Your fairy friend doesn’t have any god damn clothes on either. How barbaric are you, couldn’t even leave a single shirt - or pair of pants, for her?” I ask, trying to fire him up.

It wasn’t working.

Until I mention Celeste.

“On the contrary, she’s not leaving my sight,” Traegr snarls, “And neither are you or that bitch,” he glares at Sapphire’s sleeping form.

“Since I’m not being let out of here any time soon, why don’t you tell me what this interesting trade of power is all about?” I ask, “First you kill your magic bonded partner and then five Star Cursed forms later you trade with her - you tragic fuck.”

“Your attempt to aggravate me is nothing but amusing,” Traegr keeps his calm now, seeing through my resolve as I continue to aggressively insult him.

If my vile words weren’t powerful enough, I’d happily kick this dog in the balls.

If I could.

“I bet it’s because she doesn’t love you,” I add anyway, feeling bitter that I can’t shake his resolve, “That’s why she’s in here, isn’t it? She’d run the first chance she got. Poor Celeste, bonded to a pig like you.”

“You have no idea what you’re ranting about,” Traegr shakes his head and turns, “As females often do - you have no sense. You need harsh discipline. You need to learn who’s in charge; who is superior in the Gem’s blood line.”

“I’m classified as a Superpower, I can destroy an entire planet if I want to, dick brain,” I smile and don’t flinch, “Perhaps you need an education in the Madeira Citrine fire and it’s exponential power - it never stops filling my blood.”

I watch as something lights up on his wrist and he raises it to his mouth to answer a call.

I scowl because he’s clearly happy to use it to ignore my threats.

“Good timing,” Traegr drawls into his wrist communication device, “It’s about time you arrived. I’ve been waiting a whole damn hour. Sorry - I mean a couple of millenniums. For this damn moment to come to pass. I just didn’t expect to have my memories. Funny how the Stars work.”

“It is funny. So, is Celeste really alive?” I hear Alex’s tone - still changed and a little deeper to sound like Sabir.

“No need to discuss this when you can see her for yourself, we have a lot to discuss in person. Did Hraken come with you?” Traegr asks.

“Yes. We’re both eager to discuss terms of leadership; disregarding the past,” Sabir drawls, “How young did you end up?”

“In my damn 20s,” Traegr laughs, “I feel bouncy," he did not just say that. I roll my eyes. What an idiot, “I already have a plan sorted, you just have to listen, young Obsidians, the future is in our hands,” Traegr ends the call and catches my gaze.

“So. Bouncy?” I ask, “I suppose your joints aren’t creaking anymore?”

“Just zip your lips shut, whore, your opinions are worthless,” with Traegr’s reply, I impulsively kick the glass again because his insult enrages me so quickly, “Really, Jasmine? Dumb, young and pathetic. That’s all you are to me. That and maybe a power source. If I care to keep you around.”

I officially hated Traegr more than Jared.

And Jared murdered both my adoptive parents.

Just that thought makes me sad and angry.

Now, I really want to fight someone, anything, something!

I wished Alex and John would get here sooner!

“You’re wrong. I’m not young and pathetic, I’m young and impulsive,” I correct him, “Trust me, Traegr, that means I’m a lot more dangerous. I don’t think. I just act. A lot like my mother - Miranda Madeira Citrine. I’m sure you have some idea of her reputation. Newsflash - we’re basically the same person. She might be more fucked up than me in the head, but now I control all the fire power. And I’m not going to be in this box forever. You can count on that, sweet thing.”

“Shut up and listen,” Traegr scoffs as he turns from me to the arriving company, “You might learn something.”

I do shut my mouth now as he turns, his back straightening as the new arrivals finally intercept this god damn situation. I turn to see a transport bus dropping off Alex and John - now just Sabir and Hraken. Their walks were older, their gait, their manners, their faces.

They are different people.

Ancient souls in young bodies.

My heart aches for my memory of Alex.

I never thought I’d say that or admit to something so ooshy mooshy. But right now, I just wanted to lean into Alex’s side for some comfort and joke about something stupid.

Sabir was a completely different person.

“What... W-What’s going on...?” I hear a groan from beside me and I look over to see Sapphire finally sitting up slowly after waking from her nap, “J-Jasmine?” she looks over her shoulder, ”Celeste? Oh my gosh, wake up!” Sapphire yells at Celeste, who doesn’t budge from her sleep, even as Sapphire shakes her shoulder.

“Leave her, she’ll wake when she’s ready,” I snap, “Pay attention, Sapphire. We’re about to be a part of some kind of trade between the three barbarians.”

“What are you talking about?” Sapphire eventually gets to her feet and stands next to me to witness what I’m seeing.

Traegr welcomes Sabir and Hraken on the grass before they turn to come towards our prison.

“He looks so young without the scars,” Sapphire whispers.

“He’s still a fucking tragedy,” I murmur, “Traegr won’t face me when I challenge him - coward!” I yell the insult out to Traegr and he barely glances up to acknowledge it.

“He’s always been like that,” Sapphire hisses under her breath, “He’ll take the easy way out every time. Every damn time.”

“What the hell are they planning?” I murmur.

“You don’t know their ways - they’re ruthless, Jasmine,” Sapphire turns to me, “You’re in for a hell of a wake up call.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” I lie and smile as Sabir and Hraken both witness the three females trapped in this white box.

“Well, that was unnecessary,” Sabir surprisingly speaks to Traegr while looking at me, crossing his arms over his chest, “Jasmine and the girls don’t need to caged, Traegr.”

“I’m going to burn his balls off,” I speak up, “He’s scared. Leave the Tragedy and his feelings alone,” I joke with a smile, hoping Sabir will smile... he smirks, which is close enough to Alex for me to feel a little bit more comfortable with his changed presence.

“No one knows we’re back,” Hraken adds, “Why do you have them caged?”

“Are you not aware of tomorrow’s events?” Traegr asks, raising a brow,

“The fight?” Hraken asks, “It’s not necessary.”

“It’s perfect,” Sabir says it in realisation at the exact same time that Traegr drawls it.

“A show down is planned between Ametrines and Obsidians,” Traegr recounts as he shrugs casually, “I think it’s a fair way to choose the ruling party. You two are involved already. A young man called Jaxon is representing my blood line - you know him. It’s not necessary when I join his ‘clan’ of fighters. We’ll even it up.”

“I’m fighting in that, buddy,” I knock on the glass, catching Traegr’s attention, “Get ready to burn.”

“We’ll set up a Fake Reality field,” Sabir mentions over the top of me, “The FR technology will allow us to fight until the end. To be fair, it will give a set ground for rulership.”

“The fight is guarenteed to balance any differences we have,” Traegr continues, calmly, “The only thing we need to agree on is the women.”

“They’re fine being friends,” Hraken adds, “Are you really considering the enslavement of our female Royal Gems again? After all that it’s taught us?”

“It’s impossible to enslave them in this time period,” Traegr agrees, “That’s why we have fealty,” Traegr now turns to me with a very wide smirk, “Thank you for reminding me of this new concept. Perfect fealty. That’s what you’ll be swearing while kissing my feet, Jasmine.”

“You really don’t want to aggravate that particular Royal female,” Sabir jokes with Traegr, “She’s actually going to murder you in your sleep. I’m the only one who handles Jazzy. She’s my project. No one else’s. She won’t listen to anyone but me anyway. I’m her prince,” now Sabir seems to be making fun of me, even while sticking up for me.

Which was still like Alex... just more bold.

“I believe you on that,” Traegr adds, smirking, “But she’s not swearing fealty to you, she’s swearing it to me.”

“There is no deal you can make that will engage such a transaction,” Hraken adds.

“I agree with J - Hraken,” I add, raising my hand while Sapphire listens intently from beside me, “Now get to your deal, Traegr.”

“I will release these females when they swear fealty to the Ametrine family. In return, Obsidians will rule beside me with equal Kingship. Like a three way,” Traegr smirks, “I’m sure we can manage the balance of power.”

“We can do that without bargaining over female fealty, especially when they aren’t bonded to you,” Sabir adds, “Why the hell do you want Jasmine’s fealty - or Sapphires?”

“Sapphire is a lying little snake and Jasmine’s fealty will be consigned to her magic use only. She doesn’t have to listen to me. Except.... how do I put it... she has to burn whatever I tell her to burn. Like a weapon. I say to fire and she will fire,” Traegr adds.

“What if we don’t agree to this deal?” Hraken asks, looking majorly confused why Traegr wants fire power anyway.

“I’m not releasing them until a deal is made. I wanted to offer an alliance,” Traegr adds, “Your going to lose this fight tomorrow. My influence is too great. I have every resource to prove wrongful banishment of the kid, Jaxon, when he was but a babe. I have the resources to ensure Obsidians never rule again. I will happily show you the legal documentation. It’s the Ametrine’s time to rule. The fight tomorrow will simply appease the public unrest.”

“Who decides what blood of Royals will rule?” I ask to myself as I am truly curious.

“The most potent Royal Gem powers,” Sapphire tells me, “You’re one of them.”

“...hmm?” I wonder in a whisper... as my mind suddenly reels with the importance of my last name.

“So, lets get this straight. No outting of any Obsidian fuck ups, for equal leadership after this fight leads to any outcome. It’s just to appease the public. Whoever wins agrees to split power?” Hraken works it out, “Except you get a little bit more extra - a weapon in Jasmine. A slave in Sapphire. Why?"

“It ensures you all behave,” Traegr adds, “We will rule equally, but you will not overthrow me because their fealty will be written within a blood contract. They will be bound to act on my behalf. Jasmine as a weapon in war. Sapphire, well... it’s just to keep her mouth shut. You know how rebellious these females can be.”

Sabir and Hraken go quiet and share knowing glances.

They were going to agree.

“A weapon?” I ask out loud, still curious.

“Wars are inevitable, sweet thing. Don’t worry, we’ll be friends in no time,” Traegr changes his demanour drastically now that his two long lost buddies are starting to perhaps agree with his plan.

“Let’s have a look at this contract. Nothing is being signed until I read the fine print,” Hraken adds.

“Agreed,” Sabir nods to Hraken and then Traegr motions the men to follow him.

When they disappear around the box, I turn to Sapphire, who looks furious with the direction of that conversation.

“We’re not signing anything,” I add, “I promise. Just tell me what... what my name means?”

“Madeira Citrine females ruled for centuries at a time, a long, long time ago,” Sapphire explains, “You know what that means, Jasmine. But you need to find a way out of this magic suppressing box quickly.”

“Can I challenge everyone?” I ask.

“Without support it will be near to impossible to rule,” Sapphire adds, sceptically.

“But I can challenge them...?” I repeat, “For the right to be Queen? To rule everyone on this planet and the small number of Gems residing in Central Universe?”

“Legally?” Sapphire bites her bottom lip before she lets the golden word slip, ”Yes.”

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