Star Cursed

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Part 2 Chapter 6: Sapphire

Part 2 Chapter 6: Sapphire

The moment I say yes to Jasmine’s question about her right to challenge the leadership of the Gems, she changes dramatically on the spot. Her eyes widen, her mouth closes - for once - and she stares off into the distance.

I decide to explain further, “The right to contest the throne is legally binding through the Gem’s Book of Law. The Madeira Citrine blood line is compatible with leadership. However, you need support of influential people who can push your right to the throne and obviously so they can convince everyone else that you’re a good option. Good deeds, money, reputation - it’s all important,” I explain.

“What kind of reputation do the Gems desire in a leader?” Jasmine asks.

“Generally, Gems have always respected the more powerful magics,” I add.

"Perfect,” Jasmine puts up a hand to silence anything else that comes out of my mouth even as she doesn’t face me.

I snap my lips shut and narrow my eyes at the young Val, short for Valencia. She was a great warrior from our history. She probably didn’t know the story - that she was a legend. However, perhaps the legendary story I had been told had also left out details of Val being obnoxious, rude and violent. To me, Jasmine was... an interesting, intense character. She was unique, that was for sure.

It would be enlightening to see her fight tomorrow.

I’m jerked out of my thoughts when I hear a sudden bang behind me. I abruptly turn to see Celeste has swung up and hit her head on the side of the white box prison. She looks to be in a panic, but I’m over joyed that she has awoken.

“I’m back,” Celeste gasps as she holds the side of her head, ”I was burning up seconds ago,” she blurts, holding my gaze as I jump down to her side and kneel next to her, “Sapphire... I’m alive!”

“Is that what you remember?” I ask, choking on the tears that want to escape for my best friend that I was convinced I would never speak to again. Now... now it was all better. However, I hold my tears of relief back so I can take in Celeste’s words.

“What do you mean?” Celeste asks, gazing into my eyes, “I was helping with the portal to CU. Did it work? How long have I been sleeping? I thought I was burning, Sapphire. Did that happen or was I dreaming?”

“I thought you were dead,” I decide to break the news lightly, “You have no idea what’s truly happened. But... everything has changed and I need you to stay calm.”

“Did Val live?” Celeste asks, raising a brow at me as she witnesses Jasmine standing on the other side of the box, ignoring us completely as she stands with her eyes closed, “I’m so confused, Sapphire. Why am I naked and you’re both clothed? Why is Val wearing... jeans? I didn’t know we had them as an option on Kiyr.”

“Jeans are the least of our worries. We’re in the future now, Celeste,” I speak softly while I squeeze her hand, “We’re not from our own time anymore.”

Celeste sits up properly and holds her knees to her chest as she watches me like I’m the one that is crazy, “I swear I’ve been sleeping maybe 12 hours, no more though,” Celeste replies, “Is this box some kind of kinky punishment Traegr is trialling? I bet. No doubt he wants to do something sexual to us... and very public...” Celeste rolls her eyes, “But didn’t...? Didn’t Hraken take charge? Or was their fight a tie in the end? I can’t remember.”

“Okay, listen up - you’re wrong about everything,” I take over. I had to cut to the chase, ”Celeste. Everyone thought you died. Then we all moved on. A few months later, Hraken, Sabir, Traegr and I entered the Gem Palace in Central Universe. I was poisoned. It was some kind of potent spell. I was in a coma until this very morning. I was awoken surrounded by Val - now called Jasmine. Her friends were there too. And the one to wake me up was Sabir. However... it was the Star Cursed Sabir. A young man called Alex. I have been in a coma for thousands of years. You have been trapped in a portal for thousands of years. But the biggest twist of all - is that Sabir, Hraken and Traegr were all Star Cursed yet their memories came back because we survived. Because we are all still bonded.”

“So... so we are... we’re in the future?!" Celeste asks, finally coming to terms with it, “Again?”

“Yes,” I nod.

“...and why am I naked again?” Celeste questions, her eyes alight with new energy, even as she is softly spoken.

“Traegr no doubt finds it amusing,” I roll my eyes, “He is here.”


“They’re drafting up a contract to control us,” Jasmine speaks up out of the blue and I look over my shoulder to see that she’s taken two steps forward while her hand is outstretched and incased in a ring of blood red fire, “Apparently women need to be tamed. We’re trapped in a magic proof cell, portal lady,” Jasmine smirks as she plays around with the fire around her wrist.

“How are you harnessing your fire, if there is no way to access magic in here?” Celeste asks for me.

“Two things. I have different barriers concerned with my magic - precisely, no barriers. Hence, my fire is different to control. Secondly, I have also had some pretty dark thoughts I had to delve into, until I could overcome the security placed into the technology of this prison,” Jasmine explains, “Now that my magic is within my palm, I’m going to burn this down.”

“Thank you,” I snap, jumping to my feet, ”Finally. Get us out of here, Jasmine. We need to get Celeste some clothes.”

"She doesn’t need clothes,” Jasmine snaps back at me, “Sapphire, you’re going to stand up and get away from your dead girlfriend, while I make her end quick and painless. Fair is fair. If she dies, Traegr will probably kill himself. Problem solved. We won’t have a barbarian trying to take over.”

“This problem is not solved with murder,” I yell at Jasmine and she actually pauses.

“She has no use,” Jasmine tries to argue.

“Celeste is Royal blood, like me and you. We are all Royal blood, Jasmine. With the three of us, we can match the three Dark Gems - the barbarians, as you call them,” I see a spark of acknowledgement in her eye as I approach her with my hands up, “Please, don’t kill the help. Just get us out of here and then we can help each other. We can kick their asses.”

“Um... we can?” Celeste asks, skeptical as she stands up. My best friend was never a fighter, even though she had a perfect control over her Earth magic.

“See? Useless,” Jasmine drops her palm regardless while shaking her head in disapproval, “I won’t rush into anything, girls. I’ve made up my mind. I’m getting the hell out of here. You two can deal with the three idiots outside while I prepare for the big fight tomorrow. I’m going to find a way to make your mate,” Jasmine glares daggers through Celeste, “Squeal. Like a bitch piglet. My bitch. And the only reason I’m not burning off both of your ugly faces right now, is my focus. I’m going to let off some Shadow Fire. Without any intent of damage. I promise.”

“Why do you sound extremely sarcastic?” I ask, “Why can’t you calm down and work with us?”

“Because I have shit to burn,” Jasmine snarls at me, “I’m going to raze this Stadium to the ground and then I’m going to take Alex out on a date. To have some words with his Queen. Aka; me. Duh.”

“I was his ‘queen’ long before you were,” I rub this in just to piss her off. I admit, it’s a little impulsive, but only because I was irked of the way Jasmine spoke of Sabir as Alex and as if I had no place in his future.

Jasmine simply pauses long enough to smirk slowly like an evil genius.

“And now you’re just a misplaced corpse,” Jasmine drawls, “If I find a use for you, I’ll be in touch. In the mean time, don’t forget to stop, drop and roll.”

“Wait,” I hold up my hand but it’s too late.

The box starts to melt - because she is projecting her fire over her half of the prison.

She chuckles the whole entire time as the prison melts like cheese.

I stand back and sheild Celeste with my own magic.

My water is fast to protect both of us.

I hold my arms out and call more of my magic to me.

As the water forms a barrier around us, it sizzles as parts of the prison come into contact with the bubble like shield.

Jasmine flies off in a burst of flame and I watch as my bubble of protection clears, to allow my gaze to follow her freaking lunatic adventure.

“What the hell are you doing?” I whisper to myself as I watch Jasmine fly high and start lighting blankets of destructive fire all over the Stadium. As multiple alarms wail, the Stadium quickly starts to cover in thick smoke. I reach back and grab Celeste, helping her stand. I pull her out of the prison box.

I can hear Sabir, Hraken and Traegr yelling to each other over a flimsy piece of paper that has been ripped in half while in Traegr’s fist.

The three Dark Gems catch my eye as I drag Celeste back with me - my limbs moving confidently and strong. Even my heart and my head feel in the right place for once.

I don’t feel vulnerable.

Because for some reason... my magic... was really... really... strong? Yes. I have to take a moment to comprehend it, but it was.

It was pumping through my veins like it never had before. I had always had Royal blood, but it had been dimmed because I had been mated to twins. Dark Gem twins drained large quantities of magic through the Void - too much magic. Somehow our bond had affected all of us in the past. It had affected Sabir, Hraken and I in the worst way possible. While they were always thirsty for magic, Sabir ravenous, Hraken calm like a monk when he learned to control the cravings - I had the shortest end of the stick.

I had been the one plagued with small amounts of water magic. A minuscule amount. Like a defect among the Stars.

However, for some reason in this moment, I was realising the potential of my magic. It had truly changed, for whatever reason - it was flowing fast through me, like bullets of power loading and locking, ready to fire with a single gesture. Like real Royal power.

Celeste stays behind me, my hand holding her wrist the entire time as I watch the Dark Gems run toward us as the Stadium is covered in fast flames.

“What do we do?” Celeste screams at me from behind, terrified.

“We fly,” I whisper while pushing water out of my feet - it propels me and her into the air. It’s a bit wobbly at the beginning, but somehow my feet curl into the water and my magic curls around Celeste’s feet too... until we are somewhat surfing on a fast jet stream of water - towards the freaking sky, “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap,” I mutter to myself as large quantities of sapphire blue water magic, keeps propelling the both of us faster and faster - which has Celeste shrieking in fear.

“What! How is... how is this happening?!" Celeste squeals as I take us around the curve of the stadium as I get used to the power pulsing through me. I consequentially help put out some of the fire and as I look back to the Dark Gems, my water automatically directs me there.

They are standing stock still, gawking at my antics.

Ah, oh. I was heading straight for them - too fast.

Celeste and I slide down and I try to redirect myself up higher, which I learn at the very last second involves having to look where I want to go. So, while we sail above Sabir, Hraken and Traegr’s heads - inches from them, I drench them in a wall of fast moving water. I even hear the slap as they get smacked down hard into the grass of the stadium with incredible force.

And then Celeste and I are heading up, up and up again.

As we finally surf our way out of the Stadium walls towards the forest, I learn to control my magic. I smile as it becomes easy second nature to pull us in the way I want to go.

I make sure we head for our favourite sanctuary in the forest - if it still existed. As I’m taking us to safety, I spot a line of smoke and red flames as Jasmine flies towards the Golden Palace. As I notice her, we finally reach out destination.

I decide not to follow Jasmine back to the palace.

Instead, I lower Celeste and I towards the tree tops.

This is when Celeste jumps and allows some quick growing vines to gently catch her and lower her to the ground like she’s... well... she really was a goddess of nature.

I slide down quickly through branches, descending in a clumsy rush as I slip on a branch that I dare to step on while in my quick descent. I jump off the branch and use my water to soften my landing - which means my feet quickly sink into a big puddle of fresh mud. Curtesy of my water.

As my ankles slowly sink into the slush of sparkling soil and leaves, my heart races with adrenaline. I watch as Celeste walks out from behind a trunk, now already covered in pretty leaves that clothe her private parts and hang around her hips, waist and arms like expensive jewellery.

‘Wow’ Celeste just mouths the word to me as she watches my feet sink further into the ground. She smiles and waves her hand forward, growing some tulips around me so the water is sucked up from the dirt.

It just ends up solidifying my feet in tough dry soil.

“Really?” I ask, barely holding in a chuckle as she clicks her fingers and the soil turns to dry sand instead.

“Better?” Celeste asks, winking at me as I jump out of my predicament.

“Holy cray,” I gasp again, “Did you see? Of course you did, we were freaking flying through the air.”

“It felt like we had done it a thousand times. We should have been flying together through the forest from the beginning, when we met,” Celeste adds in her excitement, her skin glowing with health... and life, “You were always Royal blood.”

“I was freaking defected. No more,” I laugh and hold my palm out, watching as magic water gushes out of my palm and through my fingers like a little water fall, “I remember when I would only be able to do this for a few seconds,” I grin as the water intensifies, “It feels endless.”

“You are the Queen of water, Sapphire,” Celeste is not joking.

“And you’re the Goddess of Nature,” I return the compliment.

“But we are,” Celeste purses her lips, “That’s what Royal female Gems possess. Powerful magic. Strong hearts.”

“It’ll be useful. Sabir, Hraken and Traegr will desire their ‘rightful’ place as Kings,” I add.

“Sapphire,” Celeste thinks for a moment, “You may as well be Queen now.”

“We could both -” I point to her and then snap my lips shut.

Then my mouth slowly becomes an O.

“What?” Celeste asks, “You look like you’re having a moment of complete reassessment of life itself. Which is fair enough. Since we’ve both time travelled again. Into the future. Again. No big deal, right?” Celeste tries to joke but I can’t shake the new thoughts filtering through my brain.

“That’s it,” I whisper, my heart thumping with the thought.

“Hmmm?” Celeste waits for me to continue.

“It’s our time,” I answer, “It’s our time. Our turn. Our shot. Jasmine. You. Me.”

“You’ll need to explain further. Do you want to challenge rulership?” Celeste asks, still half joking until she also realises the impact of my magic coming back, “...we could... we have the fire power...”

“Literally,” I add, “We don’t just have strong magic. We all have ruling blood. We are all classified under the law as ruling freaking blood. We even cover almost all the elements. This has never happened before in our past. Fire, water and Earth... and I bet there is another crazy Royal female Gem out there that controls air and is willing to fight with us. Against the oppressing ways of our past.”

“Why does the air user have to be crazy, specifically?” Celeste asks, “We’re not crazy. We just desire peace.”

“We have to be crazy if we want to stop them,” I add, seriously, “We have to be crazier than the Dark Gems. Bolder. Five steps ahead this time.”

“How the hell is that possible?” Celeste asks, starting to look doubtful.

I could tell she was thinking of Traegr. One thought of her lover and she melted to moosh. Her love knew no bounds.

“Our men enslaved us, but we’re not from that time anymore,” I remind her needlessly, but only because I want to make an impact with my statement, “Because we were young and stupid, we couldn’t get out. My magic was non-existent. Traegr mind fucked you into being his maid, rather than his Queen. They made me a princess because I was weak. Now, though... now the tables have turned.”

“What are we, if we challenge them?” Celeste asks, “I mean, what do we call our selves?”

“I don’t know. Something cool. I mean, obviously they’re going to think we’re lunatics if we -”

"Lunatics,” Celeste and I both say it at the same time, pointing at one another with a joyful glint in our eyes, “Lunatic Queens?”

Again, we both speak each other’s minds.

Because now, for the first time in history, we had more than one lot of fire power.

We had multiple pools of powerful magic to harness and co-ordinate and even the law was on our side.

This was the best shot we had ever had to find a way to rule.

And we may as well use it... have some innocent fun.

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