Star Cursed

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Part 2 Chapter 7: Jasmine

Part 2 Chapter 7: Jasmine

I’ve stolen a book from the library and I’m reading it within the cover of a nice thick tree next to the Golden Palace. I’m reaching the last page by last light. It was a small book but it was pretty informative. There were myths about the Legends of Kiyr. Valencia was one of them. I have a smirk on my face the entire time I read her myth.

Limited to a couple of paragraphs.

It was pretty precise with little information and more pictures than anything else. It depicted a large crowd of men, aka, Dark Gems. Their eyes were black pits of needy power. They were greedy, leading the Kiyr population of Gems for too many centuries. Valencia was a pretty female character wearing a silk dress. She would stand with her hands on her hips and an innocent look in her eye - while flames grew around her. They said fire was like air to all Madeira Citrine females. To break barriers, they had to expand emotionally and mentally. The more wise they became, the more fire grew within them.

Jared had tortured Miranda, my mother, until her barriers completely broke. I inherited the tortured magic which responded to Jared’s presence as if he were the devil himself.

I hated that it gave him control over me but he also gave me a gift. My greatest enemy had made me a Superpower. One of the most powerful people in the universe. There were ten in Central Universe. Haze was one of them. Haze could control smoke and he was like Jared’s lap dog. For some reason, he admired Jared.

I guess there was some sort of inherent beauty in a psychopath. No limits. Only options.

That was Jared to a T.

He loved power and he loved creating power, that was evident.

Now, his abuse of my blood, my mother and now my own fire, may give me the power to rule my origins.

I was planning a major entry that would ignite a huge discussion before tomorrow’s ‘match’.

I had waited all day in my tree, avoiding all my friends, avoiding everyone, to wait for three arrivals.

Hraken, Traegr and Sabir had entered the palace gates an hour ago. I had waited further to see if they would head to a guest room.

They did, eventually, find a room to discuss in private - their past was the topic at hand, no doubt.

I knew this would happen.

I had hopped to the perfect tree to witness everything.

I put my book in a nook between branches and I watch the three Dark Gems discuss life like old gents around a fire place, surrounded by books within an old bedchamber.

They sit at a small table, on small chairs, their frames so large they look ridiculous.

They talk over Gem spirits, they smirk, laugh and plot.

As do I.

I couldn’t wait to crash their party and reuinion.

I was going to make a statement.

I fumble in my pockets for my phone.

I was going to -

“Whatever you’re planning, think again,” I hear a soft voice over my shoulder and I slowly turn to see Celeste right there, smiling softly while wrapped in vines that have lifted her silently to my spot.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I ask dryly, “I didn’t ask for help. Nor company.”

“You don’t know what’s going on!” Sapphire yells up at me from the bottom of the tree and I watch as she starts climbing nooks in the bark that Celeste creates for her.

“Apparently I’m being coerced by... you two ′lovely’ ladies,” I couldn’t sound anymore unimpressed, “I suppose the ancient corpses want to advise me?” I ask, with added sarcastic interest.

“We can challenge them together,” Sapphire climbs the last branch, manoeuvres around me and sits gracefully opposite me. Meanwhile, Celeste hangs from vines, creepily watching on from right behind my damn shoulder. Obviously neither of them understood the concept of personal space.

“Absolutely the worst idea I’ve ever heard of,” I exclaim in my reply to Sapphire, “Also, I’m done discussing with you two,” I start to stand but Celeste wraps a vine around my waist to stop me escaping and I simply burn a tiny part of it off before I rip the remaining vine from my body, “Don’t do that,” I hiss at her, “They’ll see me if I light a big enough fire.”

“Then shut up and be patient, we just found you!” Sapphire leans back on her palms with her legs stretched out as she observes me with quiet patience - even though I have none.

“You both showed up as my whole world changed,” I explain, “I have no reason to confide in you, be fond of you or care to know you. Go. Away.”

“We’re Royal blood and if you want to be a Queen you better expect a challenger,” Sapphire responds smoothly and slyly while smirking, “Celeste and I will beat you as a team. Water and Earth together. Fire can only do so much.”

“Wow, you’re both so cute,” I roll my eyes and continue to dismiss their offers and threats. I turn to face the window that I’m going to break through in my big entry.

“If you’re planning on storming their private meeting,” Celeste murmurs coyly, making me jump because she’s still right there behind me like a god damn ghost, “They already know you’re coming.”

“Yeah right,” I scoff and shake my head.

“They’re going to expect you to challenge them in this vulnerable open position, why do you think they made themselves so visible?” Sapphire asks.

“I don’t care if you’re both experts in how they take shits, you both have no idea how I fight,” I smile just at the thought of what I’m about to do to Sabir, Hraken and Traegr, “I’m about to whoop some ancient ass. Three of them.”

"Or they’re about to whoop yours,” Sapphire counters, “All three of them.”

“It’s a bit messed up how passionate you are about that dumbass statement you just said,” I murmur, “Besides, they wouldn’t all beat me if I was losing anyway.”

“I wasn’t talking about a beating,” Sapphire raises a brow, “I meant -”

“Save it for later! Look,” I interrupt as I watch what’s happening indoors, “They see us,” I hiss, right before I grin, slowly raising my finger to point to the sky before I wiggle it at the three barbarians. Sabir, Hraken and Traegr have all turned their heads to observe the trio on the tree outside the chamber.They seem a little shocked by the fact that all three of us are casually chatting outside their window, “Why are you so scared of them?” I whisper this to Celeste and Sapphire, turning to witness their unsure expressions of doubt.

“We’ve never won before,” Sapphire explains, tensely waiting for one of the Dark Gems to make a move.

Instead, the men just watch us from inside and exchange a few words without doing anything.

I wait for a bit.

I judge the way they watch us without all looking away at once. No Royal male Gem wants to give us a single chance at a surprise attack. As their lips move more quickly, I can tell they are trying to formulate a plan quickly.

However, I’m just intrigued and my mind reels with the possibilites.

“They’re scared,” I state, speaking to Sapphire and Celeste.

I turn to them and see Sapphire looking like she’s mentally preparing to fight.

Celeste looks spell bound by Traegr but also cautious at the same time.

They were missing a leader.

They were missing guidance.


They had never won.

Perhaps I could give them a boost in confidence.

I get the gist that they need someone like me to shake their thoughts.

“Follow my exact lead,” I don’t rush my words as I access my phone’s camera and turn on the video, “Girls, listen up,” I hold the camera up and point it to Sabir first.

He is the first to stand and react, coming towards the window with a suspicious look in his eye.

“They weren’t meant to see us yet,” Sapphire lets out, nervous.

"What’s the plan?" Celeste asks, trying her best to sound confident, “What should we do... Jasmine?”

I watch as Sabir starts to fiddle with the locks on the window, about to slide it up and open.

“1. 2. 3. We make our mark. Me first. Sapphire follows. Celeste, you do something cool at the end. It’s all on camera,” I hold the camera steady as the window slides up and I feel the confused gazes of Sapphire and Celeste on me.

I have faith that they’ll work it out if they just play along.

At least, I have as much faith as I can muster, for two strangers.

“Jazzy?” Sabir asks through the open window, “Come inside. Where it’s warm. Let’s talk.”

“Prince Alexander,” I reply, making sure the camera is focused on his face, “Or should I call you Sabir? For everyone that will be watching this, Sabir the Punisher has returned. Axel is now Traegr and John is now Hraken. Confused? Check on your history. Don’t believe me? Have a look at this walking corpse,” I turn the camera to Sapphire, who is now squatting on the branch and listening to me intently while not taking her eye off of Sabir, “Oh and don’t forget the famous Celeste, trapped in a portal!” I turn the camera and focus it on the lithe fairy behind me. Then, I swing back around to Sabir and the window.

I’m delighted to find Hraken standing behind Sabir, the most suspicious of them all while Traegr slips next to Sabir and catches my gaze in a confident challenge.

“Whatever you’re planning, it’s not going to work,” Traegr drawls out confidently, “Making a scene isn’t smart, it’s foolish.”

“I told you I’m impulsive, dick brain,” I call out, “And you are correct. I’m going to make a scene. A very big scene.”

“What’s the point in that, Jazzy?” Sabir asks, clearly hoping the nickname wins the fight. Ha, pathetic, “Don’t make trouble where there is no need for any.”

Clearly they had their plan worked out. They just forgot to consult the females first to see if we abided by their plans for the future of the Gems.

I had a pretty good idea of how to direct such a fortune.

“Everyone focus on Axel of Axel Technologies - now the Star Cursed Traegr the Tragic with memories included,” I hold up my spare hand so the camera picks up my fingers, where I light a few flames like candles, “Now focus on this. Miranda’s fire. No longer just Madeira Citrine fire. Try looking up Valencia. A legend. She did something amazing in the history of Kiyr. She successfully overruled the Dark Gems and brought power to the Royal female Gems. How did she do this? Legend has it, she... heheh... well, she caused a huge scene,” I make the fire bigger in my palm and I look up to see Alex, now Sabir, watching me with a threatening glare.

He didn’t want me to do whatever it was I was planning but he knew he couldn’t stop me in this moment. The phone was made of Kiyr metal, it wasn’t moveable by male Gem powers of telekinesis which helped them take our power. So, the phone was staying in my grasp and none of them were going to take it from me.

I turn the camera towards my face and I smile as it encompasses my facial features and identity.

“I’m Valencia,” I state, changing my name there and then for the purpose of the new souls in my life.

If Alex was going to insist on being Sabir.

I was going to be Valencia.

“I’m going to cause a scene - like I used to,” I flip the camera back around innocently, “One. Fire. Two,” I snap at Sapphire, “Water. Three. Something pretty,” I turn to Celeste and wink at her.

I don’t hesitate any longer.

"Jasmine, don’t-” Hraken calls out and the deep burr of John’s new voice is completely blocked by what I do next.

With one hand I release Madeira Citrine fire in a nice thick stream, catching it all on camera.

The flame flows through the open window. It lights up the book cases within that particular chamber that the three Dark Gems are residing in.

But that is just the beginning.

I let my fire consume the building, at least this side of the palace walls - right before I jump off the branch and let the fire burst from the bottom of my feet.

As I fly upwards, the camera view is now a bird’s eye view, capturing the fire spread and burn the outside of the Golden Palace.

I char the entire structure, orange yellow flames hugging every corner, every wall. The top, however, I leave untouched.

Except for a fancy signature.

I direct the fire to scar the surface with a very particular name.


One. Done.

Now for Sapphire and Celeste.

I expect I have to wait to see if they understand what I want them to do.

I’m surprised to see that they prove me wrong.

I watch, swivelling my camera to the side as my fire helps gives light to an arch of water - a gigantic wave, rising from the tree tops.

I let out a whistle, impressed by the brilliance of the move made by Sapphire as the water cascades down like a tidal wave from above the forest, covering the palace and putting out my flames instantly.

But that isn’t all.

I throw down a line of fire to light up what Celeste does to finish it off.

On film, as the water pours off scorched Golden Palace walls to the floor of the forest, I capture the entire palace now being completely covered in green vines with white flowers.

The structure was burned, symbolising death. It was marked like a casket and covered with revolution. A brilliant display of power. No one hurt.

But all caught on camera.

Fire. Water. Earth.

And just with perfect timing, the wind picks up around me.

The camera shakes and I watch as a gold glittering dress covering a now sober Emalee, appears in my vision. She flies up right next to me to my left, still wearing her stylish star shaped glasses, she flips them onto the top of her blonde hair, eyeing me with a curious brow raised.

“What the hell are you doing up here, setting everything on fire?” Emalee asks, sassy as always.

“Oh, you know, just being a Superpower,” I explain, “...and a Royal female Gem.”

“No shit!" Emalee holds out her hands in exasperation, “Let me know when you’re going to do some crazy shit like that again, you know I want in. Anytime,” she flips her glasses back down over her eyes and crosses her arms over her chest.

I grin and I end the recording.

Emalee was the missing piece to the puzzle - and that ending?

Was bloody perfect.

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