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Part 2 Chapter 8: Sapphire

Part 2 Chapter 8: Sapphire

Sapphire’s POV

The next morning, I’m reminiscing about last night. Jasmine had concocted a brilliant plan in the dim darkness of the Kiyr moon. She had captured a short film showcasing the power of female Royal blood and elemental magic. I had been grinning like an idiot from the thick tree branch while Celeste and I were watching Sabir, Traegr and Hraken, drenched in water from my tidal wave that came crashing in from above.

After the event that happened in less that 30 seconds, Sabir had been assessing me like I was finally a threat to be worrisome about, Traegr was speechless and Hraken... well, I couldn’t get over the fact he looked odd with short hair. So even when he glared, he was now a younger version of himself with a cute few inches of hair compared to the long warrior locks of brown; which is all I was used to. He’s nose was also no longer broken, so it wasn’t crooked anymore; it was perfectly aligned. Just as Traegr’s skin was perfect and no longer scarred. But besides the fact the infamous three leaders of Dark Gems and Royal Gems were now younger, I would never forget their faces of confusion and shock as the Golden Palace was attacked by three Royal females at once... simply because we could.

“Jasmine may actually be the exact Lunatic Queen we’ve always needed to return to us. Valencia Madeira Citrine will change everything - again,” Celeste whispered this to me, right before we jumped from our location and ran back to our secret hideout in the forest, still littered with Diamond dust and therefore protected from any of the Dark Gems.

After we slept and rested, we returned to the Golden Palace the next day just as all the commotion of getting ready began for the Stadium. We watched on, stole some food from the kitchens - like usual, and then we made our own way to the Stadium where the big fight was meant to take place.

Celeste and I were eager to find a way to become a part of the action, but first we wanted to part ways and do a bit of research on our own.

If we were to become Lunatic Queens beside Jasmine, we had to show no fear.

So, Celeste and I made a pact.

We would face our conquerers from our past. We had magically shown them a side of us rarely seen last night. So now, we wanted to communicate our positions.

“Don’t think about how much you love him,” I tell Celeste before we part ways within a familiar stone corridor, “The bond will always exist. Love will always be shared. However, power changes, focus on that. Please, focus on nothing else,” I warn Celeste with as much emphasis as possible on keeping the most important thoughts in mind. She had to abolish thoughts of weakness.

Usually if I ever gave a speech like this, her eyes would glaze over, she would nod but she wouldn’t truly hear me. If anyone was blinded and led my love, it was my best friend Celeste. She valued her emotional ties with Traegr like he was food, water and shelter to her. Today, however, she truly sees me.

She even smiles, relaxed.

“You just promise me you won’t delay them by doing anything... unnecessary,” Celeste winks at me.

She knew I was safe as long as I didn’t fall into Sabir’s attuned and easy manipulation of me, through words and when necessary; actions.

We both give each other a tight hug and then touch each other’s fingers as we part, nodding at one another.

Celeste was hugged by vines and leaves that wrap around her minimally to give her just enough coverage. Me? Jasmine gave me a dress not long ago as she prepared with her team, The Embers. Sabir or Hraken hadn’t been with them and Jasmine had been grouchy because of it.

That is when Celeste and I decided to go hunting for them.

We found them waiting in seperate chambers that they used to occupy back in the fighting days of the Scouting Stadium; when Royal female Gems were forced to fight Dark Gems until the right one, with a bond, was able to make them submit within one of these sex-chambers. Or, they were used just to punish you. To make you feel weak, it was often filmed in parts back in the day. You couldn’t win every fight here, when you were starved, tortured or manipulated. Now, at least we had a new start to work with. A new environment.

I walk my way to the chamber I remember so well, and as I walk through the open door, I find Sabir flicking through some papers with Hraken at a large desk placed in the middle.

“...your team members, The Embers, are getting ready without you,” I explain from the open door way, wearing a blue short dress, low cut and very dangerous while I also wore killer midnight blue high heels, with my hair spruced up with some new modern styling, aka, it was a big boof; but it was dramatic and had an affect I desired. I watch as Sabir and Hraken turn to eye me while putting down their papers.

“We don’t have time to seduce you,” Sabir mentions mockingly, “We’ll chat after the fight is over.”

“Did you sign a contract with Traegr?” I ask, “That no matter the outcome, you agree to rule together and palm me off to him as a slave by right via fealty?”

“We were discussing other options yesterday,” Hraken explains, “Nothing was signed.”

“That’s good to hear,” I smile and walk in further, “What are you looking at?” I glimpse the sheets and see that they are from the Gems book of Law, printed out at relevant pages, “Looking for loop holes?”

“What happened to your pitiful magic?” Sabir asks me, avoiding my question while he shuffles the papers on the desk and puts them down.

The chamber was the same size but was converted into an office. The pool adjoining the main chamber was a vault, sealed shut.

“What happened to your confidence?” I retaliate with yet another question, hoping I show that I will not be swayed.

“Is there something you would like to discuss, Sapphire?” Hraken now questions me, with a raised brow, “We have to be on our way to our team. We have a big fight ahead of us.”

“I’m not wearing a nice dress for nothing,” I reply, “I’m challenging for rights to leadership - after the fight. I know everyone wants to see Ametrines and Obsidians fight. After you’re all tired, Celeste and I will have our say, no doubt broadcasted to the whole of Kiyr.”

“And Central Universe,” Hraken nods at me, “Good, I’m glad you’re challenging for the right to lead.”

This causes me to rise a brow in surprise and even Sabir looks at Hraken like he’s nuts.

“Really?” I ask.

“You now have the power, you may as well take your right and step forth,” Hraken tilts his head, “We’re not slow, princess, Kiyr will want one defining leader above all others. Eventually, you will have to fight me. Sabir. Traegr. Jasmine. Celeste. We already worked out Jasmine will be challenging too.”

“I will be talking Jasmine out of trying such a ridiculous thing,” Sabir growls at Hraken, “She has too many enemies inherited from her mother’s past, including Jared, that will all be a distraction. Even if Jazzy triumphed over everybody, which she could - she could never lead because she is always fighting everyone.”

“No worries, you do you,” Hraken punches Sabir’s arm, ”Brother.”

“Mmhm, we still have to talk with my parents,” Sabir murmurs, “Their reign is over,” now Sabir finally turns to me and looks me over, “Good luck, Sapphire. You’ll need as much as you can get. Luckily this challenge for the throne will all be over in a few days. Time will tell who rules. At least you’ll have fun trying. And I’ll have fun participating in your own fun. Sounds nice, doesn’t it princess?”

“I like the cockiness,” I bite my bottom lip, closing the distance to two twins, born cousins in this time - I believe that was a part of the reason why my magic no longer had limitations. Though our bond was three way, they were born separately and grew two magic bonds extra. Jasmine’s magic was helping keep Sabir balanced and Hraken had another girl who I was yet to meet. That left a lot of magic for me that wasn’t drained by twins born on the same day, which caused the defect in our past, “Cockiness is just what I wanted to hear,” I hold up a palm each and lay them on Sabir and Hraken’s chest over their suits. I have their full attention now as I gaze into their eyes with an exaggerated lust, “The more confident and arrogant you fools are, the more funny it will be when you both face plant and kiss the soil of Celeste’s making, over and over, while my water weighs you down. Sure, you could manipulate the water but I am the prime user of that magic and I will have far more control over it than both of you. My magic is now officially at Royal saturation. When you’re grovelling at my feet, you’ll best hope the best outcome is only that slavery is required to repay the debt of enslaving so many Royal females for too long in our past. I see after a few thousands of years that the males still dominate. No longer,” I tap my fingers along their chests before I back off and smile, “Or maybe we’ll all get along?”

“It sounds like you’re fond of the first scenario,” Hraken can’t help but smirk, “In your dreams, princess.”

“A cheeky whore is always a cheeky whore,” Sabir narrows his eyes at me as I back off to the entry way, walking backwards with a sly smirk that mirror’s Hraken’s arrogance.

My dramatic and smooth exit is almost perfect, until I back up into somebody standing behind me.

"What the hell are you doing?” Jasmine asks as she shoves me forward.

I turn around to face her and her eyes are raging.

“Talking?” I snap back, already annoyed that she’s annoyed - for what damn reason?

“That sure as hell looked like a nice and cosy... ‘chat’,” Jasmine hisses at me and I’m confused.

“Jazzy, shut the hell up, she’s bonded to both of us, deal with it,” Sabir interrupts with a harsh reply, just as I see the rest of The Embers showing up. Sophie is in the corridor with her twin friends and they are all gazing at me like I’m the enemy.

“What?” I snap, “I touched their chests with my hands, what’s the big deal?” I glare at Jasmine as she crosses her arms over her black leather warrior bra which is complimenting black leather pants.

Our hair is boofed up in the same style.

“Alex, excuse me, Sabir is my boyfriend. He’s mine. Share his magic but don’t rub up on him,” Jasmine explains, “Don’t touch him out of free will unless you’re sharing magic. Don’t touch John either. Hraken is taken be Asha. Know your place. You can’t have it all, not in this day and age. I’m sorry, Sapphire, but I’d advise that you don’t cross that line again.”

“What a shame,” I reply, on edge by her words and feeling isolated even though we were meant to be a team and backing each other up.

“How is that a shame? That’s reality,” Jasmine raises a brow at me, “I will not share my prince. He’s mine. Mine. M. I. N. E. Mine.”

Even her team mates look wide eyed at how possessive she is.

“There is fun to be had in sharing,” I explain, after pausing for some time, I can’t help but feel a need to be sassy in return, “You’re the one missing out, princess. Touching their chests is the least of your concerns. You can not deny my magicbond or the love that is shared. Sabir loves you. He also loves me. As Hraken feels love for me. Thousands of years can not be erased. That is your new reality. So, you deal with it. No matter what, that isn’t changing. I can’t click my fingers and change this even if I wanted to please you. But I’m sorry, sweety, they’ve been mine a lot longer than they’ve been yours. Just take some comfort in knowing Sabir’s sexual needs aren’t going to fall just on your shoulders alone. I can help with that,” as I’m smiling, I must have said something in the wrong tone or perhaps I had delved into the wrong choice of words.

Because, Jasmine just blinks a couple of times - right before her eyes flash red, flames that are darkening, pick up around her form as her fists clench tight.

“...get the hell out of my face,” Jasmine whispers, “Or you’re dead in 3 seconds.”


That escalated quickly.

Celeste’s POV

Traegr is reclining on a sofa, speaking to a team of warriors who sit on an opposite couch. I watch, shy, from the door way as three boys and three girls sit or stand facing Traegr.

“Illusions?” Traegr asks one girl, “Very impressive.”

“Hardly,” one of the boys responds, wearing a black suit and wearing a shaggy hair style, “You can fight by my side and follow my movements. I’m happy to accomodate you as a secondary partner.”

“Jaxon, you have nothing to worry about. I know how to fight,” Traegr finally glances to the door and sees me standing their awkwardly, he looks pleasantly surprised by my presence. In a rush, he blurts, “Get up and leave us,” Traegr sits up quickly, and waves off Jaxon and his friends.

These must by the A-Stars, the team fighting The Embers today.

“Right,” Jaxon huffs out an irritated breath and stands up with his team, walking out and gazing on at me with confusion.

“Nice costume,” the tallest girl nods at my attire and I smile nervously as they all leave.

The moment they’re gone I shut the door to give myself privacy with Traegr.

I then walk forward and sit on the couch opposite him in this office converted chamber.

“Do you like my new look?” Traegr wiggles his eye brows as I take in his flawless skin. The only thing separating us was a low lying coffee table but I am glad there is something between us to make me think twice in case I get distracted by my heart.

“Yes, you look very handsome,” I answer, meekly. I had to remember what I wanted to say and not get caught up in his flirting. If he started to charm me, that is when I fell at his feet. I loved to be submissive with him, however, I needed to be strong for my future, “I came by to... to... say hello.”

That wasn’t what I was supposed to say.

“...hello,” Traegr drawls quietly.

I find it sexy, his tone, his unblinking gaze.


"No,” I blurt out, finding my thoughts buried momentarily by his all encompassing voice, face and mere existence across from me, “I actually have a message for you as well.”

“Tell me all about it,” Traegr holds out a palm, offering me to speak, he sounds very patient.

For now.

“I am not, uh,” I suck in a breath, “I am not going to stand by you today.”

“Okay?” Traegr questions, more curious than anything.

“I’m going to challenge you,” I continue, “With Sapphire. We’re strong enough to defeat you.”

“You don’t sound very convinced of that,” Traegr chuckles.

“I’m just telling you, I’m not trying to do anything else other than inform you that I... I will be standing against you. Regardless of bond or magic or lo-... feelings,” I purse my lips.

“You’ll eventually have to face me in a fight one on one,” Traegr adds, “At the end of it, when you realise you have no hope of ever succeeding in such a battle, I’ll look forward to punishing you. And fucking you. And life will go on.”

So blunt and bold, exactly as I remember.

I pause and let his words sink in.

For the first time in my life, I feel an itch to take back a thread of control.

“I don’t plan on fighting you,” I explain, “I will... make a scene,” I shrug, “I can make a very pretty, bold and vibrant challenge but not through the art of fighting. I will show everyone my power through art and creativity. Something people remember. Sapphire will fight like a warrior, though, that I am sure of and if I have to fight? I will. I will fight you.”

As I say this, we both hear a loud splash, gurgles of bubbling water as well as screams of outrage and protest from a few doors down.

We both look over our shoulder, and I see water flooding in from under the door way to our office chamber.

Unlike me, apparently Sapphire had encountered... resistance.

Except it didn’t sound like she was fighting Sabir or Hraken at all.

It sounded like she was fighting...


A roar of burning flame next, a roar almost deafening... would perhaps suggest so.

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