Star Cursed

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Part 2 Chapter 9: Jasmine

Part 2 Chapter 9: Jasmine

“...get the hell out of my face,” I hiss this quietly to Sapphire, even though there is an audience witness to my rage, “Or you’re dead in 3 seconds.”

Needless to say, Sapphire doesn’t silently comply. In fact, she attacks me first! I’m hit with a wall of Sapphire’s water just after I’ve made my threat to murder her. Due to my unexplainable hormones, frustration and... I admit... jealousy, I automatically try to ignite my fire in retaliation but a certain someone stops me.

"Hey!" I snarl out. Okay... not a certain someone. Everyone. Each member of my team that was meant to be supporting me - backs up Sapphire by screaming at me to calm down. Sophie is gasping in shock at my threat and the fire in my gaze while the twins are trying to hold me back even though I’m drenched. The other two are different, silent but meaningful. Hraken steps forward and pulls Sapphire back, shoving her behind him so that he can protect her. Sabir, ah yes, my precious Alexander - raises his hand and is about to harness the rare but popular ability used by all Royal male Gems - telekinesis. The funny thing is, he doesn’t actually use it, he just raises his hand; fingers out to threaten me with retaliation after I threatened Sapphire for suggesting she was going to sleep with him.

“Jasmine, calm down, please, the fight is about to start!” Mitchel yells at me as he holds one arm and Blake holds the other.

I can’t take my gaze from Sapphire and her smug face.

“What would Leon say to you right now?” Blake tries to remind me of Leon, whom was sent to coach our team, The Embers, back when we were in high school, “Use your energy for something useful-”

“You bitch,” I focus my energy on Sapphire and let out my fire in projection. Letting it leave my skin would burn me as the water boiled so I had to send the magic outside my body before igniting it.

I let it fill the corridor, mere feet from the bodies around me - leaving a few more feet here and there.

Consumed in a mixture of Shadow Fire and a battle to level my head back to normal... I am lost in my rage.

I ignite the fire to show resistance to everyone there. But mostly to show my outrage to Sabir for daring to take sides with Sapphire.

Feeling heart broken for the first time, I use my burning rage to block out my screaming friends who yell at me to shut off my magic.

Then, while I ignite the fire to make everyone back off - I also dissolve into my own magic briefly. The fire that made up my identity could become one with me. It was a hard skill to master and I rarely used it; but right now it was natural and easy. The rest is strategically placed and I watch the corridor light up in a perfect pattern as I reform out of the twin’s grasp and at a safe distance. The fire display is both beautiful and deadly, but placed perfectly to make everyone back off from my location.

“See you on the field,” I grin at my team and then glance at Sapphire, holding her shocked gaze for a few seconds, I hold up my chin and turn.

I blast fire out of my back and feet - because I fly out of the damn corridor, extinguishing my fire as I leave so that no one actually get’s hurt. But at least I get my space.

I see multiple workers, cleaners, administrative personel, guards and fans as I find the nearest exit; flying all the while like a maniac.

And then I find an appropriate exit.

A window.

After basically burning through air and around bodies, I shatter through the glass of the huge window. For a blinding moment as spotlights focus on me hovering over the field of Axel Technologies, I soak in the luminescence - and the screams. Screams of excitement.

This was a fucking great distraction from Sapphire’s previous words of sexual possession towards Sabir.

I grin and my eyes adjust to a massive stadium. Every. Single. Seat. Filled. My race of magical beings know what my magic is as I fly upwards, hearing a voice through a microphone.

“Looks like we have an early entrance... from the one and only Jasmine Madeira C-” the man holding the microphone gets a lump in his throat as I find his podium and fly straight for him. I reach out my hand and snatch the mic out of his palm, skidding to a graceful stop a few meters from him, on the podium now too.

The crowd cheers again and my heart thumps faster. I had missed my fighting days and now I had a good reason to let off some steam.

“You can call me Val, short for Valencia,” I drawl into the mic before throwing it back to the shaken host. I wink at the frightened man while I step down onto the field, inspecting the FC barriers set up for the fight.

I saunter into the rectangular field, my palms itching for a fight.

I couldn’t wait.

As I head to the centre, I sit down with my legs crossed ungraciously, leaning back... I hear the crowd laugh.

“It won’t be long until the other contenders arrive, as well as The Embers themselves,” the host continues, “As you all know, this is a fight between Obsidians and Ametrines. I suppose Jaz - excuse me, Valencia... wanted to make an early entrance because of a secret recording admitted to the judges, from Val herself this morning.”

I smirk, no one knew what I had been planning all morning.

This Royal battle was proving to be, indeed, a great distraction from my raging emotions, conflicted when it came to pretty, petite Sapphire.

I watch on a big screen as my recording starts to play. I hear my voice as the crowd goes silent, “Everyone focus on Axel of Axel Technologies - now the Star Cursed Traegr the Tragic with memories included. Now focus on this. Miranda’s fire. No longer just Madeira Citrine fire. Try looking up Valencia. A legend. She did something amazing in the history of Kiyr. She successfully overruled the Dark Gems and brought power to the Royal female Gems. How did she do this? Legend has it, she... heheh... well, she caused a huge scene...” and on I go to create that lovely masterpiece with the other Royal female Gems in the video. A true moment of unification. But thankfully, this recording was showing off my strength primarily.

When the recording finally ends with my burnt signature on the Golden Palace and Emalee flying up to greet me, the crowd is slowly and hesitantly clapping.

I find this odd, but I can’t deny the tension in the stadium seats.

“Just like a true Superpower!” the host tries to laugh this off, while he coughs and tries to find his voice, “That was sure a - a spectacle. And that Princess Sapphire lookalike was spot on, wasn’t she?”

I raise my head and glare at the host.

“She’s real, dumb ass!” I scream out to him, and he pauses awkwardly.

“Oh... oh, uh,” he tries to find the right words but something buzzes him into action, “I’m just getting in the prompts now, it’s time folks! It’s time to introduce the contenders. We’ll see The Embers out of the right gate and the A-Stars out of the left. Remember, cheering on the Obsidians from the right, Ametrines from the left. This is a battle to the death, folks!”

As he says that, I watch the crowd to see their reactions. They all stand up, screaming and cheering... briefly distracted from my ground breaking video.

Apparently not ground breaking enough.

I scowl at the distraction of the gorgeous Alex... ahem, Sabir... and Hraken, Sophie and the twins, making their way up the right ramp, close and striding strong. I wave to Sophie, who even from this distance, rolls her eyes at me.

Once they are on their way to me, I lazily glance to the left where the next gate opens.

My eyes catch Jaxon striding beside Traegr, ironically the owner of this stadium; now fighting within it. The healers are all in tow and Flora hangs at the back, dressed up to impress in a black lacy gown and heavy black eye makeup. She catches my eye and puts a finger to her throat, indicating a slicing motion. My funeral? Yeah right, bitch!

I stand up slowly as my team comes closer and I turn my back on them, simply walking to a side of the field I choose for ourselves.

Both sides were as equally beneficial due to the exact shape of the stadium, so it didn’t matter anyway.

“ under control, Jazzy?” I hear Sabir as he moves right up into my back, grabbing my wrists and instantly draining on my never ending source of magic.

“100%,” I hiss, trying not to react to him draining me. It was necessary, but I could still feel the massive amount he was taking; roughly.

“You’re fucking crazy, Jazz,” I hear the twins scold me while Sophie avoids me, pissed off by my temper tantrum.

“Just do as I say and we’ll win quick and easy,” Hraken speaks to me with a raised brow, “I have the knowledge of a very good warrior. Trust me.”

“I’m the captain now,” I snarl this as I jerk away from Sabir and then give my hand to Hraken. He clasps it in the air and takes my magic while I smirk at everyone.

Sabir is glaring the crap out of me while the rest of my team just hold their breaths in frustration.

“...she’s got her crazy eyes on...” Mitchel whispers.

“...great...” Blake adds.

“Ahem,” the host coughs into the mic, about to speak the speech before we fight.

“For Obsidians,” Hraken lets go of my hand and I see Sabir nod.

“For Obsidians,” as Sabir speaks, Sophie betrays me along with the twins as they speak it together, “For Obsidians- !”

“For Madeira Citrine!” I drawl, cutting them off, “For Valencia,” I tilt my head at Sabir, “It’s my new name. Get used to it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, J -”

I’m glad when the host cuts off Sabir and his high handed tone.

Perfect timing.

“Alright, everyone, this is the beginning of a very important battle! Decreed by the Gems Book of Law, we will see these two teams face off... unto the death within this Fake Reality field which ensures fairness but also humanity. This battle will sway the political power. Let’s see, shall we?” he waits for the crowd to roar... they do. I look over my shoulder and face Jaxon, who nods his respect at me. He thinks he is going to win. When I look up at Traegr he is seemingly curious of the discord I’ve created within my own team, “Start the scene!” the host calls out and our landscape starts to grow with grains of sand. I smile as the landscape transforms into a dessert setting. I wait for the boulders to appear, the obstacles... instead we’re just faced with a huge pit of sand, a few feet deep and loosely grained. It would slow everyone down. Which was perfect. I didn’t mind, “Set your positions carefully, we start in 60.”

“Back up,” Hraken barks the order and I laugh as I watch The Embers move away from the middle of the field... while I remain in the firing line.

“Pussies,” I call out while revelling in everyone’s glares.

I turn my back on my team, while I hear them swearing at me.

“She’s gone fucking crazy,” Sophie hisses this.

“Wrong,” Hraken interrupts, “She’s gone rogue...”

“It doesn’t matter what happens, this fight is a display only,” Sabir tries to reason.

“30!” the host calls out.

I watch as Jaxon argues with Traegr after Jaxon is held back from approaching me. I’m curious as Traegr wins the argument and he steps forward. He approaches the middle and when I look over my shoulder, Sabir almost approaches, until Hraken holds him back steadfast.

“10!” the host boasts.

“Valencia,” Traegr drawls down to me as he closes the distance, holding out a hand in a mocking gesture... like he isn’t scared.

“Begin!” the host is chirpy now, the crowd going silent.

I do something crazy. I reach out my hand and grab Traegr’s palm. As I gain momentum, he is too distracted with the fact he can drain me - to see my foot flying for his face.

I use a burst of my fire to get me flying, spinning as I swing down from above. He get’s a foot to the throat, causing him to let go, stumble back and almost drop to his knees.

I laugh.

“Dumb ass, tragic piece of shit,” I keep grinning as I lift off into the air, avoiding sand arrows heading my way - Flora’s illusions. I sweep my way behind my team, pretending to look at my nails.

“Your turn, team,” I say innocently, while the crowd laughs at my easy first successful attack on the opposing team.

“Key word there, Jasmine,” Sophie speaks dryly, ”Team. Act like you’re a part of one.”

“Chill, watch them dance,” I haven’t even told The Embers yet that I’ve heated up the sand on the other side. Before the A-Stars can advance, they start to feel a heat in their sneakers - safe from direct magic but not indirect heat from the sand. As the A-Stars lurch up their legs one by one, everyone is confused.

They dance and my team slowly approaches, begrudgingly grateful by my sneaky moves.

“This is too easy!” I call out, only letting the fire stop under the sand when a wall of sharp grains comes heading straight for us. It’s fast and direct, from Jaxon’s precise power over telekinesis. As it passes through us, it’s impossible to defend.

“Our turn, Jazz!” I hear Sabir yell back at me, even while after we’ve just been scratched up so that we’re bleeding through the first inevitable attack wave.

I decide to listen and watch as two seperate walls of sand are picked up my Sabir and Hraken... two waves to be used against Traegr’s try at it... once he get’s his breath back, of course.

The sand flies and collides midair, creating a top barrier, making flying impossible.

“We’re in!” the twins decide to dart forward while Sophie stays with me.

While we stay somewhat back, I share a knowing look with Sophie.

“We got this,” I reassure her, turning my head back to see the sand in front of us... shifting... in lumps at first - until they form together into scaled patterns. Illusions of sand snakes come slithering towards us at lightning fast speed. Sophie gasps, we’re both caught off guard as we both try to move back. However, the snakes are fast and one ends up successfully striking out, biting Sophie’s ankle as she unsuccessfully tries to dodge it. Almost instantly she starts screaming in pain.

“It’s not real!” I call out, but her squeal of terror doesn’t stop Mitchel from sprinting back to see if she is okay.

He’s already got hair ripped from his head from whatever happened on the other side.

“I got you!” Mitchel picks up Sophie above the sand and tries to calm her down while she cries.

“I need to pick out Flora, quick,” I start forward, towards the backs of Sabir and Hraken.

“We need to drop the sand cloud war,” I scream at both of them.

“We can’t stop if they don’t!” Sabir growls back, “It’s too risky.”

“I’m going over, I can’t see anything and I’m going to get sand in my fucking eyes down here!” I yell out in frustration, grabbing onto some brief Shadow Fire, I use it to protect me as I make my next move.

I fly directly up and out of the battle.

Once I can clear my vision, I see Jaxon and Traegr mimicking Sabir and Hraken on the other side of the sand cloud, while Flora is arguing with her healers at the back of their side.

We have the upper hand.

I grin and glance to see how the crowd are handling the fast battle so far. Seeing the innocent faces and rowdy audience makes me... wonder... I can’t help but think... just how many bodies I could burn to dust with my Shadow Fire this strong... it would take but one moment, a flick of my wrist, a flare equivalent to a solar burst...!

With that first killer thought, I’m about to turn off my Shadow Magic... but I pause... shocked... completely distracted out of the blue. My hesitation means I’m letting the fire rage a bit too long inside my heart.

However, I can’t stop my darting eyes, completely engaged by what’s happening in the crowd.

It was... oh, yes... it was a slow rising fog... a dark, curling, black, smog.

A haze.

Of smoke.

The key word?


My mind races with thoughts of the intruder, and my control completely slips.

I let out projection and make sure to burn all four barriers of the FR field to shut off the battle completely.

“It’s over now,” I whisper to myself, while my eyes scan the entire stadium for signs of him.

I ignore the yelled complaints of confusion from below me and instead focus on the frightened crowd.

The entire time my Shadow Fire is in my grasp, unhinged and completely consuming me. It’s admittedly too long, soon it’d be near to impossible to banish it’s force unless I was knocked out cold, drained dry, or killed.

But I was too keen to intercept Jared’s lap dog.

My way to Jared’s secrets and vulnerabilities.

As the smoke thickens, I see a figure standing behind a small group of fans at the top of a stadium exit in the middle of the seats, who have no idea they are being ghosted by another Superpower.

I lock eyes with Haze.

A Superpower was equal in power to me... limitless magic.

Fire and Smoke.

Now this would be a real battle.

Haze is happy I’ve found him, and his slow confident smirk eggs me on.

I accept the challenge.

Falling for the trap, like a naive fool.

But it’s too late.

I rush him.

Author's Note: Unfortunately this as far as I've gotten into Part 2 [originally named Elementals]. I'd love to continue it but for the moment it's on hold. Please review it to let me know if you're interested in me continuing it. I stopped a while back when someone stole my work and caused me a lot more trouble beyond that [bullying and harassment], it absolutely killed all my mood to continue any of it. This series was my first love, the very first series that I ever wanted to create and it means SO MUCH to me, I'd love to get the passion back for it, that's why I've moved Part 2 onto Inkitt for free. I think maybe y'all can convince me to continue it. Anyway, I love y'all and I hope you enjoy my first ever imaginings written into the world of the Gems :) rate/review, let me know what you think. I may continue this as I'm just starting to slowly feel okay about it again. Anyway I'm just being honest, it's all I can do for now.

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