Star Cursed

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Chapter 7

One rogue male finds me swimming alone and orders me to follow him. He places me in a room with a bunch of other females. Then, the next few days on the spaceship are surprisingly uneventful because there is a sombre mood upon all the male aliens. They seem to be preoccupied in meetings or something because all us prisoners are simply fed food and water and don’t have much interaction with any of them.

We are also moved to a community area rather than our isolated rooms. Apparently there were different labels for all the prisoners and different sections, because there weren’t many prisoners where I had been placed with Celeste originally. In our section were about fifty girls, no boys.

We were all rounded together by lower ranked Others. They stood guard while we all ate and socialised and slept on small singular beds. Quite a few girls had tried to cause trouble or were exceptionally aggressive towards the Others.

Some of the girls were funny when outspoken, speaking witty jokes that made everyone laugh. We didn’t get away with much, however. The guards had the authority to restrict food and water to whomever pissed them off.

I’ve bonded with Celeste in the meantime, we have a silent unspoken connection where we just understand each other. We felt no need to ask about where we were from or what we used to do or like. We’re both focused on the situation at hand.

“I swear I’ve known you from another life,” I say for the thousandth time.

“Maybe we did know each other once, Sapphire,” she responds the same way like all the other times. We couldn’t help repeating ourselves.

We are sitting next to each other on a single bed, resting against the cool wall of the spaceship.

“I think we’ve got a visitor,” I speak up as the guard to the door out to the hall beyond is talking to someone on the other side. I hadn’t seen Sabir since the pool and I wondered if it’d be one of those Others; any of the highly ranked ones, or Traegr.

But my expectations are sorely disappointed when an older female, who is exceptionally tall, comes wisping into the room.

I mean, I guess it was interesting for the simple fact that we hadn’t seen any female Others before.

“Alright girls!” as the woman addresses us, her voice echoes around the room with instant power and authority. Everyone shuts up and tunes in to what news she has to bring. We all watch as she comes to stand in the middle of the room - to address all of us equally, “Listen to me! We are about to arrive on Kiyr, a sacred, powerful and beautiful world. You’ve all been assigned to be workers at the Golden Palace,” excited whisperings go around the room. Finally we have some news, something about our future was finally being revealed to us, “Don’t be mistaken - you are still expendable. So do as you are told and learn to be the best you can be in your roles. You are not entitled to any rights on Kiyr except the right to choose. I suggest you choose the path of least resistance, if you want to live a long and happy life,” she is extremely condescending in tone, which clearly irks one of the girls closest to her because that girl interrupts, yelling out, “I thought we were special, why are we considered better than the rest of the prisoners?”

“You are not special, dear,” The woman snaps, before sighing in annoyance, “It is the men’s decree that you lot be placed at the palace due to sentimental value. However, don’t be mistaken, you are not special. You are not what we wanted or what we needed. But we will make do with you for now. Everyone line up from tallest to shortest - I will be assigning each of you your new roles. Hurry up, we are about to land and you all need to know where you’ll be sleeping.”

I glance to Celeste with annoyance and she returns my look identically. This did not sound like fun. At least we weren’t assigned to be executed. At least in slavery we’d stay alive for a bit longer.

As the girls slowly line up, you can feel an air of defiance filter through the minds of all the human girls present. Would we accept our roles as slaves so easily?

We had no choice at the moment but to follow with what was said. I had a feeling... though... that on the ground the vibe would change and rebellion would begin.

Celeste and I were quieter about our thoughts on rebellion, not wanting to bring too much attention back on us just yet. We sure as hell didn’t want to submit to an alien race consisting mostly of males who were far too arrogant for their own good, but we didn’t want to try anything risky until we got to know our situation a little better.

Soon we would arrive on Kiyr and then we’d learn our new environment.

And hopefully, find a way to escape back to Earth.

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