Star Cursed

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Chapter 9

Ladonna rushes me to the entrance just in time, literally. I walk down the cool pavement until I see Celeste standing near the end, hiding behind a couple of girls in front of her.

“Stand in single file,” Ladonna hisses quietly under her breath as she rushes past us toward the end of the long line of fifty girls, to meet the Others exiting the spaceship now to approach the palace.

All the girls including Celeste are staring at my new outfit and I just look to the ground, nervous in something so pretty but revealing. We all shuffle around anxiously to get into single file.

“You look beautiful, Sapphire, I promise,” Celeste reassures me quietly with a nervous smile.

“Thank you -” I whisper back.

“No, talking!” Ladonna hisses from the front of the line, looking directly at Celeste and I. We just share a knowing look, trying not to roll our eyes as Ladonna suddenly turns to greet the Others, “Welcome back, your slaves are ready and trained for you as you requested.”

I spot Traegr at the front along with Sabir and Hraken. As well as some more Others that I recognise from the meeting in the space ship. We all fall silent as they approach. A tense air seems to fill the atmosphere as they walk by, every man observing each girl that they stalk past. Celeste and I were at the end of the line and wouldn’t be seen until last.

Celeste and I seem to instinctually move closer to each other, our arms brushing as we stand stock still, staring at the ground. I could feel her shaking a little next to me even in the warm morning air.

I move a little closer to her and lean towards her ear so I can whisper as quietly as possible, “Don’t show them your fear...” as I finish I glance up and realise Sabir is staring right at me as he approaches with the Others down the line. Traegr has noticed too as they approach and decide to stop right before us.

“Ladonna,” Traegr growls out while locking eyes with me, looking me up and down. I watch as she comes rushing forward, her face red with embarrassment.

“Yes, my King?” she asks in a rush.

“You know exactly what the problem is,” he growls, “Fix it. Unless... Sabir, you want to address the issue yourself,” my eyes jump to Sabir and I watch as I see his eyes harden as he stares at what I’m wearing.

Without even speaking, he reaches out a hand and grabs my arm, dragging me away from Celeste who instinctively reaches out and grabs my hand, finally looking up and meeting my gaze with anxious eyes.

Sabir pulls me out of Celeste’s grasp none too gently, pulling me to his side, in the mix of all the tall Others... I instantly feel dwarfed. Like an elf, they were so much taller. I certainly felt like they weren’t human as I stood in the midst of them, glancing back at Celeste to see her hand slowly moving back to her side as Traegr stares on in amusement.

“Hmmm... cute, isn’t it?” he mutters with a smirk to the rest of his mates before turning from Celeste and stalking his way inside. The Others follow while Sabir drags me along with them. I have to half jog to keep up with their long strides.

He doesn’t say anything to me as we all walk deeper into the palace.

“Uh, yes, the palace smells different with the lingering scent of females, doesn’t it, men?” Traegr asks, laughing whole-heartedly along with the others before abruptly stopping and turning around to face me, reaching out a fast hand he grabs my chin in his hand, appraising me openly in front of Sabir.

“So similar to the princess we once knew,” he continues, “Especially in this attire... get her out of it, Sabir. Have some fun, after all, it’s been a long time since we’ve had company.”

“She knows exactly what position she is in,” Sabir replies, his other hand grabbing my other elbow and pulling me in front of him so my back is to him as I face Traegr. I felt so small in comparison and so helpless, “A quiet Sapphire is quite a change, isn’t it? I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.”

I wanted to say something. I was sick of being humiliated, however, I choose my words carefully.

“My slave clothes were soaked through,” I explain, looking up to Traegr, grateful I’m not looking into Sabir’s eyes because I found them far more intimidating, “Ladonna made me wear this instead of the drenched clothes.”

“She should have kept you in the ruined ones as punishment for being clumsy, then, little one,” Sabir murmurs this with a smirk in his tone. I go quiet again, and then all of them burst out laughing like this is hilarious.

“Everyone disperse and do as you please, we are finally back where we belong,” Traegr dismisses me by looking to the rest of the superior Others.

They all murmur in agreement and start to disperse. Traegr gives Sabir a knowing look before walking off himself. I feel warmth on my neck as Sabir leans down closer to my ear.

“Where are you wet slave clothes, Sapphire?” he asks quietly. It is a simple question but I can’t help but find it threatening.

“In princess Sapphire’s old room,” I say quietly.

“You mean my room,” he growls, seeming pissed off that I’ve even suggested my other self had ownership to it. He starts walking forwards once more with me in his tight grip. We walk up the main staircase, to the special hallway with the enormous lavish bedrooms. We walk straight into his room, apparently.

When he sees my slave clothes on the floor he puts a hand on my back and ushers me forwards, towards the pile. Of course, he wasn’t going to pick them up. I had to.

I reach down and pick them up in my hands, getting ready to walk past him and leave to get changed somewhere else. After all, I had chores to do now with Celeste. Lots of them. So I had to get back to work soon if I wanted to eat dinner on time.

When he sees me about to walk past him he simply blocks me walking past with an outstretched arm. I look up to him with a challenge in my eye.

“I have work to do,” I try to weasel my way out of what he wanted to happen next. .

“And you have something of mine I wish to be returned,” Sabir replies quietly back, his eyes roaming to my gold and brown bra and skirt, “You are not taking it with you.”

I pause. He unfortunately has a point, they were his property and he wanted them back. Even if they were technically my old clothes from another life or whatever. That was all still confusing to me.

“Some privacy to get changed would be nice,” I mutter quietly but all I get in response is a cocked eyebrow and an arrogant look that just makes my voiced opinion feel extremely insignificant.

I stand there for a full minute and then realise he isn’t going to move and he will watch me change. I decide I better just get on with it so I move as quickly as possible. I take off the outfit in record time, pulling on the wet clothes which were a lot harder to pull on as they pull and drag across my skin. I put on the shorts first, wearing a white pair of underwear which I never took off in the first place but were still wet. Then I take off the bra and put on the white midriff top, struggling with this part. I freeze when I feel large warm, strong hands on my arms, helping me pull down the top into place over my naked breasts which were perky from the cold. We weren’t afforded bras under our tops so it was just the thin material covering my chest.

When I’m clothed once more in my slave outfit I hand back the revealing outfit to Sabir who happily takes it from me.

“You can go do your work now,” he approves, smugly, “Afterwards you will have to find me or I will find you, you won’t be having dinner until I counsel you on what you did back on Earth. You can go,” I nod and try to skit past him but he grabs my elbow and stops me, “What did Ladonna teach you, Sapphire, what do you say when I speak to you? When any of us speak to you?”

I pause, gritting my teeth. I didn’t want to say it but I would say it just so I could leave quicker.

“Yes, Master,” I mutter. He leans in closer to me from his tall height, until his head is hovering just over and next to mine as I look up with anxious eyes.

“I didn’t hear you, darling,” he says mockingly.

“Yes... Master,” I say more loudly to his face.

“Lose the attitude and you’ll do it just perfectly,” he smiles, before letting me go and putting a hand on my ass, pushing me out the door, “Get to work.”

When I’m out of sight I practically run down the hall, relishing in my freedom despite being really uncomfortable in my wet sticky clothes. I felt so overwhelmed with relief that I had escaped him without much else happening.

I hurry to find Celeste to tell her what had happened.

I knew... that now the superior Others were back, things weren’t going to be so peaceful anymore.

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