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On first day, the Queen of vampires was born. On second, she ruled. On third, she fell for a man. On fourth, he killed her. On fifth, he grieved. On sixth, he became a hybrid. On seventh, world ended! Some Alphas reject their mates if they think that she's not fitted to be a Luna. Some accept them, it doesn't matter if they're human or weak Omegas, because they care for them. I wasn't lucky to be one of them, though. When I found out that my mate was an Alpha, I took it fine. Most of the girls would run or something cliché like that, to find out that their mate is the cruelest among them. A hybrid, none less the one whose beloved you didn't want to be. Reason number one, they are said to not give a fùck about their beloved. And reason number two, their mates and beloved ones are never the same person. Reason number three: beloved can't give them offsprings, so they're thrown away once hybrids had fun with them and run off to their werewolf mates. I was one of those unlucky ones. I was the first beloved, a beloved of one hybrid like that. He wasn't just any hybrid in the world, no. My fate wouldn't be that sweet and perfect. The ruler of all, oldest of all. He, the king of hybrids. And let me tell you that it wasn't a nice love story to talk about...

Fantasy / Thriller
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THE WORLD that humans used to know was here no more.

They have finally found out about the magical world around them, supernatural that walked feet by feet with them, seemingly unnoticeable, yet their traced could be found anywhere.

That realization wasn’t as pretty as someone would expect.

There was war.

There was blood. Deaths. Grieving. Hate. Revenge. Killing. And more war... The cycle continued again and again. Milliseconds decided whether nuclear bombs should be used, but human soon learned that they didn’t have much of effects. Sure, they killed everyone in area they were thrown, but that was all. Radiation wasn’t effective against the world of supernatural, the only thing it did was harm humans. But never did they learn from their mistakes, they continued with them.

And so there were wars once again...

Until they came...

The hybrids.

Wielding the power of two most powerful supernatural species, immortality and invincibility, they stopped the war. Every hybrid had a special ability that helped them. And since they first appeared, there wasn’t any who got killed.

That was the turning point in war and supernatural won. Humans weren’t enslaved, however they were treated like that. You couldn’t go against some other being, they could kill you and of course, everyone would be fine with it. That’s why, many of us kept quit no matter what.

If someone came and claimed you as a soul mate, you would simply pack and leave. Life was good for you after that... If your mate accepts you that is...

Kills you if they rejected you and decided so. So what was the big deal in all that?

Again, hybrids.

Every creature was made with two arms, two legs, two eyes, two lungs, two ears and so on, so why be born with only one soul and heart? It’s because we all had a soul-mate of ours there somewhere to complete the other half. Everyone but hybrids.

They have to be a ‘but’ in everything.

There was one beloved for a vampire dwelling inside of them and one mate for a werewolf... since times immemorial, it was never the same person that housed both characteristics and each hybrid had two different mates.

That ‘had’ carried a much greater burden and pain than it could be expected.

Soul mates are almost incapable of harming each other, but hybrids? Hybrids killed one.

They were that cruel, their mates couldn’t go along, they didn’t want to let go of either so one of them had to die. Don’t even mention letting them go, hybrids are very, very jellaous and possessive beings. They’d rather you die in their arms then let you fall into another’s.

All I did that day was wake up early and go to the nearby river to collect water for drink. I never wanted to meet with his mesmerizing red eyes. I never even wanted to be noticed by him.

And I definitely never wanted to be a beloved of an hybrid...

May 2278th,
10 months later...

EVELYNN WAS waiting for him. The tickling clock was in synch with her own heartbeat.

THUMP! Tick tock.

THUMP! Tick tock.

THUMP! Tick tock.

She expected him to be angry, and it was all her fault. She should have kept quiet. She shouldn’t have hit his mate. She knew how much he cared about her.

She was in her place ten months ago when he found her. Not really living happily and treated fairly, but she was comfortable. She didn’t have a perfect life with him, but back then he at least treated her like a person.

Until he found his mate from the werewolf part of him. She so wanted to be in her place, vampires used their beloveds for blood and séx, at least when it comes to hybrids. He didn’t even claim her, she was disposable snack for him.

Werewolf part, that’s another story. They actually cared about their mates and treated them like the most precious treasure... And that’s why she shouldn’t have done what she did.

She knew all too well that she was his favorite punching bag, and she just gave him another reason to hurt her.

She should have never done that.

Soon, Eve heard the front doors slamming open. He was home. And he was mad. She was the reason for it.

"EVELYNN!!!” his angry voice boomed through the whole palace and she could feel the walls shaking from the power he held. She clutched her knees as a tear escaped her eye pulling herself even deeper in the corner she was in. Her room was dark and old... Just like one a slave should have.

But when you look at it again, she was literally like a slave to him.

Not so long after, the doors of her room slammed open and she was met with his angry eyes.

"Evelynn...” he said in a low threatening voice making her flinch. It was then that she realized that his wolf spoke to her.

She should have never done that...

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