A gypsie's story

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George touches my shoulder, "Your leaving so soon, little niece. Zander you better not hurt her." "I'm not little." I scowl, "Besides I can take care of myself.." Zander coughs trying to hide hide his laughter. I glare at him before throwing a rock at George with a flick of my hand.

Fantasy / Romance
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Ring! Ring! Ring! I slam my hand down on my alarm clock effectively shutting it up. Rolling over onto my stomach, I shove my face in my pile of pillows. The sound of footsteps heads straight to my door.

“I’m up!”

Dad heads down the stairs. I get up and go on to turn on the shower. I head back to my room to grab my outfit I had set out the day before. Stripping out of my nightgown, I rush into the shower for warmth of the water. The bubbles from my shampoo fall on shoulders and to the floor. I finish my quick shower and get ready for school.

I head to the door after I finish getting dressed. Warm air blasts me in the face as I teleport to the park. The trees sway to the wind. It’s like a song of no worry. I run quickly to the school, the world blurring around my eyes. I can wield the elements, which has lots of benefits with it. I come to a complete stop pressing my fingers on my sealing tattoo. The energy pulsing through me and to the air completely freezes and disappears. Police men with energy sensing devices start scanning the air. I jog to my friends casually, trying to look young, naive, and innocent. I successfully do so when they look at me and turn away, never looking back twice.

“Good morning!” I shout to Emily.

She narrows her and mutters,”Not in the mood.”

“Aw, isn’t someone a ray of sunshine today,” I tease.

She backs up and smacks me hard on the arm.

“Don’t test her Rosaline,” Eric grins happily.

I peck him on the lips before heading inside. I’m at my locker when the first bell rings louder than normal. I grab my books and rush to my classroom. I sit down, pulling out my school supplies. Ring! The second bell goes off.

“Class, today we are talking about WWII. It begins…” Mr. Stan Wyler starts.

I grip the edge of the desktop as a flaring pain travels up my arm. I groan quietly as a headache comes on. The second teacher leaves as I get ready for the substitute math teacher to come in. My headache only gets worse, causing black dots to appear in my vision. The math teacher comes in the classroom.

I raise my hand, “May I go to the nurse? I don’t feel to well.”

“You may, Christofer go with Rosaline to the nurse’s office.” The substitute answers.

I smile thinly and follow Christofer out of the door. He walks briskly, looking back to make sure I was still following. Stumbling, I struggle to keep up. The nurse’s office is soon in my sights. He puts hand around my upper arm and gently leads me to a choir. I sit down with a difficulty. It’s a relief to my legs and head. Christofer leaves the room to get to class. The nurse checks me out.

“It’s best if you go home. At least for a few days, till you feel better.” The nurse says.

I nod as she calls the front office.

“Your father is coming. Just wait at the front office door.” the nurse tells me.

I nod and walk to the front office. My dad hurries to the door and grabs my hand. He gently leads me to the car. We get home and he ushers me to bed. Dad comes back with a glass of water and chicken noodle soup. I eat the soup and curl up under my covers. I poke my head out and lay my head on my pillows. Closing my eyes, I let the sleep take over.

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