Stolen (The Celestial Kingdom)

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A Princess whose world has collapsed. A Warrior tasked with keeping the Princess safe. Dark Witches working to expose a forgotten past. A Fallen Angel determined to escape his prison. "Nine realms, all ruled by the Angels." Princess Aurelia had heard the saying her whole life. As the only child of the reigning monarch, she is set to become Queen. At eighteen, Aurelia's life is a breeze, with the most significant problem being waking up when her maid calls. Her coronation day is right around the corner, the decorations ordered. It's too bad the day will end up painted in blood. The Celestial Kingdom has fallen. Fleeing from deranged witches, the Princess must trust her new guardian to protect her. She's heard of the other realms, but never set foot outside of the Celestial Kingdom. Now, with a hulking warrior at her side, Aurelia must begin the journey to take back her crown. In the process, she'll need to uncover the hidden truth about her ancestry.

Fantasy / Adventure
B. N. Kasner
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In the beginning, all beings lived amongst one another. Governed by a council of Elders, one member of each race. Elves, to keep the land and water pure. Dwarfs, makers of the most potent weapons. Giants stood as protectors at the borderlines.

Spellcasters, trained in the art of magic, served as advisors and teachers to other races. Rulers of the night, Vampires, read the stars, unlike any others. Fae, with their natural tracking abilities, became hunters. Transforming themselves into powerful animals, Shapeshifters were tasked with enforcing the law. Humans, while at the bottom of the class ranking was the most valuable.

The best breeding families had at least one human somewhere in their bloodline. Lastly, but certainly not least, at the top of society was Angels. Being divine, they were looked upon with reverence and became Lords and Ladies. While most laws applied to all races, there was one who had to be followed by the Angels. No two angels could have children together, as such a parentage would create a being more powerful than any other.

For a thousand years, peace prevailed, and all was as it should be. However, Michael and Gabrielle, two Angels were tempted. They shared a love unlike any had seen before. Gabrielle sought the help of the Elders, thinking they would help the couple. Unfortunately, in their fear, the Elders forced the couple apart.

Pairing Michael with a Spellcaster, they hoped he would be wooed by the woman’s sorcery. Instead, it enraged him. The Spellcaster, Nieima, had already given herself to her Vampire lover. Together, she and Michael devised a way for each couple to see each other in secret. Where once, Gabrielle was willing to heed the word of the Elders, she felt nothing but discontentment.

Enough so, that she too, went along with Michael’s plan. In time, however, all secrets come to light. Gabrielle fell pregnant, casting such an ethereal glow from herself, she outshined the sun. Chaos soon ensued. Other races were furious, with both the Elders and each other.

How could the Elders force their will unto others without trying reason first?

Why did the other races need humans to breed if they could do so themselves?

What would become of this Angel child?

Those were just a few of the beings’ questions. The Council of Elders was soon overrun with malice and deceit. Each member looking out for their own races’ needs. Scared beyond belief, Michael hid Gabrielle amongst the Fae. Nieime, along with her Vampire lover, hid within the dwarfs’ mines.

Only Michael stayed within the public view, and thus, he gained the most notoriety. An uprising was imminent, to keep their power intact the council took drastic measures. Commissioning a Circle of Spellcasters, a new dimension came to exist. Darkness poured forth, a prison realm, where only the worst offenders were to be sent. Without a trail, Michael was cast into the darkness.

The ultimate punishment for a being made entirely of light. During the chaos of the uprising, both Nieime and her lover disappeared, vowing to undo the Elders’ wishes. In the realm of the Fae, Gabrielle perished while giving birth to a son. Angels rejoiced, using the child to further catapult themselves into a higher class. Royalty.

With the power of a monarchy behind them, Angels became the governing race. They eliminated any power the council once held. The Elders became advisors to their respective races government, but nothing more. When tensions reached an all-time high, Spellcasters were called upon again. This time to split the Earth into nine different realms.

One for each race.

After the Allocation, as it became known, different races morphed the past to what they wanted it to be. Beings forgot the truth, even the Royals. Unfortunately, history has a way of making itself known.

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