King's Host - Book One

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Glossary and Information



An old race of humans who inhabit a vast, ancient forest, on the northern border of Astur. To the west the forest reaches the mountains of Laeden, but nobody knows how far north it spreads. It is not known whether Eina were born in that forest or had moved there from somewhere else, though the former seems more likely. They lead a simple life, are organized in tribes and do not have a king, nor do they claim possession of the forest. However the oldest member of a tribe acts as a leader. Eina are tall and fair people and live up to two hundred and fifty years. They are a peaceful, gentle race, and have a very strong bond with living creatures, as well as trees and plants. Eina are skilled healers and have a deep understanding of the living world. They also have knowledge about Edesil, the World of Radiance, which exists at the same time with the human world, but is hidden from it.

Enma - an Eina tribe, living at the border with Astur. Kiri and his family belong to this tribe. Enma live in several villages.

Niseth - an Eina tribe living a little further from the border with Astur than Enma. Arryn comes from this tribe, but became part of Enma after wedding Keryon.


A race of humans who is younger than Eina and who arrived in those lands much later in history. Man live about one hundred years and are similar to us. Most characters in the story belong to this race.


Adj. adjective

Vb. verb

Pron. pronoun

Prep. preposition

Lit. literally

Anaana - adj. bright, illuminating; also glowing.

Ay - prep. of, relating to, belonging to. Possibly from aye, seen as a blessing.

Aye - noun blessing.

Ayesi - adj. sacred, blessed.

Daar - noun growth.

Edesti, ede - noun world.

Ee - yes.

Eide, ei - adj. very old, ancient.

Eli - noun and adj. old, aged, elder; also a polite prefix when addressing one’s elder.

Fai, fa - noun and adj. young; also a polite prefix when addressing one’s younger.

Fallas - vb. to flow, to move, to spill.

Fenna, fen - noun being, living creature.

Fuu - noun mist, moisture.

Kalasi - noun lightning.

Kirena - noun heart.

Leannas - vb. to heal.

Madara - noun lit. inherent balance.

Mae - pron. this.

Mai - vb., imperative mood wait.

Nanna, na - noun person, people.

Nee - noun gender.

Nesi, ne - noun sound.

Odae - noun feelings, emotions.

Orimi - noun dream, vision.

Reei - noun the one above everyone else, also king.

Ripa - noun food.

Ripas, ri - vb. to eat.

Sil, also ki - noun radiance, energy, light; ki can also mean radiance in the sense of warmth.

Suu - noun silence.

Tere, teru - noun place, location; also ground.

Tual - noun house, dwelling, one’s home.

Tualas - vb. to live, to dwell, to inhabit.

Tualain - noun one who lives in his home; also used for one who receives in his home, a host.

Un - no.

Vhai, vha - adj. new, recent.

Ya - prep. in the middle, between.

Yun - noun bond, tie, connection.

Aye-tere - lit. Grounds of Blessings. Blessed Grounds. The place where Edesil and the human world touch and through which feya and sidaar cross into the human world. Aye-tere are said to be quiet and safe places.

Berethis, Becoming/ Becoming Ritual or Second Birth - though not exactly a ritual, it is an event in the life of each Eina, during which a yanee—a genderless child—reaches its complete form, attaining a gender. It is considered a second birth because only after the Ritual a child becomes a complete, albeit young and undeveloped, version of an adult Eina.

Danaa - father.

Madara - the natural order of things. The inherent balance which the worlds tend to in the absence of harmful events of significant proportions.

Edesil - World of Radiance. A world made of radiance, which exists at the same time with the human world—though distinct from it—in a symbiotic relationship. The two worlds touch only in certain places, the Aye-tere.

Eina - ancient people.

Feya, fenna ya edesti - lit. creature between worlds. Feya are the most primitive of silfen and the only ones who can cross between worlds, besides the Vhareei. Like all silfen they feed on sivha, but are believed to be able to cross because they need to feed at the source in order to grow. They eventually become silfen. In the human world feya mimic animate or inanimate things, though there are subtle differences which can give them away. They are very specialized, drawing their food only from one specific source, depending on their type.

Kiyun, short form of Kirena ay yun - the Bond, lit. bond of the heart. The bond Eina share with all living things. It is also the bond of a Vhareei with his Host.

Manee - mother.

Odanaa - grandfather.

Omanee - grandmother.

Reei ay tualain - King’s Host. An Eina woman who hosts the Vhareei for about a hundred years, like a mother. During this time the Vhareei grows his awareness of the human world and builds his bond with it.

Reeyun, short form of Reei ay yun - lit. the bond of the king. A Sireei’s bond with the human world.

Sidaar - lit. growth radiance. That because of which life and growth is possible. Sidaar flows into the human world through Aye-tere, feeding the living things.

Silfen - being/creature of radiance. Silfen are the beings which inhabit Edesil. They are made of pure radiance and feed on sivha. They grow and strengthen the Sireei’s power.

Sireei - lit. king of radiance. A silfen which is above all the other, whose consciousness is incredibly vast and whose power keeps the balance between the two worlds. He lives about 2000 years.

Sivha - lit. new radiance. Sidaar which is fed upon in the human world transforms into sivha, which flows back into Edesil, to feed the silfen.

Vhana - new people, the name Eina use for Man.

Vhareei - lit. new king of energy. The silfen who replaces the Sireei when he reaches the end of his life. He is, presumably, born into the human world, where it spends roughly one hundred years inside an Eina host. This is necessary for him to grow his awareness of the human world and built his bond with it, so he can maintain the balance between the two worlds.

Yanee - lit. between genders; Eina children before the Becoming Ritual. Yanee don’t lack gender, but rather have the potential to be both. A Man’s child is the miniature—but complete—version of an adult. Yanee are incomplete versions of an adult Eina, therefore they must go through the Ritual to complete their—both physical and emotional—form.


Fenarife, fenari - feya who feed on dead creatures. They can take various forms, depending on their source of food. Fenari feeding on decaying vegetation take the shape of various fungi.

Fuurife, fuuri - feya who feed on mist / moisture. They seem to dwell mostly in woodlands, close to rivers, lakes and other sources of moisture. They look like fireflies, but their glow is silvery or blueish.

Kalarife, kalari - feya who feed on lighting. They only come out during thunderstorms. They look similar to lightning. To tell them apart, one must listen for the thunder following the lightning.

Odarife, odari - feya who feed on emotions. They mostly attach themselves to trees, mimicking a leaf of that tree. If removed and dried, they turn a light purple, though it is not known why. Eina use them in their healing, but using them without proper knowledge can be dangerous.

Orife, ori - feya who feed on dreams. They look like tiny parasite flowers which attach themselves to vines and creepers—and possibly other plants. If a creature from the human world comes too close to them, they make it fall asleep and feed on its dreams. Eina call it an orife sleep. It is sudden and can last longer than a normal sleep, therefore it can be dangerous.

Nerife, neri - feya who feed on sound. They look like hard clusters of tiny, spindle-shaped shells and take the colour of the surface they attach to. The more nerife in one place, the quieter that place grows.

Suurife, suuri - feya who feed on silence. They look like clusters of miniature icicles and take the colour of the surface they attach to. Suurife can only be seen in very quiet places. Surprisingly enough the presence of suurife does not make a place noisier. They can sometimes be found in the same places as nerife, feeding on the silence produced by the feeding of the latter.


Anaana sidaar mae edesti fallas, mae fenna leannas, mae kirena tualas - Bright sidaar, flow into this world, heal this creature, find home in this heart. One of the chants Eina use while healing someone.



Bran Keer - a thirty years old captain of the Royal Guards. Bran is very intelligent and observant, but his stern manner makes him difficult to deal with. Nonetheless his subordinates have great respect for him. He is Bredan’s closest friend and the son of the highest ranking officer of the Royal Guards. He appreciates Val, but dislikes his son from the very first meeting.

Bredan Fionn - a thirty-three years old Royal Guard and second in command after Bran. Despite having an opposite personality, he is Bran’s closest friend. People are drawn to his charm and he enjoys playing with them and learning their secrets. He has a keen sense of observation and quickly takes an interest in Kiran.

Kiran Breen - the twenty-five years old adopted son of Val and central character of the book. In his home village he is regarded as an odd man because of his unusual affinity with creatures and because his past is a mystery and, generally, he is very reserved about himself. The androgynous looks make him stand out too much for his taste. Despite all that he gets along well with people, however his acquaintance with Bran starts off on the wrong foot.

Val/ Valan Breen - a fifty years old scholar and Kiran’s adoptive father. He is a man of many interests, a physician as well as a skilled apothecary. He also writes books under the pen name Ellis Greene. Val is regarded as a peculiar man because he travels a lot and because, despite his amiable nature, people know very little about him. He is an avid reader an often buys books.



Aneri - a woman from the Enma tribe who is younger than Arryn. She and her older sister, Ethri, helped Arryn nurse Val.

Arryn - Kiri’s mother. She comes from the Niseth tribe, but after wedding Keryon, she followed him to the Enma tribe. She nursed Val back to health after her husband brought him to their home. When Val met her she was sixty-six years old.

Ethri - a woman from the Enma tribe who is older than Arryn. She and her younger sister, Aneri, helped Arryn nurse Val.

Keryon - Arryn’s husband and Kiri’s father. He is from the Enma tribe and has an older sister who left the village after getting married. He is the one who found Val and brought him to his home. His age is not stated, but he is older than Arryn.

Kiri - Arryn and Keryon’s child, who is a yanee. He looks very much like his mother, but has his father’s eyes. He was nine years old when Val first met him. It is suggested that Val taught him how to read and write.

Muun - the eldest member of the Enma tribe, he is two hundred and three years old. He lives in a different village. He was called to confirm the birth of the Host and to offer counsel. He is stronger than one would expect of a man his age. Out of respect younger Eina address him as Eli-Muun.

Talian - Keryon’s father and Kiri’s grandfather. His age is not stated, but he is older than his wife, Yunal. He is knowledgeable about Eina lore and traditions. He is young compared to other members of the tribe.

Yunal - Keryon’s mother and Kiri’s grandmother. When Val met her she was a hundred and thirty-five years old, but looked much younger than a Man woman in her sixties.


Alden - a carpenter and one of Val’s oldest friends, though younger than him. He learned his trade from Val’s father, when Val was living in Ardaena. He is a widower and has a son, Noll. People think he has a strange sense of humour. He and Belesni are quite close. Along with Drest, he takes care of Val’s house when he and Kiran are away.

Ansa - Drest’s wife. Unlike her husband she is cheerful and always curious about others. She and Drest have two children, younger than Kiran. She is fond of Val and has a motherly attitude towards Kiran.

Belesni - a widow in her late thirties and one of Val’s and Kiran’s friends, who settled in Ulmaby with her late husband. A clever, independent and outspoken woman, she enjoys to banter with her friends. She makes very good pastries. She and Alden often join forces in teasing their friends.

Drest - a smith from Ulmaby and Val’s oldest and closest friend. He is younger than Val, but bigger. Unlike Ansa, he is grumpy and taciturn and dislikes to pry into other people’s lives. He likes animals, particularly horses, whom he is said to get along with better than with people. He is very fond of his friends, despite not openly showing it. Along with Alden, he takes care of Val’s house when he and Kiran are away.

Enid - Tam’s wife, who cooks for the tavern’s customers. Kiran loves her food and learned to cook from her.

Gelda - Tam’s daughter. She helps her parents in the tavern. She has a sibling.

Noll - Alden’s son, a few years younger than Kiran. Although he is old enough to drink, he does not hold his drink very well. He has a candid nature, which often makes him the object of their friends’ jokes. Belesni seems particularly fond of picking on him, though he does not resent her for it.

Tam - the owner of Ales & Tales, the tavern which Val and his group of friends frequent. He is a short, stout man, but surprisingly quick. According to Kiran he is a very obliging person. He manages the tavern with his wife, Enid, and their two children. Sometimes, on very busy days, he hires Kiran to help them.


Aydan Tighal, First Prince - the Crown Prince. He is four years older than his brother.

Cerys Keer - Senral Keer’s younger step-sister and Bran’s aunt.

Ermid Dhal - a bookshop keeper in Upper Trade, in Ardaena, and an old friend of Val. They met during Val’s stay in the capital and grew close over their love of books. He is the one Val gives his manuscripts to, for printing. Ermid is also the one who warns Val about the men looking for him.

Evand Tighal, King - the current king of Laeden and the third generation of the Royal House of Tighal.

Feolan Tighal, Second Prince - the Second Prince, who serves as a diplomat for Laeden. He is in his mid thirties, intelligent and perceptive. Sometimes he trains with the Royal Guards, which is where he met Bran and Bredan. He is an unassuming, hard working man, who spares no effort to help his country.

Freya Keer - Senral Keer’s second wife and Bran’s mother.

Glanmour - Prince Feolan’s personal attendant.

Idris - an apothecary from Upper Trade and one of Val’s customers. He is ten years older than Val, amiable and very fond of talking.

Jade - Bredan’s mother and the oldest of Madam Rose’s girls. She used to be the most popular with Wild Rose’s patrons, until Madam was forced to retire her because of her pregnancy. She helps Madam manage the business, which she will eventually inherit. She is a beautiful woman with a gentle, happy disposition.

Lill - one of the girls from the Wild Rose. When Bran first met her, she was in her early thirties.

Madam Rose/ Madam/ Ama - the owner of Wild Rose—one of Ardaena’s most exclusive brothels—and Bredan’s grandmother, though not by blood. She is a strong, intelligent and eccentric woman, who calls her establishment an entertainment parlour for the rich and refined. All her girls were hand-picked and polished by her, living as a family at the Wild Rose. She was Bredan’s foremost tutor. When Bran first met her she was in her sixties. Despite her small stature she reminded him of his father.


Master Combs - an innkeeper in Keln, who suggested Val and his group to take the shortcut through Daweldwig forest. Val and Kiran had lodged at his place four years prior to the main events. It is suggested that during their stay Val had helped a sick mistress Combs. Master Combs has a daughter, perhaps of Kiran’s age or younger.


Cale Mullen - the innkeeper of the Inn of the Sore Feet. A short, stout man in his fifties, he comes across as friendly and obliging, but Bran and Bredan describe him as greedy, affected and self-important.


Captain - lowest ranking officer and below High-Captain.

High-Captain - ranking officer below Senral.

High-Senral - highest ranking officer in the Laeden Army.

Second - the second in command after a ranking officer. Above Captain, the title can be followed by the superior officer’s rank—e.g. Second of High-Captain.

Senral - highest ranking officer in the Royal Guards—above High-Captain—and second highest ranking officer in the Laeden Army—above High-Captain and below High-Senral.

Baran, High-Senral - the High-Senral of the Laeden Army. A man in his early seventies, with a gentle, elegant appearance and a velvety voice. He is reputed to be very intelligent. He was one of the men who knew the real purpose of Prince Feolan’s mission in Astur, a year before the main events of the book.

Bard Keer, Senral - the head of the Royal Guards and Bran’s father. In his late sixties, he is very strong and does not show his true age. Besides his senral duties, he is in charge with choosing and managing the people tasked with gathering sensitive intelligence. He is one of the king’s trusted men. Bard is stern and unnerving, having a difficult personality, but is known to care deeply for his family.

Pryce, High-Captain - an officer of the Royal Guards and Bran’s direct superior. A man in his fifties and a friend of Senral Keer. He knows Bran since the latter was still a boy and thinks of him almost as of a son, having trained him at his father’s request. He was one of the men who knew the real purpose of Prince Feolan’s mission in Astur, a year before the main events of the book.

Siams Kerry, Captain - an officer of the Royal Guards, whom Bran and Bredan sometimes train with and have a good opinion of. He is older than Bran.

Uren, High-Captain - an officer of the Royal Guards. A couple of years younger than Pryce and a stickler for rules.

Soldiers of the Royal Guards under the command of Bran, who were left behind in Ulmaby after some of them were intoxicated on poisonous wild berries:

Anwyl - a man of Bran’s age, he was one of the intoxicated soldiers. He is considered the entertainer of the group, having acting talent and a good voice.

Bert - a man in his late twenties, who was left behind to watch over his intoxicated comrades. He is an open man and is considered very level-headed for his age. Bran has a lot of confidence in him. Bert liked Kiran from the very beginning and always acts friendly towards him.

Cai - a man in his early thirties and one of the intoxicated soldiers. He is surprisingly skinny for a soldier, though he dislikes being called so. Bredan claims he is stronger than he looks and clever. He is reserved and quiet. Despite their different personalities, he is close to Owein and very protective of him.

Ceri - a man in his late twenties and one of the intoxicated soldiers. Always looking dispassionate and not very talkative, Ceri is shown to scorn his comrades sometimes. Kiran likened him to a sleeping cat who hides her claws. Later on it becomes clear he dislikes wilderness and is a little superstitious.

Glen - a man in his early forties, who was left behind in Ulmaby to watch over his intoxicated comrades. Among the men in their group he is the oldest and the only one married, also having a son. He is from the mountains and came to Ardaena in his early twenties. Though not very educated, he has a caring heart and a lot of common sense. He has a fatherly attitude towards them, especially Rowan.

Owein - a big, strong man in his late twenties who, because of his built, looks older than he is. He stayed behind in Ulmaby to help his friend Cai. Despite his looks he is very candid. Not very good with kitchen work, as he himself admits.

Rhun - a big, muscular man in his late twenties, he was one of the intoxicated soldiers and, according to his comrades, the one responsible for it. He is fond of ale and the most quick-tempered of the group, especially after drinking. He is often vulgar, though is shown to be clever and perceptive, and generally a friendly person. He and Toph are close friends, despite their different personalities.

Rowan - a man in his early twenties, who was left behind in Ulmaby to watch over his intoxicated comrades. Being the youngest and most naive makes him the object of his comrades’ teasing. He is a freckled, dimpled redhead who tries to grow a beard in order to look more manly. He is eager, but gentle, and takes a quick liking to Kiran and his father. Glen acts like a father towards him and they are often together.

Toph - a man in his early thirties and one of the intoxicated soldiers. He is good looking and fair haired, which makes him very successful with women. He stands out among his comrades, being refined—almost pedantic—and well educated, although a little conceited. Unlike most of his comrades he prefers wine to ale. He is shown to mock Rhun, though in truth they are close friends.


Arne, King - the current ruler of Astur. He is said to be more reserved than his father, former King Frode. He shows interest in Eina and their lore, apparently after reading an old book about them. It is implied he knows something about Edesil and the Sireei. Less than a year after his coronation news about the birth of the Vhareei reached him and he paid a visit to the Enma tribe, expressing a particular interest in Kiri. He did not leave a good impression on the Eina. For reasons yet unclear Arne gathered his army at the border with Laeden, which was seen as a declaration of war.

Endre, Prince - King Arne’s cousin and King Frode’s nephew. Prince Endre does not agree with his cousin’s plans of starting a war with Laeden and intends to overthrow him, until Arne’s offspring would be of age. He has a secret agreement with the Royal House of Laeden to support each other in the upcoming war.

Frode, King - the former king of Astur, now deceased, and Arne’s father. He was said to have been a wise and sensible man, though not very open. During his life the relationship between Astur and Laeden had been good.

Dagr, Erig, Fris, Ott, Torben, Ulfer, the commander - spies of King Arne, sent to search for the Host in Laeden.



A kingdom in a fictional world, where most of the characters come from and which is the background for the story. It somewhat resembles a country in the temperate regions of Europe. Its neighbours are Astur to the east, Vessar to the south and Therras to the west. The north border has mountains and it is not known what is beyond them.

Appleby - a village two days east of Keln.

Arburn - the river that crosses the capital city, Ardaena, from east to west.

Ardaena - the capital of Laeden, situated in the south-western quarter of the country.

Damerling - a town on the Eastern Road, close to the border with Astur. It is roughly three days south of Fiodhin and two days north of Llyne.

Daweldwig - a large, old forest on the hills between Keln and Rufburn. Inside Daweldwig is a Blessed Ground, a place where Edesil and the human world touch, which makes the forest look and feel like a different world. There is at least one road cutting through the forest, however it is not used very much, most probably because of the forest’s strangeness.

Eastern Road - the main road running along the eastern border.

Erbain, The Eastern River - the river which flows between Laeden and Astur, creating a natural border.

Erduin - the river crossing Fiodhin and a tributary to Erbain.

Fiodhin - a fortified city and one of the largest in Laeden, situated on the Eastern Road. The castle in Fiodhin is the headquarters for military actions on the eastern border, which is why there is a large Garrison inside the city walls. The forests around Fiodhin are old and bear some resemblance with Eina forests.

Keln - a town on one of the main southern roads, coming from Ardaena. It is surrounded by vineyards and orchards an it is famous for its wine and spirits. Outside the town there is a fort which was built to supply the army and for training purposes.

Kelund - the river crossing Keln from north to south. The waters of Kelund are brought to the wineries and distilleries through a network of canals.

Llyne - a fortified city on the Eastern Road, south of Damerling.

Longdam - a town north of Ulmaby.

Rufburn - a large village on the Eastern Road, a day south of Fiodhin.

Thorpe - a village on the road between Keln and Damerling.

Ulmaby - a medium sized village on one of the main southern roads, between the capital and the Eastern Road, two days east of Ardaena. Ulmaby is the largest village in his area and home to the local market every first Sunday of the month. To the north it is bordered by an elm forest, hence its name. It is the home village of Valan and his friends.


A kingdom in a fictional world and Laeden’s eastern neighbour. Astur also neighbours the southern borders of the Eina forest. Asturan language is quite different from Laedan, which could imply that Asturans and Laedans have different origins. The two kingdoms had some conflicts in the past, but during the last generations of kings the relations between them improved.

Maelifeld - a small town on Astur’s northern border, close to Kiri’s village.

Vres - the capital of Astur.


A kingdom in a fictional world and Laeden’s friendly southern neighbour.


A kingdom in a fictional world and Laeden’s friendly western neighbour.


A kingdom in a fictional world and Astur’s southern neighbour.

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