ASCENSION(Queens Rising Book 2)

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When he entered my cell I didn't bother spending my energy, I didn't throw myself against my chains or growl, I simply sat with my head slightly bowed and eyes closed. Tatiana has found herself in a predicament and starts to question everyone and everything around her including herself.

Fantasy / Erotica
Erin Nicole
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Chapter 1

“Tatiana it’s only been two months since the trial for the death of your father, and here you are again, being tried for the death of yet another alpha. How do you plead?” The oldest member of the council sighed out. He had peppered hair that was slicked back and bird-like features. And beady black eyes. His name was Harper and he was the original founder of our current ways.

I cut my eyes at him and smirked, I took the time to access the faces of the other four members. All male. To the right of him was a wolf with dark blonde hair that was long and pulled back. He had a thicker more powerful build then bird brains. His name was Ajax and he was the second oldest.

Beside him sat the third oldest, a long and lean gentleman by the name of Rupert, he had green eyes that were half covered with mid-length brown hair. His features were angular and you could tell he was a runner, and that he had a good sense of smell. He occasionally cocked his head at me as though he could smell my thoughts, maybe he could. We locked eyes for a moment before I darted them to the left of Harper.

Two the left of him were the youngest two members, Harpers own twin sons. He was probably grooming them to take over. They both had Harper’s beady eyes but their faces were more majestic with strong jawlines, their mother must be of Asian descent. They had jet black hair and warm brown eyes that seem bored, however, I know the truth, that they are actually cold and accessing. Their names were Peter and Jacob.

After meeting the eyes of the council members in deliberate defiance, I growled. I then darted my eyes to Nicolaus, who was looking at me curiously. I felt a pushing in my mind.

“Are you sure about this plan?” Nicolaus said with worry on his face.

I nodded solemnly then leaped into the air, shifting as I latched onto the Harper’s neck piercing it with a satisfying crunch. As his head rolled to the side I shifted my body and latched onto Ajax, missing his throat by inches I got a mouth full of his thick forearm instead. He growled and slung me to the ground, I quickly recovered but was surrounded by the council and their goons.

I let out a blood-curdling growl, peeling my lips over my teeth letting the blood spill between my muzzle and dribble to the floor. I dared any of them to come close, while I distracted them Nicolaus made his move and darted out of the room, following Arianna’s scent. I would be alone in this fight.

My plan was to provide a distraction while he gets Arianna out and then help me kill them. The thing about plans is, they don’t always go accordingly. As I killed the third or fourth council guard I felt rough hands grab my scruff. I bit the hand clean off and snapped around to see Ajax had tried to subdue me, I smiled at him, as I went to latch onto his groins I felt several stings in my ass. Wolfsbane and silver flooded my system. Had it only been wolfsbane I would have fought longer than the minute and a half it took for me to completely pass out. I had gotten in a few good bites in before that point, as I passed out I saw them sting Nicolaus with the same concoction.

I woke chained in a cell, Nicolaus was in a similar state in a cell next to mine. As I heard him start to rouse I blew out a breath.

“Did she make it out?” I asked

“Yes, she’s safe.” I sighed in relief.

Soon after we woke we heard footsteps clomping down the stairs, Ajax came into view shortly. He took a look at Nicolaus then at me, when his eyes met mine he growled deeply.

“You’ll pay for this bitch.” He growled.

“What’s wrong. Did I take your favorite hand? Can’t touch yourself anymore?” Nicolaus shot me a warning look. Apparently, he wanted me to keep my mouth shut. Ajax growled again as he slung my cage door open. He knelt in my face and was almost touching me with his nose.

“When I’m done with you-you’re going to wish you were dead.”

I started laughing then head butted him hard, hard enough he passed out. I then shifted and stepped out of my chains, I went to attack the now helpless Ajax but he hadn’t come alone. I was quickly re-subdued. When I came too I was in a different cell, and alone. Ajax was sitting in a chair in front of me.

“How’s your head?” I asked him. He just growled.

“About to be much better.” He said in a dark husky voice. “I heard that orgasms cure headaches.”

“I guess since I took your favorite hand you’ll have to use your other hand. It’ll be like doing it with a stranger.” I snipped back. He stood up and unzipped his pants and walked up to me. I shot my eyes up to him. “My momma told me if a man stuck anything in my mouth I didn’t want to bite it off. And considering I have already taken Handalina Jolie, your poor little guy wouldn’t have any chance.”

He smiled as he pulled out a device that was meant to keep my mouth open.

“What? No more witty remarks?” I smirked at him.

“I know when to hold my tongue. However, I should say that you’re signing your death warrant. May not be today or tomorrow. But Nicolaus will kill you.”

He chuckled again. “We let Nicolaus go. He said we could do to you what we will.”

“Well shit. Guess I’ll have to do it myself then.” As he approached me I prepared to struggle.

“I wouldn’t struggle if I were you, we can still get your daughter if we want to. Not my type yet but when she gets older she’s going to be so fucking sexy.” I growled and accepted my fate... for now.

I snapped my eyes open and looked around my cage for what seems like the millionth time, I’ve been in here for about a month, a month with barely any food and water was taking a toll on my body, leaving the open wounds to heal slowly. I had managed to kill the eldest member of the council before they had seized me and Nicolaus, who was released. Before he was released he told me he would be back for me in three months and that he would take care of my daughter. Which was when my sentence will be carried out. I closed my eyes again and pictured the pure look of shock and horror on the rest of the councils’ faces. I could still smell the fear rolling off of the twins. Speaking of which.

Jacob cleared his throat loudly, but I decided to keep my eyes closed. I could feel the thrum of my bond with Nicolaus, he was teaching Arianna how to fight. I could see through his eyes, she was vicious.

“When mommy coming home?” That made my eyes shoot open. I honestly didn’t know if my plan was going to work. The first part was easy, in thought, but the execution of having to wait in this hell, this unpredictable pit. I could take the beatings, hell I could even take the not eating properly. It’s nothing that I haven’t been through before. It is the limited shifting that I couldn’t take. And the only time I was allowed to shift was when they were using my wolf for sport. Who was weakened by the not eating and not being able to heal from the beatings.

Jacob cleared his throat again, this time I looked directly at him instead of behind him. I try to avoid giving him any attention at all, wound his pride. He doesn’t merit my attention and he can’t command it from me. My own personal screw you. He sighed and fiddle with his pocket, reaching in to grab some keys. He opened the door and crouched low in front of me. He then brushed my matted hair out of my face.

“How about we go get something to eat, and talk.” He saw my hesitance, “This isn’t a trap, and if anyone asks I had you out for questioning. Besides you could also use a shower, you reek.” he sighed again and then made quick work of releasing the chains that were on my wrists. Hissing slightly at the touch of silver laced in wolfsbane. “We can even go for a run. If you like.”

I apprehensively took his hand, “I killed your father?” I croaked, it had been a long time since I have used my words.

“We’ll talk about that later, come on, let’s get out of here.” He said while lifting me up bridal style. Noticing that I was too weak to walk. “The rest of the council is on a retreat. it’s just you, me, and a few guards.” He carried me out of the dungeon and into the kitchen where an array of meats, fruits, vegetables, and cakes were splayed across a large table.

I bolted out of his arms and started devouring greedily. I looked up at him with half a turkey leg sticking out of my mouth. He chuckled. There was a small tap on the door before a doctor entered. He hooked up a drip to make sure that I get even more calories. Apparently the next few months we’re going to be rough and he didn’t want me to die too soon. But he said it with a heavy heart.

I gulped down what was left in my mouth and decided to start questioning.


“Not here.” He quickly cut me off. Earning him a growl from me. I was annoyed at this male.

When my belly was bloated and my drip was depleted he ushered me into a room that smelled like him and his twin. He locked the door behind him.

“Feeling better?”

I nodded and he motioned for me to get into the shower.

“When you get out we will talk.”

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