A History of Gender: Omegaverse

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Chapter 4: The Beta

In the early 13th century another noticeable change came to the development of gender. This marked the beginning of a third gender, the beta. Unlike any other species on the planet earth, there now were three genders. Both beta females and beta males became known to the world. This anomaly in natural normalcy sparked the wheels of change in society. However, change did not come quickly and without heavy price.

The exact time the first betas came into existence is heavily debated among historians. Many accounts of people exhibiting beta qualities, yet classified as either omegas or alphas, date back to well before the 13th century. Inexact descriptions of strange people exhibiting both the dominant traits of alphas and reproductive ability of omegas can be noted in the Medieval Era of Eastern Europe. Unlike the first alpha female, the first betas were not well loved by the people. Their difference struck fear into the hearts of their neighbors and were quickly prejudiced against. There are vague records of many people described as such being either burned at the stake or stoned to death. Yet none of the accounts are credible and most historians discount these as rumors. The Medieval Era was a time of fearful imagination and excellent story telling. Most people believed great dragons roamed the skies and gigantic squid prowled the ocean bottoms. Creating a rumor of a strange person unlike any before seen would not have been inconceivable.

Despite the quiet references to people of beta like qualities prior, most historians proclaim the 13th century as the beginning of the beta gender. This is the time when the great European explorers crossed the Atlantic Ocean and began associating with the people who lived on the American continent. When the two groups of people met, they discovered that betas were not only a strange anomaly to the European countries. In fact, there were many beta people living amongst the natives of the American continent. However, they were treated much differently than their European counterparts. Instead of fearing the unknown people, Native Americans prized them. They were viewed as people with two souls and greatly admired by their peers. Some historians like to point out that since there already were betas in the Americas before the 13th century explorers they must have originated in earlier centuries. However, many organized religions refused to believe the betas existed and thought of anyone who resembled such a person was cursed. This refusal continued well into the 21st century and enflamed many political issues for human rights and is the grounds for most historians to choose the 13th century as a centralized time to mark the beginning of the beta.

For hundreds of years betas put up with overhanging prejudice and public disgust. However, they could not change who they were, no matter how desperately they tried. They would not receive any graces in society until the late 17th and early 18th century when the human rights movements began to charge from the repressing, alpha dictated society. Some of the early movements called for a change in the basic divisions of society. For years betas had to put up with public segregation and a lack of legal standing and for years they had to battle against an alpha run society to destroy such constraints. For a long time people remained peaceful towards one another, vocalizing their desires for equality calmly and clearly. Along with the most famous marches to end racial segregation and improve women's rights, many betas jumped to their feet and demanded the governments of the world grant them more rights too.

The passionate battle for human rights swayed from peaceful and passionate to violent in the mid-18th century. At this time people became impatient for change and began demanding more rights at gunpoint. These measures ended up hindering the process for beta rights. Instead of rushing things along, the violent betas began to stall the process of achieving their dreams. Yet, without their knowing, another change was happening in society, one that would begin to change the social hierarchy forever. As the movement for beta rights grew, the population of betas also began to increase. This would not have been all that noticeable, given that the human population was becoming increasingly denser, if not for one other anomaly.

The alphas were beginning to die out. Scientists did not notice the change until the late 22nd century, but the initial stages of the decline were instantly traced back to the Progressive Era during the civil rights movements. As society began to reshape, the not yet noticed change in minority and majority gender populations had an almost as subtle effect on civil rights. Having less of an imposing status in society left the betas an opportunity take their much desired rights. If alphas had their full dominating population as they had for the majority of history they would have quickly squashed the rebellious betas instantly. Instead the protests drug on until the 22nd century. Backed with the scientific evidence of a diminishing alpha population, betas gained the political power to finally equal out the rights for their gender.

No longer do the betas have to endure the harsh environment of prejudice and popular dislike. Today betas are one of the most common members of society. Being of the majority of the population they have the ability to function in society like never before. People no longer feel the constraints of an alpha driven society and do not need to fear the legal constraints on their own lives. Betas live like they had always wanted, free and normal.

Chapter 4.5: Contraceptives and Heat Suppressants

During the progressive era, another striking change came to the biological pattern of human beings. Since the beginning of time, omegas have been subjected to the taxing requirements of heat. Up until the progressive era the cycle was regularly experienced on a monthly basis. There also had never been a way control pregnancy that would almost always follow mating during heat. For thousands of years, this was not a problem.

However, once the fight for human rights was in full swing the strain of uncontrolled child birth and heat cycles became voiced by some very brave omegas. Yet their cries were unheard until the first alpha females who managed to survive infancy came into society. They took pity on the poor omegas plight, seeing them suffering and eventually dyeing during the birth of their 13th, or 15th or 16th child. Struggling to take care of so many very young children for their mates, who seemed to care little how many offspring they sired, the omegas begged the alpha females for some kind of control over their biological capability. They alpha females, pitying the omegas please, used their natural assertiveness to begin work on a way to control the omegas biology.

After a few months of scientific research and experimentation, the first contraceptive was created. In the form of a small pill, the contraceptive worked to prevent fertilization of the female egg cell. This was a stirring and controversial invention. Many people believed the pill an unnaturally form of self-mutilation and most of the major organized religions instantly labeled the contraceptive evil. Those who felt so disgusted with the pill, mostly alpha males, refused to allow their omega mates to use them. Many of the people who had longed for the contraceptive were unable to use the pill because of their oppressive mates. However, there was an equally favorable response to the contraceptives and people began work on improving the pill.

Shortly after the pill became widely used another gender sex combination wormed their way into the social hierarchy. The first omega male came into existence. Many critics of contraceptives blamed the pill for creating a mutant, deemed unfit by society. However, society was already well prepared for the shock of a new gender or sex and the omega male quickly fell into step with their omega female counterparts. We now know that the omega male was just another evolutionary step that would have occurred with or without birth control. Quickly quieted were the prejudices of the anti-contraceptive critics when they discovered that the omega males were just as submissive as any omega female. Although, the distain of the critics never quite left society and omega males, though equal to omega females, found themselves just under females on the social hierarchy.

The social distaste of omega males was short lived. Many historians think that the change was overshadowed by another drastic change. Shortly after the omega males first stepped foot into the world there came the means to suppress heat. This medical invention started as an attempt to relax the symptoms of heat and hopefully reduce the strain heat caused on the body. Instead, scientists discovered a way to completely postpone heat for several months. Just like contraceptives, heat suppressants received a controversial response. Praise and criticism was equal in the political realm once again.

Again, there was another change natural biology quickly proceeding the invention of heat suppressants. Some people soon discovered that the space of time between heat cycles was stretching further apart. This continued until the once monthly cycle became a tri-monthly cycle culminating in one very large, very stressful heat for an overwhelming number of individuals. Critics were quick to blame modern medicine, but scientists proved the change would have come naturally.

Great amounts of scientific research have been performed over time to improve both contraceptives and heat suppressants. Birth control is now an incredibly common and widely used product. There is no longer concern for health risks and only limited side effects for taking contraceptives. Heat suppressants, being a newer invention, do not have the same bragging rights. The medications still take a large toll on the body and come with a series of health risks. Designed to suppress or postpone, a person's heat will begin to build up and will eventually explode out in a very dramatic way. They are not to be taken regularly due to the stress they cause on the body. Research continues to improve heat suppressants today and many expect large improvements in the product by the end of the century.

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