A History of Gender: Omegaverse

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Chapter 5: The Delta

The evolution of gender and sex was not nearly over for the world as time flowed into 22nd century. There was one last addition to the hierarchy yet to make an appearance as the last steps were taken for beta and alpha equality. The change was not noticed at first since overwhelming diversity spreading throughout the world dulled societies perception of the subtle change that came with the first deltas. Deltas seemed very close to the preexisting omega gender, and the most debated subject about betas was not whether they should be accepted, but if they even existed at all.

This gender was submissive, sexually active, experienced tri-monthly heat cycles and smelled as enticing as omegas. Their differences were nonexistent on a biological level. The differences lay on a psychological level. Deltas were somewhat more ambitious than omegas, and not so willing to jump at ever command of their mates. Each discipline in the scientific community was divided about how to, or if they should classify this new group of people. Fortunately for deltas, the road to acceptance had already been paved by the suffering of those who came before. Society acknowledged deltas faster than any evolved gender or sex, other than the alpha female that had come before.

Despite this ready acceptance, deltas have always guarded their location in the gender hierarchy with great aggression. Any attempt for omegas to attain more social or human rights has been not only denied by alphas and betas, but also vehemently denied by betas. Such prejudice from their close relatives causes much resentment among omegas. Today there are the traces of distrust and hurt amongst the lower genders. Rights for deltas and betas have improved since the 22nd century, but there has been no improvement for omega rights since the deltas have appeared. Many omegas blame the deltas for their continued oppression, but scientists have another answer for the stagnancy of omega rights movements.

Just as the alphas began declining during the progressive era, the omegas began to decline in the early 21st century. This subtle decrease in omega population was not noticed until the 22nd century, but proved to be an even more shocking change than the appearance of the delta. Omegas were found to be declining faster than alphas were. Even though alphas had been declining longer the omegas, the omegas had already become more of a minority then alphas by the 22nd century. This shocking realization, along with the third source of oppression, has completely ceased all movements towards omega rights.

Today there are so few omegas left, and such a wide spread of human population across the galaxy, there is no chance of a group of omegas rallying behind one another to rebel. Deltas have almost completely taken the place of omegas, sharing the same biological capabilities. Some people believe this is an improvement of human genetics, the slow diminishing of overly emotional omegas. Others are saddened by a loss of such a historically and culturally important gender. There is no way to stop the decline of omegas, or alphas and we continue on into the space age with hopes that they will remain unforgotten.

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