A History of Gender: Omegaverse

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Chapter 6: Today's Gender Hierarchy

Throughout the entire course of human history, the gender hierarchy has changed dramatically. Today's hierarchy reflects nothing of what the first hierarchy was millions of years ago. Instead of a rigid chain, from top to bottom, today's hierarchy resembles something more of a pyramid.

At the very top of the pyramid rets the alpha gender. Both males and females rank number one in our society and still hold rather impressive, but old, titles. They are the lords of empty castles, and there are very few of them left. There are estimated to be between 100,000 and 10,000 alphas left in the universe, nothing compared to the billions upon billions of other genders that live across the stars. Alphas have power, some in politics and some in business, but their numbers are few. Their influence is not great, despite their power. Hence they remain at the apex of the pyramid, standing precariously on the top about ready to fall off and into extinction.

Just below alphas sit betas. They take up nearly half of the mid-section, some are submissive and some are dominant. Most will respond to the demands of alphas, but some refuse to cater to their whims. Both male and female, but a little more so for the males, are a driving force in society and carry with them a weight to guide society as a whole. Their pull in politics, business, family life and sports is very strong since they take up a majority of the population like the sturdy guide into the future they begin to bring the pyramid to a head. In addition to their strength they also have a sense of kindness, one surely brought about by years of strife, which provides a sense of equality between betas and deltas. Strong willed guides and respected by many, betas are an excellent, universal power.

Taking up the remaining half, the bottom half, sit the deltas. They are not recognized to be driving force, but they are the backbone of society. Their efforts to support, love and nurture society has created the drive for the domination genders. Both sexes share the responsibilities and characteristics of this role equally. Supportive and in a majority, they hold society up, preventing any collapse. They hold up the pyramid, unshakably and determinedly. If they were to fall, so would the rest of society, but they are stronger than the wind that erodes and the sand that shifts beneath their feet.

At the very bottom corners of the pyramid rests the omega gender. They are submissive to all of the other genders as their historical relatives were, but they are beginning to dwindle. In the last census taken, less than 5,000 omegas remain in existence, with an uncertainty of approximately 100,000 persons. Being so lowly on the scale is to some shameful, they have no options in life other than to hopefully find a mate. Others take pride in their gender, since taking an omega to be a mate is like accepting priceless artifacts from the pharaoh of ancient Egypt himself. However, there are so few of them they can not make any pull in society and are likely to die out before the turn of the century. They are buried beneath the ground, nearly forgotten and lost to the sands of time.

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