A History of Gender: Omegaverse

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Alpha: (n) A person of the alpha gender. They have a very dominant mind set, often tending towards more aggressive and territorial tendencies and are considered very pushy with arrogance and superiority complexes. On the top of the gender hierarchy, they have the most extreme ability to dominate. For millions of years they remained exclusively in the highest social status of society taking on the roles of leaders, kings, presidents and war generals. They were envied for their ability to command and control, some to the point of earning distaste from the lower class. As they are much more closely related to ancient ancestors their sex drive is much stronger than the beta or delta genders. Alphas are of one of the rarest gender in today's society, second only to Omegas. They have the innate ability to fertilize and imitate bondage of any gender below them on the hierarchy, but cannot be fertilized themselves. Other abilities include the ability to scent mark territory and produce a knot during sexual activities.

Beta: (n) A person of beta gender. They are second highest on the gender hierarchy, ranking just below alphas and above deltas and omegas. Their mind is not as dominant as the alphas but do appreciate a good level of respect from the lower genders. The gender is most prominent in the work place, with a high resilience and excellent organization skills. Their ability to rationalize and problem-solve is greatly benefited by a reduced sexual drive. Unlike the alphas, they can retain a good level of self-control even when exposed to sex pheromones have less of a response to sexual stimuli. However, they do tend to be the more dominant partner when in a relationship with a member of a lower gender. They are one of the most common members of society, equal to that of the deltas. Biologically, they are capable of being fertilized by any gender above an omega and can initiate bondage to any member of a lower gender. However, they are unable to produce pheromones themselves despite the fact that they can scent mark their territory.

Bondage: (v) When two people partake in a mating ritual that binds them together in a special way. Also known as the bond, this links the mates mentally creating an almost telepathic connection between the two. To become bonded, two people must partake in a special ritual during intercourse. One of the two must be in heat, which creates a necessary base of stimuli for both persons. Then the two may become knotted and if so must remain so during bondage. Once knotted, the dominant partner must bite the back or side of the submissive partner's neck, break the skin, and transfer some form of body fluid into the submissive partner's blood stream. The transfer creates the first physical connection between the two's brain and is compounded by heightened brain activity. With more stimuli the stronger the bond will be. This process is exhausting and will leave a scar on the submissive partner's neck. Eventually the mates will develop a very close relationship and will begin to secret the same scent.

Bondmate: (n) The person to whom one is bonded to.

Delta: (n) A person of delta gender. They are second lowest on the gender hierarchy, holding a place just barely above omegas. Due to such a close relation to omegas, they tend to be submissive to the authority of alphas and betas. They are the home bodies, often staying in familiar territory as opposed to adventuring out in the world. However, they are mildly more ambitious than omegas and will seek the opportunity in working a full time job. Even though they are much less dominating than alphas and betas, they expect a great deal of respect from omegas. They are compassionate and caring, making excellent teachers and nurses. During heat, they do not become so bent to their sexual drive and retain a more rational mind set. Their heat cycles are also much less aggressive than omega heat cycles which are easier on their body. They are one of the most common members of society, equal to that of betas. Biologically they are capable of being fertilized by any gender above an omega but cannot initiate bondage. However they are capable of producing their own sex pheromones, though not as strong as omega sex pheromones.

Female: (n) A person of the female sex. They are most commonly known for their ability to carry and nurse their young with the exception of alpha females, who cannot be fertilized.

Fertilization: (n) The fusing of male and female reproductive sells, known as gametes, which will mature into a multicellular organism. In human reproduction, this process will take place inside the female, omega, or delta womb.

Gender: (n) The difference between the biological capabilities of a person. This is determined at physical maturity, and in most cases a complete mystery until then. A person's gender may be alpha, beta, delta or omega.

Heat: (n) A time during which the reproductive and sexual needs of a person are at a peek. This is the only time a person is fertile. Most often refers to the tri-monthly cycle undergone by the more submissive genders during which sex pheromones are released and the needs for sexual contact are extreme. Each heat lasts for two to seven days and severity of sexual needs varies greatly between individuals. However, the cycle pertains only to omega and delta genders. This may also refer to the dominant genders aggressive need for sexual contact once affected by pheromones of an omega or delta in heat. Such reference only pertains to alpha, beta and delta genders.

Knot: (n) Part of alpha anatomy found either at the base of the penis of the alpha male or around the vagina of the alpha female. Used during intercourse to increase chance of conception and prevent a mating pair from separating. The alpha male knot will enlarge inside the vaginal area and prevent the male from removing his penis by enlarging the base to become too large for removal. On the other hand, the alpha female knot will enlarge around a male penis making the vaginal area too small for removal.(v) The process during which the alpha's knot swells during intercourse. This locks the mating pair together for an extended amount time.

Male: (n) A person of the male sex. They are known for their ability to fertilize females with the exception of omega males, who are sterile.

Omega: (n) A person of omega gender. They are at the very bottom of the gender hierarchy and have been since the beginning of society. Due to their biological need to be protected and sheltered they are extremely submissive to every other gender above them. They are physically unable to disobey once commanded by a dominating gender. However, their desire to submit even causes some level of pleasure and satisfaction when following their bodmates orders or creating a family. Their heat cycles can be extremely stressful and physically taxing. Once the tri-monthly cycle takes effect they become desperate slaves to their need to find sexual pleasure. Biologically they are able to be impregnated and carry the children for their mate, but cannot impregnate anyone themselves. They produce very strong sex pheromones to entice a mate and are always the submissive partner in bondage.

Physical maturity: (n) The stage in human growth when a person becomes capable of reproduction. This is recognizable by final maturity of male genitals and the first occurrence of the omega and delta heat. Also, at one point in time, was the first time when a person's gender is clearly determined. After some advancement in technology a person's gender could be determined at child birth.

Scent mark: (v) The process during which a dominant person uses their sent to mark territory or property. Also used by an alpha or beta to claim an unbounded omega or delta before heat. This will warn other viable mates to stay away from the chosen omega or delta.

Sex: 1. (n) The physical difference between human physiques. Usually refers to the existence or absence of male genitals. This is clearly determined after the first six weeks of development in the womb. A person's sex may be either female or male.2 (v) The act of partaking in sexual intercourse either for pleasure or mating purposes.

Sex pheromones: (n) A chemical secreted by omega and delta genders prior to and during heat. The substance can be recognized through sense of smell and has a stimulating effect on viable mates. They may also increase the arousal of a partner during intercourse and increase the desire to bond during knotting. The chemical may also be released by dominating mates to either increase the arousal of their heated mate or sent mark territory or property.

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