Un-Happily Married

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A fiction book about an ill fated poet, Bikash working as a Govt. servant at a small town. His wife Chameli is a very beautiful, gorgeous lady. Bikash can not fulfill her expectations. Eventually distance between them arises. gradually...

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Nilanjan Biswas
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Unhappily Married

Officer Khandelwa’s white-far young Alsatian dog used to take for a walk in the afternoon by a dark skin toned maid. Bikash observes this everyday by sitting on a chair in front of the window. The dog, tied with a chain, shows its natural behavior when it’s taken to the nature. Within nature, the real liberation of all creatures is felt- thoughts Bikash.

There is a lot of empty land in the house of the officer. There is no green tree in it. There is no flower, birds does not sing. However, this small, notorious area of Madhya Pradesh is surrounded by deep forest and head-high mountains.

Bikash looked at the falling sun of winter afternoon on his wife and thought that Chameli was very beautiful. Such a beauty you will find one in a million. He feel proud as Chameli’s husband.

They came to the porch. A crow was sitting on the papaya tree. Yesterday a crow has stolen a spoon. Silly crow. Is this the same crow? No one knows. Like humans, there is no special way to recognize crows. These two creatures eat dirty-rubbish thorns. Like Crow humans are also Scavengers.

Bikash wondered by putting her legs on railing of the porch.

Chameli looked at the crow in anger. She lifted and wave her right hand, sounded Husssss…...

The crow flies away indifferently without taking a glance at Chameli. Naturally crows are more indifferent than the people. Spoon, not a food for crow. Eaters don’t know its food, that’s why it took the spoon.

By observing Bikash, Chameli shouted in a rage, “Why are you putting your legs on the railing? Don’t you have any manner? Why are you so unbearable?” How many times do I say,Change your nature.

In spite of changing behavior, what can be changed to change the attitude?- Desperately said Bikash by taking off the legs. Peace is more valuable than happiness.In this beautiful afternoon they could have done many things beautiful. Still They can do.
Bikash did not want to quarrel.

Same! Can’t you keep the tea cup aside yourself? The cup that would break, right now ! Rubu brought it from city with himself!” HITACARI”s Export Quality. You won’t feels its value. You need to have a taste to realise its value. You are absolutely ineligible to be in society!

Bikash was sitting quietly by looking at the officer’s house. Didn’t answered. Sometimes there is no answer for certain things. Sometimes he feels ashamed of himself for not been born in a posh society.

At the lower face, Bikash said, “Speak slowly, officer is at home.”

Whoever is there, I don’t Care. I have suffered a lot, and I do not like it. You are a lazy, lethargic man. I think you are not even a man. Shima, Noton everyone had bought their own houses and me? Hmmm! I have to live my whole life here in this remote village with pigs and cows. Because I got married to you ! I pray to God that my enemy should not do such marriage like me .

Bikash smoked cigarette and pressing the filter into ashtray along with his anger. He said “Marriage ! That’s me who only got married, not you.

Stop. I do not want to hear that monstrous monologue. I’m frustrated. If you finished your dialogue, bring the milk, now. There is no cook, no gardener, do a little work, for a change! After you get the milk, quickly go to market. Tomorrow Tushu’s friend’s birthday. Buy a pound of cake from the Padma store, and there you will find wrapping paper for, gift packs. Get four or five sheets. Do not buy a fade color again. Bring light shade. Understand Do not make a fuss. Do you know where Padma Store is?

You will find a red color sign board, a big red lotus is painted on it .After your friend, Sabir Miyana’s shoes store. Do not go up to “Bhulbhulya”. A little before, in the left hand. I mean, a little bit …..
Bikash said in a very mild tone, I know where Padma store is .

You know ! Then why you let me speak and wasting my time?

Didn’t got a chance to stop you.

Screwed Incredible people.

Near the house of Bikash, there is a small cowshed under a banyan tree. Buffelows are more. Two cows. He brought the milk and again went out on the sheet like a obedient husband.

It’s been a bit dark in evening, Banawarilal was passing by on a bicycle in full speed and asked “Is everything alright Ghosh Babu?”

Surprised, Bikash said, yes ! All okay ...

By the time he answered Banwarilal moved forward and could not hear his words. To understand what he had heard, he took the right hand up from the handle and left the handle. What is said cannot be understood.

A little further, he reached the main road. Although there is less electricity in the home here, it often faces load-shedding. When he reached main road suddenly electricity went off.. Kerosene light flickers in stores. The wall of the shop is red in the light of kerosene. There are many ghosts, dancing in shades of kerosene light formed by the men walking on road. Bike, rickshaw punks Various mixed sounds. october’s dust of rush. Everywhere is crowded.
Bikash does not like this.

On the way to “Bhulbhulya” Bikash was thinking that he feels very good to be alone in the crowd.

For Bikash, there is no price for time. He had taken a three-month holiday, No balance is left now. The manager asked, “What you will do in these there months, Ghosh Babu? Will you go somewhere for a change? ”

Pruthu laughed Said, no, no.


Nothing planned ...

Nothing planned ! For three months? You must be a psycho Ghosh Babu. Unpredictable man.

Bikash knows that he is an unpredictable man. Yet he did not say anything more about trying to convince him, leave it, I must have to take the leave ....

Not all things are meant for understanding. It is also foolish to explain all things. Not to travel or to recover the loss of health; Just take leave from job to get a little study, thinking, take leave to write something.

Here Chameli teaches english in a co-ed school,her vacation time is the time to go somewhere for a tour. If they go somewhere, its preplanned. If Chameli had a school holidays, then her female association had many jobs. Number of tasks for that job becomes more on vacation. A very social, generous, popular, zealous girl is Chameli. Whenever there is a combination of less difficulty for wife and children, Bikash has to go with them by managing severe difficulties.

Pruthu writes poetry and ten years ago, ‘Ausuya’, a poem was published in a book. Of course,he published it by his own expense. Because of the poem, he has to be constantly harassed by Chameli.
His daughter Millie, seems to be a little sympathised for her miserable poet-nature father, and expressed it with unpredictable courage. Bikash felt embarrassed for this. Compassion, he did not want from anyone. Still do not want.

Bikash always has a fear of Chameli.. Chameli’s character reminds him about his uncle, great Autocrat. All the operations of this small family are driven with strict governance by Chameli. Bikash has nothing to do in this matter.

Foolishly he expends some bucks on publishing his poem in his early life, though he feels proud about himself as he considers himself in the same category with the other poets. He knows there are many “Failed Poets” in this country roaming here and there with no identity. This embraces him more than anything. He generally oppose the word “Failed Poet”. Those who are devotional about writing poem, will they ever fail? Significance of a poet lies inside his poem. Will it decide the fame of that poet?

Last month, many prominent poets from the city came to the village. There was a Poetry Conference. They were accommodate in circuit house.The poet conference was for two days. The city was full of noise.. Even ordinary people like Bikash being able to communicate with only two people. The rush was also went to the conference. No ceremony in this town can be completed without Chameli. Her beautiful presence, speaking style completes any ceremony. She is the Trump card of this town . Everyone of this region praises Chameli. There is something other than praise in the eyes of every male. The groom knows it and he enjoys that.

Though she did not read a single poem in her whole life, she collected autographs and signed all successful poet’s signatures.By looking her beautiful face, no poet could ask her whether she had read his poem or not. They autographed delightfully. If a poet does not appreciate beauty, who else will do?

Bikash was very much inclined to throw a tea party to all the poets at home. But Chameli said she can not request those superclass, well of fame poets to come to this third class house . Even if she dies, he can not disrespect herself so much.

What the hell ! Where did he come in !

He came to the end of the town. All the shops are closed. Nobody on the road. He thought today he will be punished again for forgotten his task.

If Bikash can publish another poem on his own expenditure, then the name will be “wrongfulness”.

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