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Wizards...... Magic, by the Imperium; it has been outlawed..... Punishment of magic's use: death by execution..... Wizards of the realms, they are not berthed as so many were led to believe; they are chosen.....

Fantasy / Scifi
Robert Alan Ryder
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Chapter 1: The Beast

One woman's screams echoed throughout The Outlands.

Two beings baring full mail armor plating of crimson flame and of blackened forging carry the struggling frantic woman toward the moth of a great cave.

One tall and skinny man, concealed beneath a dark black cloak, followed close behind.

The woman, cursed her captors aloud; kicking, and screaming- louder to be freed from their grasp.

The entry to the great cave, was blocked by an iron gate.

The two armored beings shackled the woman by her hands and her feet. The woman, she was now suspended, in the air before- the iron gate.

Now completed with their day's duty in task, The two armored- beings took up sentry positions, to each side of the gate.

The one cloaked in black, he slowly approached the woman and gazed deep into her eyes.

The captive woman, threatening use- of prepared magic; began to mumble in chant beneath her breath.

The black cloaked man, smiled wickedly beneath the shadowed concealment his darkened hood. The man concentrating on the woman's throat.

Wrought of shadow, one limb of slithering; lashed outward and expanded to multiple digits. The shadow's grasp, now squeezed the woman's throat.

The woman coughed and choked, as she attempted to complete her- ritualistic incantation. Fear, now gripped tight hold of her, and she was no longer able to speak.

"..... Your eyes, they now betray you woman.....

The Crimson Queen, she has learned of your son.....

Rest assured, we will find the boy..... He, cannot hide from the marks of recognition that have been bestowed upon him.....

Your husband, has fallen- to the four Huntsman..... You? You- will be sacrifice for the Beast....."

A single tear dripped loose from the woman's right eye.

The black cloaked man, removed his hood that the woman may look upon his face. Slicing at her clothes, with a dagger he now- unsheathed from its holder attached to his belt on the right, the man removed the woman's clothing. He shook his head, on the woman's nakedness of body.

"..... It is a great shame, to see such beauty go to waste..... The- Beast, it does not accept sacrifice, that has been spoiled by the touch of man or of even woman, and with this oil; you shall be purified by purity's grace."

Two hand maidens, are quickly ushered forward.

The albino skinned, young virgin girls each given a bottle of the purifying oil.

"..... The sacrifice must be purified of all human touch.....

Of gloves, weaved of satin cloth, only will you spread the holy- oil upon her naked body, and within, shall she too be cleansed of man's touch."

The two selected hand maidens worked quickly, the experience, it was no more uncomfortable for them, than it was for the lady captive. The woman bowed her head low.

The two hand maidens, retreated as the gate slowly rose.

The beast's gnarling and gnashing teeth and the sounds of bone claws raking the natural carved walls of the cave, announced in the awakening of, the thing that lives within.

From something large, and heavy of monstrous berthing; there was caused multiple impact tremors hard upon the ground as it walked.

The woman, she now struggled in vain to be free, as the sounds of The Beast's roar echoed from within the darkened cave.

The man in the black cloak replaced his hood over his head and turned from the gore hostile scene unconcerned, as The Beast's roars are immediately replaced by the sounds of tearing human skin and the breaking of bones.

The sacrifice now completed The Beast returned back within its cave lair.

The two Crimson Sentries, closed the iron gate and locked it on both latches. The black cloaked man, walked slowly, to the edge of The Outlands, and looked down upon the clouds in the sky.

The Crimson Sentries, quickly rejoined their master.

The man turned fast to his sentries, one hand resting, upon the shoulder of each; and then began a spell of chanting, the words to a simple magic.

The three were fast surrounded, by a event horizon of temporal stability, as they are drawn into an awakening portal.

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