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Taken from another place, another time. One young farmer of a man fins himself in a world of fantastic berth..... Darkness controls the outcome of people's daily lives..... the quest for an heir to the Twelve Kingdoms offering hope of raising light.....

Fantasy / Scifi
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Prologue: The Darkness

Living alone, one man rests on a tattered old throne. This man's broken down home; it is quite literally his castle. family and friends, they are all gone.

His body slowly withers away, the old man dozes upon his porch swing. Tired eyes gazed out upon the blanket of stars that covered the night sky.

One significant star catches sight his weary eyes. The man breathed his last breath and closed his eyes.....

This man, he has had a long and happy life. he passed away on his time with great feelings of content. For this man succumbing to time of eternal rest, a brave unknown world awaits his arrival.....

The farmer rose quickly from the realistic haunting dream. Rubbing the tiredness free from his eyes, the young man rose from his bed and stretched.

Completing his fulfillment of morning's exercises rather quickly, the young man grabbed for some clean clothes and made his way to the shower. The smells of fresh fried bacon and of coffee brewing tantalized the man's taste buds.

Making fast use of the day's hot water, the young man dried and dressed. His stomach, it was grumbling with pangs of recognized hunger. The young man quick to join his mother for the morning's breakfast.

The two give grace of thanks for the food that has been provided to their needs, and then both quietly of the early day's feast.

Eggs and bacon, and sliced pan-fried potatoes; and hot coffee and sour dough toast.....

What more can anyone ask for? The son continues to think on in silence, although; he regularly considers the possibility that their should be much more to his life.

Breakfast now finished, the young man was all too eager to start work upon his father's farm. His father passing early this year, the son made it his personal goal to keep up the family farm no matter the coast.

Out among the crops, within the fields unseen; a bleeding black circle slowly rose among the stalks of corn. The circle started from a singular fixated point, one that had lined directly with the lines of laying that lay beneath the farm unknown' and rotated in a clockwise pattern to complete the strange design.

The black circle pulsated and rose up one section at a time to take on the form of a dome over the crops, one that was blacker than the darkest of blacks.

The black dome began to slowly grow, stretching out across the fields on all sides of its circular circumference.

the young man's mother gathered the day's dishes to be washed. her son quickly washed his hands and made for the front door to begin his farming duties of the day.

The mother drooped a plate on sight of the strange growing darkness, as seen through her kitchen window. Calling desperately for her son, the young man's mother raced for the front door. her son, he was now gone; and the strange darkness, it had vanished with him.

Frantic, the young man's mother raced out into the field yelling his name. the mother's eyes filled with tears of despair on sight of the corn field. One giant blackened hole is all that remains of her only son.

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