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One wizard and one white wolf traveling to a place of legend..... The White tower..... The place where the wolf may be freed from a sorcerer's curse..... Tracked down by masters of the hunt, and threatened by the savagery of the monstrous beast known as the Yeti, the wizard Orin; and a small group of heroes from the lands of Nod, band together to see the wolf to The White Tower. Wherein the wolf's destiny will be revealed.....

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Prologue: Of Beast's Noble and Brave.....

Many stories tales, tall- told…..

Swords and sorcery; and conflicts ages old…..

Of the most curious mystical tales of yule…..

Of the tidings of the passing seasons, and of winter’s- festive activities, to be observed…..

Frequented have been the celebration: of the Solstice, where a weaver of magic would be called on; for light of festivities aid…..

Among those- cheerful, in peaceful celebrations, was- there to be one of whom, would receive a calling of an adventurer first grade…..

This story, it may sound similar of all tales once told, but this tale; is a little different; than those- regularly known…..

For this adventurer you see, was not to, be identified- and remembered as elf, or as dwarf or as man or that of any human being recollected from stories of past's history.....

This adventurer he was to be known as a beast. One- cursed by foul magic, to walk upon all fours…..

Immediately I could tell, that there was to be seen, of something truly quite different, from this canine that had been searching for a home…..

Something in his eyes perhaps?

Noble, this one wolf; man raised, beast- born…..

This story, it would quickly become quite the curious one; of all tales to be told…..

It was December the 23rd.

Snow fell heavy to freeze upon the ground.

Children locked out and pushed away from their time study, within houses of regular schooling; they were- quick apt to play, many a frown turned upside down.

“Quite a healthy looking beast you have there Mister?”

“Orin, and this is Ajax…..”

“….. Well to have met you both- Orin, Ajax…..

What brings you here to these icy parts?”

“We seek the White Tower…..”

“….. The White Tower?!

Beg your pardon old one, but this place that you seek; it is but a legend…..”

“…. Perhaps, to those that would not know where to find it…..”

“Treacherous lands, these here parts…..

You two are looking, as if you both may be in the needing, of a hot meal and of a guide?”

“Yes..... That would be most generous of you…..”


Watch over the shop, and when you lay eyes- on your brother, have him come straight home.”

“Yes- father.”

“Come along with me Orin, Ajax?”

“After you?”

“Tell me Orin? Have you heard of the Yeti?”

Ajax’s well attuned wolf beast senses listened in on to the duos' human conversation. His eyes looking to Orin’s.

Orin kept silent; the wizard patting the noble wolf, fur of white upon the head.

Yes.... I have heard many stories; for I am a man of many the seasons…..”

“….. You are one in tune with the mystic arts..... that would be- my bet…...

One old man, and a white wolf, traveling as alone in the frigid harshness, of the season's winter conditions…. Something tells me, you are not here by chance….”

“..... Very wise for a shop keeper?”

“Aye, that I am..... Call me Finnegan?

My eldest son, he is the lad you want to see…..”

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