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How the world was divided

By sunsetgirl737 All Rights Reserved ©


Chapter 1

It has been twenty years since this all began.

Long ago, after the battle of the boldest, what was left of our once wonderful city broke many spirits and hearts. Then, one of our leaders Sal Kimton thought of an idea. He too had felt broken at the remains of his home and decided to make his own group underground where everybody could grow stronger and happier and forget about the war and their previous home. But the older brother Pilton objected, as he thought it would split up his subject’s forever more in the already shattered community. But Pilton had faith everybody could change the city back to its former glory and everybody could live in peace once more. But angered at his brother’s objections, Sal went against his brother’s orders and secretly made the colony before the group was lead to underground bunker to begin making their wonderful city. But Pilton knew his brother well and assumed this was to happen, so he himself lead the remaining survivors far away where they could start making their own stronger, better city, but that never happened.

As soon as the news arrived to Sal what his brother had done he did something unthinkable. So engulfed in rage and jealously that his brother was making his own better city, Sal told his troupes to find the remaining aeroplanes from the war and something else too. The Unstoppable. It was supposed to stop the war without anybody being able to stop it, like its name suggested. It was the highest ranking bomb ever created and could destroy countries if fiddled around with to give it full power. But that wasn’t what Sal wanted so he just left it as it was. He swore the soldiers to secrecy before they were off. When the bomb was dropped on Pilton and his people it was an unforgettable moment. Waves of heat crashed other each other and screams rang out for endless hours as the troupes retreated. Far far away a boy who couldn’t keep up with the group listened to the explosion he wasn’t in though the rest of his family was. They weren’t ever seen again. The boy’s name was Tommy Smith and he just might of became the last of the over grounders. He was left all alone at the age of six and had to fend for himself for the next twenty years, going on many crazy adventures as he was hunted by the under grounders and as he searched for the anymore over grounders. I’m Thomas Smith and that was how the world was divided.

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