The Alpha

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Chapter 9

Ellie POV

“Ellie?” I hear Axton question.

My eyes connect with his before he looked at the small creature in my arms. I gently placed her on the ground behind me as I turned to face his wrath. His eyes continued to watch my movements before moving down to Zea.

I pull Zea closer to my body, trying to shield her from his glare.

Layla, get to the front yard now! I call out through the weak pack bond we had shared.

I look back at Axton’s shocked expression. He just stared at our little girl as if he never knew she existed. Well he had the chance to know her and I was not going to allow him to keep the promise he made years ago.

“Axton,” I say again. His eyes instantly moved back to mine as he stared deep into my soul. His gaze was the same one filled with love and longing I had seen when I first met him. If only I didn’t know it was all a lie, “I am only here to take Zea.”

“You’re alive,” he breathed out.

“Of course I am. I am not as easy to kill as you thought I would be,” I snap at him. I know my words would not affect the man in front of me, but they will injure his wolf.

He frowned at my words, “Where have you been?” he questioned, taking a step forward, “I tried to find you, but-”

I cut him off, “But I am very good at covering my tracks,” I said coldly, trying to hide my longing emotions of seeing the man who was once my mate deep inside.

He stopped moving for a second as he took in my words, “What do you mean? Why did you leave?” he asked as he shook with anger as he understood my meaning. He failed to find me and kill Zea, he failed as a capable leader.

“Sorry to burst your bubble, Alpha Knight, but I will not allow you to kill her,” I say strongly, pushing Zea more behind me.

It looked like he was about to say something when the front door of the pack house slammed open drawing both our attentions for a split second.

Reid came flying off the porch, placing himself between Axton and me, “Get away from her!” he growled at his Alpha.

I watched Axton closely as his wolf started to take over, his eyes turning into the dark pitch blackness as his anger controlled his body, “Get out of my way!” Axton shouted using his Alpha tone.

“I will not allow you to hurt her,” Reid said, standing his ground against his own Alpha for me. He was the Gamma; therefore, his job was to protect me from all danger, including my own mate. He knew what Axton had promised and he knew the risk of me being here would be, “I will not allow you to hurt her.”

“Do not test me right now, Reid!” Axton shook with anger as his muscles flexed threatening. He started to make his way to me, and he was willing to kill Reid if he didn’t move, “Now move.”

“No,” Reid said.

Before I knew what was happening, Reid was pinned to the ground with Axton’s hand around his throat. Reid pulled on his fingers, but Axton wouldn’t budge. Axton growled in Reid’s face, but Reid took it as a distraction as his fist connected with Axton’s chin.

They rolled over as they both threw multiple punches into each other. I watch the blood covered fists connect with their stomachs and faces when I heard Zea call out. I turned toward her to see she was watching the violence.

“Enough!” I called out to them.

Their fists froze mid-swing as they looked at me before turning back to glaring at each other. Anger was clear on both their faces. Reid’s protectiveness over his Luna and Axton’s anger over Reid’s betrayal.

“Reid!” I called out causing both of them to stop their staring contest as they looked to me, “Get Zea out of here.”

“Ellie, I can’t allow you to be alone with him,” he said, throwing his disgust towards Axton which caused him to growl lowly to Reid, “Not after what he did.”

“It was not a request,” I ordered, “Now.”

Throwing one last look at Axton he nodded his head at me, “Yes Luna.” He swiftly walked towards Zea and picked her up into his arms.

“Take her to Layla,” I tell him. He started to walk into the house as Zea stared at me over his shoulder. I gave her a loving look before calling out one last order, “Reid, if something happens, take her and run.”

He bowed his head slightly as they disappeared into the house. Now all that stood between me and Axton was about twenty feet of damp grass. I turned back towards him to see his broken expression covering his face.

Go to mate! Raelynn tries to tell me, but I block her from my mind.

“What is Reid talking about?” he questioned while breathing shallowly, trying to calm his raging wolf, “Why do you believe she needs to be protected?”

“Don’t pretend Axton,” I tell him, “He knows about your promise. The promise you made to me; I will not allow you to keep it.”

His face contorted in confusion as he looked at me.

Is he really trying to pretend like he didn’t threaten to murder both Zea and I? I ask Raelynn.

I don’t know. His wolf keeps calling out to me, she tells me before hiding back into my mind. I was so focused on the pain Raelynn was projecting; I didn’t even notice the question Axton had asked.

“Is she mine?” he asks, his voice husky.

“I told you the truth once before, and you didn’t believe me. Why would you now?” I ask him, my pain slipping through my voice as it cracked at the end.

“Ellie, I don’t understand,” he starts to step towards me, but I put up my hand to stop him.

“Don’t you dare come any closer to me,” I tell him. He halted midstride as he caught the fear I had for him in my eyes.

“Ellie, what happened?” he asked me, taking another step forward. I immediately stepped back, my heels hitting the first step of the porch.

“Before or after?” I ask him, my pain turning into anger towards the man I once loved, “A lot has happened in the last seven years.”

“Ellie-” he took another step toward me.

“No, do not come near me,” I told him, stopping his movements again. I paused for a second before I made him a promise, “You made me a promise that night and now I have one for you. You come anywhere near me or my daughter, I promise your fate will be worse than death.”

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