The Alpha

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Chapter 10

Ellie POV

7 Years Ago

My hands shook as I looked at those defining blue lines.

After the night of the party, Axton and I became inseparable. By that first night, I felt like I knew everything about him. We spent every day with each other; we were almost never apart. The only times we weren’t in the same room together was when he had his Alpha duties with his father to attend to, but that never bothered me because I had my own Luna job to adhere to with his mother.

Normal people might think that it would be weird, spending everyday with one person, but it wasn’t for us. Maybe it was because we were mates, but I never wanted to be separated from him. He was my other half.

It had only been a few months with Axton, and I never thought I would be happier. That was until I saw those two lines. A million emotions were flying through me all at once as I looked down at those lines.

I was uncertain. I didn’t know if I was ready was this. What would it all mean?

I was scared. Did Axton want this too? Were we ready for this next step? We were both so young, could we really do this?

I was afraid of the future. Would we be able to protect it? Would it grow to be safe?

But the emotion I was feeling the strongest was joy. It was not only me or Axton, but a piece of both of us. A light that we would share and raise. Our baby.

A smile grew on my face as I ran all my emotions through my head and my hormones finally settled on happy. I was going to be a mother. We were going to have a baby.

I quickly finished up in the bathroom and made my way down the fine wood steps. The pack house was empty since tonight was the annual Wolf Moon. Werewolves might not be controlled by the full moon, but we sure did love to throw parties under it.

I checked the kitchen one last time to make sure Axton’s beta, Walker, didn’t eat all of the s’mores fixing I had set up for the kids before getting ready to head out.

While making sure everything was set, I started thinking about the future. What would our child be like? Would she be strong like Axton? Would she be kind? Would she know she was completely loved? Without even thinking about it, I already knew she was a girl. I guess I would call it mother’s intuition, but I am pretty sure I’m right.

After all the questions ran through my head, I started thinking of ways to tell Axton. I could just spit it out and tell him bluntly, but I thought against that idea. I want to surprise him somehow.

I thought of a few scenarios in my head on different ways to break the news. Maybe over dinner or I could get him one of those best dad in the world t-shirts. I kept thinking of all the ways I could tell him, but I never could come up with what his reaction would be.

We haven’t talked about having pups yet. We were both so young; we just never got around to the conversation. I know he would eventually want an heir for the next Alpha of the pack, but that would be years away. Would he be happy?

I was so lost in thought, I almost didn’t hear the sound of the floorboards creak behind me until I heard the familiar voice talk to me, “Ellie.”

I turned to face my gorgeous mate with my smile still cracking on my face, “Axton, I thought you had already left for the bonfire with Walker. What are you still doing here?”

“We need to talk.”

“Alright. What’s up?” I asked him as I took a step forward, but my foot faltered as I looked at his once angelic face. He wasn’t looking at me with love in his eyes. He almost sneered my way when I tried to move. It was as if he didn’t feel our bond, as if he hated me, “What’s going on? Axton, what’s wrong?”

“With me? Nothing is wrong. It’s with us that we have an issue,” he spat.

“I don’t understand,” I told him.

“Of course you don’t,” he sneered, almost laughing to himself, “You would have to be smart enough to notice anything.”

“What?” I almost whispered, unsure about why he would say that when he has always valued my opinion.

“What?” he mocked in a sickly tone, “It’s time we had a little talk, sweetheart.” The usually loving endearment sounded like daggers being thrown my way, “You know, the boys and I were talking on our patrol today and we had a little disagreement. Do you want to know what it was about?”

I didn’t make any indication of wanting an answer. For some reason, I somehow knew I didn’t want to hear what he was going to say.

“Well I’ll tell you. The boys and I couldn’t decide. Who was a bigger whore, you or Angel,” he laughed to himself. I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mate’s mouth.

Why is he saying such mean things to us? Raelynn whimpers to me, I thought he loved us.

“What?” I look at him, unable to understand why he was trying to hurt us like this, “Axton I don’t understand why you are acting like this.”

“You don’t understand,” he sneered, “Well of course you don’t. Didn’t we already go over this?”

“Axton-” he cut me off before I could say anything to him.

“Shh Ellie. I have listened to you enough over these last few months and the sound of your voice is starting to really irritate me,” I just stared at him as his once loving blue eyes, only to be met by a cold reflecting ocean, “Now it’s time for me to take out the trash, so to speak.”

“I don’t understand what you are saying.”

“Do I have to spell it out for you Ellie? I am rejecting you.”

My heart shattered at those crushing words.

How could he! My wolf shouted, crying in my head as a tear escaped my eye, Why would he do that?

“What?” I asked, my pain echoing in my voice.

“Do I have to repeat myself? I am rejecting you Ellie. I don’t want you, I don’t need you, and I sure as hell don’t love you.”

My wolf whimpered into the back of my mind, calling out to a mate that no longer wanted her, “But-”

“But what, Ellie?” he asked, almost amused with my pain, “You thought we would live happily ever after. You thought that I would love you forever. You actually thought I would ever want a whore like you to be my Luna.”

“I have never-”

“Like I would care to listen to your excuses. It’s all the same to me. I had my fun and now it’s time for you to go.”

“Why would you accept the bond, if this was what you were planning on doing?”

“Because I love a good game, but you’ve grown boring to me and it’s time for a new play thing.”

Pup! What will happen to our pup! My wolf called out. My hand immediately travelled to my stomach, as if to block my pup’s ears from hearing our mate’s rejection.


“Our pup?” he laughed wickedly, “Please, with the amount of men you’ve been with, it’s somehow doubtful that thing growing inside you is even mine.”

“Do you truly believe that?” I asked him, trying to muster any strength I have to try to reach the man I had fallen in love with.

“You and I both know that thing is not mine,” he sneered.

“You know that isn’t true,” I pushed back, but my strength waning with the crack in my voice.

“Well how about I make you a promise then, little mate.”

“And what kind of promise would that be?” my voice barely above a whisper.

“I can’t kill you right now because my father would never allow me to stay in power as Alpha, but he does not know about this,” he smiled as he looked down to my stomach. Both my hands tried to cover it from his heated stare as he walked closer to me, “Leave now and never come back. But if you do, if I ever see you or that bastard thing growing inside of you on my land ever again, I promise I will give you both a fate worse than death.”

I felt my heart breaking as the man I had loved disappeared forever, only to be replaced by this monster. I didn’t understand what happened to my Axton, but I will never allow him to harm my child.

If he wants to hurt her, he will have to find her first; Raelynn whimpered to me as we both agreed to leave. It’s not what either of us ever wanted, but that isn’t what parenthood is about, We must protect pup from all, even our own mate, her voice broke.

Pulling all the strength she could give me, I lifted my head to look into Axton’s eyes, “I don’t understand what happened to you, Axton. But thank you,” I told him.

“For what sweetheart?” he leaned in.

“For showing me who you really are on the inside. I thought I knew you completely, but you had me completely fooled. But I swear to God, if you attempt to harm my child at all, I will kill you,” I told him.

“Well then, it looks like I will have a new game after all. Since I can’t kill you now, it seems you will be getting a head start. If I were you, I would run,” he laughed.

“Goodbye Axton.”

“And goodbye unwanted mate,” he smiled as I sprinted out the door.

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