The Alpha

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Chapter 12

Axton POV

I stood there perplexed as Ellie walked past me and bolted up the stairs. I didn’t understand what she was talking about. She said she left because of me, because I rejected the mate bond but I know that I didn’t.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sudden pain in my right cheek as a hand slapped me.

“How could you do that Axton?!” Sawyer screeched as Walker pulled her behind him in order to protect her, knowing I would be pissed for her touching me, “You rejected her?”

Even though I was pissed at Sawyer for the slap, my confusion over why my mate left was still swirling around in my mind, “I have no clue what she is talking about,” I say to her, “I would never do that.”

Sawyer’s eyes soften as she takes in the lost look I probably am displaying.

“Then why does she believe that you did?” Walker steps in.

“Because he did,” we both turned toward the new voice as my gamma entered the room, “You broke her, Axton.”

I growled at Reid as he came closer to us. I was stilled pissed about his interference from earlier. His left eye was still swollen as I smirked at the pain he has for stepping between what is mine. All my wolf wanted was to hurt him again, but I needed answers about Ellie and he seemed to know, “What are you talking about?”

“Because of you, she had to flee this pack. She was forced on the run. If I hadn’t found her when I did, she would have died. The rogues after her were relentless, plus she was running from you. All she wanted was to be able to raise her daughter and you threatened that. She fled to escape you.”

I was going to ask him why she fled in the first place, what I could have done to make her want to leave, but something he said made me pause, “When you found her?” I growled out through gritted teeth.

He paled for a second when he realized what he said. He knew he slipped up, and tried to cover it but he started to shake slightly in fear as his wolf tensed from the anger radiating off of me.

“You’ve known where she was this entire time?” Sawyer spoke up.

“You’ve known where my mate was,” I growl, “For seven years. I could have had her back by my side. For the last seven years, and you kept me from her.”

He gulped loudly as my body shook, my wolf completely at the surface, “It is my job to protect the Luna. The only way to protect her was to keep her as far from you as possible.”

The second he said it, I lost all control over my wolf. Our rage fueled us as we tossed Reid across the room. He hit the wall in the foyer before bending over. At least four of his ribs were broken, but I planned on breaking a lot more.

He lifted his head, coughing as he looked at me to continue explaining but my wolf didn’t care. He kept me from my mate and neither my wolf nor I would forgive that.

“You rejected her then threatened to slaughter both her and Zea if she ever came back, Axton!” he growled at me.

I was shocked at his words that I faltered in my steps for a second, trying to push down my wolf in order to focus on why he would say that, “No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did, Axton,” he pushed himself up the wall, holding his ribs tightly as he watched my every move, “You rejected her and your wolf broke the bond between hers. You destroyed the bond.”

I could hear my wolf whimper and growl at the insinuation that he would ever do that to his mate, I didn’t do that Axton. She is mine. I would never give her up.

I know that but why does he think that? I ask Knox.

“We never did that,” I tell him.

He shook his head at my refusal to admit to something I know I didn’t do to Ellie. I loved her. I never would hurt her. She knew that. She knew I wouldn’t leave her and I certainly would not reject her.

“Whether you will admit it or not, it destroyed her. You destroyed her, Axton,” he said just barely above a whisper.

Walker comes up next to me as I just stare at Reid, “Did you really know where she has been this entire time?”

Reid grunted from his broken ribs before answering him, “Of course not. I found her on the last hunt I went on to track her down. She had been hurt pretty bad. A group of rogues were chasing her and you were chasing her,” he nudged his head towards me as he continued, “She knew she couldn’t go back to her old pack, so she went to Blue Moon. Her brother had been friends with Alpha Madden and she knew Layla, so she figured she could hide out there for a while. I didn’t know she had stayed there.”

“Why didn’t you bring her back?” Sawyer asked.

“I did,” my eyes immediately snap to his to see if he was lying but all I saw was genuine truth behind his words, “I didn’t believe what she said to be true. I had seen the amount of pain you had been in when she disappeared. I told her that it what you were like, that maybe something about that night wasn’t what it had seemed. So I talked her into coming back.”

“She had been here? When?” Walker asked. I seemed to be frozen from saying anything to him as Reid talked about Ellie. She had come back. She was here, so why didn’t she stay?

“About six months after she left. We made it back to the border when we saw Axton.”

“What?” I asked, shocked.

“You were in the woods with some rogue. You were telling him that he needed to find Ellie because you couldn’t mate with someone else until your true mate was dead. We heard the entire conversation, Axton. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard you hiring rogues to murder your own mate.”

I just stared at him, “I didn’t do that. I thought rogues had taken her. All I have wanted was to get her back.”

“Well you should had an interesting way of showing it,” he sneered.

I growled as I stepped closer to him, ready to beat him into a pulp but Walker gripped my shoulder, “He isn’t worth this.”

“Yes it is,” I told him as I continued to glare daggers at Reid.

“No, he isn’t,” he pulled me back and I allowed him to as he attempted to talk sense into me, “I don’t know what really happened, but he thought he was doing what he was born to do. He is the gamma; it is his job to protect Ellie and that is exactly what he did.”

I could feel my wolf growling at me to still kill Reid but I knew Walker’s words were right. He was doing his job as gamma. He didn’t deserve to die.

“Get him out of here,” I motion to Walker and he picks Reid up and takes him to the infirmary with Sawyer behind him.

I stare at the wall as I take in the information Reid had shared. It explains why he came back from that last mission and did a complete one-eighty. He didn’t want to look for Ellie and he had always been pissed at me. He thought I wanted her dead.

Reid was figured out, but what I couldn’t understand was the events that took place. I never rejected Ellie, but she thought I did. I never threatened Zea, but she thought I did. I never hired rogues to kill her, yet she and Reid both saw me do it.

I don’t understand what happened, Knox said to me.

I don’t either but we need to figure it out, I told him.

Agreed, but how?

I don’t know, but we do know one thing, I say.

What’s that? He asks me.

I know I didn’t do those things, that means someone else did, I pause before continuing, Which means someone wants our mate dead.

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