The Alpha

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Chapter 19

Ellie POV

Gripping onto Zea as tightly as I could, I raced towards the pack house. When I finally saw it in sight, I could see Sawyer in the front yard, directing people where to go.

That’s when I feel it. The stinging pain of being cut into. I look down at my chest, but there is no blood, no wound.

Axton! He’s hurt. Focusing on the feeling and the extremity of it, I try to feel for how bad he is hurt. But the pain starts to fade, so I assume that it healed, meaning he is fine.

“Ellie!” she called as I ran up to her.

“Are all the children in the bunker?” I ask her.

“Good, let’s get inside the house. I feel like a sitting target out here,” I tell her as she nods her head in understanding.

“Yeah, I never liked the idea of us being cooped up here.”

“Neither do I, but we guard the kids as a last resort. It’s our responsibility,” I tell her as I remember what Axton’s mother used to say to me when I told her I wanted to fight. Sawyer gives me a smile before we enter the house, but something feels off, “Sawyer, go check on the kids,” I tell her as I set Zea down near the basement door.

That’s when I hear it. A snarl echoes across the room before a massive thump hits the floorboards. Looking into the kitchen, I see the second guard get thrown against the wall, nearly missing my head as the rogue stares down at me.

I stood in front of Zea as the rogue growled lowly. His crimson eyes watched my every movement as we both waited for the other to make a move.

I wasn’t going to let him hurt my daughter. Giving me another growl, the rogue jumped from the ground. His claws ready to dig into my flesh as he rips into my arm, tearing a cut into it.

Using his momentum, I swing him over me and throw his into the hallway wall.

Turning toward him, I shifted my feet, preparing for another impact as I shielded my daughter, but it never came.

A brown wolf slammed into the rogue as it tried to get up. He twisted and latched onto the rogue’s throat, sinking his teeth deep into its skin before swiftly shaking his head, snapping the rogue’s neck.

He gave me a nod of respect as I finally realized who it was, “Thank you, Rolfe. What’s happening at the border?”

Quickly leaving the room and shifting back, Rolfe came back to talk to me, “Are you alright?”

Zea grabbed my hand from behind me as I brushed off his question, “What happened in the attack? Why aren’t you at the border?”

“Rogues rushed the north border. Axton led many of the warriors there, but he sent me back to make sure the pack house was secure. When I got close, a patrol near the south linked me that rogues went through,” he tells me as Zea squeezes my hand again.

I turn to her, giving her a reassuring smile that I’m alright now before I focus on what Rolfe said.

“The attack was a diversion,” I say, knowing full well what they were after, but I couldn’t say it out loud.

“I got two of them in the forest, but I wasn’t quick enough to stop the rogue from reaching the house. I’m sorry Ellie.”

I stare at the two men who had been here. The rogue had gotten them pretty good, but they should be able to recover just fine, “No one died, it wasn’t your fault,” I tell him.

Because it’s ours, Raelynn adds, speaking my exact thoughts, We need to tell mate the truth.

We will. When it’s time, I tell her.

“Luna!” a guard yells as he rushes into the house, “Luna, the attack is over and the warriors are on their way back.”

“Alright,” I tell him, before instructing him on what to do, “Run to the pack doctor’s and tell Jade to be prepared for our injured.”

“Yes Luna,” he says before racing out the door he just came in from.

I turn to Rolfe, “Can you go to the pack cells and help Walker?”

He nods before giving me a quizzical look, “How do you know he will be there?”

“Trust me, he’ll be there.”

With that Rolfe left the house as I turned to Sawyer who had exited the safe room to help.

“We need to help get people to Jade,” she nods her head as she bends down and tells the little girl attached to her leg to go tell everyone that it is safe before we head out the door, only to be greeted by hundreds of warriors exiting the woods.

Kids ran to their parents as mates reconnected. Scanning my eyes over the crowd, I couldn’t see Axton anywhere.

“Luna,” someone called as I went to the wounded soldier on the ground. Creating a tourniquet quickly on the gash on his leg, I told one of the men to get him to Jade.

I went to each one of the warriors who were at the field, checking to make sure everyone was alright.

I scanned the field again when I finally saw him helping one of the warriors and directing a patrol to watch the border. He turned as if sensing me and our eyes connected.

The second Axton’s eyes met mine, he was in front of me. His eyes roamed every part of my body, checking for any sign of harm, “Are you alright? Are you hurt at all?”

He grabs my arm, but there isn’t even a sign that a wound had been there. All that’s left was a little scratch.

“Axton, I’m right here,” I reassure him as I place my hand against his cheek. He pulled me into his chest as he breathed in my scent.

“Rolfe linked me that a rogue got into the house,” he said as he pulled away to examine me again.

“I told you, I’m fine,” I say again. I noticed his wounds as his chest moved up and down. I could see deep cuts across it, “You’re hurt.”

“I’m fine,” he shakes it off as he just keeps looking at me.

“Axton,” my voice was cut off when I looked into his eyes. He was still looking over every inch of me, trying to make sure that I was here, that I was safe. That’s when I saw it, that emotion that wanted to tear me in two.

It was fear, fear of losing me as I had felt his pain when he was hurt as he had felt mine.

There was another fear there. The fear he must have felt when I left. The heart wrenching fear of losing a mate, of having them taken from you. I recognized it because I held felt when I thought he had rejected me. I was wrong.

But there wasn’t just fear in his eyes either. There was love and need and desire all swirling around in them.

“Axton,” I say again, this time drawing his eyes to mine before I grab his collar as I pull his lips down to mine.

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