The Alpha

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Chapter 27

Ellie POV

I moved around the kitchen, taking place settings to the table as we waited for the noodles to finish cooking. As I put the table together, I thought about what these last couple of weeks had been. I went from trying to stay away from my mate and hoping he never found me to being completely in love with him all over again. He finally met his daughter and we were the family I had hoped that we would be seven years ago.

Weirdly enough, all it had taken was one attack and it gave me my family.

When Axton had told me that he was thinking about the future, I will admit that I was curious as to what he saw in store.

Yeah, just curious? Raelynn commented. I could almost see her wolfy smirk.

Hey, he said I was free to roam around in his head, I defend myself from her as I go back to thinking about what was actually in his head, causing my smile to grow even more.

“What’s got you all smiles, huh?” Sawyer giggled in my ear, making me jump.

“God damn, you scared the crap out of me!” I scold her as my heartbeats tries to calm down, “How are you doing? Do I need to kick Walker’s ass?”

She laughed at me, “No, we talked, and he groveled. I think we are going to be okay.”

I smiled to her and was going to say something when Zea ran up to us, “Is auntie Sawyer having a baby?”

Sawyer smiled down to her as she bent down to her level, “I am.”

Zea’s face lit up in a smile, “I hope it’s a girl!” she screamed as she jumped up and down. I laughed with Sawyer at her outburst, “Mommy, should I go get daddy for dinner?” she asked when she finally settled down after five minutes of her listing of girl names from girls she met in school.

“I think that is a wonderful idea,” I told her as she ran out of the room.

Sawyer stood back up as she said, “She is one hyper little girl.”

“You don’t even know the half of it,” I tell her, “She did bring up a good question though.”

“Oh, what question is that?” Sawyer asks me.

“What do you want? Boy or girl?”

She bit her lip in thought, “I don’t know. I always wanted at least two kids. A boy and a girl didn’t matter the order, but I will admit that I like the idea of my little girl having an older brother to protect her like you and your brother, Xander.”

I smiled at that. I always did love how I grew up with Xander. I wish Zea had a sibling to be able to have that, “That’s really sweet. I’m sure-”

I was going to say more when an alarm went off. I looked at Sawyer as I saw the fear in her eyes. We both knew what it meant.

“We need to get Zea.”

We both rush out of the room as she and I headed to Axton’s office.

Ellie, Axton’s voice entered my mind.

Axton, what happened? I asked him, hoping that he wasn’t going to tell me that it was the attack, but I knew better than that.

Rogues are at the north border. I need you and Zea to get to the safe room, he tells me. I can sense the fear in his voice.

But Axton, I can help- I try to argue. I could fight. I have been fighting my whole life.

He cut me with a growl, No. Please, Ellie, I need you both safe. Just get to the safe room and lock yourselves in, I hear his desperation in his voice. I know just he wants to protect us.

Okay, I say, but Axton, be careful. I love you.

I love you too, he tells me before closing the link.

I know Axton can take care of himself, especially with the pack behind him, but I still worry about him. Cortez isn’t just any rogue. The only thought I can focus on now is to protect my daughter.

When I get to the office, I throw the door open as Sawyer rushes in behind me, “Where’s Zea?” Panic starts to fill me as I start moving furniture around to see if she is hiding.

“Ellie! Ellie, calm down,” Sawyer tells me as she puts her hands on my shoulders, “We are going to find her. You check down here and I will look upstairs.”

I nod my head at her, “Sawyer, if you find her, go straight to the safe room. Don’t wait for me,” she looked like she was going to argue, but I refused to let her, “Promise me. I need my little girl and the baby of yours safe alright. Just mind link me, and I’ll make my way to you.”

“Alright, I promise,” she said before taking off for the stairs.

Taking a short deep breath, I started running around the house. I kept screaming Zea’s name, but she hadn’t responded. The alarm must have scared her. She knew it meant rogues and she knew to hide. After searching the living room, I went to search the kitchen in case she went back to find me.

“Zea!” I called out, but the room was empty. I moved farther into the room when a scent stopped me.

Rogue! Raelynn growled out.

Sensing movement behind me, I grabbed the pot of boiling noodles on my right and swung around. The scorching water hit his skin as the rogue screamed out. Shifting the pot around, I backhanded it across his face and his body hit the floor, unconscious.

Before I could even move, I felt a slight pain in the back of my neck. Moving my palm over the spot, I felt the metal needle. I pulled it out to see the remnants of the purple liquid that was now sinking into my system

“I love a good distraction,” a voice said. I almost didn’t even hear it as the familiar pain started.

Fire moved through my body as I collapsed on the floor in agony. The liquid in the needle, it was even worse than the last time Cortez had injected me with it.


My body tried to pull me towards the darkness as the pain intensified even more.

Then I saw it. The small crack in the wooden door as a beautiful pair of eyes stared at me, ready to come heal me.


It was the only word I could get out to my daughter before the pain took me.


All I saw was darkness, but I could still feel the agonizing pain. It was in every part of my body, in every cell. It was burning me from the inside out.

“Wakey, wakey little Luna,” a familiar voice called as a strong scent was placed in front of my nose, jerking me in consciousness but not dulling the pain.

My eyes were met with a cold, dead soul staring back at me, “Cortez,” I barely whispered.

“Welcome back, Luna,” he sneered down at me, “You have something that I want.”

“And I will never give it to you,” I tell him, trying to push against the silver restraints across my arms, but only feeling it burn me even more.

“You know last time, you didn’t talk. But I think that is just because you didn’t have the right motivator, what do you think?” At first, I thought the question was to me, but my mind of too tired and in pain to give a response. But then I heard a faint sound, almost like someone was growling but too beaten to make it much of a noise, “I see you don’t agree, but let’s ask the Luna, shall we?”

He moved away from me as he revealed the man behind him, “I believe you’ve met my newest guest.”

Tied to the chair across from me, he could barely lift his head. Blood covered his body as I could make out the purple of his skin from the torture. He looked to be barely breathing. His voice came out groveled as he coughed up blood, “Don’t tell him anything, Ellie.”

The second his words were spoken, Cortez hit him, full force. Pulling a silver knife off a table near them, Cortez plunged it into his leg as he cried out in pain.


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