The Alpha

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Chapter 29

Ellie POV

I stared at him as I tried to connect the pieces on how he could do this to his own family. He has always been there for us. He protected me before he even knew who I was. Why would he want to hurt Axton and the pack?

I could hear Cortez chuckling as I just stood there watching Rolfe, “I guess she didn’t see that one coming,” he smirked, “Since I have what I wanted, I’ll give you some time to talk. I have a witch to go torture.”

He opens the door, but before he closes it behind him, he says one more thing, “Oh, if it turns out you were lying. I’ll be paying your daughter a visit next.”

With that he leaves us alone. I watch Rolfe as he moves around the room, stopping at the table full of knives. He picks one up and starts to rotate it in his hands as he moves to sit in the chair he had been tied to.

“I’m sure you’re trying to figure out why I did it, right? Why do I hate the pack, why do I hate Axton so much that I would want him dead,” he smiled as he leaned forward in the chair, “Do you want more time, or should I just tell you now?”

I thought about the past, about everything that happened before I even got to Black Moon Pack. There was nothing that I could remember. Black Moon has always been a strong pack with Axton’s father as Alpha. There wasn’t even a single rogue attack since-, “Your mate.”

Rolfe smiled like I had won a prize, “Yes, my dear. My mate.”

“How can you blame Axton for what happened to her? He wasn’t even born yet,” I say.

“She would never have been there if it wasn’t for Axton!” Rolfe yelled as he stood up and moved in front of me before slamming the knife he had been twirling around into my leg. I tried not to scream out, but I couldn’t stop the pain from spreading through my body. More wolfsbane seeped into my veins, burning me from the inside out.

“How?” I spit out. I tried to sound strong still, but the more the wolfsbane spread, the more it sounded like a whimper.

Rolfe smiled again as he removed the knife. Wiping the blood off the blade against my leg, he told me, “When Axton’s father met his mother, there was a brewing war between the packs and the rogues. Rogues wanted the packs dead and the packs wanted the rogues dead. So, when news that the new Luna of Black Moon was pregnant spread, the rogues took it as an opportunity to wipe out one of the strongest packs in North America.”

“They kidnapped her,” my voice came out smaller than I wanted it to.

I knew this story. Axton’s mother had told me it after that fight with Axton about the rogue that had crossed the boundary line. Rogues had taken his mom because she was mated to an alpha and he was scared that it would happen to me to.

He was terrified of losing us, Raelynn whined. Her voice was so cut off from me that I barely could feel her presence at all.

“Yes, they took her. My brother, Axton’s father, was so blind with grief and anger that he decided to go after the rogues without backup. When I warned him that we should wait for our pack warriors to get back from the Crescent Moon Pack, he told me there wasn’t enough time,” Rolfe said, “You see, the rogues having a Luna was one thing, but a pregnant Luna? The pain of that death wouldn’t just be felt in the pack, but it would destroy the alpha line within the pack. That type of pain would break the pack so far down until it no longer exists.”

“What does that have to do with your mate?” I asked.

“My mate was the beta female. She was the Luna’s best friend. I tried talking her out of coming with us, but she refused to hear it. She believed Axton’s father was right in not waiting. So, he led us off to find his mate, only it was an ambush. My mate died in my arms because Axton’s father was to blind to see the ambush coming. He led my mate and fifteen other pack members to death because Axton’s mother was pregnant. If it weren’t for Axton, then he would have waited that extra hour for the warriors to get back. We would have been prepared. My mate would not have died!”

“It’s not his fault. He couldn’t have seen the ambush coming. I knew him, he wouldn’t have risked his pack members’ lives if he wasn’t sure that he would win.”

“But he didn’t win. When we realized it was an ambush, I watched as my brother made a choice. Stay on the battlefield and help defend his pack members, or rescue his mate,” he said as he lowered himself down to look me in the eyes, “He chose wrong.”

He plunged the knife again into my leg, leaving it there as he stands up to leave the room. He opens the door before turning around to look at me, “I wonder what choice Axton will make.”

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