The Alpha

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Chapter 32

Ellie POV

“Surprise,” Rolfe said as he twisted the knife he had stabbed Axton with.

I growled as he moved closer to my mate, but it came out as nothing more than a whimper, “Axton.”

Axton growled at Rolfe as he clutched Rolfe’s hand around the hilt of the knife and twisted the knife deeper into him but always twisting Rolfe’s arm until he was forced to let go.

Axton shoved him back into the wall as he pulled the knife out quickly, dropping it onto the floor.

“Traitor,” he growled out before shifting into his gigantic wolf. He stood protectively in front of me as Rolfe pushed himself off the wall and shifted too.

With one last growl from both of them, the charged at each other. The snapped at each other’s necks as Rolfe pushed his paw into Axton’s side. Axton let out a whine before twisting from the pain. Rolfe gained the upper hand as he chucked Axton into the wall he just got up from.

Axton immediately got up and jumped onto Rolfe’s back.

Using my free hand that Axton had untied, I freed my other arm, being careful not to yank the already broken bone. After I finally yanked the chain off, I moved to the clasps around my feet. I focused my attention on the trying to get free, I almost didn’t notice Rolfe as he threw Axton into me.

My head connected with the ground as everything became a little blurry for a few seconds. Axton growled out again as he whined next to me. He was laying on his side. I could feel that he had at least two broken ribs, or maybe those were my broken ribs, “Axton, get up.”

Luckily, when Axton slammed into my seat, the restraints around my ankles broke open. Wincing, I moved toward Axton as I watched him push himself back up off the ground. My hand hit the metal of the knife, cutting my palm as I tried to move closer to Axton.

His eyes looked directly at me as if he was soaking me in. For that split second, I was back at his birthday party, standing in his kitchen when our eyes first met.

He turned again to face Rolfe as Axton let out another growl before charging straight at him. But instead of going for his throat, Axton shifted at the last second as swiped Rolfe with his claws along the side. Rolfe let out a small howl of pain they started circling each other.

I could feel my eyes lose focus as I felt blood seeping down my face.

I slammed my head against the ground, I thought to myself as I felt darkness coming for me.

A growl drew my attention to the door, but it wasn’t Rolfe or Axton.

Cortez stood there as he waited for Rolfe to win.

Rolfe moved to grab Axton’s back paw, but Axton was smarter than that. He shifted slightly, throwing Rolfe off balance before sinking his teeth into Rolfe’s neck. He bit harder before finally hearing the snap.

Grabbing the knife into my hands, I pushed myself off the ground as Cortez let out a growl towards Axton, “This wouldn’t have happened if your mate would have just given me what I wanted.”

Axton growled as he focused on Cortez. Rolfe’s blood and his own covered his coat.

Cortez just smiled at him, “I guess I will kill you first then.”

He went to step up to Axton, but I beat him there. He gave me a look of surprise as I pushed the knife into his chest. His face contorted in pain as he pulled back half a step.

Axton moved around me, growling lowly at Cortez. Cortez looked like he was about to shift, but Axton stopped him as his teeth sank into Cortez’s neck, killing him.

He’s finally dead, I told Raelynn, Cortez is finally gone.

Mate saved us, she said. I could almost see her wolfish smile.

I smiled at that as Axton stood in front of us. I lifted my hand to touch it, but my body collapsed beneath me.

I felt the cold ground before warmth flowed through my body as Axton picked me up and held him against me, “Baby, stay with me.”

“You found me,” I said smiling even though my voice barely broke a whisper.

He smiled back down at me, “I would find you anywhere.”

“I’m so tired,” I tell him as the torture and blood loss finally reach me.

“I know baby, but I need you to keep your eyes open,” he tells me, almost pleading.

“Zea,” I try to ask but the words don’t seem to be coming out.

“She’s fine, she’s safe with Sawyer and the pack,” Axton tells me.

I smile at him, “Keep her safe.”

“We will, together.”

“Axton,” I whimper as the pain in my body screams out, “I love you.”

“Ellie, look at me,” he tells me as he places one of his hands onto my cheek, “Stay awake, okay? You are not going anywhere.”

“Just say it back,” I plead to him.

He gives me a soft smile as he leans closer to me, “I love you, always.”

I give him as big of a smile as my body allows as I nod slightly. My eyes feel heavier as I start to see black specks at the outskirts of my vision, “Can we go home now? I just want to go home.”

He gives me a light smile as he pulls me closer to his chest, “We’re going home baby, don’t worry. I’m bringing you home.”

All I see is his beautiful eyes before the darkness finally takes me.

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