The Alpha

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Chapter 3

Axton POV

“Axton!” she screamed for me. I could see her reaching for me as the rain poured down on us, blocking me from reaching her fast enough.

“No!” I yelled as I pushed against the hidden force pulling me away from her.

I watched as the slimy hand wrapped around her throat, an evil laugh filled the empty forest as her fear etched into my memory. She opened her soft lips as if to tell me she loved me one last time, but I never heard the sweet music escape in the words I needed to hear as his claws dug into her neck.

In one swift movement, the beast yanked his claws across her throat, taking her from me forever.

The force pulling me back gave way as I raced to catch her before she hit the forest floor. I turned her over to face me as her blood soaked into the soil. Her skin felt as soft as the day I first found her. Her once blonde hair was stained from the black liquid seeping from her would. Her once beautifully full green eyes were devoid of life.

My mate was gone, forever taken from me.

I held her in my arms, weeping for her to return to me. Finally I laid her down; anger to the one who took her filled my body as my wolf howled for his fallen mate.

That’s when I felt it. Sparks erupted on my arm, but not ones of love. As if my life was being drained from my soul, darkness spread to my heart as I watched my dead mate lift her head from the ground.

She stared at me, devoid of all emotion and love, “Why?”

“What?” I asked the now living corpse.

“Why did you let me die?” her voice monotone from all emotion.


“Why am I dead, Axton?” her nails grew into my skin, spilling my blood onto the ground. The only thing I could focus on was her face as it morphed into anger over my failure, “Why did I die, Axton? Why did you kill me?”

“I didn’t-. I tried-”

“It’s all your fault.”

“No!” I yelled.

“It’s all your fault I’m dead.”

“No!” I screamed, jerking out of my nightmare.

I felt my pounding heart as I looked around my office. I slowly peeled my eyes to the clock sitting in front of me. It was almost 3 in the morning. I must have fallen asleep at my desk when I was working on the treaty with two opposing Alphas who were fighting over land.

Knocks pounded against the oak door to my office. I rubbed my hands over my face in frustration. I have been having nightmares over the loss of my mate for years now. I tried to erase the memory as my hoarse voice spoke to the person waiting for me to allow them in, “Enter.”

The doorknob slowly turned as my beta pushed into the room. He lowered his head slightly in respect, “Alpha.”

“What is it, Walker?” I asked him.

Walker had been my best friend since we were children. He has known me for years and he was there when I lost my mate. He had supported me in my search for her, but we never found her. Eventually, he dragged me back to the pack, but I never stopped looking, even if everyone thought she was dead. I will always refuse to believe it until I see her for myself.

“Are you alright, Axton?” he asked.

“I’m fine,” I responded automatically. After so many asking the same question, I had become accustom to the same lie I told to them and myself.

He slowly nodded his head in understanding before giving me a look of sadness, “I heard you call out her name again,” he said.

“I’m fine, Walker,” I told him again.

“I know,” he said, “But it’s ok not to be.” He paused for a second, in an attempt for his words to sink in. I knew he was just trying to look out for me, but nothing he said could get me to crack and spill everything.

When I lost my mate, I lost all hope in life itself. I became feared by all who crossed me. I burned packs into nothing and killed all those who stood against me or my pack. I became cruel, a loveless beast.

“What did you dream this time?” he asked me softly.

I took a deep breath before answering him honestly, “She died in my arms. Then she came back and asked why I killed her.”

“You didn’t kill her,” he said definitively. I looked up to him. He was the only one who refused to believe she was dead. He was the only one who urged me to keep hoping for her return. He was the only one who still saw the man I was, instead of the cruel Alpha I had become, “She isn’t dead.”

“I-” I went to answer him when I was cut off by a message sent in the pack mind link.

Alpha, one of the patrols said.

What is it? I questioned him, standing in case I needed to move quickly.

Rogues are getting close to the border.

I let out a snarl as my wolf became angry at the thought of another rogue coming onto out lands.

Have they crossed yet? I asked, as Walker listened in on the conversation.

No. They appear to be chasing another wolf. She seems set on crossing the border.

I looked at Walker and quickly ordered, “Go. Kill any rogue that crosses into our territory.”

“Yes Alpha,” he quickly said before heading out the door.

Kill those who cross the border, I told the patrols.

I sat back into the chair behind my desk, waiting for my men to tell me they were dead, that no rogue survived. When my mate was taken, the smell of rogues was present. Ever since, I have killed every rogue that crossed my path. If I kill enough of them, I will eventually find her.

A few minutes passed before I heard Walker trying to reach me, Alpha.

How many? I asked.

There were about four rogues but they ran before they crossed the border.

Chase them down, I told him, confused on why he didn’t automatically chase the scum and wipe them from this Earth.

Alpha, someone did cross over. She says she needs to speak with you.

I take no prisoners, Beta, I growled to him as my wolf started to surface at the thought.

Alpha, it’s Alpha Madden’s mate, Luna Layla, he told me, The Blue Moon Pack has been attacked.

Bring her here immediately, I order him.

Yes Alpha, he immediately replies.

How could the Blue Moon Pack been attacked and no one had received word about it. There was no distress call sent out. They were one of my pack’s greatest allies and supporters of me when I took over Alpha after my father was killed. How could the rogues have beaten them?

After about ten minutes thinking over what could have happened, I heard voices in the forest. I could hear the soft words as my beta guided the poor Luna to the house.

As swiftly as I could, I left my office and pounded down the steps of the pack house until I reached the solid oak front door. Without a thought, I opened the door to greet Luna Layla.

The second the door was open, I didn’t see the Luna in front of me. All I saw was two deep blue eyes reflecting sadness and need for comfort. I stared at the soft face as silent tears flowed down her face.

She looked so small and helpless as she clutched closer in the arms of the Luna.

I could hear my wolf in the pack of my mind calling out to me, Pup! Protect pup!

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