The Alpha

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Chapter 6

Ellie POV

I felt my heart breaking as I placed my daughter into the hands of Layla. I lightly kissed my perfect angel on the forehead before saying goodbye to her for what might be the last time.

The second she was out of sight, I charged back to the field where the battle raged on.

By the time I reached the field, all-out war had erupted as blood and body parts of dead wolves littered soil. The once bright yellow daisy field was now red with the blood of both the enemy and the pack.

As soon as I took in the scene before me, I charged into the battle. Through the chaos, I saw one of the younger pack members surrounded by three rogues. In one burst of energy, I threw myself over the one looking away from me, swiftly snapping its neck as I came over it.

Landing lightly on my feet, I dropped the fur of the dead rogue and turned my attention to other two. They were quick, and I would have been dead if I was any ordinary wolf, but I am not. I killed them, slicing through their jugular as they tried to snap at me.

Ellie! I heard Alpha Madden call out to me in the mind link.

Alpha, what is it? I asked him as I searched the terror in front of me. Wolves were flying in every direction as the tsunami of rogues continued to roar out of the woods.

Is Layla safe? Did you get her out? I caught the movement of his dark brown fur as he slaughtered five rogues that tried to charge him. He eyes caught mine as I saw fear for his mate through his eyes.

I nodded my head at him, I got both her and Zea out. I sent them to an ally territory.

There’s something wrong about these rogues, he told me as we continued to kill all that crossed our paths.

What do you mean? I question as I dodge another attack, wrapping my neck around him and twisting the spinal cord in half.

They are taking pack members.

Rogues don’t take prisoners, confusion filled me as rage took over my wolf. She was pissed at the thought of what they would do with our pack members, What could they be after?

I don’t know, but we- He got cut off.

I saw as every rogue just stopped fighting. They stood like statues, not even twitching as a pack member bit into them.

My eyes connected with Madden’s as we stopped fighting. They were defenseless by halting their attack, yet they just stood there, waiting for death.

I was about to take a step forward when I felt it. The pain swallowed my mind, making my wolf whimper and scream in my head.

It felt as if my brain was being pulled in all directions. Gripping my head in pain, I collapsed. Slowly peeling myself from the ground, I watched as my pack members had also been taken down.

What is happening? I thought through the searing pain. I gripped my head harder, trying to push the pain out.

Through the screams held in the field, I heard the slow thunder of one man’s clap. I caught sight of the nightmare standing in his black suit by the forest. Two hooded figures stood on either side of him.

I tried to push myself off the ground when they raised their arms and sang a chant.

The pull snapped back with the force a raging bull.

All I saw was a smiling face as darkness took my mind.

I woke to the stale air of concrete. Slowly peeling my eyes open, I took in my now desolate surroundings.

Chains were wrapped around my wrists as I smelt the silver coating in the paint of the cell. Slowly pulling the chains, I moved to the front of the cage. Across the hall were more she-wolves. They looked beaten and tortured.

El, I have a bad feeling about this place. We need to leave. Now! Raelynn screamed to me, whimpering at the stench.

I know. I’m working on it, I told her as I mentally comforted her.

I stepped closer, trying to find a way through the bars.

“I wouldn’t touch that if I were you,” one of them called out to me. I looked at the one who had spoken. She had blonde hair like mine and around my short stature. But as I take her in more, she looks as if she has been starved, “They coated the bars in silver, same as the walls.”

I pull my hand back as I give her a slight nod of thanks before asking, “Who are you?”

“A prisoner, same as you,” she answers. Her voice held nothing but sorrow and pain.

“How long have you been here?”

“Almost a month, but some of the girls down there have been here a lot longer,” she says pointing to other cages.

“I don’t understand. Rogues don’t take prisoners, so what do they want with us?”

“Haven’t you noticed?” she laughed with a raspy voice as if it was some sick inside joke.


“They are looking for someone; someone that looks like all of us,” she gestures to each girl as I take in their appearances. Every single one of them looked like me, all of them could be me.

Distant screams filled the halls of the cells causing the wolf across from me to shrink back into the wall in fear. Pounding footsteps sounded overhead as someone came closer to the prison.

“What is it?” I asked her, “Who’s coming?”

A door slammed open making me jump in shock as I heard the person coming closer. I smelled the scent of blood reeking off the new person before he even entered my sight.

He was at least six foot as he stood in front of the cage with an evil grin. His brown eyes held hatred and pleasure in our impending torture as he pushed back his blonde hair slightly. Half of his face was covered in the smeared blood of one of his victims.

“Looks like we have fresh blood,” he sneered wickedly as he looked me up and down, “Oh, I am going to enjoy breaking you.”

“I’ve seen worse than you,” I retorted, anger filling me, “Give it your best shot.”

“I plan on it,” he laughed. Pulling out a needle, he entered my cell still smiling, “But I do love a challenge.”

I swung at him as hard as I could, connecting with his cheekbone. Spitting out blood, he turned back to me with eyes red as blood.

The second of shock of seeing a wolf like that was all he needed as his knee went straight into my ribs. Curling his hand around my arm, he pushed me into the silver wall. I shrieked at the sudden impact as my skin burned. Quickly taking advantage, he stuck me with the needle.

He plunged the clear liquid into my system. I slid down the wall as the drugs took effect. He kneeled in front of my face before laughing, “Nighty night.”

My eyelids shut despite my mind’s protest as the drug forced me back into darkness.

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