The Alpha

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Chapter 7

Ellie POV

I woke to the scent of ammonia as a fist connected with my face.

“That’s for earlier,” I hear him say.

I go to move my arm in case of another hit, but it only moves an inch before being seared by the silver shackle. I winced at the burning before opening my eyes to my new jail cell.

Sitting, I was strapped to a metal chair with silver shackles around my wrists and ankles. I pulled against the silver rigorously before giving up, “That’s not going to work. Struggling will just cause you more pain.”

I look up at the voice of the same man who had taken me from my cell.

“I’m guessing you’re the interrogator,” I tell him, “I’m not who you’re looking for, and even if I did know who it was, I wouldn’t tell you.”

He gave me a smirk before replying, “Looks like we have one with a brain,” he goes to the corner and drags another chair. Setting it in front of me, he takes a seat and leans in, “But I don’t really care. You see I have a job to do and I have a good feeling about you.”

“If you are going to try to beat an answer out of me, let’s just get this over with,” he laughs at my snarky attitude, “What’s your first question?”

“I knew I would like you,” he tells me, leaning back into the chair, “What do you know about the missing Luna?”

Shock and fear filled my body when the words left his mouth. My mind was running a mile a minute as I thought who was looking for me. Was it the rogue or the alpha? As my worked all the possibilities, I showed no reaction to his question on the outside.


The second I spoke the answer he didn’t want, his fist collided with my face again. I spit out the blood that was filling my mouth as I stared back at him, waiting for him to ask again.

How do they know about us? Raelynn called out to me.

I don’t know, but we can’t let anyone find us or Zea will be in even more danger, I told her.

“Let’s try again. What do you know about the missing Luna?”

“I don’t know who you are talking about.”

Another punch.

After about ten times of asking the same question and getting the same result, he turned to a different tactic than punching my face. As a black eye formed over my bruised face, he turned to cutting my arms with an array of silver blades.

“You will tell me,” he says as he digs the knife into my skin once more.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I scream out as my skin burn at the contact, “Whose missing Luna?”

He stops cutting and sits back in the chair from before, “The missing Luna of Black Stone.”

“How would I know anything about a missing Luna,” I breathe out as my skin stills burns from the cuts of silver, “I’m just a member of a pack. I have no connection with Black Stone,” I lie through my teeth.

“What about the child?” he asked.

Before I could hide it, he caught my reaction of shock over how he knew about Zea, “What child?”

“Oh, I think you know,” he smiled as he held up the knife.

“I don’t know anything about a missing Luna or a child,” I try to say convincingly, but I know he caught my fear when he mentioned Zea.

“You see I think you are lying to me and if you are, it’s not going to end very well for you,” he says before stabbing the blade right into my leg, barely missing the femoral artery.

I screamed out as pain radiated everywhere.

“Stop please!” I scream. He twisted the knife deeper into my leg, sending silver through my blood stream, “I don’t know anything about who she is.”

He pulled out the knife slowly as my blood felt like it had been set on fire. The silver was radiating throughout my whole body, setting everything on an invisible fire.

“Well I’m going to let you sit here and think about what you know. See if you come up with anything,” he says as he exits the room.

The second the metal door slams shut, I start to try and move out of my shackles. Even with the silver coursing through my system, I am still strong enough to break out.

Twisting my wrists, I can feel about two inches of slap around them. I try to maneuver my hand small enough to fit the hole, but my thumb continues to stick.

This is going to hurt, I tell Raelynn as I realize what I have to do.

Grabbing my thumb with my fingers, I pull with everything I have. I hear the bone snap out of place as pain screams through my hand. Biting my lip to stop from screaming, I pull my hand through the hole.

As quick as I could, I removed all the shackles. My hand burned from the silver, but it was nothing to how my body was feeling.

I heard his footsteps start to come closer to the door. Moving quickly, I hid myself behind the opening door.

“What the-” I cut him off as I laid my foot into the back of his shin, snapping it in half.

He screamed in pain, falling over. I grabbed his hair in my hands, slamming his face repeatedly into the cement floor of the room. His blood spattered the impact as I smashed his face to death.

Moving as quickly and quietly as I could, I took off down the hall. The corridors were a maze of twists and turns. Running down the hall with my bloody feet, I raced to the first door I saw.

But, standing in front of it was two rogues. They stood at the ready as I noticed the exit sign above their heads.

They are not stopping us from getting out, Raelynn tells me as we charge them.

I hit the first one in the chest causing him to flip before jumping onto the other. I dug my nails into his eyes before snapping his neck. Jumping off his as he fell I turned back to the first one. I spun and kicked him in the face, knocking him out completely.

“Stop her!” someone yelled down the hall.

I didn’t give them a chance to take me as I pushed open the door. I was blinded by the sudden brightness of the sun as I took in my surroundings. The second I saw the forest, I took off as fast as I could.

Once I reached the edge, I disappeared into the woods as more rogues chased me. Before they had a chance to catch up, I changed into my wolf. I moved faster than they thought and ran away from the prison they had constructed.

I had escaped.

I’m coming for you, Zea, I call out to her in the link, not knowing if she will hear me, I’m coming.

Darkness took the forest as night settled in the air. The creatures that were hidden during the day started to emerge from their hiding places to enjoy the freedom of the night. I listened as an owl called out into the night, asking about who was crossing his path.

Running quickly, I flew through the forest. I have been running for hours before I finally spotted the sign I have been looking for since I left the prison.

The border tree still stood in majestic glory as the glow of night created a look of beauty for the old magical tree. Running towards it, I heard the howl of the rogues behind me. They have been on my heels for the last ten miles, not seeming to give up.

I pushed more until I felt the familiar tug of crossing line. I was back.

We’re home, Raelynn whispered.

This isn’t home anymore, I tell her as we stare into the forest, waiting for the sentries to pick up my scent.

I heard a snarl behind as the rogues crossed into the pack’s territory after me.

Without skipping a beat, I ran towards the pack house. I knew the patrols would pick up the rogue’s scent before ever finding mine. As soon as I thought it, I heard the fight break out. One loud howl sounded as they signaled to the rest of the pack about the victory of the rogues who crossed the border.

Knowing I didn’t have much time, I ran faster until the pack house was in my view.

It was the same as before. The old style three story building loomed over everything in sight. It’s oak structure and beautiful wrap around deck looked like the same perfect home as before.

Going to a nearby tree, I changed back into my human form before stepping in front of the massive house.

Once we go in there, there is no going back, Raelynn tells me.

Zea is here. We have to, I tell her.

As much as I know I need to go in, I just stand there and look at what the building is for me. It holds all my greatest memories and the one memory that changed my entire life. The one I wish I could forget.

I was about to step forward when I smelled him. The same scent from so many years ago. The one I had come to love. Fresh rain and honey.

“Ellie?” he called out to me. His voice sounded almost broken at my sudden appearance.

I turned to his call as I took in his appearance. He looked almost the same as the day I lost him.


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