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"They're just bracelets." "Then you won't mind taking them off?" I could hear the challenge in his voice and could see it in his eyes. . "Okay so I can't take the fuckers off. Happy?" Sally is a 24 year old going on 25. She was adopted into a family that treated her as a human until her father died. She wants out and to be free like the others of her kind in the town where werewolves and hunters coexist. Leo is the alpha of the Moon tribe and the main man of the town. Looking out for the wolves and keeping the peace among the hunters is top priority. But what happens when word gets out that the hunters are keeping a wolf as a pet for their own gain?

S.M. Allen
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Chapter 1

Looking around the dark room you wouldn’t be able to tell that this was a basement. Cold hard floors and stone cold walls surrounded the area with chains hooked up along one wall, a bed and stairs that lead up to the actual house. Turning on the light though, was a completely different story. The floor was soft black carpet, so soft that you could escape in it if it was possible. The red walls were smooth or use to be anyway since they held mostly claw marks all over them. Looking up above the bed there was a small window that leads to outside where the forest lies... got to admit. It sucked being down here....

I sighed sitting on the bed. It really sucked. No outside contact unless it was during the day while the sun was out and working at Le Beast, A club that opened up at night where both humans and werewolves partied sometimes, but mostly the Weres. The strict rule for me was never go out on the full moon. I never really knew why until I was 6. That’s when I shifted and my life changed.

Well not totally. That was more when I was 16 and my foster dad, Grey died. After that I was a caged beast since then. Never really going out but I think, tonight will be different. I smiled getting up from my bed and dressed in black skinny jeans with black heeled boots to match along with a black tube top. I did smokey make up brightening my green eyes and curled the bottoms of my mid back blonde hair. I giggled. Damn did I look good.

I walked up the stairs and barely opened the door only to slam it shut again and groan as my adoptive brother started cussing on the other side. I wanted to laugh since I was the one that seen him screwing some chick on the kitchen island. There was a knock on the door while I leaned against it.

“Can I come in?”
“I don’t know. Are you done messing around with whatever her name is, Jack?” I said disgust. I heard him groan.
“I have boxers on and I didn’t even know you were home.” I rolled my eyes and stepped away from the door. He opened it a little and came in. Sure enough he was in boxers.

“Why are you home?” Jack asked as he ran a hand through his brown hair while eyeing me with those light hazel eyes.
“Dude, its barely eight and I’m gonna be late if you don’t move.” I gave him a pointed look and he groaned rubbing his face.
“That’s right. Just don’t stay out too late. I don’t need mom giving me a lecture about your safety.” My safety wasn’t on the line at the moment his was if he didn’t move.
“Yeah, fine. Now please move.” I pushed past him only to have my wrists grabbed and be pinned against the wall. “Jack what the hell?!”

He brought his face close to mine.
“Just remember, as long as mom and I have the key to your bracelets you will never be a monster.” He let me go then walked out of the basement. I shook my head. What the hell was his problem? One moment he’s nice then the next a complete ass. I sighed and cussed looking at the time. Running out the house I headed for work at Le Beast.

I walked in and headed for the bar as heads started turning then they looked away after I gave them a glare. Walking behind the bar I noticed my friend and other bar tender, Stacy was behind on orders and I fixed that problem without saying a word catching her up on her orders. Stacy didn’t even notice I was here until she turned around and almost dropped her empty glass. I chuckled and served another drink. Stacy smiled and she blushed dark red under the lights then faced away from the bar counter when a tall man sat down and watched us. The other bar occupants moved a few seats away and I knew that meant only one thing. Everyone but anyone would give Mr. Bar owner the respect and space given. I smiled and leaned on the bar watching his eyes crawl over me. Man did it give me chills. He smiled back when I leaned a little closer.

“So? What’ll be?” I asked.

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