Married to the Devil's son (SAMPLE)

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Chapter 9

A shiver went down my spine. The way he said it and the look in his eyes told me he was being serious.

“Why are you shocked? If I can beat you and kill you, then why not burn you?”

My throat went dry and I couldn’t bring myself to say something. Sighing, he stood up and left without a word.

I didn’t see him for the rest of the day. He didn’t come for breakfast nor lunch and when it was time for dinner I asked one of the guards where he was.

“His Highness went on a business journey, he won’t return until tomorrow,” He explained.

Even if he was angry, he should have told me. Yet another night I slept alone, but instead of feeling relieved I felt lonely.

When I woke up in the morning the first thing that came to my mind was Lucian. Was he still on his journey or did he return?

“Has His Highness returned yet?” I asked the maid who combed my hair.

“No, Your Highness.”

I sighed in disappointment. What if he was still angry and decided not to return for a long while?

A sudden knock on the door made my heart skip. Was it Lucian? Maybe a servant came to inform his return, but strangely no one came in after the knock.

“Come in,” I called and after a moment the door opened slowly and quietly.

“Who...?” The maid began to ask before a shouted.

“Lydia! Ylva!” Rising hastily from my seat and ran and hugged them.

“My lady, please you shouldn’t hug us.” Ylva pleaded but I ignored her.

“What are you doing here? How did you get here?” I asked excitedly.

“His highness brought us here,” Lydia said.

Lucian did?

“He seems to really care for you.” Ylva smiled.

Suddenly I felt bad for fighting with him.

“But it’s not allowed. How did father allow that?” I asked confused.

“We really don’t know My lady.” Ylva shrugged.

I wondered what Lucian did to make father let him take them. Taking servants away from the castle they belonged to was never allowed. I didn't think further about it since I was just happy they were her now. We got seated comfortably in my room and then we chatted about everything. I told them everything that happened since I came here.

“So you are still a virgin?” Ylva asked surprised. “He must be a nice man if he agreed to wait.”

He was, sometimes. I didn’t tell them about the part where he said he would burn me. I was still confused about what he meant by that.

Lydia and Ylva were shown to the servant quarters and I head to the dining room since it was time for lunch. I was expecting to find Lucian but he wasn't there. Was he avoiding me? Suddenly I lost my appetite.

“Where is His Highness?” I asked a guard feeling like a desperate wife asking for her husband all the time.

“His highness is in his study and don’t want to be disturbed.”

Before he could finish his sentence I already began to march toward the study. Once I arrived I opened the door and walked in without knocking. To my surprise, nobody was inside. I walked further in and looked around out of curiosity. For some reason, I found the place dark. The walls were dark brown and the furniture seemed to be made of old hardwood in the same color as the walls, giving the room a gloomy look.

As I looked around my gaze fell on a letter on his desk. Out of curiosity, I reached for it and opened it. There were only a few words written in the white paper in my hands.

‘Watch your back. Death is coming.’

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