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My life finished while sacrificing myself. I saved 2 girls from death, while nobly sacrificing my life. Well, I do hope my endeavour saved them. So what about me now? “Oh? I am a goblin. Awesome!" Our young protagonist one day went to buy his games in a far away store. But unfortunately, on his way back home, he died while nobly sacrificing himself to save 2 young girls. Now our protagonist starts his new life in a fantasy-like world, as a goblin. A race that is despised by humans, a weakling among the chaos race and even the chaos god despise himself for creating them! The adventure of our protagonist new life starts!

Fantasy / Adventure
Daniel Bakher
Age Rating:

prologue-First Arc 1

I woke up in the morning at 5 AM and used the bus to go to a very specific gaming store, that sells first edition game that I waited for ages. But because of the distance of my town to the city, where the store is, then it took much longer than expected. I finished buying the game and used the bus back to town, and now it's evening in my town.

While walking home in the main road, I saw two teen girls crossing the road, and suddenly a truck came at high speed, and because there was no time to warn them, so for some unknown reason, I chose to jump in to save them.

I knew that it was something that I didn't have to do, knowing that my life will end with such heroic and unnecessary action. But it is my choice, my life. I feel that I have to do it, it's like a call of nature, my instincts telling me to save them and become a hero!

Maybe my parents will say that I am a hero who sacrificed myself for two young maidens. And they will be proud of my noble sacrifice. Yes, that's the spirit!

I can already see it, on the main cover news:

"Young man saved two girls from a truck while sacrificing himself."

I jumped and pushed the girls, I smiled knowing that I did something worth mentioning in my life.

But shit! I am about to die!

And then I lost sight.

Next day main news cover:

A young guy jumped to touch two girls buts in front of a tractor and died from heart shock while urinating himself.

The response from the two girls and the tractor driver:

"I felt gross being touched by a guy who pissed on himself."(girl 1)

"I saw him limping to our direction, and I thought he was odd from first sight."(girl 2)

"Damn youngster! he smiled after he touched their asses I tell ya!"(tractor driver)

Responses from the young man's parents.

"My son shamed my family with his humiliating death."(Father)

"He told us that he went to buy his foolish eroge games, in that far away otaku-haven. We are ashamed of his behaviour."(Mother)

In a white room where it is peaceful and quiet, was a white woman, with delicate looks. Then she smiled at the event that occurred and thought to herself.
He looks promising.
Go send PG to fetch him before that damn Gi takes him.
"I am sorry, we were too late."
NOOO! take him at all cost!
"My lady...the only way to do that is...the for-
Did you say something? I said at all cost!
"Yes, milady."
My god... please bless thee who has cursed upon birth.
Did I feel a prayer from you? did you say something?
"No milady. It was your imagination."
Good! Now send PG!
"Yes...Your humble servant Zo obliged"

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