A Rogue's Revenge

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"DON'T YOU DARE EVER AND I MEAN EVER RUN AWAY FROM ME" Ryan demanded as he held Evelyn from behind. Why won't you even look at me?. The desperation in his voice tugged at her heart, she did not budge. Being a She-Rogue is unheard of. Being an Alpha of Rogues is not accepted and shunned upon in all werewolf packs. Evelyn Skyler fit into role of an Alpha perfectly. There was none who can challenge her openly and win a fight. No one is good enough except for her mate. But there is only one purpose in Evelyn's life...REVENGE. Ryan Snyder, being the Alpha of one of the most powerful packs, does not take "NO" for an answer, and hates Rouges to the core. What happens when his mate does not bow down to him and makes him stand on his toes trying to find her and also trying to solve a dangerous threat to his Pack?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 - Meeting Her

One word to define the current situation¨STUPID¨, that was the only thought running through Alpha Ryan’s thoughts. His head was spinning and whole body was hurting like hell. ‘Shit, Shit, Shit', he damned himself. To fall into a trap like that so easily,it was unforgivable. Being an Alpha, he could not afford to make mistakes, but there he was in an underground dungeon and god knows where the place was. Ryan tried to peer through the dark trying to figure out where he was held. A few whimpering sounds were heard which made him realize he was not the only one in the dungeon. He tried to move his arms around and pain shot through his whole body again. ‘Damn these Bastards', he cursed. They had handcuffed him with cuffs made of silver. He felt his whole body drained of energy; his wolf was unable to heal him, the cuffs were preventing him from accessing his wolf's strength.

Luka, his beta was chained in the same way to one side of the wall and was on his right side. Sam and Daniel - third and fourth in command were next to him. He found a few other wolves tied up in the same manner. Ryan was unable to recognize them, confirming that they were not from his pack. Further surveying the place he saw there were three female wolves among them. His blood boiled seeing the state of those girls. All three were young, must probably be going to middle school. It looked like they were kidnapped just like he was. Luka stirred beside him making him realize that they were all drugged and were coming around. A low growl came from him when he realized about the handcuffs and released a string of curses.

“Ryan!”he exclaimed.

“Yeah, I am right here”,I said.

“Where the hell are we?”he asked.

Before he could answer the whimpering turned into crying. Both of us snapped our heads around to find two of the girls crying their hearts out but the third girl was very quiet. Growls erupted from few other guys who were coming to their senses. He finally took a note of the place they were in. At first Ryan thought it was a dungeon, but as his eyes adjusted he found it was more of a cell. There were no windows, and only one iron door, which was locked. Only light coming into the room was a small ventilation shaft near the roof. The walls and roof was quite old with lots of dust and paints worn out. Stench of mildew is more and makes him gag. If one can look closely there were lots of dried blood stains on the walls and floors, meaning they were not the first ones to be held prisoners here.

Daniel, his third in command tried to start conversation with the wolves next to him, but they were not responding.

“It seems like these people were here long before us”, Luka exclaimed.

Their eyes were having a deadpan look like they have given up all hopes of escaping from this place. Ryan counted a total of twelve people including himself.′

“Damn! We should have realized it was a trap, the bait was just too easy”said Daniel.

“Sorry guys!”exclaimed Sam ruefully. “If not for me,we would not have been in this mess”.

Sam was quite impulsive out of all of us. He jumps into a situation without thinking and always gets into a mess. Ryan couldn’t blame him though. As an Alpha he should have waited to assess the situation first, but threw caution to the wind and followed the bait. He was in a hurry to uncover the mysterious disappearances in his and few other packs.

“It’s alright. We will get out of this mess” he assured him. But was wondering on how they were going to get out of this mess, considering the fact that they were all practically help less because of the Silver handcuffs.

Then they heard it, Sounds of boots walking down the stairs. As if on cue all the crying and whimpering stopped. Ryan could practically smell the fear rolling of these wolves. All were silent when the door opened. Two men stepped in and they were dragging a body behind them. It was a girl, the scent of fresh rain and earth hit Ryan strong. He did a double take and almost leaped out from his crouched position. They threw the girl in the middle of the room, laughed and walked out. Ryan let out a growl involuntarily, seeing the way they threw her, but they just laughed and left.

The girl was lying on her stomach and faced away from him. For some reason Ryan desperately wanted to have a look at her face, but was not able to. His wolf stirred weakly and was starting to get restless. He wanted to get out of the bonds and help the girl, but failing to do so was making him very angry.

“What’s gotten into you man”exclaimed Luka.

But Ryan could not explain his actions.He very much wanted to reach out to the girl. A few minutes later she started to move. Turned around a bit, sat up too suddenly - wrung out a string of curses and caught hold of her head. It was then that Ryan saw it. Her head was bleeding and it was already bandaged. Her blood was soaking through the bandage and pouring out. He was too stunned to speak. The sudden smell of her blood was an assault to his senses.

Once the girl got her bearings she looked around the room, her eye’s passing over the men and landing on the three girls huddled together. Instead of accessing where she was, she rose and walked up purposefully to them and asked in a calm voice, "So which one of you is Erza". The three girls froze but none of them answered. "Well...?” she waited, but they were just staring at her blankly.

She gave an exasperated sigh. "You gals are making me do this the hard way”,saying which she pulled up each of the girls chin to have a look at their faces. She stopped with the third girl and said “Erza Hart? That’s your name right”.The girl looked very scared and said in a small voice barely audible, "Ho...How do you know? Who are you?”. The new comer just smiled and answered "Am here to get you out". She removed her left shoe and slipped out a small phone.

“Great she has got a phone, I wonder how they missed it” said Daniel. She dialed and said just two words “Am in”.

Evelyn looked around and flinched a bit placing a hand over her stomach, 'Damn! Those men had hit me too hard', her stomach still hurts. It was a good thing they did not hit her wounds, most of which had not healed yet. Step one of her plan was complete, now the only thing left to do was to get the girl and get out of that place and hand her over to her father, the mission will be completed.

She looked around the cell after informing the girl’s father. There were a number of other wolves imprisoned. She took a deep breath when she noticed the scent that kept assailing her senses, forcing to look behind her since the time she had woken up. It was a unique scent of musk and lemons. definitely belongs to one of the male wares. She curbed her urge to look behind. She was here only to get the girl, anything else was not important.

Evelyn pulled Erza to her feet and cut the ropes binding her hands behind her using her pocket knife which she always carried."Get ready to leave, follow my instructions and we will be out of here in no time", she informed Erza as she moved towards the entrance of the cell. The girl name Erza just froze and looked at her like she had grown two heads.

“But... but...!”she stammered.

“But what?" asked Evelyn in tone that bore no arguments.

Erza gulped at the harsh tone, "What about the others?, are you not going to help them?"

Evelyn narrowed her eyes at her and said,“I came here only to get you and not the others”. The other two girls gasped at her reply.

“No you can’t leave us here”, one of them said.

“Please help us, don’t leave us here” they begged.

Evelyn did not listen to them and started to drag Erza to the entrance of the cell. Erza was frightened but stood her ground She refused to budge and snatched her hand from Evelyn's grasp and yelled, “I am not leaving them, or anybody else here. If you don’t want to help them I am not coming with you.”

Evelyn was irritated and stood close to her when she spoke in a deadly voice, “Listen. Your father paid only to for you to be rescued and not the others. I did not get any payment to help the others so shut up and leave here with me”. Seeing my anger Erza stepped back two steps from me but held her ground.“If its money you want I can ask my father to pay for the others once you get all of us out of here. I give you my word...he will pay”she pleaded.

“Look! You don’t have to help us out of here, just cut our chains and we can help ourselves”, one of the four guys chained to the wall yelled.

Evelyn refused to acknowledge him and started to drag Erza to the entrance. She started to hit and scratch her arm, but it seemed to have no effect on her. All of a sudden there was an uproar, everyone in the cell started to yell and shouted asking her to get them out.

‘Shit'! thought Evelyn. 'All their noise was going to get the guards to us faster’.

Suddenly one person growled and commanded,“Why won’t you turn and look at me”.

The voice held so much authority that Evelyn couldn’t control her reaction and turned to look at one of the guys chained to the wall. She stared straight into a pair of crystal blue eyes and froze.

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