A Rogue's Revenge

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Chapter 2 - Escape

Evelyn looked into a pair of aqua blue eyes and stopped breathing. The eyes conveyed so much anger that she was rooted to the spot. His rich golden brown hair hung low covering most of his blue eyes, he had well defined cheek bones and concrete jaw. There was a dangerous air about him. In short he was sinfully stunning.

Mate! Mate! Mate... her wolf was yelling and jumping with joy.

Evelyn knew it. She cursed herself, knew turning around would be a disaster but still went ahead and looked at him. She had found the one thing she didn't want to find - her mate. She had a lot to accomplish in life and finding her mate was only going to be a hindrance. No matter how hard she tried, she was unable to remove her gaze from his handsome face.So lost in thought that Evelyn failed to hear the sound of boots approaching the cell.

"Snap out of it!" Erza was yelling in her ear.

Evelyn jerked out of her trance filled state and heard the approaching footsteps. She pulled Erza back to her original place where she was tied and rolled the cut ropes into her hand and whispered ”Whatever happens don’t move“. Then ran back to the place where the guys threw her initially and laid face down in the original position. The door opened and three guys walked in.

Now I don’t understand why he needs to see her immediately "said one of the Rogue’s.

“Who knows? we were asked to fetch her and tats what we have to do”.

Evelyn didn’t have to open her eyes to understand they were referring her. Two of them stood close to by to lift her.

'OK! Here goes', she thought. Evelyn kicked the one who was nearest to her legs, right in his stomach, He doubled over in pain. Seeing that the other rogue caught her from behind. She trapped his right elbow, pivoted a little to the left and tackled him to ground using her right leg, the minute he was on the ground; She jumped on top of him and punched him square in the jaw knocking him out immediately. The first guy whom she kicked previously, tried to punch her, but she caught his arm before he can land a punch and using his own momentum, threw him over her head; He crashed on the opposite wall and slumped to the floor.

Watch out" yelled her mate.

During the fight with the other two rouges the third one tried to sneak up on her with a knife. Thanks to warning, Evelyn turned her upper body in time to avoid the knife plunging in to her heart, but doing so lost her balance. It resulted in the knife driving into her left shoulder. Blinding pain shot through her whole body and she staggered back a few steps with the knife still in her shoulder. Loud growls erupted from her mate and from corner of her eye, she saw him trying to get out of the silver cuffs. The third Rogue smirked and started laughing seeing her blood. His action made Evelyn see red. She pulled the knife out and slashed him across the torso with a single sweep and he fell down dead. The knife wound made her wolf so angry, she wanted to come out and tear the Rogue to pieces. Evelyn tried to calm her down by taking deep breaths. The whole room was now silent.

Shen then looked at Erza and asked one more time, ”Are you coming or not?".

Erza looked at her wide eyed. Evelyn's blood soaked figure terrified her. She did not want to defy Evelyn but could not let her friends down as well, She fell down on her knees and stared crying, begging to take her friends as well.

Pain from the knife wound was starting to become profound. She was already tired and haggard from her previous wounds and did not have any patience of playing the rules by being a saint. She raised her head to the roof and closed her eyes to gather what little patience she had, ′This is turning into a messy situation’. She then turned her attention at Erza and said “U got 2 minutes to unchain every one” .

Erza didn’t need to be told twice, she scampered to the rogues and got the keys, and started un-cuffing and cutting the ropes with her friends help. Evelyn pulled out her phone and dialled again “Change of plans, Move in to attack now", She didn’t wait for the reply and cut the call.

Evelyn removed her shirt and made a temporary bandage across left shoulder using her hands and mouth to make a tight knot. The knife wound was not too deep; it should heal in a day. Once secured she turned to look at her mate only to crash into a solid wall. She thought it was a wall but it was actually her mate’s hard chest. He pulled her flush against him and buried his face in the crook of her neck. Evelyn just pushed him back.

“Don’t”, She warned. When he tried to hug her again, she had the knife pointed against his chest which stopped him in his tracks. His eyes burned with deadly anger and growled loudly. The whole room froze with fear, most of the wolves finding themselves before the Alpha Male started moving back to the corner of the room. Evelyn flinched a bit but stood her ground and did not budge. "It's not the time for this" she explained sternly and moved to the front of the room without waiting for his reply. He made a move to grab her again but one of his men held him back.

Sounds of fighting and growls erupted from outside the room. “Looks like the battle has started” she mused.

Evelyn turned around and addressed the in-mates in the cell, "I will say this only once, stick with me and follow where I lead without questions and I will get you out of here. I will not stop to help anybody who is down, or will not hesitate to leave any one else behind in case you do not follow my rules. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?”

She looked at everyone, right in their eyes and the wolves visibly flinched.

She pulled Erza aside and whispered, "No matter what happens, stick to my side". The young she wolf looked scared but nodded her head. The sounds of fighting seemed to increase outside; Evelyn took hold of Erza’s hand and pulled out her knife in the other hand. The wound on her side started throbbing a lot but she ignored it. They moved through a series of stairs, the same way she was brought in. Good thing she was half conscious when the Rogues took her, she was able to memorize the path leading to the cell. Most of the guards seemed like they were dragged to the fight outside. There was literally no one guarding the Manson. When they reached the entrance, a lot of Rouges and wolves were in a heated battle.

The battle seemed to have become very vicious, with lots of bone crunching and tearing noises. From the looks of it the Blue Moon pack seems to be winning. Evelyn was not in a position to join the fight and besides this was not her fight, She lead the group silently to the corner of the Manson; they were able to cover most of the ground without any of the rogues noticing. Suddenly a few rouges broke from the fight and dashed straight towards them. Evelyn pushed Erza behind her and stabbed rouge that lunged at her. Few men from the group transformed into their wolves and started attacking the rogues. She did not wait to watch the fight finish and dragged Erza to the edge of the forest. The two girls kept up with her and started running away from the battle scene.

“Stop... Erza! STOP..."

Someone was yelling from behind us. they stopped and turned to find Matt, the Beta from Blue Moon pack running behind them with a few wolves from the pack. As soon as Erza saw him she rushed to him and hugged him tightly and started crying. Matt was trying to calm her down, while Evelyn bent down to catch her breath. Her vision was starting to blur, she was tiring out.

Matt looked over at her and mouthed a silent ‘Thank you’. Evelyn nodded in his direction. "We should move" one of the other wolves warned. They started running deeper into the woods. Erza and her rescuers were moving fast and were ahead of Evelyn as they were in their wolf form. But she refused to transform into her Wolf even though her wolf was urging to be let out

’I cannot risk it here’, she tried explaining to her wolf. She was so lost in arguing with her internally that Evelyn failed to notice another wolf sneak up behind her. She was slammed into a nearby tree, the force of which knocked her breath out and was held against the tree by a strong body.

Evelyn was about to head butt him when she recognised the scent of her mate.

“DON’T YOU DARE EVER AND I MEAN EVER RUN AWAY FROM ME’, he yelled close to her ear as he held her from behind.

She tried to get out if his embrace but he was too strong. He turned her around and said, “Why won’t you even look at me or even talk to me..?”

There was desperation in his voice that tugged at her heart. 'Damn! his close proximity was making my body shudder and my mind was in jumble' mused Evelyn. She shook herself to clear her mind and pushed him out of her reach. Looking at him her heart started to waver and she almost lost it, but hardened her resolve and looked at him straight in his eyes and said ”This is not going to work between us. You should forget about me and move on. I believe the spirits have made a grave mistake in making me your Mate", as she spoke she could see he was getting more angry and desperate.

"I will make this easier for you, I Rej......” , before she could finish rejecting him, he dragged her flush against his body and smashed his lips to hers, and held her tightly against him. Evelyn couldn’t move. Her brain couldn't process what was happening for sometime. When she did realize and tried to push him he held both her hands behind her back with one hand and angled her head with his other hand pushing her into a punishing kiss.

The kiss was so hot that she started to lose her mind, she struggled but was unable to free herself, and gradually lost the fight, before long she started to kiss him back. He loosened his grip on her hands when he felt the change, and softened the kiss. The drastic change from a punishing kiss to sweet one brought tears to her eyes. We they broke for air, he rested his forehead on hers and pleaded, "Please, no matter what happens don’t reject me”.

His words froze her thoughts and brought her back to reality. Evelyn was startled, this was not supposed to happen. She was not supposed to meet her mate, it was not in her plans, she knew no matter how much she wanted this; it was never going to work. She had to finish this, right here right now.

She stepped back and smirked at him and said, "I don’t have to reject you. You will do that for me once you realize who I really am”, Saying this she punched him right in his gut with all her strength.

His eyes opened wide due to shock before he fell down and passed out. She was about to leave when she heard rustling near the bushes in front of her, three wolves stood there growling. Evelyn was contemplating weather to leave her so called mate to the mercy of the wolves, when one of the wolves transformed. She recognized him as the other wolf chained beside her mate.

"Why did you do that?" he growled. She simply smirked and said, "Inform your Alpha to move on". She turned and ran from there not waiting for his response.

Evelyn did not cover much distance when she stopped in her tracks, all her wounds seem to be opened was losing lot of blood, darkness surrounded her and she fell face first and passed out.

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